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Cinema Junkie
Satisfy your celluloid addiction with Cinema Junkie, where you can mainline film 24/7. This film and entertainment series is run by KPBS Film Critic Beth Accomando. So if you need a film fix, want to hear what filmmakers have to say about their work, or just want to know what's worth seeing this weekend, then you've come to the right place.
The blog for the Mousterpiece Cinema podcast, all about Disney movies of the past, present, and future.
Black on Black Cinema is a weekly podcast where 3 guys discuss the ins and outs of Black films. With a touch of humor and a drive for relevant discussion, Black on Black Cinema will entertain, as well as, inform. Hosted by Jay, Micah, and Terrence.
Two cinephiles talk about a director, actor, subject or whatever else pops into their heads. High art, trash, and everything in between. Subscribe to the Patreon for new premium episode every week.
We feature films running the gamut from Horror to Exploitation to Noir and Martial Arts and back. You know that random video you got on VHS from some random mom and pop video store when you were 12? Yeah, we covered it. So sit back and enjoy the OTC ride. Tune into our Live shows every Wednesday at 6pm EST over at
Monocle 24’s carefully curated selection of the best in cinema. Hear from film-makers, critics and legends of the craft as we shine a spotlight on everything from revivals and the restoration of vintage cuts to European film and the role of the auteur. ‘The Cinema Show’ is brought to you in association with MUBI.
Cinema Swirl
Sam Chaplin hasn't seen many of the massively popular films that have shaped modern pop culture. Kefin Mahon has. Join us as we watch them together, and have a right bloody laugh discussing them. Follow us on Twitter: @cinemaswirl
Listen, Watch, Create
Your Favorite Movies From A Christian Perspective
Junkfood Cinema
Junkfood Cinema is a shame-free celebration of cult cinema hosted by critic Brian Salisbury and Marvel Studios screenwriter C. Robert Cargill
Welcome to Electric Cinema, a bi-monthly podcast dedicated to reviewing movies through our unique lenses and suggesting great new cinematic finds!
Cinema Bun
Tonja and Berook host the Cinema Bun podcast, a weekly show that talks about movie news and gives a review of their film of the week. Give us a listen and satisfy your cinema sweet tooth.
A weekly film podcast hosted by Elric Kane (of the Shock Waves podcast) and Brian Saur (of the Rupert Pupkin Speaks film blog) featuring discussions of new films, old films, double features, cult movies, filmmakers and movie lists among a smorgasbord of other Cinema-related things.
Barbican Cinema
From the iconic to the independent, art-house to the award-winning, listen to our incredible archive of ScreenTalks and discussions from the most unique film programme in London
Sound of Cinema
Series of programmes exploring film music
Welcome to the Comedians Cinema Club. The first rule of Comedians Cinema Club is you do talk about Comedians Cinema Club. “The CCC’S movies are chaotic, alcohol-fuelled and very funny indeed" – TIME OUTThese podcasts are the perfect digestive to listen to after the movie, as we discuss facts, nonsense from behind the scenes in the world of cinema and a quiz that you can play along to.Nominated for Chortle's Best Music & Variety 2016.“What a silly idea, uproariously executed. A small cast of ...
A podcast about Disney movies of the past, present, and future.
Cinema Crespodiso
A weekly talk show hosted by film critic Christopher Crespo
Permanent Cinema
Permanent Cinema is a weekly conversation on Cult Movies and Classic Cinema hosted by Andrew Alves and Omer Afaq featuring in-depth reviews, interviews, the Alphabetical Film Viewing Series and the occasional run-on sentence.
Wrestling Cinema
We are two dudes who watch movies starring professional wrestlers. Patrick is a professional comic book writer and frontman of Self Defense Family and Drug Church. Eric is a film school graduate with an intensive in film theory/critique and WWE enthusiast.These movies suck.Artwork by Alex Beekman www.alexbeekman.comIntro music by Matt Klein
Cinema PSYOPS is a weekly film review podcast where we experiment on an impressionable mind to find out why physical wounds heal, but Cinematic ones don’t.
Remembering all those amazing movies from the 1980’s
There's bad movies, then there's REALLY bad movies. Honor Knight and his cavalcade of award winning Cinematic Flushers rise to the challenge to bring their unique brand of snark each week to the absolute worst Hollywood has to offer. You've never laughed this hard over a cinematic turd.
