Episode 17: YABAI! 2020 Part 1


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In this episode we cover not just the titles and creators, but where you can read them as well! Many, many of these are licensed and available in English already, with several more to come this year. What a time to be alive!

The List: (only 1-13 covered in this episode)

  1. Achira Kochira Bokura by Thanat - available now at futekiya (not available at time of recording)
  2. Blue Morning by Hidaka Shōko - all volumes published by SuBLime
  3. One Room Angel by Harada - not licensed in English
  4. Twittering Birds Never Fly by Yoneda Kou - V1-3 published in print and eManga by June (ongoing)
  5. Kaniteki (Simplified) Pervert Romance by Sekihara Neg and Semori Nanako - available now at futekiya
  6. Sarazanmai: Reo and Mabu by Ikuhara Kunihiko and Saitoh Misaki - projected release date May 2020 by Seven Seas
  7. Given by Kizu Natsuki - Uenoyama x Mafuyu - V1 out now from SuBLime, V2 coming in May 2020 (ongoing)
  8. Love Nest by Minazuki Yū - not licensed in English
  9. Golden Sparkle by Minta Suzumaru - available now at futekiya
  10. Therapy Game by Hinohara Meguru - projected release date June 2020 by SuBLime
  11. Shangri La no Tori by Zarya Ranmaru - projected release date November 2020 by SuBLime
  12. Hibi mo Tsumoreba Koi to Naru by Kon Shota - not licensed in English
  13. Blue Sky Complex by Ichikawa Kei - not licensed in English
  14. Tengoku in the Hell by Mushiba - available now at futekiya
  15. Link and Ring by Tsuyuki Yuruco - available now at futekiya (not available at time of recording)
  16. Metro by Hongou Chika - not licensed in English
  17. Onii to Tengoku by Aga Naomi and Oyoshikawa Kyouko - not licensed in English
  18. Koi ga Ochitara by Ueda Aki - not licensed in English
  19. 10 Dance by Inoue Satou - V1-5 published by Kodansha (ongoing)
  20. Dousei Yankii Akamatsu Seven by SHOOWA and Okushima Hiromasa - not licensed in English

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