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How can a vacation become a time of fulfillment where we make the time to complete the things in our lives that we’ve always wanted to accomplish? What does a staycation focusing on personal development look like?

Tim starts this design life off with his recent staycation where he and his fiancé decided to stay at home for a week and use the time to do develop something that they’ve always wanted to work on, but never got around to doing. He’s been focusing on developing more content for his YouTube channel and working on partnership opportunities with Glowforge. Tim’s focus is on developing quality content, consistently posting, and finding his true fans who interact and get involved with his work.

Mike and Tim talk about the potential of livestreaming and doing questions and answering sessions or showing the process of making the project. They brainstorm ways that Tim could be incorporating live content with his brand and the importance of learning the ins and outs of livestreaming now before the brand has a larger audience.

Learn more about Tim’s design life and how he’s developing his personal brand in this episode.

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