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It was great & lot of fun last time since we did a guest mix for Pink Room Records at Arcan. Once again, this is our honor and thank you so much for supporting local talent.
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- About Pink Room Records -
Pink Room records is the offshoot label of Saigon’s’ premiere and original techno promoters, Heartbeat. Heartbeat have been gracing Saigon with over 5 years of high quality event programming, this inevitably led to the creation of Pink Room Records.
Run by Huy Truong and the head of Heart Beat, Christoph Wolter, the label has a mission to undercover the new world of Vietnamese based and affiliated techno artists with a wide music policy, open to exploring all corners of the club environment and beyond.
Pink Room 001 was released in 2018 from head honcho Chris Wolter, the follow-up from another close HeartBeat ally Flank, comes in heavy with metallic loops and low slung bass. With an exciting release schedule from a range of artists planned for 2019, a regular podcast and a slew of underground parties, 2019 looks to be a great year for the Vietnamese underground.
Existed releases
PRR001 - Chris Wolter/Baxu Ep
PRR002 - Flank/Fractured Ep
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