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This is the podcast where amazing discussions, shows are made regarding various aspects of the Health, various Hobbies and also in view of the Aesthetics. There is an aim to blend in both enjoyment and knowledge thus a more suitably amazing Podcast by INSANELY Records. Hosted by Bishal Baishya.
A weekly podcast hosted by Austin Cabot, Adam Jabaay, and Abrin Schmucker covering track days, club racing, autocrossing, and other various driving hobbies. By Drivers, For Drivers.
Space Junk
Space Junk is a weekly podcast dedicated to the amazing hobby of amateur astronomy. Each week we’ll answer your questions and bring you the latest information and advice on the tools, gadgets, software and techniques for maximizing your enjoyment of the night sky. Your hosts are Tony Darnell from Deep Astronomy dot space and Dustin Gibson from OPT Telescopes, a world leader in telescopes and accessories.
The Players Wanted Podcast was created with the primary goal of helping the board game community grow. We believe that modern board gaming is one of the finest hobbies someone can have! We also believe that it can be a difficult hobby to adopt. It is vast, complex and sometimes difficult to share. To achieve our primary goal, we discuss ideas for sharing the hobby with others. Our secondary goal is to educate new gamers on the intricacies of the modern board gaming hobby – from understanding ...
A group of friends get together to have fun and play a tabletop rpg game. Action adventure and hilarity ensue.
The last word in BattleTech
A group of international nerds plays 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons over the internet for your amusement.
A panel of horticultural experts answer gardening questions from a live audience. Recorded in a different location each week
The Gardenerd Tip of the Week is your one-stop shop for organic gardening tips and tidbits. Seasonal, organic, and fun advice for your urban farm, homestead and garden. We cover Sustainable living, vegetable gardening and more. Celebrate your passion for gardening with a sense of humor.
If you're new to backpacking, or if you’re hopelessly in love with someone who wants you to love backpacking, then this podcast is for you. We’ll talk about the essentials, how to lighten your load, and how to make the most of your time on the trail. New episodes every Tuesday.
Car Talk
America's funniest auto mechanics take calls from weary car owners all over the country, and crack wise while they diagnose Dodges and dismiss Diahatsus. You don't have to know anything about cars to love this one hour weekly laugh fest.
Creepy Americana
A podcast about anything creepy, especially if it's American.
Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus discuss living a meaningful life with less.
From the short fiction site comes Audiologue, an audiodrama podcast about isolation, science fiction, and survival. The first 8-episode arc titled "Echo" follows James Andrews, a researcher, after a container ship sinks and cuts off communication between the underwater research base he's in and the world topside. Season 2 titled "Vigil" is coming in March 2018!
Ellie and Melissa share what they are knitting, crocheting, plus a bit of storytelling of what life dishes out. They hope to keep you entertained and coming back for more.
Factor Two
Factor Two is the podcast from, bringing you the best climbing stories straight from the people at their heart.
Show discussing the action shooting sport of Steel Challenge. 3-division Grand master Ken Verderame answers shooters questions and talks about current goings on in the sport
Remedial Role
Do you want to learn about Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition? Do you play D&D and want to know more? Are you a student that wants to start your own game? Do you just want to have a fun and clean D&D podcast to listen to? This is the podcast for you. Become a supporter of this podcast:
This is The FlyLife Podcast, a conversation with FPV. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Generations Cafe
Generations Cafe is all about genealogy and family history. Discovering your family history should be enjoyable! Each episode will show you more about doing genealogy without the frustration. Host Amy Johnson Crow has been involved in family history for most of her life and is a noted researcher, blogger, author, and educator. She firmly believes that it is possible to do good genealogy research and enjoy the process. This isn't a stuffy or dry lecture. It's a conversation to help you explor ...
Beam Saber is a game about the pilots of powerful machines in a war that dominates every facet of life. They are trying to do their time and part, and get out physically and mentally intact. The organizations that perpetuate the War through all of known space are too incomprehensibly huge to take down. There is no “winning” the War, there is only surviving it. These are their stories.
What gamer doesn't like loot? Tune in for epic loot drops in the form of gaming news and boss battle required.
Cooking By Ear
We're an audio cooking show. Cook along in real time and by the end of the episode, you'll have a dish made. Join our iconic guest in their kitchen with host and chef Cal Peternell as your guide!
