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A podcast devoted to superheroes, 80's music, comic culture, coffee, and more.
Writers for GBB discuss everything Memphis Grizzlies related.
Grizzly Kiki
Grizzly Kiki is a pop culture podcast or blogcast, where we discuss different aspects of pop culture and society. Each show we discuss a different topic, mainly episodes of RuPaul's Drag Race, and provide different perspectives.
Grizzly is a Digital Agency. We're also Augmented Reality specialists. In this pod we will delve into AR, how it works, where it works, the possibilities, the successes and fails. We will update you on news and buzz from the AR world and will probably digress into our two passions, marketing and tech.It'll be a bit rough n ready but we will get better as we go, we will learn some stuff and have some fun along the way.
"The life of a wild animal always has a tragic end," as Ernest Thompson Seton said. This is the story of Metitsi Wahb, born a playful cub, orphaned young by the murder of his mother, his brothers and sister, raising himself surrounded by enemies, and growing to the fiercest creature anywhere in his vast range -- though showing himself a gentleman in the Yellowstone National Park. And finally, he is laid low by a smaller, more cunning enemy, and defeated in the end by age and injury. "The lif ...
Nathan Chester and Parker Fleming are here to bring you some NBA insight from a millennial's perspective. They hit four core topics all within a 25-minute time span, giving you a quick, reliable source of NBA knowledge and entertainment.
Wahb (meaning White Bear) is an orphaned Grizzly Bear who learns to respect his fears, fight for peace, and trust the healing powers of a stinky hot-spring. The story is aptly titled The Biography of a Grizzly because it is about the life of a Grizzly. Seton writes with a folksy tone that will enlighten children to the gore and war that Grizzly Bears endure. I thought it was fun to learn (through Wahb's story) about their life span, their diet, their ability to survive gunshots and bear-trap ...
Grizzly Times is a voice for imperiled grizzly bears in Yellowstone and their wild ecosystems in the Northern Rockies.
The goal of Grizzly Christian Fellowship is to engage the University of Montana with the treasure of Jesus. Visit our website at
Welcome to the Grizzly podcast, where amazing things happen.
GNN is a student led broadcast news organization dedicated to informing the GGC population of campus events and issues GGC Students may be facing.
Hosts Clayton and Mike team-up for the world's greatest geeky podcast and talk about all the things you'd expect: Superheroes, 1980's music, coffee, comic books, and more. Join us each Monday for a new show.
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Robert & Daniel interview Boston Drag Queen, Sham Payne.
EMERGENCY PODCAST, because the Memphis Grizzlies got destroyed on opening night. Listen to Nathan and Parker rant about the events on opening night, but they're also here to tell you it could be alright.Twitter:@TheCore4Podcast@sbngrizzlies@PAKA_FLOCKA@BigNateChesterSubscribe on iTunesFollow on Soundcloud…
Nathan Chester and Parker Fleming give you their final preseason thoughts, as the Grizzlies season approaches this week.- What to make of Gasol and Conley's preseason performance- The starting PF battle- The case for MarShon Brooks over Temple- Small Jimmy Butler talk- Jaren Jackson is awesomeFollow on SoundcloudSubscribe and write a review on ...…
Mega Man expert Jason lends his opinion on the new release of Mega Man 11.
In the second episode of Grizzly Roundhouse Gaming spinoff, the boys watch and comment on the September Nintendo Direct.
The Grizzly Roundhouse Gaming spin-off! Nick and Sean return with the best game-guy they know, Jason. We talk about Iconoclasts, Megaman X collection, Guacamelee, Mario Tennis, Open world games, and take a fan question.
Carli joins us again and we revisit some old fast food arguments. Sean talks trash on Shake Shack and we discuss the differences between Chipotle and regular taquerias.
We discuss the rise and fall of a beautiful meme, talk about the latest features in the new iOS update, and talk about measuring dicks. We also talk about growin' up and how it's changed.
Robert & Daniel interview artist Justin Favela (a.k.a Favy Fav), co-host of the Latinos Who Lunch podcast.
