DAE Design Research Podcast - Irakli Sabekia and Axel Coumans on Borders


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On Borders With Irakli Sabekia (Leisure, BA) and Axel Coumans (Food Non Food, BA) in conversation with Agata Jaworska and Arif Kornweitz Can borders ever do justice to that which they contain? Irakli Sabekia with his project 'Voicing Borders' and Axel Coumans with his project 'Streaming Sandwaves' concern themselves with various injustices that borders are bound up with. By turning the Russian-Georgian barbed-wire fence border into a radio transmitter that emits in morse code the names of the Georgian towns that have been erased due to Russian occupation, Irakli Sabekia subverts a weapon of occupation into a tool for voicing a protest against itself. With a self-made machine that scans ripples left in the sand by a retreating tide and translates them into an audible signal, Axel Coumans underlies the integrity of the North Sea, with the longer-term ambition of contributing to the recognition of the North Sea as a political entity. Through inventive technical interventions, both projects enable alternative readings of border regions, and voice perspectives that for too long have gone unheard.

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