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Living Word Church
Thanks for checking out our podcast! This is where you can find weekly messages from Living Word Church in Hauppauge, New York. Our mission is to help people center their lives around Jesus. We meet every Sunday at 9:30AM, 11:30AM and 7PM. Please check out our website for more info.
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Check out this one-part message from our Worship Pastor, Andrew Muller!By Andrew Muller.
Check out this one part message from our Executive Pastor, Vincent PavoneBy Vincent Pavone.
Check out this one part message from out intern, Anthony Carrai Jr.By Anthony Carrai Jr..
Check out this one-part message from our Womens Ministry Director, Kelly Jansson!By Kelly Jansson.
What do you do when someone you care about really messes up? How do you help them? Maybe you've really messed up recently. What do you do next? Is there hope? Join Doug for part 6 of, Freedom!By Doug Jansson.
What would it look like to live life free of the habits and struggles that have plagued you most of your life? Join us as Doug talks about it today in Freedom, Part 5.By Doug Jansson.
What do you need freedom from? In part 4, Doug points us to a huge key to living in the freedom God wants for us.By Doug Jansson.
In Part 3 of Freedom, we look at 5 questions about the freedom God has for us. You're probably asking some of these questions! Join Doug, as he leads us through Galatians 3, for some life changing answers to these 5 big questions.By Doug Jansson.
In Part 2 of, Freedom, Doug talks about 2 things every one of us want to be free from. Join us as we discover the mindset we need to have to walk in the freedom that God has for us.By Doug Jansson.
It’s scary how the struggles in life imprison us. Sometimes we get so used to our chains we forget what it’s like to actually be free. Join us for part 1 of our new series, Freedom, as Doug helps us discover the freedom Jesus wants for us!By Doug Jansson.
Check out this one part message from one of our interns, Joe Levanti!By Joe Levanti.
When was the last time you took a good look at God and then took a good look at sin and compared the two? In Part 3 of Broken Land, Doug helps us see how much better God is than the substitutes we sometimes settle for.By Doug Jansson.
As our nation spins more and more out of control, we believe that God wants to do some amazing things to heal and restore us. Join Doug for Part 2 of our series, Broken Land.By Doug Jansson.
It seems that our nation is becoming more and more broken. Violence, disunity, anger and fear are rampant. Do we just sit and watch it all unravel? Or is God calling us to do something about it?!Join Doug for Part 1 of our new series, Broken Land.By Doug Jansson.
What do you feel when you think about Jesus returning? Fear? Excitement? Uncertainty? Anticipation? Join us as Doug talks about it in part 5 of, This Is JesusBy Doug Jansson.
Our Worship Pastor, Andrew Muller, shares a powerful message in Part 4 of, This Is Jesus.By Andrew Muller.
Have is it ever felt like Jesus hasn't lived up to His promises? Have you ever wondered if your unfaithfulness cancels out God's faithfulness? Doug talks about this and more in Part 3 of, This Is Jesus.By Doug Jansson.
Has it ever felt like God is absent? Have you ever wondered if Jesus knows what it's like to walk in your shoes? Does it seem like He's the same as all the options out there, or does He stand apart? Doug answers these question in, This Is Jesus Part 2.By Doug Jansson.
Have you ever struggled with doubt? This message is for you! Do you know someone who is struggling with doubt? This message will help you help them!By Doug Jansson.
Hev you ever wondered if God really loves you? Has suffering, hardship or your own failures made it difficult to believe in that love? Are you struggling to live securely in it? Join us for this one part message - If You Only KnewBy Doug Jansson.
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a healthy inner narrative? Can you imagine the joy, peace and contentment you could walk in? Can you fathom how much God could do through you?Join us as we talk about it in the conclusion of, The Inner Narrative!By Doug Jansson.
Are You Struggling With Depression or Sadness? Are You Walking Through Life With Someone Who Is?In The Inner Narrative Part 6, Doug Talks About His Struggles With These Things and How God Helped Him Overcome Them!By Doug Jansson.
As hard as we may try, as much as we might want to do the right thing, we all fail at times don’t we?Join us for part 5, as Joey helps us learn how to leave the inner narrative of failure behind.By Joey Leuci.
It’s easy to tell yourself you are always going to struggle with the things that you struggle with. Some temptations seem completely overwhelming.In part 4 of, The Inner Narrative, Doug points us to a powerful tool that God has given us to fight temptation.By Doug Jansson.
Why is it so easy to tell ourselves how worthless we feel? How is it that the voice of a coach, parent, spouse, or friend that put us down years ago still beats us up so much today? Why do our shortcomings make us feel so bad about ourselves? In Part 3 of our series, Andrew, helps us learn how to change the inner narrative!…
Catastrophizing is defined as: imagining the worst possible outcome of an action or event : to think about a situation or event as being a catastrophe or having a potentially catastrophic outcome.It's easy to do this isn't it? Fear, stress, anxiety and worry seem to control our inner conversation more than we might want to admit.In Part 2 of, T ...…
Did you know you have an inner narrative? It's often made up of all those terrible conversations we have with ourselves. The conversations about how hurt, fearful, angry, worthless or stressed we are? In part one of, The Inner Narrative, Doug shares some Scriptures that will help us learn how to change our inner narrative.…
What big decisions are you working through right now? Join us for this one part message as Doug shares how God helps us face the unknowns in our lives.ALSO! We have some big news to share about what’s next for Living Word!By Doug Jansson.
