Ep 183 - Waiting for the Wreck


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The 'Fada boys catch up after Andy's Amtrak trip across the country! We talk the impending Roe vs. Wade overturning, homelessness crisis, crime wave, police slowdowns, and the great resignation. Listen to the end for our new manifesto!

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The Interregnum: https://haters.noblogs.org/post/2022/01/07/the-interregnum-the-george-floyd-uprising-the-coronavirus-pandemic-and-the-emerging-social-revolution/

More on Echo Park homeless struggles: https://newrepublic.com/article/166383/los-angeles-echo-park-homeless-industrial-complex

You Sweep? We Strike! action in Minneapolis: https://twitter.com/IGD_News/status/1529991181945348097

LA Riots 2020 by Ryan Lee https://endnotes.org.uk/posts/ryan-lee-la-riots-2020

Song: The Clash - Train in Vain

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