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Sound of Cinema
Series of programmes exploring film music
Now in it's 11th year, Subject:CINEMA, from film website eCinemaOne is one of the longest running film podcasts in the short history of podcasting! Launching in June 2006, and still with it's original hosts, Subject:CINEMA is MORE than just your average movie review show - it endeavors to bring film entertainment to the masses. In addition to reviews of the latest films around, hosts TC Kirkham and Kim Brown also bring you the latest film news each week on Reel Rewind; critical analysis of i ...
Junkfood Cinema
Junkfood Cinema is a shame-free celebration of cult cinema hosted by critic Brian Salisbury and Marvel Studios screenwriter C. Robert Cargill
Welcome to Electric Cinema, a bi-monthly podcast dedicated to reviewing movies through our unique lenses and suggesting great new cinematic finds!
Monocle 24’s carefully curated selection of the best in cinema. Hear from film-makers, critics and legends of the craft as we shine a spotlight on everything from revivals and the restoration of vintage cuts to European film and the role of the auteur. ‘The Cinema Show’ is brought to you in association with MUBI.
Podcasts de RAC1
A mixed bag of fun. Like a barrel of monkeys played by lunatics. From Back in Toons, Stumbling towards adulthood, Video Night, Trash Cinema and Next Planet Over we got it all. Sit back and have a nutty time.
Cinema Gems
The Admiral and Eric Praline bring you cinema news and movie reviews every week from a video store in your home town. So, go and find them!!!!
Cinema Royale
The official podcast of BFCA and WAFCA film critic, Travis Hopson!
Cinema Diabolica
A podcast where we review the best (and worst) lesser known films from the Horror, Giallo, Cult and Exploitation genres.
Roundtable discussions amongst Sight & Sound film critics exploring new movies and film trends. Currently recorded from themed film festivals on an occasional basis.
To the importance and gravity of the art form. Get connected:
Sick on Cinema
Sick on Cinema is a podcast about weird, disturbing, and nasty films.
Reviews, Interviews, Articles, Podcasts and more dedicated to movies and other geek culture!
Join the members of Illumination Cinema as they discuss film and television in the Illumination Cinema Movie Podcast! These dateless nerds cover a wide range of cinema from new releases, to the classic works of respected directors.
Cinema Vertigogo
These are the conversations you have on your way home from the movies...*SPOILER WARNING: watch before you listen*
Join us as we take a hard look at the movies that are hard to look at.
With so many movies crowding the distribution pipelines, the Cause Cinema Podcast will guide you to the best of social impact films. In addition to offering commentary and playing audio clips from the movies, we will tell you where you can find these engaging new releases.
Cinema Saints
Brandyn and Will are a couple of seminary students that love film. They will discuss mainstream film, arthouse cinema, and everything in between. They want to try and look at those films through a faith lens while not shying away from any film. Normal programming includes alternating, non-spoiler, new release episodes and streaming episodes along with "Gnosis" episodes that talk deeper about theological and philosophical themes from a couple films in each new release and streaming episode. G ...
Cinema Wheelerte
Sean, Toni, and Scott have discussions on movies that have made an impact on their lives.
Listen in if you want an honest, genuine opinion on films, filmmakers, film techniques, and film theory. We're going to bring you filmmaker retrospectives, ideas on filmmaking, and discussions on controversial topics sorrounding filmmaking.
Cinema Chill
Two dudes drink beer and talk movies
Gamer Cinema
We've got thirty minutes to turn a beloved video game series into a blockbuster movie! Hilarious antics ensue.
Cinema Therapy
Think deeper about films you might not like.
Sorta Cinema
Two guys. One movie. One guy watches the first half. The other watches the second half. They each describe what happens in the half they didn't watch. What kind of movie will they come up with? It's Sorta Cinema.
Cinema Kids
Cinema Guano
Cinema Europa
The Cinema Europa Podcast takes a look at the best and the worst of European cinema from throughout the ages.