Modifier sits down with designers of all stripes and looks at what it takes to make a great game! With a focus on homebrewing and otherwise modifying existing games to meet your storytelling needs, these interviews dig deep into how changing the rules enables better storytelling. Hosted by Meghan Dornbrock.
This is your bi-weekly deep dive on making, DIY, electronics, and technical topics of interest to the radio amateur. Join your hosts George KJ6VU and Jeremy KF7IJZ as they discuss current developments in ham radio while introducing listeners to a plethora of topics and skills such as test equipment, 3D Printing, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and more. Ham radio is a hobby of hobbies - George and Jeremy introduce hams of all ages to experimenting and learning within ham radio, which can be one of th ...
A podcast about vegetable gardening, food preservation, home economics and DIY living. Hosted by Erik Knutzen and Kelly Coyne, authors of The Urban Homestead and Making It: Radical Home Ec for a Post Consumer World.
Um podcast para conversar sobre coisas do universo Geek, socializando com ouvintes.
This is a Warhammer 40k podcast. Moarhammer started as a YouTube channel and you will be able to find the audio from the latest YouTube videos here. There will also be additional podcast exclusive content.
Behold Her
Behold Her Podcast is a monthly show that spotlights inspiring women in tabletop gaming, hosted and produced by Lysa Chen. Interviews, discussions, and audio essays capture the diverse experiences of being a female gamer in tabletop RPGs.
A group of adventurers are chosen to learn about themselves, their companions and to save the world somewhere in between. This is an actual play Dungeons & Dragons campaign using the rules of Fifth edition set in an original locations. This podcast will include violence, profanity and other adult themes.
Join the LARP Noobs as they delve into their first LARP and beyond.
When two people come together, be it as friends, lovers or family, we all have different things we find enjoyment in. Often times, these things that bring us joy can keep us separate as well. In the spirit on inclusiveness, Rachel and Nate share their pop-culture interests and discuss them in a podcast format for your enjoyment! Hopefully, we’ll all come away with a better understanding of both the THINGS and the PEOPLE we love!
DW Podcast
DWPodcast is a podcast hosted by Dimas Wahyu with interesting guess' talking about interesting topics with the tendency to go off topic. We never use scripts.
The audio from the beardminis youtube channel, in your ears, but without the video bit. You get it right?
Here at Entertain the Geeky we strive to bring our listeners the Greatest in geeky comedy and nerdy banter, just like you would hear in your local comic or game shop. Chris and Rodger had been geeks from the time they were the size of a halfling. As they grew, so did their passion for all things nerdy. Like fate so often does, it brought these chosen ones together under the roof of a comic and hobby shop as humble clerks. It was after only a short time that they realized that they are the ch ...
The Official Podcast of
Two (former) next door neighbors, one awesome podcast. Plus cocktails.
Crushed Celluloid
A podcast about forgotten films, movies, and flicks of all types.
Join your hosts Anthony and Alix as they watch and discuss a horror film each week. From creepy to campy, they're covering it all including the development, production, release, and legacy of some of your all time favorites!
Elvis presley
Slipshod Cosplay
Ace on the House
Adam Carolla's Construction Podcast
Dust off your DMG and get ready to mess with metaphysics, because we're making a multiverse! A monthly podcast the breaks down and examines the various elements of worldbuilding in RPGs, starting with the classic Dungeons and Dragons, in a digestible, half-hour format.
This podcast will enable you to go from inexperienced speaker to supremely Confident Communication Mastery. Learn how to immediately grab your audience’s attention, speak with confidence and guarantee standing ovations. Follow this podcast if you want to be able to bury your fears, inform, educate and entertain any size audience with power and passion, mesmerising with your magnetism.
Talk Straight
Gaydrinking with Friends.
aNother Underwhelming Fan Factor Live Eventthe latest in a long line of blood bowl podcasts - mostly covering the eastern Canadian and some US tournament scene.Tristan's Blog: http://gwpertinent.blogspot.comGrant's phone can't email so he doesn't have a blog.
