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A podcast on personal and business taxes.
The Taxcast is a 30 minute monthly radio show from the Tax Justice Network packed with the latest news, scandal, research and unique analysis of events in the world of tax evasion, tax avoidance and financial corruption - the most challenging ethical and economic issues of our times. It features news headlines, unique expert analysis you won't find anywhere else and a mini-documentary.
Federal Tax Update Podcast Series
Covers recent cases, rulings, regulations, and legislation pertaining to income taxation of individuals and estates.
The EY Cross-Border Taxation Podcast series brings you the latest US international tax-rated developments.
Find tax and legal topics confusing? Then you have to listen to this show! Our hosts are both Attorneys & CPA's with years of experience who can HELP YOU!
Each Tax Credit Tuesday, Novogradac & Company LLP's audio broadcast offers an in-depth weekly look at tax credit topics. A new episode is posted here and on the RSS Feed by 1 p.m. Pacific Time every Tuesday.
Tax Talk, the podcast of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, is designed to educate and entertain, inspire and infuriate Canadian taxpayers.
The Heartland Institute podcast featuring libertarian and conservative scholars who advocate for lower taxes, less spending, less regulation, more economic freedom, and vibrant free markets. Hosted by Jesse Hathaway.
Michael Lodge discusses business, taxes, love, sex, travel, God, politics, but mostly taxes. The other stuff is just for you to tune in. Get ready - let's talk taxes, business and other stuff.
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California has a problem, and it's liberal politicians like Gavin Newsom who has done so much damage to California. It is time we vote out bad politicians and vot in people who is focused on Californians and not a failed political agenda. We have a problem and his name is Gavin Newsom.
This week we look at the following items: Update on TCJA guidance from the ABA Tax Section Meeting Tax due on tuition waiver received as part of severance package when used by daughter 22 years later Connecticut becomes the next state to adopt SALT workarounds IRS updates revenue procedure for use of information on status of charity Taxpayer re ...…
You and I need a rest day, a sabbath, to recharge our lives. It is not that hard to do, as long as you devote time to rest.
It is a great weekend, time for a road trip as we drive and listen to music along life's road.
A review of the week's major US international tax-related news. In this edition: Acting IRS Commissioner talks at May 2018 ABA Section of Taxation meeting about guidance projects implementing the TCJA – Treasury and IRS officials also address several tax reform related issues at the Meeting – IRS official reports IRS considering whether potenti ...…
Get a cup of coffee, you will need the stimulation as we talk about the new 2018 business tax rules. If you need a good tax firm visit our website at:
Information about Casualty Losses under the 2017 tax reform law discussed in this episode can be found at Visit the Your Tax Teacher website for more information about this episode using the episode number.By (Jeff England).
I had a new client contact me about her LLC. She was having problems getting a EIN number from the IRS. I then asked her, "Do you know what a LLC is?" Her answer was no. So I hope this helps you understand, know what you are getting into.
The Open Forum Show is always a favorite of our listeners!! Listen in as Mark and Mat fielding questions in a fun and interesting format on Tax Strategies, Asset Protection, Estate Planning and Business Planning. Email your questions in advance to and Learn more at…
In this week’s Tax Credit Tuesday Podcast, Michael J. Novogradac, CPA, tells listeners what they need to know about the new markets tax credit application period that opened last week [1:22]. He also shares some news about legislation introduced last week to rescind more than $15 billion in budget authority and explains how it affects some hous ...…
This week we look at the following items: Taxpayer had to include son’s savings account in determination of solvency 2019 HRA amounts announced by the IRS IRS changes Section 382 recognized built-in gain/loss safe harbors due to changes made by TCJA Revenue procedure issued to deal with requests to change accounting methods due to ASC 606 adopt ...…
We have had a week full of issues, now it is time to have a life. It is Saturday. Go out and have the best day ever.
For this episode notes, please visit Visit the Your Tax Teacher website for more information about this episode using the episode number.By (Jeff England).
A review of the week's major US international tax-related news. In this edition: US OMB Office of Regulatory Affairs provides insight into scope and release of TCJA international tax regulations – US House Ways and Means Committee to hold hearings on economic effects of tax reform – IRS announces plans to issue regulations expanding exception t ...…
Many individuals in the entertainment industry operate as independent contractors, which means you are operating a business. Operating a business you need to be better organized. Set up a business entity and run it as your business.
Listen in for your regular weekly tax and legal tips and a surprising conversation about the opportunities of investing in raw land. Mark and Mat are joined with a special guest, Mark Podolsky,"The Land Geek", with 15 years experience buying and selling raw land. Mark will be explaining his incredible system for making passive profits from inve ...…
Come on, if your kids can't read a simple clock there is something wrong. Parents, take back control of your students learning process. This is your responsibility. Can't read a clock? Then our tax dollars are going to waste.
Nothing happens perfectly in business, things change and you have to be ajile and adapt. Learn to be ajile in running your business.
