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The No Film School Podcast is the audio channel of, the leading worldwide community of filmmakers, video producers, and independent creatives. No Film School is where filmmakers learn from each other — “no film school” required. Our podcasts feature interviews with leading filmmakers and industry authorities, check-ins from major film festivals, and our weekly news update, Indie Film Weekly.
The Empire Film Podcast is the official podcast of Empire, the world's biggest and best movie magazine. Check back each week for an assortment of irreverent, film-related chat, as well as interviews with Hollywood's best and brightest.
Adult Film Star Network
Indie Film Hustle® is dedicated to showing you how to hack the film business. Interviews with Acadamy Award® / Oscar Winner and industry professionals giving you the real deal from the inside of moviemaking and independent film with no BS, just the truth on what it takes to survive and thrive doing what you love. We discuss cinematography, RED Camera, Arri Alexa, Blackmagic camera, post production, color grading, filmmaking, visual effects, motion graphics, film festivals, editing, film crew ...
Who Shot Ya?
A movie podcast that isn't just a bunch of straight white dudes. Comedian Ify Nwadiwe is joined by film producer Drea Clark, writer April Wolfe, and film critic Alonso Duralde for a fast, funny, flight through film. Who Shot Ya? is news, reviews and in-depth insight, beamed directly into your ears every week.
The Film Vault
Discover movies you may have missed and be warned about others you should. Hosts Anderson Cowan (Loveline) and Bryan Bishop (The Adam Carolla Podcast) hash out their contrasting film tastes in the form of weekly Top 5 lists and recent screening reviews of both new and old titles. With numerous recommendations each episode, The Film Vault is entertainment about entertainment and as a result is a show that keeps on giving.
Horror for the Casually Obsessed. A candid, comedic take on the genre from Nightmare on Film Street founders Jonathan DeHaan (@jononastring) and Kimberley Elizabeth (@KimmiKillZombie). New Episodes every-other Thursday on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and! Exclusive bonus episodes available bi-weekly on Patreon. Join us, if you dare!
Popcorn Talk Network, the online broadcast network that features movie discussion, news, interviews and commentary proudly presents “The Film Scene w/ Illeana Douglas”, a weekly, freewheeling discussion show where industry veteran Illeana Douglas interviews Hollywood's most important voices in TV and Film, discussing some of Cinema's most important films, scenes, and shots. Produced by Ryan Nilsen and co-hosted by Jeff Graham, this show is essential listening for serious and casual fans of film!
CINEMATIC SOUND RADIO began as a three-hour film, TV and video game music radio program in 1996. It is now a podcast channel that hosts a variety of specialized programming covering all aspects of film, TV and video game music.CINEMATIC SOUND RADIO’s Flag Ship Show is still hosted and produced by Erik Woods and features a wide variety of new and old film, TV and video game scores.Other programs include THE ARCHIVE WITH JASON DRURY, THE ANIME SPECTACULAR, OBSCURE SCORES, THE 1UPBEAT and BREAK ...
Comedy Film Nerds
Movie reviews by stand-up comics and filmmakers Graham Elwood and Chris Mancini
Sexuality Podcasts
A celebration of films under 90 minutes long. Sam Clements is curating a fictional film festival. He'll accept almost anything, but with one catch - the movie must not be longer than 90 minutes.
Her Head in Films
My head isn't in the clouds. My head is in films. I'm Caitlin. On this podcast, I share my personal thoughts and feelings about the films I watch, mainly art house and world cinema. This podcast celebrates the personal, the subjective, and the emotional. I weave together my life experiences with an in-depth discussion of the movies that haunt and astound me. New episodes every other Tuesday. Facebook: @herheadinfilms, Instagram: @herheadinfilms, Twitter: @herheadinfilms, Patreon: ...
Published since 1962, Film Comment magazine features in-depth reviews, critical analysis, and feature coverage of mainstream, art-house, and avant-garde filmmaking from around the world. Our podcast is a weekly space for critical conversation about film, with a look at topical issues, new releases, and the big picture.
A weekly film podcast hosted by Elric Kane (of the Shock Waves podcast) and Brian Saur (of the Rupert Pupkin Speaks film blog) featuring discussions of new films, old films, double features, cult movies, filmmakers and movie lists among a smorgasbord of other Cinema-related things.
