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Our fears have roots. Lore exposes the darker side of history, exploring the creatures, people, and places of our wildest nightmares. Because sometimes the truth is more frightening than fiction.
Alan Watts is one of the most widely read philosophers of the 20th century. In addition to his 28 books, Alan Watts delivered hundreds of public lectures and seminars the recordings of which have been preserved in the archives of the Electronic University. Alan's eldest son Mark Watts has reviewed and cataloged these talks to prepare them for public broadcast. In 2005 Amber Star of created Alan Watts podcast to help disseminate these lectures to a new iPod listening generation . ...
At The Productivity Show we believe you should get your important things done without having to sacrifice your health, family and things that matter to you. This is a weekly podcast where we show you ways to save time, increase your productivity and happiness. We cover topics such as goal setting, time management, personal development and efficiency. Listen to our podcast today and start doubling your productivity.
You'll get fun and friendly doses of writing advice in three short chunks: a Quick and Dirty Tip, a meaty middle, and a final tidbit. Grammar Girl covers everything from punctuation and grammar to style and voice.
The Fantasy Fiction Podcast
Guitar Music Theory
This podcast features free audio guitar lessons that teach music theory for guitar. Listeners learn how scales, chords, progressions, modes, and more get applied to the fretboard and familiar songs. This includes a focus on compositional and improvisational techniques used in popular styles of music. The lessons are geared toward intermediate level players on up and can be followed on either an acoustic or electric guitar. Bass players can learn a lot from the instruction too. It is recommen ...
Data Stories
A podcast on data and how it affects our lives — with Enrico Bertini and Moritz Stefaner
Trumpet Bookshelf
Hosted by Grant Turgeon, Trumpet Bookshelf is a series of compact summaries of books and booklets from the literature library of Each episode is meant as a teaser to get listeners interested in studying a particular book or booklet again—or for the very first time. Find answers to life’s most important questions. Unlock the vision of your marvelous future. Explore the vital titles in literature library—every Friday at 10 a.m. Central time.
determined to bring high-quality Godly content to the Mainstream
A group of D&D gamers gather around a table to tell stories and roll some dice. They play through adventure books and home brew stories. Come enjoy the show, and it's time to roll for initiative.
The Comic Book Podcast is a weekly talk show discussing the best in current comic books. Ron, Conor and Josh will share what they loved and hated about the week's comics. With a deep, sometimes scary knowledge of the depths and intricacies of pop culture and the geek lifestyle, the conversations can spin off in many directions. While comics, graphic novels and trade paperbacks are the center of the iFanboy universe, the discussion often covers the video games, movies and TV shows ...
The Lurid Family
A podcast about the real VC Andrews, Terrible Ghostwriters, and Patriarchal Horrors In the Deep Dark Woods
Along with partners committed to changing the world, Dr. Michael Youssef is leading the way for people living in spiritual darkness to discover the light of Christ. By passionately proclaiming uncompromising Truth through print, web, television, and radio, this international team of experts is uniquely providing hope that is revolutionizing lives at home and around the world.What began as a small local radio ministry in 1988 has grown into an international ministry reaching millions for Chri ...
The Guardian Books podcast is our weekly look at the world of books, poetry and great writing presented by Claire Armitstead, Richard Lea, & Sian Cain. With in-depth interviews with leading authors and investigations into the thematic trends in contemporary writing, this is the perfect book worm’s companion
A weekly conversation between Patrick Rothfuss (Name of the Wind) and Max Temkin (Cards Against Humanity).
Weekly podcasts from Science Magazine, the world's leading journal of original scientific research, global news, and commentary.
Sci Fi Saturday Night, the Podcast is the web version of the popular New Hampshire based radio show. Our hosts, The Dome, Kriana, and Zombrarian discuss science fiction, science fact, fantasy and whatever else we think is cool, in between celebrity interviews.
Interviews with your favorite (or soon-to-be favorite) authors, artists, astronauts and more. From WBEZ.
