Best Warhammerquest podcasts we could find (Updated May 2019)
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Adam and George (plus a guest) get in depth with the wonder worlds of warhammer (and more than a few others)
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Adam and George get together again to discuss the Fluffenhammer Asks answers, react to your questions, and chat a bit about the Warhammer Horror Imprint. Any why neither are interested in Marvel Movies, to which we expect something of a backlash. Eep.
The Fluffenhammer Ep 37 - Destitute and Plastic Ridden - George and Adam cast and eye over Khorne and his ways in the Mortal Realms, and speak on the further events of Vigilus
The Fluffenhammer Ep 36 - Duncan is Mother, Duncan is Father - Adam and George set out once more on an adventure of Chaotic discovery. What and where shall we find, and who shall win out in the age old question of.... How Cool Is That Havok?
Adam and George cast an eye over the ever-growing threat of Chaos in the 41st millenium, dig deep into the burrowholes of the new Skaven battletome, and discuss other great, good and garbage topics in the name of bringng you top tier entertainment!
Adam and George uncover conversations about Radio 2, Fabulous Bill, Cults and the narratives of Tyranids.
Adam and George cast a baleful gaze over the news that poured forth from the unholy* New Year's Open Day *Unholy for my bank account
The Fluffenhammer Ep 32 - The 2018 Fluffies Awards 2 men with a lot of cold in their systems fght the oncoming tide of catagories and nominations to bring you this years awards and look back show.
Fluffenmass Day 4 Day 4. Are you feeling seasonal yet?
Fluffenmas Day 3 Day 3 of this, the most "interesting" idea we've ever had...
Fluffenmass - Day 2 The continuation of Games Workshop themed Christmas poetry........
Fluffenmass - Day 1 We begin this seasonal series of Warhammer based Xmas Poetry for no good reason whatsoever
Adam and George get together to accidentally talk Space Marines, Wrath and Rapture, oldhammer and talk through some housework. The Flufies Awards:
Adam and George return to look at the announcements from Vigilus, comment of your feedback and look at the quests that have only been waiting six months to be answered.....
As part of the Patreon rewards, this is the first episode of the monthly show that delves into all sorts of weird and wonderful parts and influences on the Warhammer universes. This month, we look at the work and life of H.P, Lovecraft, and the influence his work has on the works of Games Workshop
George and Adam sit to talk about the fallout of the last set of GW releases, and to unleash the winning Limericks from our competition.
George and Adam summon up a Andy Millman to discuss his time with GW, financial news and the state of Adam's throat.
We return after our hiatus with sagas of Slaanesh, tales of Tzeentch and more beasts than you can shake a Brayherd at.
In Which: An elf gets lost A new addition to the party arrives "I'm going to continue to attempt..."
In which: Acting takes place. Gems are found. A old evil fails to happen. Dice rolls win out over planning. And.. "I'm Going To Attempt To....."
-Previously a Patreon-only show- The tale begins here, at the heart of The Crystal Maze.. I mean The Silver Tower. Join Adam (GM), James (Elf Loremaster), Chris (Lord Relictor) and Other Chris (Lord Banner-Waving-Tempest-Rider?) as they begin to work through.. CRAWLHAMMER XQUEST
For this episode, we grab Andrew Turnbull and speak to him about the Dark Angels past, and the ever-changing art of Games Workshop
Adam and George get together to talk about the incoming Age of Sigmar: Soul Wars, and the Genestealer Cult uprisings. Check out Whores of Khan here: Adam and George get together to talk about the incoming Age of Sigmar: Soul Wars, and the Genestealer Cult uprisings. Check out Whores of Khan here:
Adam and George get together to discuss the new Age of Sigmar releases.... and then find themselves down a very dark tangent....
SITE: DISCORD: PAETRON: Adam and George get together again to discuss the burning issues of Slaanesh's return on the horizion, and why comics angered certain areas of the community
Adam and George get together to discuss the multitude of news that was birthed from the glory of WARHAMMER FEST 2018.
Adam and Adam discuss all sorts of financal and ridiculous items based about all sorts of possibly GW based converation. Maybe.
Adam and George planned to sit and discuss The Black Legion. Adam and George did not discuss The Black Legion.
This Episode is all about the Necrons and Drukhari. And a little bit of tiny dog wanting some attention....
If you are a Patreon of the Fluffenhammer, the first episode of Crawlhammer Xquest is out! This is roughly the first ten mins of the story as a little taster. 1 Dollar a month is all it costs to enjoy the mad ramblings of myself as GM, James Norfolk-Cinis Chris Hayton and Chris Brozerker Kirkpatrick as they ...…
Adam and George finally mange to not be struck down by technical issues!
We were lucky enough to sit downwith Ross "Krakon Games" to talk about his work, his creations, his sculpting and his journey. We are also unlucky enough to have Zencastr issues, which meant we had to use a back-up recording. Krakon Games: Our Patreon:…
As a bit of a treat, We are uploading an episode of The Lock-In (from 2015) where the Lock-In Odd Team took on that Fighting Fantasy classic... The Forest of Doom! Let us know if you would like us to do more of these!
Gruff N' George get together to try and unwrap Febuary's Warhammer releases with varying levels of CHAOTICA DOOM. DOOM. DOOM.
After multiple weeks where we attempted to record this episode, we finally managed to get Chris Kirkpatrick onto the show to discuss his journey through Games Workshop. Not only that, but listen to Gruffy go....mad......
And here we are! Literally weeks of waiting and voting have led to this show, where we give out the awards for the best, the worst and the utterl batshi...erm.. yes. The First Annual Fluffies are GO!
Fluffenhammer Ep 11 - Fluffing Before Fluffmas - Adam and George attemot a quick turnaround episode...and fail. The audio quality of this show has been Catted and has been fixed as best as possible. Check out The Fluffenhammer Facebook group if you want to get in on the Fluffies Awards
The Fluffenhammer ep 10 - Fluffer's Got A Gun - Adam and George sit about to natter on for a while, and get some housekeeping out the way
The Fluffenhammer Ep09 - Fluffenhammer Fill-In: With some real life taking over the Fluffenlives, we have a fill-in ep dedicated to the Suffer Not The Alien series on our youtube channel
The Fluffenhammer Ep 08 - Johnny Rotting - George and Adam welcome Dave Mence to the show to discuss his re-entry into the hobby,and discuss Nurgle to great length. Plus! Frogs!
This ep, the boys look at all the Chaos Gods, discuss Codex Spame Marines and Chaos Traitor Legions and answer all the questions left by the Facebook Group
Adam and George go solo together to get into the books andfiction needed to get started into the Worlds of The Workshop, via a warpish excursion into a place that holds the horror of horrors.... Facebook Questions!
Adam and George set out with Jii Dee to discover the cogs inside the engines of the 40k universe.
The Fluffenhammer Ep 04 - Whats The State Of Play in 40K: Adam and George sit down to discuss the setting of 8th Ed 40k, and to answer your listener questions, as well as do some fun little bits of housekeeping.
The Fluffenhammer Episode 03 - We Displeased The Gods - Adam and George welcome Simon Skey into the warp-twisted nether of The Fluffenhammer, to discuss at great, great length, Simon's time with Workshop, and a collection of spotlights. Warning, this episode has terrible audio, and there was not a damn thing we could do about it. You have our u ...…
George and Adam welcome Paul Anderson in to talk the fiction and fluff
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