🎧 NYC Terror, What Next? The Hush Fund & Sen Gillibrand. A Deeper Look on VIEWPOINT

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Depending on how you look at it...the terror attacks are isolated and they'll never come to your city or town; or seems there is a complacent attitude amongst the political elite; or perhaps we need to step back and look at the root problem here, identify the evil and plan accordingly? The discretionary tax dollars being used for sexual exploitation for your esteemed political leaders - or as it is being called the HUSH FUND is front and center, along with Senator Gillibrand - is her latest move just political partisan points or genuine outrage for women everywhere? Brace yourself – a news magazine like you’ve never heard before… NYC Terror, What Next? - The second terrorist attack in NYC in 6 weeks and the foiled attack in Texas leaves us wondering what happens next? Have the policies of Washington D.C. placed the country in grave danger? Are these criminals subject to local laws, or enemy combatants subject to military law, and why is this so critical? One of the most significant talks we've had to date on the subject of terrorism as Dr James Mitchell and IQ Al Rassooli bring a one two punch to the gut of terror! WE VALUE YOUR TIME, THANK YOU FOR LEAVING A REVIEW AND RATING HERE The Hush Fund & Sen Gillibrand - There's a deluge of harassment and sexual misconduct allegations flooding the media daily, media, corporate or political figures being accused. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is leading efforts to raise past allegations about President Trump’s harassment and sexual misconduct prior to becoming President. On top of all this there’s talk about the $17M HUSH fund that’s been used to cover up Congressional allegations of misconduct, with substantial payments being made using our tax dollars. An explosive talk with Jim McCay, Gayl Murphy and Sgt Betsy Smith. A Deeper Look with Millennials - What Do They Really Think? What is up with Bannon and Trump and the Alabama election? Did the GOP give this seat away to the dems? How about these sexual allegations against Trump - why isn’t Gillibrand enraged about the 'Hush Fund' Coverup? So what exactly is Washington hiding? Ava Armstrong joins our panel with Dylan and Devin. DECEMBER 17th 10AM EST SPECIAL ENCORE PRESENTATION AT 6PM AVAILABLE ON PODCAST NETWORKS SUNDAY NOON SUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCAST HERE

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