The Joy of Saving the Human Race


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What if we had a world we could be proud of? We're saving humanity, one show at a time – because humans are definitely worth saving. This show is an innovation lab, where we figure out solutions to the big existential threats facing the human race – with a big focus on improving global cooperation. And we do it joyfully, because it helps to keep our spirits up. This show is aimed at a global audience. Experts and regular people will find this show useful and interesting. Topics include: climate change; protecting the natural environment; preventing and overcoming pandemics; nuclear weapons and other warfare; new risky technologies like artificial intelligence and genetic engineering; migration and refugees; wealth inequality; managing the global economy; improving the United Nations; productivity and mutual respect in international relations; how to be a good world citizen; how to keep our sanity while facing the potential collapse of civilization; and much more. All done joyfully.

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