Conan the Librarian takes you into his library for monthly updates on Obscure News, Entertainment, Books, Movies and Sports.
Author David Barr Kirtley talks geek culture with guests such as Neil Gaiman (#253), George R. R. Martin (#22), Richard Dawkins (#46), Paul Krugman (#61), Bill Nye (#273), Margaret Atwood (#94), Neil deGrasse Tyson (#32), and Joyce Carol Oates (#202). The A.V. Club calls the show, "An informative and impressively in-depth podcast well worth checking out," and io9 lists it as one of "13 Smart Podcasts That Will Feed Your Hunger for Knowledge and Ideas." NPR's lists the show as a re ...
MindPump exposes the RAW TRUTH about health, fitness, nutrition and more... Hosts Sal Di Stefano, Adam Schafer & Justin Andrews pull back the curtain on the mythology, snake oil and pseudo-science that pervades the fitness industry and present science-backed solutions that result in increased muscular development and performance while simultaneously emphasizing health. No fitness institution or fitness "truth" is safe from their quick wit and over 40 years of combined experience in the fitne ...
Better Than the Movie is a community for people who love reading, books, book news and issues related to literature and popular culture. Our goal is to review and discuss book themes with passion and an open mind. We want to encourage readers to look beyond the Best Sellers lists and discover new voices and stories.
A weekly podcast on topics related to astrology, hosted by professional astrologer Chris Brennan.
Stories and interviews from people on their coding journey.
Read-Aloud Revival
It’s hard to connect with our kids in today’s busy, noisy world, but reading aloud gives us a chance to be fully present. We equip and inspire you to make meaningful and lasting connections with your kids through stories.
Jump on your broom and join The Ringer’s Mallory Rubin and Jason Concepcion as they take their signature deep dive into 'Harry Potter,' covering all the books and movies as well as the extended 'Potter' universe.
Come obsess over A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones with us! Our show is an enthusiastic and heavily-detailed look at the past, present and future of Westeros and the realms beyond.
Dark 5
Is the devil real? How much of a dweeb was John Wayne Gacy? More importantly, is that thing in the corner of my room gonna kill me? Join Rachel Evans as she answers these questions and more through her top five lists of all things macabre. A new podcast from Snarled & Studio71Cover art by @chelseaVjavier
Tribe of Mentors
Tribe of Mentors is a short-form podcast series from Tim Ferriss, one of Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Business People” and an early-stage tech investor/advisor in Uber, Facebook, Twitter, Shopify, Duolingo, Alibaba, and 50+ other companies. The show highlights short life advice from the best in the world. The Observer and other media have named him “the Oprah of audio” due to the influence of his podcast, The Tim Ferriss Show, which has exceeded 200 million downloads and been selected for ...
discusses survival, preparedness, guns, tactical, urban homesteading, personal safety, food storage, gear reviews, and other topics with ACTIONABLE information every Monday with a comedic twist and NO TIGHT TINFOIL HATS.
All about the Middle Ages from Join Danièle Cybulskie and her guests as they talk about the medieval world, from Byzantium to the Vikings.
A discussion of various methods of protecting information and other valuable resources, and the variousmethods utilized to bypass the security mechanisms. Everything from early locks and fortress walls to modern daycryptographic algorithms.Please support by purchasing my books from OR for Kindle from via direct donation from, or via one of many crowdsourcing sites:,, ...
The Tai Lopez podcast brings you the best business education straight from the world's top entrepreneurs. I will also review the best books in heath, wealth, love and happiness that will help you achieve your maximum potential and live the best life possible.
Dis After Dark is a Disney podcast for grown ups. The show is an irreverent look at the Disney parks by 5 English blokes & a girl who really know Their stuff about the Disney parks & movies. If you like Disney you’ll love Dis After Dark. Disney Disney Disney Disney. Please check out our Patreon Page We are proud to be Sponsored by the following people HHN If you are looking to book your next trip to WDW, Disney Land or a Disney Cruise, please visit our new Sponsor Wendy from M ...
