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The “4 Minute Money Ideas” audio article is based on weekly articles that Douglas Goldstein, CFP® writes in “The Jerusalem Post.” In easy-to-understand language, Doug explains retirement planning, investment basics, how to invest an inheritance, and how to open a U.S. brokerage or IRA account when you live in Israel (or anywhere outside the United States). If you follow Doug’s investment advice in the newspaper, or whether you learn about financial planning and investing from his many books, ...
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Are You Worried About Your Stocks and Market Risk? If the market goes up, do you still need to worry about stocks and market risk? Should you rebalance your portfolio in an up market?
Do Mutual Funds Increase the Risk Level of Your Portfolio? Mutual funds can add risk to your portfolio. If you want to limit your risk exposure, pay attention to what mutual funds and ETFs you own.
Do These 4 Things to Have a Financially Successful Retirement To make sure you have a financially successful retirement in Israel, follow these 4 easy tricks.
4 Times You Should Speak with a Financial Advisor What should motivate you to get financial advice? Learn when you should speak to a financial advisor about your situation, and what he can do to help.
How to Claim an Inheritance from Abroad Claiming an inheritance from abroad can be confus-ing and overwhelming. Learn what steps you need to take so the funds will appear in your account.
Retirees Fired by Their Brokers in America If you were asked to move your money out of your brokerage firm, be reassured you that you aren’t alone. This financial break-up is happening to many people without American addresses. Here’s what you should do.
Do you want steady income from your dollar deposits? Is your investment goal to receive a steady income from dollar deposits? If so, take these 3 steps to help you reach your goal.
Should You Have Bonds in Your Investment Portfolio? Many people love the income and relative safety bonds provide, but other people hate them. It’s important to understand why investors love and hate bonds. Should you have bonds in your investment portfolio?
Are You Getting High Interest Rates on Your Dollar Deposits? The good old days of getting high interest rates on your dollar deposits may be coming back. Consider the pros and cons of investing in bonds as opposed to FDIC insured CDs.
Want to Boost Your Monthly Investment Income? One way to boost monthly investment income is using bond funds. There are different types of bonds funds, read more to learn if they are appropriate for your financial situation.
How To Squeeze More Dollars Out Of Your Investments Want to increase your investment income. Can using bonds squeeze more dollars out of your investments? Learn why retirees frequently choose to invest in bonds.
How to Invest Your Dollars when You Live in Israel Should olim move their American brokerage accounts to Israel?
Did You Get the “Dear Client, We Can’t Help You Letter”? Many American brokerage companies stopped servicing clients with foreign addresses, including those who made aliya. Don’t liquidate your account, learn what alternatives you have.
Expecting an Inheritance? Here’s What You Need to Know Expecting an inheritance? Here are answers to questions you may have when receiving an inheritance. Excerpt from, and link to The Inheritance Book.
Should You Leave Your Children an Inheritance? If you leave your children an inheritance what will they do with it? Will they save or squander it? Here’s how to teach your heirs to use the lump sum wisely.
What American Expats Need to Know About Foreign Mutual Funds The IRS considers foreign mutual funds Passive Foreign Income Companies (PFIC). These incur extra taxes for U.S. citizens. How can U.S. expats invest in mutual funds?
Want Help Understanding and Organizing your Money? Consolidating your various banks and financial firms can help you understand and organize your money better. Learn how consolidating your accounts can make investing easier.
Why Receiving an Inheritance is Difficult: It’s not “free” money Receiving an inheritance can be an emotionally fraught time. Learn what you should do to facilitate a smooth transfer of assets
Can Mutual Funds or ETFs Improve Your Portfolio’s Performance? Learn how Americans living abroad can use mutual funds or ETFs to improve their portfolio’s performance.
Here’s a Quick Way to Invest in the Stock Market When you want to invest in the stock market, how do you choose a stock? Peter Lynch invested in L’Eggs because his wife wore stockings. But is that a reason to buy a stock?
The Investment Tool You Need to Invest Your Money Like the Pros Professional money managers are a good investment tool to use if you don’t want to think too much about your investments. Learn how “regular” people can use money managers just like the pros do.
