TWiT 826: Zuckerberg's Lily White Shins - WWDC preview, hacking Tamagotchi, Nigeria suspends Twitter


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WWDC preview, hacking Tamagotchi, Nigeria suspends Twitter

  • El Salvador looks to become the world's first country to adopt bitcoin as legal tender.
  • Hacking Group Anonymous Issue Veiled Threat to Elon Musk Over Crypto Market Trolling.
  • USA Today resists FBI subpoena seeking data of those who read story on agents' shooting.
  • Amazon Prime Day is June 21 and June 22.
  • meh: A new deal every day at midnight.
  • Huawei launches its own operating system on smartphones in challenge to Google Android.
  • Twitter launches its first subscription service.
  • Tesla Failed to Oversee Elon Musk's Tweets, SEC Argued in Letters.
  • In Response to Oversight Board, Trump Suspended for Two Years; Will Only Be Reinstated if Conditions Permit.
  • Facebook reverses policy protecting politicians from engaging in harmful speech.
  • Trump blog page shuts down for good.
  • Nigeria suspends Twitter operations, says platform 'undermines its corporate existence'.
  • New iPad Pro: Amazing hardware in search of equally amazing software.
  • WWDC 2021 preview: iOS 15, macOS 12, Macs, and much more
  • Google Will Let You Opt Out of Being Tracked by Apps in Android 12.
  • How I Hacked My Tamagotchi, Cheated Death, and Became a God.
  • Google Pixel Buds A-Series Review: Price is Everything.
  • FBI Director Compares Ransomware Challenge to 9/11.
  • U.S. says ransomware attack on meatpacker JBS likely from Russia; cattle slaughter resuming.
  • Colonial Pipeline Cyber Attack: Hackers Used Compromised Password.
  • The Pentagon wants to use private rockets like SpaceX's Starship to deliver cargo around the world.

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Guests: Florence Ion, Roberto Baldwin, and Harry McCracken

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