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Want to know more about the car that is disrupting the Automotive Industry? Listen to our frequent experiences with Middie, our 2018 First Production Model 3. You'll learn valuable tips on getting the most out of the car as well as be entertained by our adventures. And check out our Audible audiobooks available for sale, just search for "Douglas Birk" to preview our ever growing selection!
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Off peak charging is something Middie does all the time, and it's still as simple as plug it and forget it. Learn more about this growing trend and, if you're a Texas Tesla owner, find out how to save money charging your car at home using the same software Middie uses every night!
As a 9 year old I experienced my first Porsche ride, and driving the new 2020 Porsche Taycan was quite the experience! You'll learn if my love affair with Middie and Middy is over, and find out if the Model Y is quieter than the Model 3.
We take advantage of having Middie and Middy by performing a range test that produces surprising results. We review Ameren's Managed EV Charging Pilot that just finished along with my first impressions of Speed Limit Sign Recognition in 2020.36!
We'll share details of our recent delivery of Middy, our new 2020 Tesla Model Y. You'll learn why it's a different experience the second time around, and discover recent voice command updates, ones that don't work on the Model Y (yet), and others that don't exist anymore (that I'll personally miss!)
First of all... MIDDY LIVES!!! We'll talk a little about us getting ready to take delivery of our LR AWD, MSM, FSD, White Interior, Gemini Wheels Model Y named Middy on July 16, 2020. You'll hear how to get ready for your delivery, how to know the status of your order before you hear from Tesla, and our new segment entitled "And Now, A Word From An…
Starting with this new episode, we're switching from story telling to sharing what we've learned as we drive Middie AND as she drives us!This episode starts a series focused on road trips. Learn how we planned #MiddieGoesToYellowstone, #MiddieGoesToSpringTraining, and #MiddieGoesToMWTG2019 (Midwest Tesla Gathering) @LifeMiddie…
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