Wholesale Cinema
Every week, Zavior and Jackson watch all the of the new movies, and only sell you the ones that are worth the price. It's a tough job, and nobody necessarily has to do it, but they do it anyway.
No Coast Cinema with Tom Hush and Conor Cornelius on WGN Plus from WGN Radio in Chicago.
Cinema Faith
The days of counting swear words are over. Welcome to a fresh voice in film and faith. Join Cinema Faith founder Jonathan Butrin and cinephile Tim Nelson as they discuss film through a Christian lens.
Cinema Clash
Maryland-based critics Charlie Juhl and Hannah Buchdahl debate the merits of new releases, from the mainstream movies that Hannah tends to favor, to obscure foreign films that Charlie likes to champion. It’s free-flowing, unedited conversation, with the occasional wine wager. Two very different perspectives. One entertaining podcast. Let the clash begin!
Cinema Slop
Barbican Cinema
From the iconic to the independent, art-house to the award-winning, listen to our incredible archive of ScreenTalks and discussions from the most unique film programme in London
Criss-crossing the desert of the real so you don't have to --think Late Capitalism meets Late Night. Talkin' big ideas at the big screens.
Your source for movie reviews, box office, and other news concerning the Plaza Cinema 4
Cinema Shame
Cinema Shame is a safe space, a support group for penitent moviewatchers and cinephiles who want to right the oversights in their cinematic frame of reference. Classic or contemporary film -- confess your shame and join the penitent.
Podcast Reviewing Asian Films, Movie Reviews, Hong Kong, Japan, China, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bollywood, South Korea
Talking films and trying to break the record of most films seen in a cinema in one year.
The Big Event
A Bay Area-centric pop culture podcast featuring celebrity guests, non-celebrity guests, lots of personalities from the San Francisco Chronicle and spirited discussion about local nostalgia, movies, television, music, food and sports. Hosted by pop culture critic Peter Hartlaub in the historic Chronicle basement photo archive. A Chronicle paperboy from 1983 to 1985, Hartlaub started writing for the publication in 2000. Hartlaub reviews film, writes entertainment stories, shoots video and dig ...
Happy Hour Network
A variety network that features shows that talk sports, parenting, technology and drinks and food.
Wrong Reel
Wrong Reel is a podcast for hardcore cinephiles where we tackle everything from Jean-Luc Godard to Jean-Luc Picard. Hosted by James Hancock and Mikhail Karadimov.
A review show focused around an artifact out of time, a chrono-relic disguised as a ten dollar 50 movie gas station bulk set.
A podcast for all things Grindhouse, Exploitation, Cult, Drive-In and B-Movies.
Cinema in Context
Podcast by Cinema in Context
A weekly podcast about movies. Each week Erik & Al talk about a movie from the book "1001 Movies to See Before you Die". We watch them so you don't have to!
Join us as we talk everything cinema! From blockbuster hits all the way through to the classics! Please remember we also have a listener Mail Segment we would like to do, so please email any and all questions to and title it "Listener Mail". Your email won’t get a response but it might just get answered on the show!
Elwood and Stephen attempt to provide an introduction to Asian cinema, with each episode focusing on a different film along with further recommendations.
The official podcast of, featuring Richard Spencer, Hannibal Bateman, Mark Brahmin, and Andrew Joyce
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This week, Brian & Cargill swim with sharks in the deepest, bluest, most shark-fin-hatted action movie of all time: DeepBlue Sea. The guys discuss the cast buffet, the gigantic awesome of the theme song, and the movie’s insane post-test-screening changes. Also discussed are combo meals, landsharks, and why Thomas Jane is probably in Dreamcatche ...…
WARNING: SPOILERS It's a week of long-awaited entries on this episode of the Cinema Vertigogo Podcast as we get the latest in the Millennium series with The Girl in the Spider's Web, and perhaps the most famous unfinished film of all time, Orson Welles' The Other Side of the Wind. https://www.facebook.c ...…
This week we speak to actor-turned-director Paul Dano on his searing portrait of family problems 1960s Montana starring Carey Mulligan and Jake Gyllenhaal. His impressive directorial debut was co-written by his wife Zoe Kazan.