Podcasts de RAC1
Scared Stiff Horror Cinema Defining the Horror genre, exploring typical tropes and motifs, such as the haunted house, monsters, zombies and serial killers. Mevio {Mevio-00a5a9e33b5e9a9daff8d02f859f4532}
Cinema Royale
The official podcast of BFCA and WAFCA film critic, Travis Hopson!
Satisfy your celluloid addiction with Cinema Junkie, where you can mainline film 24/7. This film and entertainment series is run by KPBS Film Critic Beth Accomando. So if you need a film fix, want to hear what filmmakers have to say about their work, or just want to know what's worth seeing this weekend, then you've come to the right place.
Cinema Excelsior
Cinema Excelsior is an exploration of films based on Marvel Comics. We analyze the good, the bad, and the really, really bad movies that make up the Marvel canon and try to understand what makes each one succeed or fail as adaptation, as production, and as art.
Cinema Beef
Gary and the gang dissect some of cinema’s greatest crimes and revel in the glory of movie madness!
Cinema Misfits
From cult to classic and everything in between. Movie reviews, interviews, opinions, and more. A brisk, tightly edited podcast with the emphasis on entertainment.
Cinema Bushido
Irreverent movie talk about badass movies. Samurai cinema, Kitanas, Robots, martial arts, 80's action. Published bi-weekly, featuring guests from all over the globe. Part of the network.
What’s Korean Cinema? asks the question, possibly doesn’t answer it but gathers a cast of experts for an in-depth look at defining works of Korean cinema…even North!
The Korean Film Council's (KOFIC) new bimonthly Korean cinema podcast. Every episode will feature a special guest from the Korean film world who will chat about current trends in the industry with the show's host. The podcast will also feature a rundown on the latest news and box office figures and an 'In Focus' recommendation of a new Korean film.
Smashing Up Cinema, One Movie At A Time
Get the latest news on crime films, books, and media, plus crime audio dramas.
Cinema Bluster
Movie review and news podcast with a slight bend toward horror and genre films.
Cinema D'Amore
cinema d’amore /ˈsinəmə dəˈmōrē/ n. 1. Four cinephiles exploring all that film and television have to offer.
Cinema Vertigogo
Dizzying conversations about movies and stuff...*SPOILER WARNING: watch before you listen
Cinema D'Amore
cinema d’amore /ˈsinəmə dəˈmōrē/ n. 1. Four cinephiles exploring all that film and television have to offer.
Cinema Clash
Maryland-based critics Charlie Juhl and Hannah Buchdahl debate the merits of new releases, from the mainstream movies that Hannah tends to favor, to obscure foreign films that Charlie likes to champion. It’s free-flowing, unedited conversation, with the occasional wine wager. Two very different perspectives. One entertaining podcast. Let the clash begin!
Cinema Covenant
Toben: Classical "nerd", reared on all the films deemed "classic" by the net-savvy collective millennial unconscious.Calvin: Artist (read: Stoner), left to fend on their own, drawn instead to body horror and Japanese animation.One picks a movie that the other one hasn't seen, and makes them watch it. They switch back and forth each episode. Repeat until the death of film.
Cinema Red Pill is a film podcast by Uganda based cinephiles Sharon Rwakatungu (@sharonrwaky), Timothy Niwamanya (@Sir_Tesh) and Joel Tugaineyo (@jntugaineyo). Listen for movie reviews and commentary every week. We talk about classic and contemporary films from Africa and everywhere else.Email:
A podcast for all things Grindhouse, Exploitation, Cult, Drive-In and B-Movies.
Cinema Limbo
Is there a movie you like that no one else gets? Or hasn't even heard of? Cinema Limbo is the home for movies whose time has come for revaluation. Hosted by Jeremy Phillips.
A father and his son and daughter-in-law review a different film each week. Films range from classics to fringe titles of which you might not be aware. Plus a weekly look at new releases on Blu-ray and DVD as well as what's new in theaters.
Join us as we talk everything cinema! From blockbuster hits all the way through to the classics! Please remember we also have a listener Mail Segment we would like to do, so please email any and all questions to and title it "Listener Mail". Your email won’t get a response but it might just get answered on the show!
