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Daily English radio program from Adventist World Radio for East Africa
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Teenage violence prevention part1; Comfort in sufferingBy (AWR).
Jaundice part1; Christ's epistleBy (AWR).
Parental guidance; Pursue righteousnessBy (AWR).
Snoring; Exhort with purityBy (AWR).
Parents and adolescence; Take heed to your ministryBy (AWR).
Sleeping for 8hrs;The good warfareBy (AWR).
Joseph in prison; Pursue peace with allBy (AWR).
Stress; The blessed hopeBy (AWR).
Running nose; et ready, He's comingBy (AWR).
Parents and children; Hold fast to your integrityBy (AWR).
Roughages; Worship the LordBy (AWR).
Can your mind be the cause of sickness;The hedge of protectionBy (AWR).
Listeriosis pregnancy; Be vigilantBy (AWR).
Joseph unjustly accused;Love at homeBy (AWR).
Lasting marriages; This is my storyBy (AWR).
Laryngeal cancer; Set yourself to seek the LordBy (AWR).
Marriage family and society; What are you doing here?By (AWR).
Healthy eating; You are the manBy (AWR).
The family pecking order; God is faithfulBy (AWR).
Exercise; Growing in ChristBy (AWR).
Joseph sold to Egypt; Answer the callBy (AWR).
Born again relationships; True fastingBy (AWR).
Coronary heart disease; The beginning of knowledgeBy (AWR).
Why opposites attract part2; Build up yourself in faithBy (AWR).
Breast feeding; Listen to Him speakBy (AWR).
Why opposites attract part 1; One thing I have desiredBy (AWR).
Aging; Consider your waysBy (AWR).
Joseph and his dreams; Sweeter than honeyBy (AWR).
Teens and dating part2; Seek the LordBy (AWR).
Pre-mature birth; The Lord of creationBy (AWR).
Teens and dating part2; Blessed is the manBy (AWR).
Lung cancer; Cling to the crossBy (AWR).
Teens and sexuality part2; Incredible power of prayerBy (AWR).
Diarrhea; Will your anchor holdBy (AWR).
Jesus eats passover meal with the disciples; Watch and prayBy (AWR).
Bed time bounderies part2; Signs of the timesBy (AWR).
Feet care; Touch of faithBy (AWR).
Bed time bounderies part1; ForgivenessBy (AWR).
Back pain; Who is Jesus to you?By (AWR).
Build up or bust up part2; Second touchBy (AWR).
Stress free life; Now is the timeBy (AWR).
The Lord's supper; Make me a tabarnacleBy (AWR).
Teenage rebellion restoring harmony in the home part1; The lamp of the bodyBy (AWR).
Depression part2; Seeking a signBy (AWR).
Bereavement part2; The gospel armourBy (AWR).
Depression part1; On whose side are you?By (AWR).
Bereavement part1; PrayerBy (AWR).
Teenage pregnancy; He is comingBy (AWR).
Jesus promises the Holy Spirit; Persistent in prayerBy (AWR).
Growing older; Hear this and understandBy (AWR).
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