Nathan and Parker wrap up their NBA preview content to talk about some of the teams missing the playoffs, including the Memphis Grizzlies. They also discuss the recent signing of DJ Stephens.Follow on Twitter: @TheCore4PodcastSubscribe on iTunes, Write a Review!Follow on Soundcloud
Robert & Daniel interview L.A. Drag Queen & Dragula Season 1 contestant, Pinche Queen.
Parker and Nate are back with some more NBA preview content, giving you their dark-horse NBA pick and their Eastern Conference playoff picture. Then, they answer who's the better basketball player between the two blog boys.Follow on Twitter: @TheCore4PodcastSubscribe, Write us a Review.
Robert & Daniel talk about dealing with stress at work; hanging out with Favy Fav of the Latinos Who Lunch podcast; "Be Cute" at Littlefield; "The House of Flowers" on Netflix; "The Meg"; and an email from a listener.
Like a moth drawn to candlelight, the crew reunites for another LIT episode. We talk about rappers, moths, memes, lights, cheetos, lamps, fast food, antennae, and lots more.
Unfortunately, Nathan couldn't join for this one, but it's all good. Jakob Eliason from the "Jakob Eliason Podcast" joins Parker to talk about the Chandler Parsons Players Tribune, things we're looking forward to this season, and the jerseys to get to avoid looking like a basic.You can find him on social mediaTwitter: @jakobeliason // @jakobsho ...…
Nathan and Parker share their worst sporting event they've ever attended. Then, they give their playoff picks for the Western Conference this upcoming season.
Robert & Daniel talk about the Ketogenic Diet, Cardi B. & Nicki Minaj, Bushwig 2018, and the Child’s Play movie franchise.
The entire squad decides to show up with a new theme for the show: examining what it is these darn kids are up to these days. We talk about slang, "rap", beverages, and have a good old time.
Nathan Chester and Parker Fleming kick off their NBA preview content by making their award predictions. In addition, they share their favorite sports event they've ever attended.
Nathan Chester and Parker Fleming are BACK and ready to get you up to date with their live and some other NBA banter. They're also back with a new look, shoutout to Mark King for the graphic and to Fresco Xela for the beat.
The whole gang is back together. Listen up to hear about the tinder hunger games, how our poor Rohaum is struggling to stay afloat in pools, and how Brandee is scared of the ghosts in her house. We discuss the anti- paranormal benefits of smudging and we all teach Rohaum what it's like to live in a state where weed is legal.…
Robert & Daniel interview Miami Drag Queen, Jupiter Velvet.
The crew reminisce over instagram stories not viewed and memories of Nick Lantis. Donnie's shared account with his girlfriend gets a DEEP analysis. They also find out whether Sean's laugh is fake.
Robert & Daniel interview Tejana Queen & Bushwig Co-Founder, Horrorchata.
Tim Preso is Managing Attorney for Earthjustice’s Northern Rockies regional office in Bozeman, MT. He a lead attorney on Earthjustice's suite of national forest protection cases, as well as on cases to block oil and gas leasing in the Wyoming Range and to protect wolves in Idaho and Wyoming from unlawful persecution.…
Robert & Daniel interview Miami's Party Queen, Miss Toto!
You will be fascinated by Dr. Rob Wielgus’ carnivore research and what he shows about how to improve coexistence with wolves, grizzlies and mountain lions. Rob’s is also a tragic tale of what can happen when a world class scientist gets crossways with entrenched political interests – and the livestock industry.…
Sean is back thanks to the power of the Dragonballs but Erik and Dong Yee are missing. Nick talks about masturbating A LOT. We delve into social media and ask the big questions about it; "is it fun?"
Rohaum takes the helm and Brandee's husband joins for all of ten seconds. Sean makes an appearance from Beyond The Grave as his recent passing has rendered him lifeless, but not laughless. There's a lot of stories about pee and about smelling bad.
Robert & Daniel interview Chicago Queen Alexis P. Bevels about Camp Wannakiki, a YouTube Drag competition from the owners of Hamburger Mary’s.
Robert & Daniel talk about their weekend at the Jersey Shore, the movie "54," and interview comedian & co-host of the Gay Power Half Hour, Casey Ley.