Cinema Shame
Cinema Shame is a safe space, a support group for penitent moviewatchers and cinephiles who want to right the oversights in their cinematic frame of reference. Classic or contemporary film -- confess your shame and join the penitent.
A podcast about movies: all kinds of retro, cult, grindhouse, forgotten and interesting movies, childhood favourites and things I have just discovered.
Stories have a way of captivating us, moving us and if we are paying close attention, to make us think. Welcome to Cinema Stories, a podcast dedicated to talking about the stories we see in film and how they mirror, relate to, or point to the Greatest Story ever told, the Gospel.
Have you ever seen a movie so bad that it's amazing? Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael and Jason Mantzoukas want to hear about it! We'll watch it with our funniest friends, and report back to you with the results.
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Hawera Cinema 2 has made headlines around the world after it told customers they would be turned away if they wore pyjamas, onesies or dressing gowns to the movies.
Director Mark AC Brown and actor David Whitney talk about how they made their new quite brilliant indie film Guardians. How Mark made a film for his degree but it was a great experiment and not to be seen again. How he wrote a feature script for Nu Image but the ‘Expendables’ ruined it and how it is best to write something to make yourself for ...…
People in South Taranaki have been banned from wearing their PJs to the movies.Hawera Cinemas have told their customers they'll no longer be allowed in if they're wearing pyjamas, onesies, or dressing gowns.Manager Kirsty Bourke told Mike Hosking most of the dress code offenders were grown-ups who should know better."We've noticed an increase i ...…
This week, we're joined by brewmeister and gentleman extraordinaire Jeffers Richardson of Firestone Walker's Barrelworks. Tune is as we discuss beers from Weihenstephaner/Sierra Nevada, Blackberry Farm, and OBVIOUSLY Firestone Walker's Barrelworks.Movie: "Isle of Dogs" 33:00 (Spoiler Free)1:09:45 (Danger Zone)Weihenstephaner/Sierra Nevada "Brau ...…
It’s a jam packed episode of No Coast Cinema as we welcome back two of our favorite guests as well as the mysterious star of a new documentary. First, writer/director Nick Alonzo returns to talk about his new feature, “The Art of Sitting Quietly and Doing Nothing”. The film follows a man in solitude as he tries to piece himself back together fo ...…
The boys are back in Monster Land to bring you their visions of Godzilla vs Gigan and episode 2 of Ultraman! Jerry of Kill the Cast: Facebook Page: FB Group: Kill the Cast youtube: Kill the Cast T-Shirt: ...…
A ficção científica nunca foi devidamente explorada no cinema português. Mas se houve quem arriscasse no território do fantástico foi, definitivamente, António de Macedo. Os Abismos da Meia-Noite é o mais esotérico e curioso filme da sua carreira ao misturar lendas, planos metafísicos e muitos efeitos sonoros de sintetizador. No meio disto tudo ...…
GloucesterCast 276 With Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 4/22/18 When you subscribe you need to verify your email address so they know we’re not sending you spam and that you want to receive the podcast. So once you subscribe check your email for that verific ...…
New Irish zombie flick 'The Cured' is in cinemas at the moment - Dave spoke to it's Writer/Director David Freyne and star Sam Keeley
In this episode we look at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, the end to Saudi Arabia's 35 year ban on cinema and the death of the world's oldest person (117 years!). We also check in with some of the news satires we've been looking at over the past few weeks, as well as the usual News Flash and Good News story of the week. Note: Thi ...…
With the release of the latest Amazon series, The Tick, we take a look at not one but two earlier incarnations of this classic comic character to discuss which of these three series did it best. If you like men with chairs for faces, weaponized syphilis, and of course Apocalypse Cow, then this is the episode for you.Hosts:Michael Rainey - https ...…
On the 12th episode of Let’s Meet part 3 of 3: Tim is the ghost of Molly Malone’s Michael and Tim reminisce about being animatronic bears Katie says times are changing Katie plays the bachelor with her bridesmaids Gorilla Cinema Presents Gorilla Cinema Presents Facebook Gorilla Cinema Presents Instagram Gorilla Cinema Presents Twitter @gorillac ...…