In this week’s Tax Credit Tuesday Podcast, Michael J. Novogradac, CPA, shares the latest on whether listeners might see more tax reform this year [2:00], as well as updates on the population figures used to calculate state low-income housing tax credit allocations [3:59], Housing Trust Fund increases [6:33] and what conference attendees learned ...…
The learning process should continue everyday in your business and in your personal life. Be creative so that it is a fun process. Go out and be a learning machine.
When you starting a business or own a business, don't give up. Stay in the game.
We have to learn to be faithful on the small things. If we are faithful on the small things we will be faith to the large things as leaders.
It's the end of the week. Let's just sit back and listen to some jazz. Remember the Italian saying, "The art of doing nothint". Enjoy
A review of the week's major US international tax-related news. In this edition: US House tax chairman floats “Tax Reform 2.0” – TCJA Technical Corrections unlikely in 2018 – IRS comments on interpreting new Section 163(j) -- OECD may up release consensus blueprint on digital economy to 2019.
Know these two difinitions, Tolerance - The ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with. Open-mindedness, broadmindedness, forbearance, liberality, patience, charity, indulgence, understanding "an attitude of tolerance toward other people". Bigotry is ...…
Please visit the http://www.YourTaxTeacherWebsite/244 for this episode's show notes Visit the Your Tax Teacher website for more information about this episode using the episode number.By (Jeff England).
Today on May 3, 2018 it is the National Day of Prayer. Pray for our national, the corruption that runs through it, and pray for our families. Be specific in your prayers - but pray.
Join Mark and Mat for their weekly tax and legal tips and a strategic conversation about moving to a new state to save on federal and state taxes. Learn which states may help you with a strategic advantage and possibly improve your lifestyle to boot. State tax rates are climbing and they aren't deductible like they used to be on your Federal re ...…
Our world is moving a 1,000 miles a minute. We are bombed with information every single day, even on weekends. It is time you and I stop for 15 minues and refocus.
There isn't enougn time in the day to get everything done. Use technology to help you. There is so much good technology that can save you soo much time. Take advantage of technology.
In this week’s Tax Credit Tuesday Podcast, Michael J. Novogradac, CPA, shares some updates on HUD’s Rental Assistance Demonstration program [2:18]. Then, he discusses HUD’s rent reform proposals [5:36], as well two congressional hearings [8:47], [10:20] and what is known about the recent Republican House member retirement that creates a vacancy ...…
It is really amazing to look at the wave vs. taxes data put out every year by the IRS.
Don't show me your bling, show me your accomplishments. What have you built on your own. What profession have you made a success because you are damn good at it and you love to do it?
This week we look at the following items: Colorado reports disappointing results from tattletale use tax law Oklahoma enacts a second tattletale use tax law IRS grants relief for last minute change in HSA maximum contribution amount for 2018 Volunteers who divided amounts in tip jar at end of shift received tips subject to FICA Taxpayer who fai ...…
A review of the week's major US international tax-related news. In this edition: Treasury and IRS officials offer TCJA international tax insights -- Final FATCA regulations close to release – Tax professor to advise on OMB/Treasury tax regulation agreement – US, Indonesia release MOU on CbC reporting – US and Costa Rica sign new TIEA.…
For this week's episode's show notes, please visit the Your Tax Teacher website at Visit the Your Tax Teacher website for more information about this episode using the episode number.By (Jeff England).
Join Mark and Mat for their weekly Tax and Legal Tips and a discussion about business partnerships. They will share their Top 10 considerations to make sure your business partnership is a success. Being in a partnership can help you succeed, or if documented improperly, it can cause your failure. Tune in for the dos and don'ts you need to play ...…
In this week’s Tax Credit Tuesday Podcast, Michael J. Novogradac, CPA, discusses the latest efforts to rescind parts of the $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill for fiscal year 2018 [2:00]. After that, he briefly touches on a package of bills developed to improve administration of the IRS [5:54]. Then, he discusses a scheduled hearing on the new ...…
In this month's Taxcast: Tax justice, women and UN human rights conventions: how we may be beginning to hold governments to account. Also: we discuss scandal-hit Facebook's checks on whether overseas influencers are funding political ads in the United States and why they won't work. And is it time for a new model? How Mark Zuckerberg could beco ...…
This week we look at the following items: IRS computer system failure ends up adding one extra day to tax season The Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the Wayfair case IRS gives details on blended rates to be used by fiscal year C corporations IRS issues the rates for valuing employer owned aircraft trips for the first half of 2018 The IRS ...…
It is time for you to get involved and repeal the gas tax pushed on you by corrupt politicians in Sacramento. Go to DO IT TODAY!
TAX season is done and I am heading to my home in South Carolina. Road Trip across America. Come along with me.
A review of the week's major US international tax-related news. In this edition: European Union continues deliberations on elements of US tax reform – OECD Tax Director comments on US tax reform
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