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BirdNote strives to transport listeners out of the daily grind and into the natural world with outstanding audio programming and online content. The stories we tell are rich in sound, imagery, and information, connecting the ways and needs of birds to the lives of listeners. We inspire people to listen, look, and exclaim, “Oh, that’s what that is!”
RSPB Bird Notes
A Magazine devoted to Birds and the Environment for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds for birds, for people, forever - Britain's largest environemental charity.
Podcast by Birdknot
University of Washington Professor of Atmospheric Sciences and renowned Seattle weather prognosticator/personality Cliff Mass has joined KNKX’s roster of commentators. "Weather with Cliff Mass", our five-minute feature hosted by KNKX's environment reporter Bellamy Pailthorp, airs every Friday at 9 a.m. following "BirdNote", and repeats twice on Friday afternoons during All Things Considered.
A loving parody of BirdNote (, TurdNote plunges listeners into the thrilling world of turds.
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One of the things airplane pilots worry about most is birds colliding with their planes, possibly causing an accident. Preventing bird strikes is a serious concern. Many airports resort to killing birds that might pose a threat.By (Tune In to
Gordon Hempton, the Sound Tracker, seeks those rare places untouched by human noise, where birds and nature create a complex, quiet music. In the Hoh Valley, in a rain forest in Olympic National Park, is a place he calls One Square Inch of Silence.By (Tune In to
The Greater Roadrunner is a common species in the desert and brush country of the Southwest, but its full range reaches from California to western Louisiana. Its soft cooing voice hints at its connections to another bird: scientists group roadrunners with the cuckoos. Where to see a roadrunner?By (Tune In to
Where some noises — like TV, traffic and random conversations — can make it hard to concentrate, birdsong may make it easier. In Alder Hay Children’s Hospital in Liverpool, England, the sweet sounds of birdsong carry along the hallways.By (Tune In to
Every now and then, don’t you just want to belt it out? Imagine singing like a Black-headed Grosbeak! Or what about a Carolina Wren? Picture warbling like a House Finch. All this just too rambunctious for you? The call of the American Bittern more your style? Or this Yellow-headed Blackbird?By (Tune In to
Small, tern-like Bonaparte's Gulls often form a chorus-line at the water's edge. Side by side, in half an inch of water, they stomp their feet as fast as they can. Under this pummeling, a smorgasbord of shrimp is stirred up for the gulls to harvest.By (Tune In to
Over a century ago, a Nebraska man — an audiologist by training — named Solon Towne “collected” the songs of meadowlarks. According to his daughters, he’d saunter about their farm, listening carefully. Then he’d hurry back to his desk to transcribe the birds’ songs into musical notes.By (Tune In to
By early August, the rich yellow of the feathers of the Wilson's Warbler seems to flash in every forest thicket. Despite predators and weather, many pairs of adults have raised four young, which now flit about on their own.By (Tune In to
What’s the reddest bird in North America? In the East, the Scarlet Tanager or maybe the Summer Tanager. But neither is seen nearly as often as the Northern Cardinal. In the Southwest, another candidate pops out like a bright red flare on the tip of a branch: the Vermilion Flycatcher.By (Tune In to
Harpy Eagles spend their lives in tall, remote tropical forests in Central and South America, flying from tree to tree in search of food. The eagles are named for the Harpies of Greek mythology, women with the bodies of birds who, on Zeus’s command, snatched people from the earth.By (Tune In to
If the cloudy and sometimes dark skies of late have been hard on you, just hang on a bit. KNKX weather expert Cliff Mass says “an improving trend” is ahead. Residents of the Pacific Northwest should soon be enjoying a long stretch of sunny skies. They have even inspired music - like the 1969 TV tune about “the bluest skies you’ve ever seen” are ...…
Cloudy skies and cooler-than-normal temperatures will dominate in the week ahead, a continuation of the weather pattern many refer to as “June gloom” for the gray or “Juneuary” when the cloud cover comes with cold air. It’s the kind of ‘blah’ weather that can disappoint people who expect blue skies in June. But the gray, at least, is pretty typ ...…
Cooler weather has settled in all around the Puget Sound region after a rapid drop in temperatures that started Wednesday night. KNKX weather expert Cliff Mass says there will be a bit more sun peeking through the clouds in the days ahead. But overall, summer is starting with a mellower feel than the recent heat wave that pushed temps into the ...…
Last week brought heavy rain showers with cooler temps and even some snow to the mountains in places. But that’s changing as high pressure builds over the region, allowing a big warmup just in time for summer solstice celebrations this weekend and Father’s Day on Sunday.By (Bellamy Pailthorp).
This May, people living in the Puget Sound region experienced a lot of warmth and a month so dry, it matched the record for the driest May on record. The dry spell actually began in mid-April, so it lasted about 6 weeks. That was changing Friday as clouds rolled in and skies began to darken. KNKX weather expert Cliff Mass says folks here had be ...…
Cooler temps, clouds and wind gusts ushered out the record warmth Seattle area residents experienced in May, which also tied a record for lack of rain. All that changed on Friday as marine air surged in and cooled things off.By (Bellamy Pailthorp).
