Oscar Ugaz: Can football clubs integrate esports (and vice versa)?


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The problems surrounding football clubs entering the esports market

The “extreme contortion” that football clubs are trying to pull off

The true threat to football from esports

What lessons have we learned from what has not worked

Will football clubs be prepared to accept a subservient role to games publishers?

Why esports is a media business not a sports business and the players are entertainers, not athletes

Should football clubs enter the esports market while it is cheap even though they might not have a clear strategy?

Why Leagues can take a more strategic approach

Fantasy games rather than sports are the best avenue for esports

The unfair comparison of TV and gaming audiences. They are both “made-up metrics”

What would early scandals in esports do to the brand value of the sport?

Why the biggest problem in esports is the word “sports”

Managing player contracts in esports?

What if football ignores esports?

Is esports better prepared for modern patterns of consumption

The little signals of a potential downturn in TV sports rights

Oscar’s advice to the football industry on embracing esports

Taking the lead from MLB Advanced Media and creating “platforms”

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