Join your host Duncan Under The Stairs discussing all things Horror on The Podcast Under the Stairs.On this special bonus episode Duncan is continuing the reviewing assault on recent horror release titles. Fresh out in the UK and due for cinema's in the USA on Friday 20th of April, Duncan reviews the new UK horror title with all the hype, Ghost ...…
“We have a Hulk.” We continue our 19-episode Marvel Cinematic Universe streak with the sixth film in the franchise, Marvel’s the Avengers (Joss Whedon, 2012). Follow us on Twitter @cinemadamore. Subscribe on iTunes and Google Play Music. Please rate and review us. Every little bit helps, and more importantly, thank you for listening. Hosted by ...…
Existentialism and Pizza, Dude This week on Eclectica, we review films that deliver exactly what their titles promise. A Fistful of Dollars really was made for about as much money as the title suggests, Neon Bull really does feature a Neon Bull, and The Passenger really is an adaptation of the classic Iggy Pop song. OK, we made the last one up. ...…
The Wizard teams up w/ Mr J to take on the Book to Cinema film The Giver
“Go get him. I can swim.” We continue our 19-episode Marvel Cinematic Universe streak with the fifth film in the franchise, Captain America: The First Avenger (Joe Johnston, 2011). Follow us on Twitter @cinemadamore. Subscribe on iTunes and Google Play Music. Please rate and review us. Every little bit helps, and more importantly, thank you for ...…
“Go get him. I can swim.” We continue our 19-episode Marvel Cinematic Universe streak with the fifth film in the franchise, Captain America: The First Avenger (Joe Johnston, 2011). Follow us on Twitter @cinemadamore. Subscribe on iTunes and Google Play Music. Please rate and review us. Every little bit helps, and more importantly, thank you for ...…
Nic caught up with Luis Vasquez during The Soft Moon's US Tour. They discussed cinema influences, being robbed on tour, living in Europe and the feeling of playing to a foreign crowd in your own country as well as The Soft Moon's latest release Criminal.
Hello and welcome to a very special live episode of Small Screen’s Film Club. Alessia and I spent some time thinking how could we get to turn what is essentially a recorded film discussion group which just involves ourselves into a fully fledged film club with many people expressing their views on a particular film. The answer was simple, organ ...…
They actually made a second episode! This week, Travis and Beej discuss the spine-tingling A Quite Place, the tense, atmospheric The Ritual, and the hilarious Blockers. The guys then discuss their favorite movies that the rest of the world is wrong about. That's right, their five favorite movies that scored under 30% on the Rotten Tomatoes' tom ...…
*Warning: Spoilers* On this episode of the Cinema Vertigogo Podcast, we summon the demon with Truth or Dare. Music by AJ Bartoletti
In this episode, we enroll in Night School, are spooked out about The House with a Clock in its Walls, burn up with Fahrenheit 451, and take a TRIP with The Man Who Killed Don Quixote. Plus, passionate reviews for three movies! Three Billboards, Ready Player One, and The Disaster Artist. Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Google Play | Android | Stitc ...…
On a special episode, Cinema Royale talks with Jason Liles, stunt performer and motion capture actor on his role as George the gorilla in RAMPAGE, the new action film starring Dwayne Johnson. Liles talks about his career, the extensive training he received from legends Andy Serkis and Terry Notary, and much more.…
Fernando Augusto Pacheco, Tom Edwards and Daniel Bach discuss Donald Trump’s conspicuous absence from the Summit of the Americas, the arresting winner of the World Press photo of the year, whether eating popcorn in the cinema can ever be forgiven and cricket’s growing popularity in Iceland.
Episode 270 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast. Download MP3 - Subscribe via iTunes, Google Play, email or RSS! Featured: Street photographer, Eli Wohl In This Episode If you subscribe to the PetaPixel Photography Podcast in iTunes, please take a moment to rate and review us and help us move up in the rankings so others interested in photogra ...…
Mary is giving out about the cost of holidaying in Ireland. A burger and chips cost her around €20 in Dingle. - Andrew asks why cinema goers are not allowed to eat their own food while their watching a film.
