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Best Punk Assed A Pun Cast podcasts we could find (updated November 2019)
Best Punk Assed A Pun Cast podcasts we could find
Updated November 2019
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The world's first pun podcast. Award-winning wordsmiths discuss, dissect, and duel over wordplay.
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Jordan and Jerzy resurrect the podcast for a spooky halloween "Headlines" episode.By Punk Assed: a Pun Cast
Jerzy talks with author Joe Berkowitz about his book "Away With Words: an Irreverent Tour Through the World of Pun Competitions." They discuss Joe's "Blair Witch" approach to battle rap, his experience competing in (and writing about) pun contests, and why he decided to provoke fights between Jerzy and his brothers in order to move a few extra ...…
Jerzy and Jordan discuss the four (five?) elements of quality puns. Then, they make puns on all 118 elements in the Periodic Table. Shout outs to Hootie and the Blowfish, Oliver Platt, and Iam.By Punk Assed: a Pun Cast
A long episode- we couldn't parrot down. Ariel Boone talks with Jerzy about pun etiquette, multilingual punning, "Christopher Columbus-ing," and more. We play Oh Pun Sez We on "Fruits and Vegetables (in other languages)" and a bunch of mini-games because we couldn't help it. Also, Ariel almost forgets to show Jerzy a meme.…
Jerzy and Toby tackle some pun topics they didn't see in Austin this year: "Fasteners" and "World War Two."By Punk Assed: a Pun Cast
Jerzy and Toby recap the 40th Annual O.Henry Pun-Off World Championships.By Punk Assed: a Pun Cast
In the first episode of 2017, Jordan and Jerzy come up with some rules for punning in polite society.By Punk Assed: a Pun Cast
The 39th Annual O. Henry Pun Off is in the books! Jordan, Jerzy and Toby congregate in their Austin hotel room to discuss the results.By Punk Assed: a Pun Cast
WE DRINK YOUR (Shamrock) MILKSHAKE in this episode, punning on the oil business, cities in Ireland, and pregnancy. This episode is great for St. Patrick's Day. Its also great for weddings and a funeral- just ask Mickey Blue Eyes.By Punk Assed: a Pun Cast
Recently, a woman brought her husband to a doctor because she couldn't stand his constant pun-making. We discuss this case study and improve on the BBC story headline in this mini-episode.By Punk Assed: a Pun Cast
The bothers play "Headlines," ask some Oscar-themed "Celebrity Questions" and examine the topic of "Sleep" as they prepare for the upcoming 2016 Pun-Off World Championships!By Punk Assed: a Pun Cast
The brothers prepare for the big game with an all-football episode in which they tackle players, coaches, halftime performers, NFL headlines, and more!By Punk Assed: a Pun Cast
Special guest co-host Sam Corbin @ahoysamantha joins Jordan in the studio and they just have a weird time talking about erotica, current events, and getting that sweet smoke on.By Punk Assed: a Pun Cast
A special format this week: Jerzy and Jordan pitch each other new pun games for upcoming episodes!By Punk Assed: a Pun Cast
In this new season of Punk Assed we begin the #FindJerzy campaign and Jordan chats with Milwaukee comedian Tyler Menz about the Simpsons and hot sex.Watch the threads unravel and the mystery unfold as we #fuckthepun and #learntoloveBy Punk Assed: a Pun Cast
The third brother is revealed! Jerzy, Jordan, and Toby Gwiazdowski play Headlines, a 3-way Pun Challenge, and pun on cities in their home state of Wisconsin!By Punk Assed: a Pun Cast
Join Jerzy, Jordan, and friends as they write headlines, send back their soup, and pun on women's names in this LIVE episode recorded at Front/Pearl Studios in Brooklyn, NYBy Punk Assed: a Pun Cast
It's our STAR WARS themed episode.By Punk Assed: a Pun Cast
Recorded LIVE at Front/Pearl Studio! The brothers (and friends!) pun on mammals, NPR hosts, popular podcasts, and more.By Punk Assed: a Pun Cast
This episode was recorded in a single extended take! Pun Challenges: Cleaning Supplies v. Long-running Sitcoms! Knock-knock jokes about religion and Disney! BroPun SezWe on BONES! Punctuation and Grammar in our soup! Dead Air!!By Punk Assed: a Pun Cast
In this "mini" episode, the bros play "Headlines" and discuss Shia LaBoeuf's #allmymovies, bagpipe policing, nice twitter bots, broken penises, selfie stick martial arts, time-traveling Jeb Bush, and more! Theme music: "Circa '68" by Reserved for Rondee. In-episode music from www.bensound.comBy Punk Assed: a Pun Cast
This episode the brothers boldly go where no one has gone before while they riff on "hair", present their challenges on "car-parts" and "skin disorders", announce the top-ten finalists in Monday's Schmovie #breakfastschmovie Twitter game, and seek out new life and new civilizations in this weeks GPIH! In-episode music from www.bensound.com…