After meeting a displaced Betty White in Hard Rain we wanted to summer with her at her lake house. We arrive and meet her for lemonade and cookies before Sheriff Hank comes and ruins our lovely picnic. O.F.F. is totally a jerk about Betty's unlicensed pets and it just turns into a whole thing. Let's join Betty as she fights the man in order to ...…
Subject:CINEMA #615 - November 11 2018 COMMUNICATE WITH US! We want to hear from YOU! Email -
Martin Kessler from Flixwise Canada makes his return for a side by side comparison of two very different cinematic interpretations of the life of Ip Man: Wilson Yip's trilogy starring Donnie Yen versus Wong Kar-Wai's 'The Grandmaster' (2013). Follow Martin Kessler on Twitter: Follow James Hancock on Twitter: htt ...…
This episode we discuss, In like Flint, Oss 117, Matt Helm, Austin Powers, Deadlier than the Male, Harry Palmer, Danger:Diabolik and all those Italian ripoff flicks of James Bond.
The Grinch Review. Plus a little Black Friday Shopping talk sprinkled in. Also a chance to win a Funko Pop Grinch listen to know how to enter. SUPPORT US
Will and Brandyn are coming at you with plenty of films that came out this past October. This is a SPOILER-FREE episode! Films Discussed: Mid90s Bad Times At The El Royale The Hate U Give First Man Venom Halloween A Star Is Born Thanks for listening fellow saints! Subscribe and listen to us ramble! Leave us a comment! Let us know what you think ...…
Veteran Hollywood composer David Shire is responsible for some of film's most iconic scores, including 'The Taking of Pelham One Two Three'; Francis Ford Coppola's 'The Conversation' and 'All The President's Men'. He joins Matthew Sweet to look back over his long career scoring films.Featuring soundtracks include 'Farewell My Lovely', 'The Conv ...…
In a The Big Event bonus episode, host Peter Hartlaub introduces an episode from Datebook podcast, a new podcast produced by Hartlaub and featuring members of the arts and entertainment team at The San Francisco Chronicle. In this Datebook podcast episode, Hartlaub, pop music critic Aidin Vaziri and theater critic Lily Janiak share some of the ...…
This week The Admirable Admiral covers a solo shift at the last video near you, to look back and review the first season of the Netflix series Voltron.
Today on the No Coast Cinema Board of Review, film critic Matt Cipolla returns to review the latest films to hit theaters this October with venerable Chairmen of the Board Tom and Conor. Later; Michael Heidemann of the Sound Sessions podcast and the Patti Vasquez Show with Andrea Darlas joins to discuss film soundtracks, including Thom Yorke’s ...…
Do you wanna party? It's party time, Junkions! Brian & Cargill resurrect one of the best and most important zombie films of all time: Return of the Living Dead. The guys discuss the "brains" of Dan O'Bannon, the relationship this punk horror flick has with Romero's universe, and the greatness of Clu Gulager. They also discuss shit pickles, unde ...…
S.A. Bradley (host of Hellbent for Horror) returns to discuss his fantastic new book 'Screaming for Pleasure' coming November 26th, 2018. Available now for pre-order. Order 'Screaming for Pleasure': Follow S.A. Bradley on Twitter: Follow James Hancock on Twitter: https://twi ...…
After laughing ourselves silly watching the comedic genius that was the oddly shaped nugget on Robot Quaid in The Adventures of Pluto Nash Jason and Jon decide to investigate what other head shapes Randy Quaid is capable of using. Naturally a flooded mid-west town is a great place to utility heads. Diving Bell heads, drill heads, nose cone head ...…
WARNING: SPOILERS It's one of the most highly anticipated films of the year, and it drove us to take a road trip to see it at a little theater outside Philadelphia...but was it any good? We're talking about the remake of Suspiria (2018) on this week's episode of Cinema Vertigogo Podcast. https://www.fac ...…
We discuss Will Vinton's career and discuss all of the commercial, film and television work that he produced as well as how his studio became Laika.