The Dragon Reread
We're reading the Wheel of Time series of fantasy novels by Robert Jordan! We read them when we were younger, but now we are wiser. Why? Because they're so much fun! Adventure, magic, battles, politics, treachery, horses, braid-pulling... these books are top flight entertainment. They're also, as the kids say these days, "problematic". We'll dig into it as we go. We read about 5 chapters every episode, and we recap the events of the story, so you don't have to read along unless you want to. ...
Nature Podcast
The Nature Podcast brings you the best stories from the world of science each week. We cover everything from astronomy to zoology, highlighting the most exciting research from each issue of Nature journal. We meet the scientists behind the results and providing in-depth analysis from Nature's journalists and editors.
Tavern Tales
Corbyn! Trump! Brexit! Politics has never been more unpredictable, more alarming or more interesting. TALKING POLITICS is the podcast that tries to make sense of it all. Each Thursday, in Cambridge, David Runciman will talk to his regular panel along with novelists, comedians, historians, philosophers - and even a few politicians - and ask them what they think is going on... Democracy is feeling the strain everywhere. What might happen next? How bad could it get? As it unfolds, TALKING POLIT ...
Shadowvane is a radio drama podcast centered around telling tales of horror and suspense. Instead of one continuous story, we tell our stories in a limited number of episodes.
Making Marriage Cool -- Standing up for Traditional Marriage
WorldLink connects global voices: People around the world tell their own stories and help us understand what political, economic, cultural developments mean for their lives. Listen to emotional stories that show the human element behind the headlines.
Escape Pod
The Original Science Fiction Podcast
Hooks of Horror
Hooks of Horror releases every two weeks, challenging aspiring creative people to work off the given prompt and complete a project within 14 days. share it on an appropriate platform and then post a link to social media using #HooksofHorror. Whether that’s a written piece, poetry or even a role playing adventure or campaign is up to the listener to decide. Your host will be working along side listeners to craft a story in the same timeframe, which will then be narrated for the next show. Thi ...
The Jericho Network in association with Westwood One presents arguably the biggest box office sensation in the history of Mexico! A WWF, WCW, TNA and Lucha Underground superstar, head writer, producer for AAA promotion in Mexico, and power broker... Through it all, Konnan has always Kept It 100! While this has not always kept him endeared to management, it's one reason why he's garnered a huge worldwide following of fans who love hearing him spit the truth. "Not hatin, just statin." He ain't ...
a weekly radio program hosted by author Barbara DeMarco-Barrett and co-host Marrie Stone, on the art and business of writing. More on the show, writers, and writing at Follow us on Twitter @WOWkuciFM and Facebook at Writers on Writing KUCI-FM.
Join two "Narnia Novices" as they read The Chronicles of Narnia one chapter at a time. Each episode features analysis of the story, world, and themes found throughout Narnia. Phil and Daniel are currently reading the second book in the series: Prince Caspian. New episodes are released every other Wednesday!
Denis and Katie interview inspiring people on topics around debt, wealth, investing, financing and more. Building wealth is a fundamental principle where there is not enough knowledge - follow them on their journey to pay back all Katie's debt and learn from the masters themselves! Episodes Monday & Thursday, which are perfect for your commute, teach you actionable ways to build your financial life and achieve your dreams. During the episodes, we touch on questions that unlock thought leader ...
(Order of stories changed to match how they originally aired each day, with stories from previous 6 programs included afterwards. See for details.)Hosted by Terry Gross, Fresh Air from WHYY is the Peabody Award-winning weekday magazine of contemporary arts and issues. One of public radio's most popular programs, Fresh Air features intimate conversations with today's biggest luminaries.