The mix of sun and clouds in the Memorial Day weekend forecast should not come as a surprise to people living in the greater Puget Sound region. Late May weather here often brings a tantalizing mix of sunny warmth with clouds that can quickly yield to cooler skies as drizzle or cool marine air pushes in. But the weekend forecast should be mostl ...…
A rapid melt of mountain snowpack in eastern and central Washington is pushing some rivers to high levels not seen in decades. It’s not that unusual, says KNKX weather expert Cliff Mass, who expects the mild weather nearer to the coast to continue through this weekend.By (Bellamy Pailthorp).
People in the Pacific Northwest have been experiencing a bit of a roller coaster ride weather-wise lately, with temperatures spiking up and down in a manner that KNKX weather expert Cliff Mass says is quite typical for late May. The ride will go uphill this weekend to a predicted high of about 80 degrees on Sunday, just in time for Mother’s Day ...…
Here are some upsides to cloudy weather: Cloud cover creates a soft light that's great for photographers. It’s harder to get a sun burn. And clouds can be really fun to look at. Many of us may need a few reminders that clouds aren't so bad as we enter what could become an extended period in which low clouds and cooler temps dominate in the grea ...…
Folks around the Puget Sound region enjoyed a toasty week with temperatures in the 70s starting Tuesday. They even hit the low- to mid-80s in many places in western Washington. But the classic northwest “sandals-and-socks” people are now wearing their socks again.By (Bellamy Pailthorp).
After nearly three weeks of wet weather that was making it look like this month might shape up to be one of the rainiest Aprils on record, sunshine is on its way to the Pacific Northwest. KNKX weather expert Cliff Mass says there’s one last rainy stretch to get through late Friday, but after that, real spring warmth and strong sun is on the way.…
If you were hoping April showers would hold off this weekend, don’t hold your breath. Be ready for more of the cool, wet weather that has been persisting in the Pacific Northwest in recent weeks.By (Bellamy Pailthorp).
‘April showers bring May flowers,’ or so the saying goes. Like Groundhog Day or dozens of sayings you can find cataloged in a Farmer’s Almanac , it’s part of the weather-related folklore that’s been passed down for generations. They hold some truth. But most meteorologists prefer more scientific observations. For long-term forecasting, the ENSO ...…
A predominantly cloudy period has dominated in the greater Puget Sound region this past week, with intermittent showers and mostly mild temperatures. That pattern is expected to continue into next week, says KNKX weather expert Cliff Mass – with one exception.By (Bellamy Pailthorp).
When you think of spring, visions of daffodils and cherry blossoms under warm, sunny skies may come to mind. Turns out the more typical aspects of this season, meteorologically speaking, come from the unstable atmosphere, which produces lots of wet and showery, cool weather.By (Bellamy Pailthorp).
The vernal equinox marks the official start of spring. That starts Tuesday. But for most folks in the Pacific Northwest, it feels like spring has already arrived.By (Bellamy Pailthorp).
Time to get out the short sleeves and sunscreen. Warm winds from the south and east are going to push the mercury to nearly summer-like levels in western Washington this weekend, says KNKX weather expert Cliff Mass.By (Bellamy Pailthorp).
The record cold, wet and snowy weather of late February has subsided. Residents of western Washington can look forward to a classic Northwest weekend, with mild temperatures, partly cloudy skies and just a chance of rain. “It’s going to be a fairly dry weekend,” said KNKX weather expert Cliff Mass, a professor of atmospheric sciences at the Uni ...…
Don’t put away your hat and gloves. It’s going to stay cold for the next week or so and there will be snow on Friday. That much is certain, says KNKX weather expert Cliff Mass. The rest of the weekend forecast is tricky.By (Bellamy Pailthorp).
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Episode 22 The Global Butter Crisis by Birdknot
Join us on a journey of scatological discovery as we explore the world of turds. As a newly emerging program, we encourage listener input and strongly urge you to share your ideas for future shows. Want to learn more about the Bristol Stool Scale? Wondering if Sir Thomas Crapper was a real human? Let us know.…
A mini podcast episode this times with details of an exciting new series from the RSPB - the Big Garden Birdwatch podcast with BBC wildlife presenter Kate HumbleBy
Spring arrives in the UK and the birds get busy - but what does the discovery of a dead swan with the H5N1 strain of avian flu at the beginning of April mean for the rest of the season. Jane Markham talks to the RSPB's Andre Farrar to get the facts.By
Bird Flu. Jane Markham talks to the RSPB's Head of Species Conservation, Julian Hughes about the implications for Britain's wild birds.By
Jane Markham visits Otmoor in Oxfordshire with RSPB volunteers pond-dipping and reed planting with local children. Will the Bittern - one of Britain s rarest birds be seen on the moor once again? (see logo for picture) Plus a preview of this autumn s FeeBy
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