Subject:CINEMA #614 - November 4 2018 COMMUNICATE WITH US! We want to hear from YOU! Email -
Sean, Toni and Scott each share their Top Five films from the Master of Suspense. Plugs: Twitter: @CinemaWheelerte Facebook: Hashtag Comedy: Savage Tech: Erik Sternberger : Amanda’s Picture Show A Go Go : It's All Been Don ...…
It's been way too long but we are back! Cinema Royale returns with three huge reviews. The first is Luca Guadagninos long-awaited SUSPIRIA remake starring Dakota Johnson and Tilda Swinton! Next up is Joseph Kahn's battle rap flick BODIED that has been spitting fire all over the festival circuit. Finally, it'll be time to stomp our feet to the Q ...…
Filmmaker Josh Bogatin (one of the programmers at the Spectacle Theater in Brooklyn) joins us to discuss the career of the one of the true icons from Hong Kong's Golden Age, the great Tsui Hark. Follow Spectacle Theater on Twitter: Follow Josh Bogatin on Facebook: Follow Jame ...…
Bohemian Rhapsody Review!!! Check it out. Plus listen to know how to enter and win a Funko Pop of the Grinch. SUPPORT US
Matthew Sweet takes the release of Peterloo as an excuse to examine film music and culture inspired by life and events in the North of England.
On this edition of the Cinema Clash: Despite its faults, BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY will rock you with the music of Queen; Disney’s THE NUTCRACKER AND THE FOUR REALMS is underwhelming but still serves its target demographic; VIPER CLUB misfires as a well-intentioned homage to journalists who put themselves in harm’s way; and the documentary ON HER SHOUL ...…
In this episode of the program, the gang invites John Wayne into the studio for the first time. Mike, Iris and Mark chat about his role as a Seattle street cop righting wrongs and fighting corruption in McQ (1974). By the time everything wraps up, The Duke gets kicked back onto the dingy streets where he's still not fit to be a cop.…
On a very special Side Slop Jon and Jason finally meet. It's like Cinema Slop has all been one long time travel episode of Doctor Who and we just finally were introduced after a years long romance. If that sort of sentimentality doesn't get you in the cockles... Wait! There's more! We also bring in Special guest Alisa. Her official duties as Ja ...…
This week The Admiral and Eric Praline get together in a video store near you to discuss and review season 3 of Netflix's Daredevil and review the 1983 movie Christine and much more.
Episode 48 of The Big Event is an interview with San Francisco 49ers great Jerry Rice, who appears in the new documentary "In Search of Greatness." The wide receiver talks to host Peter Hartlaub about the little things that set him apart, his "nerdy" childhood and the reason why he decided not to celebrate in the end zone. They also look throug ...…
Happy Halloween! We've got a creepy episode for you this spookiest of holidays. Charlie welcomes old friend and filmmaker Kyle Kuchta to talk about one the greatest horror sequels of all time: EXORCIST III a.k.a. LEIGON. They also the life and times of the popular author who wrote and directed the film, William Peter Blatty, author of the origi ...…
We did it without quitting! This is the final episode of the 2018 Spooktoberfest! Our features are Nightmare City and Cemetery Man AND as an added bonus we reveal our plans for the next year (and its NOT to disappear for another 4 years!) CHEERS! Listen and subscribe at Spotify and iTunes!By (Cinema Diabolica).
The Sick on Cinema Halloween Special is here, On this very special episode we hope to chill you to the bone and cause you to have many restless nights.