The Film at Lincoln Center Podcast is a weekly podcast that features in-depth conversations with filmmakers, actors, critics, and more.
Filmmaking Stuff is the professional resource for entrepreneurial filmmakers, providing tactics on film producing, film funding, and film distribution.
Japan On Film
The top podcast for discussion of Japanese movies.
Adult Film Star Network
Film Strip Podcast
Film Strip podcast reviews our favorite films and franchises breaking down the themes, production value, box office returns and cultural significance.
Glasner on Film
CBC Radio Film Reviewer Eli Glasner shares his big screen thoughts on the latest and greatest movies appearing at theatre near you. Some cinema smarts (and snark) to go with your popcorn.
A podcast about mostly film photography! Hosted by Mike Gutterman and Andre Domingues.
Film Night Podcast
Jack, Henry, Joe & Richie are friends from High School that share a love of film and taking the mick out of each other. Join them to dissect some of Hollywood's latest and have a good time doing it.
Interviews and discussion about the latest high quality and independent film releases from Curzon Cinemas in the UK
A one stop shop for all things movies. The MFF crew tackle the real issues like "What is Kurt Russell's best sleeveless shirt?" Listen Enjoy Share
Welcome to ReelBlend! Join Managing Director Sean O'Connell (CinemaBlend) and Entertainment Reporters Kevin McCarthy (Fox 5 Washington DC) and Jake Hamilton (Fox 32 News Chicago) as they discuss the latest news, rumors, and movies to hit the big screen. Every week we'll bring you movie reviews, inside looks at the news of the week, stories from the set, and interviews with your favorite filmmakers. Enjoy!
Jake Burns is a writer for, Waiting For Next Year and he's filling a void in Browns media coverage: Telling you exactly what is happening on the field. That's what you'll get weekly on Browns Film Breakdown, from Baker Mayfield to Myles Garrett and every coaching decision in between.
The Film Reroll
Playing through your favorite movies like RPG’s and totally ruining them
A show about film, tv, working in Hollywood and everything in-between that pops into our heads but without all the usual pretentiousness.
Four-Color Film Podcast
Allen Christian, Steven Granger, and Gerald James do the Lord's work, as rhey watch every comic-book adaptation throught out all moving-picture media, starting with theatricallt released films.
KUCI: Film School
Independent Film News and Interviews
Indie Film Hustle® is dedicated to showing you how to survive & thrive in filmmaking with no BS!
Cinema Junkie
Satisfy your celluloid addiction with the Cinema Junkie podcast, where you can mainline film 24/7. This film and entertainment series is run by KPBS Film Critic Beth Accomando. So if you need a film fix, want to hear what filmmakers have to say about their work, or just want to know what's worth seeing this weekend, then you've come to the right place
Melissa Savage and Katie Molloy met in film class, and haven’t been able to stop talking movies ever since. Each week they watch a movie and review it, stopping to make plenty of nerdy references along the way.
Film Forecast
A comedy podcast where two pals watch movie trailers and try and figure out the entire plot of the film without ever seeing it. New episodes come out Thursdays, just in time for you to get a final spoiler before heading to the movie theater on Friday.
Black Hole Films
Jeremy LaLonde hosts this podcast where people finally get around to watching that film they always meant to.
Bryce Logan loves movies and wants to talk about them all the time! So he has people on this podcast to talk about them in great and not so great detail! Tangents approved and great debates of film welcome! Enjoy!
A Cult Movie Podcast
The Circle of Film
The Movie Podcast With No End
Film Guff
Low brow talk about low rent movies...
The InSession Film podcast reviews all the movies you want to hear about. We talk directors, actors, scores, and all the fun stuff movies has to offer.
Pivotal Film
Mario Ponzio and Tom Nolan have each made a list of their 100 most pivotal films. Each week they will discuss another pair and break-down how they influenced them as film-goers and as people until they get to number 1. They will also tackle just released, under-the-radar, and bad films, all while drinking different tasty local beers every week. Films, Beers, Talking.
It's the sequel to the podcast you didn't know existed. Your hosts Sara, Ale, and Shak explore those direct-to-video sequels of childhood classic, horror franchises, and action movies. A Talk Film Society Podcast.