Parker Fleming and Nathan Chester give their insight on the Shelvin Mack signing. In addition, they give their hot NBA and Grizzlies takes now that the offseason is winding down.
Welcome to Grizzly After Dark (Or is it during dark?). It’s late, and we’re delirious. We learn about one of the crew’s dangerous and concerning pooping habits. Brandee goes on a rampage and roasts everyone. We discover we have a couple punk ass bitches who can’t eat a whole burrito. We share some airline stories and the entire squad rejoices i ...…
Robert & Daniel discuss binge-watching the Jurassic Park series; the documentary "Between A Frock And A Hard Place"; Robyn's new musc; How to turn your home into a sanctuary; and Robert's adventures with Duolingo
Nathan Chester and Parker Fleming elaborate on their recent hot takes from Twitter. In addition, they talk about the Memphis Grizzlies' new jerseys and LeBron's school.
The squad come back in Episode VII with even crazier stories than last time! Our special guest Carli's foot has proven to be the root of all problems, Sean takes us through an emotional journey of his past, and we just can't seem to figure out what qualifies as a sandwich. Give us a listen...let us get you through that commute. This is the epis ...…
Robert & Daniel talk about Janelle Monáe's "Dirty Computer Tour," Tyler Perry's "Acrimony," & the finale of "Pose." Joining us to talk about her upcoming cabaret show, "The Grapes of Sass," is New York Drag Queen, Adriana Trenta.
Co-host Nathan Chester is back and ready to hear what he missed while he was out of the country for 10 days. We talk about the NBA Summer League, the Grizzlies moves so far, the Jarell Martin trade, and the KD-McCollum beef.
Robert & Daniel discuss the Netflix Special, Hannah Gadsby: Nannette; the monthly Brooklyn dance party, Be Cute; A lazy & misogynistic article about Aja; and the YouTube series, La Más Draga, Mexico's Drag Race-inspired Drag Queen competition.
Grizzly Bear Blues Associate Editor Mark King joins Parker Fleming on the "Core 4" to talk about Deyonta Davis and why it didn't work out with the Grizzlies, Garrett Temple's arrival and what it means to the team, the 3-big rotation of Jaren Jackson Jr., Marc Gasol and JaMychal Green, and the Kawhi-DeRozan trade.…
THE SQUAD RETURNS! We handle the hot topics of the world ranging from Bad boy La Croix to what it is the kiddos are into these days.
Margot Kidder was an actress, activist, and visionary. Warning: this interview could change your life. Margot was a brilliant spokesperson for the underdog and the dispossessed, who cared deeply about wilderness and the fate of the planet. Margie was also my friend, and one of the most generous, hilarious, smart and beautiful people I have ever ...…
Robert & Daniel discuss "The First Purge," grieving, and listener questions.
The producer of 929's Eric Hasseltine Show, Connor Dunning, joins the "Core 4 Podcast" to talk about LeBron and the Lakers, Jaren Jackson Jr. and the Summer League Grizzlies, Kyle Anderson's signing, and the rest of the NBA offseason. Enjoy!
THE SQUAD RETURNS! Episode 5 brings you all the sweet topics you've been wanting to hear about. Marge Simpson? We Got you! King of Fast Food? We sure as heck argued about it! Tune in and enjoy!
Robert & Daniel celebrate Daniel's upcoming birthday & share their families' birthday traditions.
Debut episode for the "Core 4" Show, a podcast hosted by Parker Fleming and Nathan Chester from SB Nation's Grizzly Bear Blues. A 25-minute podcast on Jaren Jackson Jr., Tyreke Evans and the ghost of Grizzlies' mistakes, Cousins to Golden State, and LeBron to LA.
Robert & Daniel discuss the Finale of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10.
Robert, Daniel welcome back Big Dipper to talk about his new single, "Lookin," upcoming debut album, "Late Bloomer," & unBEARable, the podcast he co-hosts with Meatball. We also continue our Pride month series by sharing how we came to accept being bears.
Jack Locker is a rock and roll musician based in LA and a conservationist, who’s using his music and many other talents to save the environment, including grizzly bears.
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