On this edition of No Coast Cinema, Tom sits down with regular guests John Davies and Matt Cipolla to talk about Sinema Obscura’s jump to broadcast television and Matt’s experience covering the Chicago International Film Festival. Sinema Obscura debuts on CAN TV on November 5th (check your local listings) You can read more of Matt Cipolla’s tho ...…
Happy Junkyween! In honor of the season, and in response to overwhelming listener demand (that is to say overwhelming demand from one particular listener) Brian & Cargill discuss one of the scariest movies ever made: Small Soldiers. What? It is scary...if you're a toy collector. The guys chat about the effects, the insane assembled voice cast, ...…
Episode 47 of The Big Event is a discussion of burritos in San Francisco, including the history of the Mission-style burrito, discussions about Chipotle and the Pacifica Taco Bell - the most beautiful Taco Bell in the world. Host Peter Hartlaub welcomes San Francisco Chronicle food editor Paolo Lucchesi and editor-in-chief Audrey Cooper to disc ...…
Will and Brandyn discuss Hold the Dark and Three Identical Strangers in depth. This is a SPOILER FILLED episode. Films Discussed: Three Identical Strangers - 0:00 Hold the Dark - 14:25 Thanks for listening fellow saints! Subscribe and listen to us ramble! Leave us a comment! Let us know what you think! Follow Us On Twitter/Instagram: @CinemaSai ...…
This week, we screen Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (2010) with special guests Josh Hamilton and Adam Somerfield.
WARNING: SPOILERS We're celebrating Halloween Zombie style this year with a little double feature from everyone's favorite 90's rocker turned horror auteur, Rob Zombie. Many have debated the merits of these reboots...including us. https://twitte ...…
Legendary British director Mike Leigh is our guest this week, to discuss his ambitious historical epic Peterloo, depicting a little-known massacre by British forces on a peaceful protest in set in Manchester.
For our Wrong Reel Halloween Special, we welcome Ganesh Nair (Make Mom Marvel, Clip Show) and Roman Levant to celebrate the first ten years of Halloween Specials featured on 'The Simpsons'. Follow Ganesh Nair on Twitter: Follow Roman Levant on Facebook: Follow James Hancock on ...…
JOIN THE WEIGHT OF CINEMA COMMUNITY TO GAIN ACCESS TO EXCLUSIVE CONTENT: the Halloween edition of the Weight Of Cinema Podcast, Kailyn and Eric review one of their favorite and missed works from around this time: Netflix's "Stranger Things", which is patiently awaiting its season 3 release.//Subscribe on Youtub ...…
Welcome my children, please join us as we attain the ultimate. Elevating our minds with Altered States and Beyond the Black Rainbow. The Diabolical church is accepting all donations... of your souuuuuullllls. Listen and transcend reality at Spotify and iTunes.By (Cinema Diabolica).
Last time on Wonder Woman Rosario Dawson was a literal superhuman... today we follow Regular Rosario to the very special location of THE MOOOOOOON. She lands with a hope, a dream and a just enough moxie to be a singing superstar. Now that we have taken the time to establish that lets find out what it has to do with real estate!…
Sponsor: Matt DawsonWe're back!!!! Hello everyone, in this episode TJ and Pat talk about the 2018 Halloween! Listen as we delve deep into this sequel to the john carpenter original Halloween and how it stacks up to the original. Please remember we also have a Listener Mail segment we would like to do, so please email any and ...…
Dan Day, Jr. serves up a Shamedown of 6 Hammer Horror films you might not have seen. We talk about why Hammer Film's horror output endures in 2018 and why some folk have written the films off as more of "that Hammer garbage." Subscribe on iTunes / Stitcher Radio CREDITS: Talking Heads: James David Patrick (@007hertzrumble) - Hammer aficionado. ...…
This episode the gang from Above the Airwaves takes over and discusses their Top 10 choices for Halloween viewing. Idle Hands, Frighteners, The Crow, Monster House, Flatliners, Sleepy Hollow, Descent, Cabin in the Woods and so much more are discussed here for this Super Sized Holiday Finale!
We finally head into Season 2 with our discussion of the horribly underrated remake of Stephen King's classic Salem's Lot.
This week on No Coast Cinema, Tom and Conor sit down with the cast and the writer/director of one of their favorite Chicago indies this year, Rendezvous in Chicago. Split into three vignettes, the film depicts three different relationships in their beginning, middle and end. Each pairing is unique, relatable, and portrayed with an effortless nu ...…
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