A weekly podcast put on by two ordinary guys talking about extraordinary movies. They also partake in a revolutionary Fantasy Film League (FFL)
Film Fight Club
First rule of Film Fight Club: You don't talk about Film Fight Club - although sharing with your friends on social media is cool.Join Glen Falkenstein, Chris Evans and Virat Nehru each week as we talk film, festivals and everything cinema - and let us know what you want us to fight about
The show covers the world film festivals, indie film makers, producers, actors, along with TV personalities.
Film Basterds
Weekly film chat with reviews, discussion of the latest film news and the occasional bickering of a married couple as their friend listens somewhat nervously.
BreakThru Radio Weekly is a weekly podcast that features regular contributors offering their views on major political and/or cultural topics of the day. Additionally, it features a weekly movie review and discussion, 1st Person stories from people we encounter on the streets of NYC, and a preview of a song from an upcoming episode of BTR Live Studio. Recurring segments and coverage: FILM FESTIVALS: Tribeca Film Festival 2019 (Part 1 & Part 2), New York Film Festival 2018 (Part 1 & Part 2), T ...
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Time to dance down some stairs and put on a happy face with an extensive look at Joker, some trailer discussion and that's about it! Just wind up Noel Mellor and watch him go...
R.I.P: Legendary Actor Robert Forster Passes Away at 78 The legendary Oscar-nominated actor Robert Forster has passed away. I had the honor of working with Robert on one of my films, Red Princess Blues. He supplied some remarkable narration that set up my film perfectly. He was easily one of the most professional and talented actors I… The post ...…,, Mario and Tom bring in a guest to help them parse through their feelings about “Joker,” starring Joaquin Phoenix, Robert Deniro, and…who cares (3:29). Then they open up the doors, find their seats, and take in a double-feature of the number 45’s: Mario (37:11), Tom ( ...…
Spooky month begins proper as the crew jumps back to 2007 to pick up the 30 Days Of Night, which was forgotten on the main run. It's not very spooky, but it's where we're starting all the same.By Flickering Myth.
Two reviews for the price of one! Email Ryan: Follow Ryan: Letterboxd Tweet Ryan: @circleoffilm More information: Circle of Film Patreon Find the show on iTunes, Stitcher,, CastBox, and TuneIn.By The Circle of Film.
This week on the InSession Film Podcast: Extra Film segment, Ryan and Jay discuss the little A24 comedy The Death of Dick Long and the latest documentary from Asif Kapadia in Diego Maradona! - Review: The Death of Dick Long (6:21) - Review: Diego Maradona (46:05) Thanks for listening and be sure to subscribe on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, So ...…
This week's Empire Podcast ably fills the gap in your lives that you didn't even know was there: the experience of listening to a film director speed-carving a pumpkin on a podcast. Yes, this episode sees the Empire Podtour juggernaut roll into Brighton, where Chris Hewitt, Helen O'Hara, James Dyer, and Terri White discuss the week's movie news ...…
This episode is both "sick" and "twisted." The gang talks about the lightning rod that is Joker. They discuss other "dangerous films." They play everyone's favorite game, 'Name That Goon,' where the crew gets quizzed on Batman movie villains. And, as always, staff picks. In news, Martin Scorcese isn't a fan of Marvel movies, Ang Lee calls movie ...…
Jacqueline Soller, Charles Hinshaw, and J. McVay close out their series of segments on films from 1999 by discussing their favorite films and performances of that year, as well as discussing their thoughts on the year overall and how movies have changed since then. Among the films discussed: American Movie Any Given Sunday Being John Malkovich ...…
On Day 15 of our New York Film Festival daily podcast, Eugene Hernandez, FLC's Deputy Director and Co-Publisher of Film Comment, is joined by Rajendra Roy, the Celeste Bartos Chief Curator of Film at the Museum of Modern Art. They discuss film culture in New York City, as well as the history of NYFF, leading to a special NYFF Live talk celebrat ...…
Gemini Man is the name of a script that's been kicking around Hollywood since the Titanic sailed onto screens.But this week, Will Smith and Oscar-winning director Ang Lee have joined forces to bring it to life.If you're in more of comedy mood, Eddie Murphy is back in the new Netflix film Dolemite is My Name. With more, here's CBC film critic El ...…
For the festival’s final week, contributing critics and editors gather together for a spirited discussion with Film Comment‘s Editor-in-Chief Nicolas Rapold about the movies they’ve seen in the NYFF57 lineup. Panelists include programmer and FC contributing editor Nellie Killian; Michael Koresky of Film Comment and Reverse Shot; Amy Taubin of F ...…
In this week's episode: Scouting Report - A Vigilante, Stuber, In the Shadow of the Moon, Between Two Ferns the Movie Fresh Flick - The Joker Movie Math Spoiler Section - The JokerBy radnotions.