Ash and Blue - Urban Fantasy for Geeks | A biweekly podcast series involving suits, magic and more cookies than you would reasonably expect. | For more info -
Tales To Terrify
The Audio Horror Fiction Magazine
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show series
The showdown of the century! This town aint big enough for more than one podcast. And we all know which podcast that is. That’s right. It’s Triple Play. Not enough space around here for Triple Play as well as Trust Your Doctor, and since Triple Play is obviously the better podcast we’re shutting this one down. Just kidding. I think. It’s A Town ...…
Listening to You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero on Audible as a part of my reading list at #ad helped spark consistent innovation and growth in my business at as an entrepreneur, video producer, and live streamer online! You might love listening to or reading this boo ...…
More great books at
At in 2018 how much money did the business earn online? With your help, we had another amazing year with $118,854 profit on on $236,704 revenue and $117,850 expenses as shown in this income report! I intend to go back to creating these monthly starting with January 2019 to remain accountable to you and encourage us to ...…
More great books at
Last year, a California Supreme Court ruling made it harder for companies like Uber and Lyft to label workers independent contractors. Now, several bills that would define independent contractors have been proposed in Sacramento. But some labor groups fear that lawmakers will water down the court’s intent. Related Coverage: Can Gavin Newsom Bro ...…
President Trump personally directed his lawyer Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about a proposed Moscow development project, according to a BuzzFeed report Thursday. Meanwhile, a new report from the Health and Human Services Department’s Office of the Inspector General found the Trump Administration may have separated thousands more migrant chi ...…
Conservationists are alarmed at a huge drop in the number of western monarch butterflies that spend the winter in California. Scientists think pesticides, habitat loss, and fewer native plants — like milkweed where the monarch lays eggs — are causing the more than 95 percent decline since the 1980’s. We’ll hear why this colorful butterfly is cr ...…
In this episode, it's a beautiful Winters day. David is wading upstream and fishing the nymph for Grayling. David tries to unlock the secrets of an elusive pool. Will he succeed? In this episode Pastor Sam and Patrick “No Compromise with Evil” Wyett discuss what to do if your church becomes liberal and some tips on how to find a Biblical church! Follow us on iTunes and YouTube Find us on Worldview Weekend Radio!…
You will love reading Out of My Mind by Alan Arkin if you enjoy spiritual stories, healing experiences, and an open mind! In this quick review of the Audible original book, you will hear the most memorable stories of the book! When you want to buy the book and see the rest of my reading list, will you please visit ...…
Paul contacted the show, outraged at the expense being incurred by the National Children's Hospital. Listeners weighed in throughout the show.
A listener took issue with the term 'toxic masculinity' claiming that it's presumed now that men are predators. Plenty of people reacted with Ciara on the show.
In this episode Reuben shares about being expelled from school, Leighton shares a book review, Jeff talks about driving and being late, and we discuss the poll results. The post Jeff Explains How to Not Drive to Nappanee — FPP264 appeared first on French Press Podcast.
Over the next few weeks, we will be taking a little side journey away from Epic Collections to talk about the first few Venom mini-series from the 90s! First up, Kurtis and Adam discuss Michelinie, Bagley and Lim’s Lethal Protector, the mini-series that took Venom from reoccurring villain to starring anti-hero! Issues discussed: Venom: Lethal P ...…
More great books at
In this episode you’ll hear a conversation I held recently with Laila El-Haddad, a political analyst, author, and rights activist who is from a family deeply rooted in Gaza, Palestine, though she currently lives near Baltimore, Maryland. Laila is the author or co-author of three Gaza-themed books, including the famed "ethnographic" cookbook, Th ...…
The federal government has been partially closed for nearly a month now, as President Trump continues to insist on funding for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. For some 800,000 federal employees, that’s meant weeks of being furloughed or working without pay. In this segment, we’ll hear from government workers in the Bay Area about how the s ...…
After the Camp Fire devastated the town of Paradise, many evacuees sought shelter in the nearby city of Chico. As traffic accidents spike and classrooms overflow, we’ll examine how Chico is coping with more than 20,000 additional residents. We’ll also get the latest on where 657 evacuees will go as the Red Cross shelter at the Chico fairgrounds ...…
Some Oakland teachers will take to the streets instead of their classrooms on Friday for a “sick out” rally to call for higher wages and smaller class sizes. The Oakland Unified School District’s teachers have been without a contract for 18 months. The sick out, which is not sanctioned by the local union, comes in the midst of a strike by teach ...…
In this episode, Lauren shares part 3 of a practice launching checklist, which is available for download on the website. She shares some important steps you MUST take when setting up your first private practice and normalizes the fact that these things take time and will also save you time if you give them attention befo ...…
Clinical Psychotherapist Stephanie Regan talks to Ciara about how affected children are by their parents getting divorced.