How to Make Money in Your IRA What guidelines should you follow when withdrawing money from an IRA? How do you know if you are withdrawing principal or interest? Is it important?
How to Discuss Money Matters With Your Parents Sometimes aging parents find it hard to discuss money matters with their adult children. How can you talk about finances with your parents more easily?
What Happens to Your IRA Account When You Make Aliya? What happens to your IRA account when you make aliya? Should you transfer it to Israel, or is there a better way to manage your investments?
How to Avoid Inheritance Anxiety If you get a sudden windfall, how do you avoid inheritance anxiety and make the right decisions? This blogpost explains the steps you need to take.
A 4-minute financial podcast Worrying about your stocks when the market is volatile is only natural. Here are 3 steps to take to minimize your worries and stay in the stock market.
What You Need to Know about Moving Money If you’re thinking of moving money from one account or country to another, here are some tips to help you do it more easily and efficiently.
How Much Money Can You Afford to Lose in a Risky Investment? When looking at a possible investment, consider how much money you might potentially lose. Your risk tolerance needs to be taken into account.
How Memory Loss Can Affect Your Money What happens to your finances if you suffer from memory loss? What can you do to protect yourself and your money?
Here’s When to Stop Supporting Your Children When should you stop supporting your children? What is the difference between monetary gifts that help or encourage bad habits? This tale of two couples explains.
Why Are Dividend-Paying Stocks like a Paycheck? Find out how dividend-paying stocks can help increase cash flow. Can income investors earn higher total returns through dividend reinvestment plans?
How to Protect Someone You Love from Financial Abuse Financial abuse among the elderly is growing. What do you need to know to protect your parents and other people that you love?
Is It Easier to Invest with an American Brokerage Firm or with an Israeli Bank? What do American olim need to know about investing with Israeli banks? Read this article to find out and for a possible solution.
Why Getting an Inheritance Doesn't Always Make You Rich Getting an inheritance will not make you rich unless you use it wisely. Read this to find out about the mistakes you need to avoid.
Why You Shouldn’t Worry about Market Volatility Market volatility affects the risk-return trade-off of your investments. Learn what you should do to protect your money.
The Financial Lesson that I Learned From Chess What financial tactic can you learn from a world chess champion? Why is it important to look at the big picture when making investing decisions?
Is It Easier to Make Money or Lose Money? Why is it harder to make money than to lose money? Find out why it’s better to avoid loss in the first place than trying to recoup lost funds.
Should You Engage in Copycat Trading? Find out why copycat investing vs. copycat trading is the more prudent strategy for growing your retirement portfolio
Gambling vs. Investing: Where Are You More Likely to Win? Is there a difference between investing and gambling? Understanding gambling risks can improve your investing performance.
What do you need to know when choosing a financial advisor? Make sure to ask these questions to any potential investment advisor that you are considering.
Are bonds safe as an investment? Explore how they can provide safety and increase diversification in an investment portfolio
Do Market Timers Generate High Returns? Why do market timers think they can outperform the market? Understanding why market timers underperform passive investors can improve your investment performance.
Is There a Difference between Growth and Value Stocks? What is the difference between growth and value stocks? Does one have a better chance of growing your portfolio?
What Is the Best Way to Teach Children Investing? What’s the best way to teach children investing? How should they learn basic concepts in personal finance? Should you use investment games or real money?
“Over My Dead Body!” Use a Will or Trust to Help Avoid Battles over Your Estate A will or trust can prevent long, expensive court battles over your estate assets. Find out which would be more appropriate for your situation.
Why a Stock’s Price Doesn’t Matter High stock prices may be intimidating, but they do not necessarily reflect the company’s value. Read here to learn why.
Growth vs. Income Investing: Is the Cost of Growth Too High? Retirement portfolio: Learn how to allocate growth vs. income investing, according to your risk profile.
Should Retirees Diversify Globally to Protect Their Savings? If you diversify globally will it improve the risk-adjusted returns on your investment portfolio? Learn how global diversification adds non-correlated assets to a retirement portfolio.
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