An idol can be anything we love more than God. It might be money, possessions, ourselves or even another person. Could it be that we have an idolatry problem? What does the Bible say about trying to serve both God and idols?Check out this one part message from one of our interns, Joe Levanti, to see how the Bible addresses idolatry.…
We all know what it's like to battle guilt and shame. What do we do when it feels like our mistakes are all we can think about?In this one part message, Pastor Pavone provides some great wisdom as He points us to the freedom God offers us.By Pastor Vincent Pavone.
What does it look like to have a relationship with God in our ever changing culture? How do we live for God in a world where it’s more and more difficult to live for Him. How do we make a difference in a world that doesn’t want much to do with Him.Doug tackles these questions in, Vision Part 5.By Doug Jansson.
Don't be offended by this statement - your story is too small to live for! We all try to push our own story don't we? We all want to make our mark, blaze our trail, do what feels good and live for ourselves!What if your story is too small to live for? In Part 4 of, Vision, Doug talks about what it looks like to play your part in God's much bigg ...…
As we go through life we all get hurt. How will we respond? Will we wear our pain the rest of our lives? Will we let that pain turn into anger, unforgiveness and hate? In Part 3 of, Vision, Doug helps us understand why we should choose kindness, love and forgiveness. Seem impossible? Doug also talks about how to do it!…
In Vision Part 2, Doug talks about how God designed you to live for something bigger than yourself.By Doug Jansson.
Doug kicks off our new series talking about something we all struggle with and all need to grow in!By Doug Jansson.
Sometimes all we can think about is where we want to be down the road. We figure that when we finally arrive at the destination - a relationship, a certain college, marriage, a better job, a certain dollar amount - we'll finally be happy.In this one part message, Anthony helps us realize that it's not about the destination, but something so muc ...…
In this one part message, Pastor Pavone talks about our amazing Savior, Jesus!By Pastor Pavone.
One of the awesome things about a relationship with Jesus is that there is always a next step to take to get closer to Him. Whether you're young, old, new to this, or have been a Christian for a long time, there is always a next step!In this one part message, Doug helps us understand what our next step might be and encourages us to take it!…
We all know what it's like to wait. Some of us are waiting for some very specific things right now - a relationship, provision, direction, healing.What we sometimes forget is that all of humanity was waiting - waiting for Christmas! We pray this message will help you discover, or re-discover, what a big deal it is that Jesus came for us.…
This time of the year is supposed to be full of wonder isn't it? Why does it seem like sadness, stress, busyness, and hardship so often win the day?In Part 1 of our Christmas series, Doug talks about why things like joy, surrender, praise and awe can win this Christmas season instead!By Doug Jansson.
In Part 2 of, One Big Happy Family, Doug and Kelly continue the conversation about singleness, dating, marriage and parenting.By Doug and Kelly Jansson.
In Part 1 of, One Big Happy Family, Doug and Kelly answer questions about singleness, dating, marriage and parenting.By Doug and Kelly Jansson.
We all have different battles in our lives. In this one-part message, our worship pastor Andrew Muller talks about one of life's biggest battles.By Andrew Doug.
Sometimes as we try to pursue Jesus it feels like we meet some resistance. Maybe the journey wears us down. Perhaps some disappointments weigh on us. Sometimes the barriers that seem to stand in our way make us feel like giving up.In this one part message, Doug points us to a powerful story in the Bible that motivates us to keep on going! Don't ...…
It’s easy to forget what a huge deal it is that we can talk with God whenever we want. When we’re sad we can ask Him for joy. When we’re tempted we can ask Him for strength. It wasn’t always like this!!!??When sin entered the world, mankind was separated from God’s presence. We no longer had the access we once had. In fact for centuries, the on ...…
Sometimes we can see a storm forming over the ocean of our life. It's out there in the distance, but we're fearing the worst. Other times the storm isn't far away at all, it's crashing down over the side of our boat. And then there are the times in life when we are straight up swamped. The stress that comes during these times is very real and v ...…
Have you ever noticed that stress feeds on uncertainty? Every one of us has a good bit of uncertainty in our life - How do I fit in? Is this the person for me? What school should I go to? Am I doing what I should be with my life? Are my kids on the right track? Are my grandkids going to be ok? Will the finances be enough? Will my loved one get ...…
Check out this one part message from our Youth Pastor, Joey LeuciBy Joey Leuci.
Sometimes God is trying to get our attention but we really don't feel like listening. We sort of ignore what He's saying. Sometimes God wants us to let go of something that's horrible for us, but we hang on to it instead. In this one part message, Doug talks about these struggles and reminds us why it's so important to to approach God with open ...…
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