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Because News is Canada's news quiz. Host Gavin Crawford quizzes comedians and celebrities about the headlines. Subscribe to get Members Only bonus episodes every Wednesday.
The Awesome Hour
Voted #1 in Vue weekly Magazine , Metro Magazine , nominated 8th in the world against Adam corolla , Artie Lange and Dan Savage in the mature category & Winners of Monkeys Fighting Robots peoples choice award in the amateur podcast awards The Awesome Hour is a SOCAN licensed podcast on all things awesome from pop culture to strange news to bad life choices with a music bed of tasty tunes. From top40 to heavy metal and everything in between. The awesome hour is just that Alec , Ivan and Corbo ...
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Carolyn Taylor, Aurora Browne, Jennifer Whalen and Meredith MacNeill take the news quiz with host Gavin Crawford.
Topic Du’Jour Farts , Kung Fu Cannabis Corbo’s Back & Were Kinda Sick
Steven Page, Emma Hunter and Miguel Rivas take the news quiz with host Gavin Crawford
Topic Du’Jour Apocalypse Cow , Werwolf Pizza Delivery & ALEC’S Take on Iron Fist Season 2
The pastor likes the show now. But he was not a fan of Season 1.
Tom Howell, Kris Siddiqi and Ashley Botting take the news quiz with Gavin Crawford
This week: we hear from an activist that's fighting for Canadian politicians to wear body cams, we find out why a mattress is giving people nightmares, and we join a relatively unknown country singer playing his final show in a Lethbridge bar.
Topic Du’Jour Back To School , What Not To Do With Hard Boiled Egg’s & T.V. Worth Watching
Panellist Tom Howell joins Gavin Crawford for a one-on-one quiz.
Season 4 is here! Gavin Crawford hosts the news quiz with Eric Peterson, Martha Chaves and Tom Howell
This week: An Ontario MPP is in hot water for taking selfies. We hang out with Canada's most popular lullaby songwriter. We speak to a pundit who feels Canada needs a National Rehearsal Centre. Pat Kelly profiles the the hottest motivational speakers in the country.
Gavin and Elizabeth reveal this season's guests. Get your tickets at
Topic Du’Jour SEX Ed , WrongFul Termination & Akira
Topic Du’Jour Ramen Noodles, The Insane Clown Posse & We Are Joined By Comedian Alex Fortin
This week: An Edmonton teacher is taking students to a pool hall for education reasons. We profile a new app that lets you share meat. We find out why the term Canadian is offensive in Australia. Meet a man who wants to bring the 'Running of the Bulls' to Thunder Bay.
Topic Du’Jour interspecies erotica , Nutritional Labels & Jon Favreau
This week: A Hollywood movie claims Neil Young was born in California. Canadian inventor invents a busking robot. Ontario man is jumping rope across Canada. Are "Orchestra Dads" worse than "Hockey Moms"?
This week: The government of Saskatchewan is rolling out a new program to teach teens hot to kiss. We meet Canada's first Saxophone Laureate. An Ontario man is suing the yoga industry for fraud. We go behind the scenes on Canada's most cut-throat breakfast TV show.
Topic Du’Jou A Marriage Proposal , Russian Nesting Dolls & Star Trek
Topic Du’Jou A What if Though!!! , Bigfoot Erotica & We Break Down The Venom Trailer
This week: We talk with a person who wants to ban group exercise in all of Toronto's public parks, we find out the secret behind viral celebrity commencement speeches, and we visit a town in Manitoba that's trying to organize the world's largest mass divorce.
Topic Du’Jour Finger Tips , A Judgement Free Zone & Comic Con
This week: We speak with a Canadian who started a petition to make singing the national anthem mandatory before all domestic flights, we talk to a security expert about how strong passwords can protect your identity, and we visit a prison that's using standup comedy as a tool to rehabilitate inmates.…
Topic Du’Jour We Catch Up On The Weekend The Was , Urinal Etiquette & The Insane Clown Posse VS Ms13
This week: We speak with the person who's suing Tim Hortons for taking the bread bowl off the menu, we find out what life is like after being stuck on an amusement park ride for 48 hours, and we talk to a man who has had the same song stuck in his head for six years.
This week: Red Deer, Alberta's is putting MMA octagons in city parks. Could an object found in the ice of the Canadian Arctic be the world's oldest sandwich? And we visit DVD, Alberta to see how they're dealing with the loss of their only industry.
Topic Du’Jour. Drug Trafficking,Karma & Ant Man & Wasp
This week: Human vs. Machine! We talk with an inventor who claims his computer is a better artist than Picasso. A Calgary man is distraught to discover that he was actually born in Edmonton. And we visit Winnipeg to witness online arguments happening in real life.
Topic Du’Jour Teeth,Space & Mexico
For your Canada Day weekend, Because News brings you a patriotic news quiz. With host Gavin Crawford.
Topic Du’Jour Things Made In China , H2 Troll & More Fifa
This week: Are Canadians addicted to tote bags? We talk with a man who developed an app that's helping people socialize. And we visit a town torn apart by a controversial snowman.
CBC's podcast Personal Best takes over our time slot this summer. Gavin talks to host Rob Norman. Members Only returns in late August.
Ashley Botting, Anand Rajaram and Rebecca Northan take this week's news quiz with host Gavin Crawford.
Topic Du’Jour Fifa World Cup ,Crazy Ladies & Grape Flavour
Tom Howell, Anand Rajaram and Alice Moran take the news quiz with Gavin Crawford
Topic Du’Jour A ReCap Of The Jason Ellis live Show We Attended , South Korea & Dance Battles Gone Wrong
Gavin Crawford hosts, with Jesse Wente, Ashley Botting and Steve Patterson, from CBC's The Debaters
Topic Du’Jour Fish Skin , Volcanos & A lot Of Movie Trailers
Gavin and last week's panel take on the Ontario election
New videos. New Season. New Podcast: This Sounds Serious.
Kid in the Hall Bruce McCulloch joins Kris Siddiqi, Ann Pornel and host Gavin Crawford.
Topic Du’Jour With David Boyce . Millennials , The Flavour Of Water & We Spoil Han Solo
Kid in the Hall Scott Thompson, Ali Hassan and Rebecca Northan take the news quiz with host Gavin Crawford
Topic Du’Jour The Royal Wedding ,Tim Hortons A Break Throughs In Science & We Are Joined By Kyle
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