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#DonaldTrump is apparently willing to let his strong dislike for former President #BarackObama reportedly move him to break a decades-old #WhiteHouse tradition.

The Last Dance" has come and gone, and while Michael Jordan came out of the documentary itself smelling like roses, some of his former teammates aren't exactly thrilled with how they were portrayed.

Volkswagen Admits To Running Racist Instagram Ad; Issues Apology: ”The Video Is Inappropriate and Tasteless”

“Question for the culture” is how singer Lana Del Rey began her Instagram post this morning, a tell for me — and the internet more broadly — that we were about to witness a gloriously embarrassing moment of Peak White Woman Behavior.

Malone reportedly impregnated 13-year-old girl Gloria Bell when he was a student at Louisiana Tech before agreeing to an out-of-court settlement with her family regarding child support payments.

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