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Welcome to St. Paul’s Church Breadfruit, (SPCB) Lagos, a great historical church in Lagos Archdeaconry of the Lagos Diocese (Anglican Communion).It is hoped that through this website, information and activities will be available on SPCB, and on the Anglican Communion, which will be seen, and be disseminated through the world wide web and the Internet globally to every continent.
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"Four Parables In Matthew" by Pastor Tony
"A Call to Rededicate Our Lives to Our Lord Jesus Christ" by Pastor Tony
"Be Worthy" Part 2Matthew 22 07/22/2018Pastor Tony Okoroh
"Be Worthy" Part 1Matthew 22 07/15/2018Pastor Tony Okoroh
Bible Studies by Professor Afolabi LESI
"God's Judgment Day" by Pastor Tony Okoroh
"Be Patient In Affliction" by Pastor Tony Okoroh
"The Preservation of the Saints, Part 2" by Pastor Tony OkorohVisit:
"The Prayer of Hezekiah"2 Kings 19:1-19 09/17/2017​Pastor Femi Sonuga-Oye
"The Christian, the Child of Light"John 12 07/02/2017​Pastor Tony Okoroh
"Waiting for the Return of Our Lord Jesus"1 Thessalonians 06/04/2017​Pastor Tony Okoroh
05/28/17 - Saved to Wait, Luke 12, Pastor Tony Okoroh
"Being Perfect on This Earth"1 Thess. 3 03/26/17By Pastor Tony Okoroh
"Walk Wisely Before God" by Pastor Tony Okoroh
"Praying for One Another, an Apostolic Example" by Pastor Tony
"Standing Fast In the Lord"John 15 & 1 Thess. 3 02/05/17By Pastor Tony Okoroh
"Eternal Life Now"1 Thess. 2:17 01/29/17By Pastor Tony Okoroh
"Giving No Room to Provoke Needless Opposition"Matt. 17 01/22/17By Pastor Femi Shonuga-Oye
"The Parable of Two Sons" by Bro. Maciek
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