A Mike solo show with a call in camera review from Eric Dan (IG 35mmlove, about the Leica M2. Also, is Mike losing his romance with metal bodied classic mechanical cameras?
#BeforeSunset #TheFilmScene #KimKrizan Kim Krizan’s career began with a close working relationship with acclaimed director Richard Linklater, having appeared in both Slacker and Waking Life. She is co writer on Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, for which was nominated for an Oscar. Starting in 2008, Krizan branched out into writing comic books ...…
The release of Joker got us thinking about all of the Origin Stories we've heard and there have been a lot of them. We ranked our 5 favorites this week and flickfessed the aforementioned Joker as well as Amazing Grace and Across the Universe. Help us get to 1,000 Patreon Members so we can hire a real producer. Get your tickets to Laughs with Ba ...…
We play through Practical Magic! Carolyn writes a letter! Lisa chooses teas! Paulo plays piano! Lisa Kopitsky – Sally Owens Carolyn Faye Kramer – Gillian Owens Paulo Quiros – Gary Hallet Joz Vammer – DMBy Reroll Radio.
In 2015, after Hassan Fazili’s documentary Peace in Afghanistan aired on Afghan national television, the Taliban assassinated the film’s main subject and put a price on Fazili’s head. Fearing for their survival, the Fazili family fled Kabul for Tajikistan. Yet after 14 months spent submitting asylum applications that were rejected again and aga ...…
Sam Clements is curating a fictional film festival. He'll accept almost anything, but the movie must not be longer than 90 minutes. This is the 90 Minutes Or Less Film Fest podcast. In episode 23 Sam is joined by Alison S.M. Kobayashi, Director of Special Projects at Union Docs in Brooklyn, as well as creator and star of hit New York theatre pr ...…
Ricky Braddy singer "The Voice" (Team Blake). Contestant Ricky Braddy had not one, not two but three superstar judges turn their chairs, as he sang his way into the hearts of America sang “The Story” by Brandi Carlile, during The Voice's infamous and competitive 'Blind Auditions.'By Film Festival Radio.
Today on the show we have film producer, distribution expert, and today's "go-to" authority of how to get a film to market, Jerome Courshon. He has broken open the "exclusive club" of successful independent producers with his innovative 3-Day Program, "THE SECRETS TO DISTRIBUTION: Get Your Movie Distributed Now!" A producer in his own right (he ...…
For the month of October, we're celebrating Halloween the only way we know how: by watching a whole bunch of horror movies! Specifically, this October, we're taking a look at a small piece of horror film history by diving into the post-SCREAM teen horror revival of the late 90s and early 00s! Our second entry in this series is URBAN LEGEND, and ...…
It's just Ali and Nick for this episode where they are changing the game up and talking about meat? Tune in to find out what these two talk about when they are left to it. Edited By Ali Cornwall Music “Asteroid” (A Corruption) By Peter & Cevin Moore Contact: @FilmGuff…
In this episode we welcome Marchánt Davis, breakout star of The Day Shall Come, Chris Morris' return to film, a decade after Four Lions. Plus we delve in to our highlights from the London Film Festival so far. In The Day Shall Come, an impoverished preacher, played by Marchant Davis, who’s attempting to bring hope to the Miami projects is offer ...…
This week we're talking about the latest sequel in the world as we return to the star-studded world of Zombieland: Double Tap. We forecast the plot and what we think of the new additions to movie, including the return of Bill Murray and we also chat about: That’s Mr. Frodo to you; Losing yourself; Wallets are people, sunglasses are dogs; Benjam ...…
Jake is joined by The Ringer's NFL Reporter and Seahawks guru Danny Kelly as the two discuss the state of the Seahawks, if this is peak Russell Wilson, their defensive issues, and what kind of score Browns fans can expect. Thanks to our partners Axios and Harrys. Sign-up at for your daily newsletter and for ...…
