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When Afrikka Hardy was strangled in 2014 it seemed completely random, but it wasn’t. It was part of a pattern. Four years earlier, reporter Thomas Hargrove had created an algorithm to detect serial killers and flagged Gary, Indiana as the site of an unusual number of strangulations. But when Hargrove reached out to warn local police, he was ignored -- until Afrikka Hardy was murdered, and those cold cases suddenly didn’t look so cold. Algorithm follows the investigation into Afrikka’s murder ...
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Hey Algorithm listeners! Check out this clip from the new Tenderfoot series Undetermined. In a coroner’s report, the word “undetermined” is used to describe the cause or manner of death when there’s insufficient evidence to lend a more specific classification. In 2019, Jessica Easterly Durning went missing from her New Orleans home; her body was fo…
What happened to the DNA evidence associated with Hargrove's list. And what happened to Gary's backlogged rape kits? Follow host Ben Kuebrich on twitter @Ben_kuebrich, and follow the algorithm podcast on twitter, instagram, or facebook. Reach out with any tips or suggestions for other clusters of murders to explore on social media or by leaving a v…
When Afrikka Hardy was strangled in 2014 it seemed completely random. But it wasn’t. It was part of a pattern. Lori Townsend reminisces about her daughter Afrikka, and journalist Thomas Hargrove says Afrikka's death could've been prevented. Subscribe to Algorithm now, so you don't miss an episode, and follow host Ben Kuebrich on twitter for more in…
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