In anticipation of tomorrow's SCHMOVIE Hashtag game, the brothers play a few quick rounds of "Marquee Mark," and then challenge each other for Thursday's episode.By Punk Assed: a Pun Cast
The Punk Assed brothers return for their latest adventure: an all James Bond themed episode! We come up with new "Bond Girl" names, play a 007 Pun Challenge, Write some Headlines for some classic movie moments, and wrap up with a BroPun SezWe covering all things Bond.By Punk Assed: a Pun Cast
Halloween is over, but the Punk Assed Pun Cast still has some bonus spoooky challenges in the trick-or-treat bag! Jerzy puns on horror movie franchises, and Jordan takes on cities in Transylvania before they lay down a new challenge for Thursdays special THEMED episode...By Punk Assed: a Pun Cast
Happy Halloween Punk Assed listeners - today Jerzy and Jordan get you ready for this horrific holiday with some great ideas for punny Halloween costumes.Ghosts and goblins are the name of the game as the brothers pun back and forth as quick as they can on "Spooks and Scares"The boys get bloodthirsty as they complete their pun challenges on "Ser ...…
Jordan and Jerzy lay down some spooooky challenges and play a round of "Headlines" in this mini episode: Lenin to Vader/Bieber weiner/Endangered apples/Televised exorcism/Cats vs. cucumbers/Missing leg - Theme song "Circa '68" by Reserved for Rondee www.reservedforrondee.com in-episode music from www.bensound.com…
In this special NBA-themed episode, the brothers come up with some new player nicknames, tell some Hall of Fame-caliber knock-knock jokes, ask some hardwood-hitting Celebrity Questions, and provide absolutely no useful basketball commentary.By Punk Assed: a Pun Cast
Jordan and Jerzy lay down a challenge for the next (themed!) episode, and play a quick round of BroPun SezWe on the heavy topic of "Metal." Theme song "Circa '68" by Reserved for Rondee, from the album "Back in Velvet." In-episode music from www.bensound.comBy Punk Assed: a Pun Cast
LIVE from front/pearl studio the Punk Assed brothers come full voiced and play fast and loose in this extra special episode of Punk Assed.Hop in the newsroom and hear the brothers come up with some headlines, get blitzed with the boys as they pun on quarterbacks of the past and present, and let some rich resonant audio puns top your little podc ...…
It's a Pun Challenge Mini-Episode!SugarCorn SyrupHydrogenated Palm Kernel OilApple Juice from ConcentrateLess than 2% Citric AcidDextrinModified Corn StarchNatural and Artificial FlavorsColoringAscorbic Acid (Vitamin C)Intro/Outro Music: "Circa '68," by Reserved for RondeeIn-episode clips courtesy of http://www.bensound.comRecorded at Front Pea ...…
For number twenty, an ALL GAMES SPECIAL! Jordan and Jerzy play every pun game they've played in episodes 1-19. This episode is full of pun topics and made up friends.By Punk Assed: a Pun Cast
This episode of Punk Assed has the brothers breaking down and really getting into what it means to be a punk in the pun scene.They find a whole bunch of stuff in their soup and pun on "Fashion Designers" and "French Fruit"Finally Jerzy reveals his next pick of a "Grnine Punner in History"By Punk Assed: a Pun Cast
The Punk Assed brothers talk sandwich boards before asking each other some celebrity questions.Challenges this week: "Burgers" and "Breakfast"A Bropun on "Diseases" and finally Today in Puns tackles movie titles and taglines.Thats all you need to know.By Punk Assed: a Pun Cast
The bros get you pumped for the 2016 presidential race with some pun filled campaign slogans.Then they hop into the newsroom and create some front page headlines for hard hitting current events.They also present their head-to-head challenges based off of the topic "Current World Leaders" and then punoff on "Units of Measurement".Finally you get ...…
A new generation of Punk Assed begins while Jerzy and Jordan set up their fantasy football league and introduce a new game.Jordan explores the pantheon of puns in "Greek Mythology" and Jerzy tastes the terms associated with "Wine Grapes and Regions".Finally we talk shows; specifically talkshows in a new segment "TODAY IN PUNS!"…
Jerzy and Jordan discuss (EXPLICIT TAG) pornographic film titles.They bropen up the pun vault on "reptiles and lizards" and "babies".Jordan waxes poetic about "Shakespearean characters" and Jerzy takes a dip in a few of "Minnesota's 10,000 lakes".By Punk Assed: a Pun Cast
Monday Mini! Jerzy recaps the NY Post event, shares some punny lyrics from a Great Punner in History, and announces a change to the schedule.By Punk Assed: a Pun Cast
The brothers discuss nail polish, spicy food, things found in a cafe, cities in Australia, and a GPIH brought to you by Samuel Beckett.By Punk Assed: a Pun Cast
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