#60 Local Music Struggles, Losing a Friend, and Being a Teacher with Kevin Cox


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Kevin Cox is a math teacher at the Frankford Friends School, songwriter, and longtime friend. In this conversation we talked about our local Philly music scene, growing older as songwriters and having to make adult decisions, Kevin losing his best friend Brad who was killed by a drunk driver, death, hope, life as a teacher, and more. Enjoy! Follow Kevin on Twitter: @KevinZCox Follow him on Instagram: @KevinZCox Listen to his music on Bandcamp: https://kevinzcox.bandcamp.com/album/friendship Listen to his music on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5aOnRacdVoKUd7aWDDN3a7?si=qpas_K0tRcihP_dFxmI10A

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