Welcome the newest episode of Dark Discussions, your place for the discussion of horror film, fiction, and all that’s fantastic. André Øvredal, if not a house hold name to horror fans, made a splash in 2016 with his brilliantly spooky film, The Autopsy of Jane Doe. Starring Brian Cox and Emile Hirsch, this theater worthy VOD release, wowed the ...…
Special thanks to Dan Koosed for coming on the podcast! 2 NEW podcasts every week this season! Monday - Main Podcast Thursday - Fantasy Podcast Check out all our content at Alex Uy and Ray Estrada are joined by MLB associate scout and Master Hitting Instructor Dan Koosed to discuss the "Launch Angle Revolution" and debu ...…
Chetan Dhanani is a talented artist of Gujarati plays and Gujarati cinema. He preferred acting to Commerce stream. In this conversation, he shares how he loved being part of the latest Gujarati film 'Reva'. - ચેતન ધનાણી એટલે ગુજરાતી નાટકો અને ફિલ્મોનો એક કુશળ કલાકાર. ચેતન વાત કરે છે કઈ રીતે અભિનયના પ્રેમને લીધે કોમર્સમાં એમનો જીવ ન ચોંટ્યો. એમન ...…
We discuss the iconic work of Chinese actress Ruan Lingyu and her work in THE GODDESS (1931), along with the adaptation of her life in Stanley Kwan's bio pic CENTER STAGE (1991).If you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop us a line at importantcinemaclubpodcast@gmail.comOn this week's Patreon episodes, we talk Leonard Maltin's Movi ...…
This encore show from April 10, 2017, features Ted Bell. He's pissed off because Phil mentioned going to a rival restaurant on Saturday night, The Grill on the Alley. Ted asks, "With a name like that do they sit you near the garbage cans?" Jeff Dowdder gives the ingredients to a new summertime, rotgut drink, the Goblin Boy. Frank Grey talks abo ...…
This week on No Coast Cinema, hosts Tom Hush and Conor Cornelius welcome writer, director and fellow podcaster Eliaz Rodriguez to discuss his short films “Think Twice” and the upcoming “Silica”, as well as his involvement in the Middle Coast Film Festival and the CinemaJaw podcast. They talk about Eliaz’s beginnings in film, how he approaches c ...…
Hi all, in this episode we continue the conversation with Don't Breathe and A Quite Place. We overload on Trailers because there are just so many good ones out right now. Myself and Robert both have beef with the cinema as we ponder how to save it and if in fact it needs saving. We also reintroduce listeners choice tell us what you and your fri ...…
Toto, we're not in Oklahoma anymore! come with us to Kansas and to the land of Oz. Well, the Oz museum anyway. We discuss the cinema classic as we tear through the plains. Join us!
Here's our 'Isle of Dogs' movie review and all the latest film news that took our interest. We hope you enjoy this episode of Tripod Talk!THANKS FOR LISTENING! We very much appreciate you clicking on our content and watching/listening to the weird things that we say. Please check out all the other stuff that we do and check out the rest of this ...…
This week Chris and Adam discuss the campy dramedy "But I'm a Cheerleader" about a young girl sent to ex-gay camp to "cure" her from being a lesbian. It's a lot more serious than Adam remembers, but it's still a lot of fun and has some great comedic notes, espeically from Ru Paul (with a goatee and being butch, no less!). Adam also talks about ...…
This episode we talk about Disney/Pixar's latest movie Coco (2018) and give our review with plus all of the latest film news. We hope you enjoy us rambling on about films on Tripod Talk!THANKS FOR LISTENING! We very much appreciate you clicking on our content and watching/listening to the weird things that we say. Please check out all the other ...…
Le 27 avril c'est la sortie de Avengers La guerre de l'infini au cinéma... que faites vous pour vous preparer pour la sortie de ce film?
Frank Berry writer and director of 'Michael Inside' which tells the story of an 18 year old young man who finds himself in prison joins us ahead of the Irish film oping in cinemas this Friday 6th of April.
Allen believes the church is for cultivating story. So let’s talk about that. And in this episode, the hosts answer “Ask Me Anything” questions submitted by listeners, including science and miracles, spiritual formation for children, and revisiting pacifism. Cultivating Story Conversation (00:55) AMA Segment (31:02) RELEVANT LINKS From Our Cult ...…
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