Xavier De Salaberry (Binge or Bust Podcast) comes back on the podcast to talk about another Star Trek movie and this time it was the "best" film for Star Trek! Apparently! Check it out on itunes, Spotify, Google Play, and Stitcher today! Sponsored by Rate! Review! Subscribe! *NEW EPISODES EVERY MONDAY* Email: letswatchthatpodcas ...…
Welcome! My name is Erik Woods and I'm the host and producer of CINEMATIC SOUND RADIO; a podcast that celebrates the music of film, TV and video games. We feature some of the greatest music to grace the small and big screen from as far back as the classics of the 30s, 40s and 50 to the silver age retro scores of the 60s and 70s and all the way ...…
It's the terrors of time travel on this week's episode of Nightmare on Film Street! Well.. more like the terrors of shitty human beings and time travel just happens to make an appearance. Kim and Jon take time out of their travels to discuss Frank the Bunny's ominous warnings in Donnie Darko (2001), and Ashton Kutcher's divine diaries in The Bu ...…
DON’T BREAK YOUR TOYS! “Suicide Fetish” Is it too far, just a fetish or dangerous AF? Keep your play partners safe, both mentally and physically. No one wants a broken toy!! Where are the lines when it comes to Playtime, play space, and recording for anyone to see? Is it just the money we are […]By Adult Film Star Network.
This week we sort through the various debates in the community, get into macOS update Catalina and how it could affect you, then finally break down the film festival submission process.By No Film School.
Derry women Brónagh Gallagher (actor), Louise Gallagher (producer) and Tess McGowan (screenwriter) talk about the making of their new film, A Bump Along the Way. We talk about ‘Derry Fairies,’ shedding insecurities, pregnancy as an in-built deadline and the success of Northern Ireland Screen’s New Talent Focus. Pictured above (L-R): Tess McGowa ...…
Mark and Jonny Numb (of the Last Knock podcast) discuss the The House That Jack Built. Directed by Lars von Trier, The House That Jack Built is a gnarly horror/comedy/thriller that features frozen bodies, descents into hell and skin wallets (it's insane). In this episode, we discuss the purpose of art, controversial films and pizza. Enjoy!…
Where we hustle, joke re spoilers and introduce our new 'fight of the week' segment with one of the most debated, beloved and reviled flicks of recent yearsBy 2SER 107.3FM.
*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING* Cecily Knobler is here to discuss the brilliance of Joker with Chris and Graham.
In this episode, I talk about Bong Joon-ho's 2003 film "Memories of Murder." It's based on the real-life Hwaseong serial murders that happened in a rural area of South Korea in the 1980s and early 1990s. At the time the film was released, the case was unsolved. However, shortly before recording my episode, major news broke that a suspect had be ...…
Geordie Sabbagh joins Jeremy to watch OLD BOY and dives deep into what’s clearly more than an intense action flick…By Jeremy LaLonde.
It took more than psychic premonitions to bring us together for this one! Jay, Nick, and Ron kick off #Shocktober19 by pulling the strings on Puppet Master (1989).
JOF is back with a new season! And in this episode, we spotlight possibly the greatest Japanese film ever made, 2000's neo-classic cult film, Battle Royale!By Perry Constantine.
Gremlins Director Joe Dante Talks The Film’s 35th Anniversary Joe Dante, director behind Gremlins, is here with us to celebrate the film's 35th anniversary, and commemorate the 4K Blu-ray release on October 1st. He gets into some behind-the-scenes moments from making the film, collaborating with Steven Spielberg, and what it was like creating t ...…
This week, the fun’s just beginning as we review It: Chapter Two (Spoilers: 36:34 – 1:11:10). Plus, a discussion about Die Hard arises after it’s made clear a member of the group saw it for the first time recently… Music: Intro – Word Up by Cameo Outro – Angel of the Morning by Juice Newton ...…
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