Cork GP Phil Kieran joins Ciara to answer listener queries on Meningitis B, and whether their children should get the vaccine.
As Minister of State Sean Canney told Newstalk Breakfast that there are too many drink-driving checkpoints, our listeners reacted with Ciara.
As the new Call of Duty Gauntlet mode became available for me today, I faced the choice to play for 3 hours or to play for an hour and help out with my family. Become a supporter of this podcast:
What if you could improve your health and wellness literally with one drop. That is the power that essential oils have! Whether it is helping our sleep, treating anxiety and depression, reducing inflammation, lowering your cholesterol, alleviating headaches and migraines and so much more... there's an essential oil for that! Dr. Eric Zielinski, ...…
In this episode we review 4 new #1's: The Man Without Fear, Wolverine: The Long Night, Captain Marvel and Conan The Barbarian (Rod's Pick) The Man Without Fear from MARVEL COMICS written by Jed McKay with art by Danilo Beyrouth Daredevil is gone, but Hell's Kitchen is still a place of heroes and villains. Foggy Nelson (issue #1), the Defenders ...…
On the heals of his Hawaiian vacation, Tim Taylor regales of his vacation time in U.S.'s fiftieth state. Plus music from trad super groups Socks in the Frying Pan, Dervish, Connla, Laura MacKenzie, Brenda Castles, Colleen Raney, Danu, Katie Grennan - Irish Fiddle Player, Bernadette Morris Music, Enda Seery-Musician, Composer, Singer & Teacher, ...…
More great books at
“the smartest of the Scotland Yarders” [SIGN] If you ask anyone familiar with the Sherlock Holmes stories to name a Scotland Yard inspector, they'll invariably answer, "Inspector Lestrade." But Sherlock Holmes had a healthy respect for a handful of other police inspectors, both from Scotland Yard and from the surrounding areas. Who were they, a ...…
In their new book, “Undo It!,” Dean and Anne Ornish outline lifestyle changes that they say can help prevent, and even reverse, the effects of chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes and depression. Dr. Dean Ornish joins us in studio to share what he sees as the components of a healthy diet, explain why meaningful relationships matter and discus ...…
In his proposed budget, Governor Newsom allocated $2 billion for housing initiatives. But perhaps the bigger housing news is money that Newsom has threatened not to distribute. Specifically, the governor says that he will withhold transportation funding from regions that fail to meet new housing goals. Supporters of the idea like the additional ...…
President Trump’s Attorney General nominee, William Barr, answered a second round of questions from senators at his confirmation hearing on Tuesday. The former attorney general under President George W. Bush told lawmakers that he will allow special counsel Robert Mueller to complete his investigation into Russian election interference despite ...…
Ciara Kelly is joined by Irish Daily Mail columnist Brenda Power to discuss our jury selection process: what are the issues with it and is it in need of an overhaul?
It's our 40th episode! Co-hosts Kristi Cates and Mari McKeeth celebrate the return of Check It Out! by highlighting staff favorites from 2018. Some of our library staff have provided an eclectic list of books, music, and films—and all are available for checkout or streaming from Normal Public Library. Some of the items discussed in this podcast ...…
When we value our failures and rejections as proof we are trying, how much easier do our lives get? I am grateful today I am willing to be told no a lot and I actually am grateful to see the negative responses come in because that is proof I am trying. For a lot of my life, I only valued success and ironically found it much less often because I ...…
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