10 Links you should Click on (September 2019)


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As part of my daily routine, I scan dozens of blogs, visit a handful of Facebook groups and skim through Twitter.

The goal: find the most helpful resources, tools, and articles that I can share with my teacher friends (that’s you!).

Here are my top 10 links for September 2019!

  1. Send2Contacts Google Sheet
  2. Turn your Google Classroom header into a class project!
  3. A Parent’s Guide to Chromebooks
  4. Google created a new font to improve reading fluency
  5. Google targets higher education with “Assignments”
  6. Originality Reports in Google Classroom
  7. Create file shortcuts in Google Drive
  8. The Chromebook Camera App gets an update!
  9. What is machine learning?
  10. A Chromebook is better than a Macbook (change my mind)

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