Cosmic Crit is a weekly Actual Play podcast centered on the new Starfinder RPG from Paizo. Listen to the shenanigans as a seasoned GM, a couple of noobs, and some RPG veterans explore the galaxy and fight monsters on behalf of the Starfinder Society. It's a little roleplay, a lot of natural 20s (we hope), and plenty of fun.
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When one host insists that cars are made to be junked while the other won't drive anything not equipped with an AARP card, it's time for an intervention. So this week on The Best of Car Talk, Tom and Ray explore new ways of politely calling each other "jerk." Meanwhile, John needs to weigh his love for the family heirloom Chevelle against the d ...…
久しぶりにスマホのゲームをダウンロードしました。 テクテクテクテクというゲームです。 イングレスとかポケモンGOのようなGPSを利用したゲームです。 まだたいして歩けていないのでひよっこ状態です。 テクテクテクテクをダウンロードした人も そうでない人もおつきあいください。 夕張雪景色・今年のシモヤケ話・快速旅團のお知らせ、そんなこんなの9分05秒です。 このブラウザでは再生できません。 再生できない場合、ダウンロードは🎵こちら ゆい●ろく第525回 ◆関連リンク◆ 【入荷】NSメスティン、ハンドル無メスティン NSコーティング 【SNS】yuiroku_podcast (Instagram)、kanjicho_yuimaru (Instagram)犬用、@yuimaru (Twitt ...…
It's easy to hate on New Year's resolutions. After all, they almost always fail. But what if they didn't have to? What if we really could use January 1st as a chance to do something big?
Eric Robson and the team are in the Horsham District, West Sussex. Matt Biggs, Pippa Greenwood and Bob Flowerdew are on hand to answer the questions from keen gardeners. This week, they discuss using seaweed as a mulch, what to plant in a large pot, and how to deal with large quantities of compost. They also help gardeners with saving plants fr ...…
Episode 232 - Abe and Adam meet Heyward Wagner at the SCCA booth to discuss PRI, the announcement of the NATA Council, and the schedule for the 2019 SCCA Time Trials season.By Austin Cabot & Adam Jabaay & Abrin Schmucker.
Winter brings shorter days and more people driving in the dark. On this episode, we discuss headlight effectiveness and how to keep them clean. The 2019 Audi A8 L joins our test fleet and we give our first impressions. Plus, we answer your questions about the best EV charging network, replacing the discontinued Chevy Volt and cars suited for co ...…
We're counting down to our 50th episode, and what better way than to give our definitive lists of our 50 favourite games of all time?! You've been asking for it, so we've only gone and done it. Brace yourselves, we're just getting started. 01:11 - Mark #50 - Dungeon Fighter 02:51 - Neilan #50 - Werewords 04:36 - Kalen #50 - Agricola 06:28 - Mar ...…
Cody Miles is a driver in the Global Time Attack series with a rare setup: a Subaru STI with air suspension. We sat down to talk about his career, his car, and a lot more. Watch Cody's car in action here: NEW SHIRTS! This show is ...…
On this episode, we have a guest story from the podcast Hear in the Gorge, about what happens when something goes terribly wrong in the outdoors. Producer Sarah Fox brings us the story of an accident that happened to a 10-year-old boy in Oregon, and she gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the Crag Rats, the oldest mountain search and rescue te ...…
This week it's Richard Shelton in the studio. He's a long-range specialist, the man behind, and a very knowledgeable pilot. Enter Code "podcast" on Richard's site for 10% off. Link Below. yawspin.comFACEBOOK: ...…
Lance Pitman moved to Jackson Hole Wyoming when he was 11 years old. By the time he was 16 he was flying around the world being paid to snowboard.
Jenn and Julie talk about knitting and other fun stuff.
Wednesday, December 12th: This week, we talk comics for the week, including Miles Morales Spider-Man #1, Batman Annual #3, Black Hammer Cthu-Louise, Star Trek Waypoint Special #1, Magic the Gathering Chandra #1, Fantastic Four Wedding Special #1, and more! We also talk about trailers for Avengers Endgame, Brightburn, Umbrella Academy, and Godzi ...…
Today on the First 40 Miles, if you haven’t figured it out by experience, then we’ll give you one more huge reason to begin backpacking…the health benefits! The list of health benefits ishuge! Then our SUMMIT Gear Review today is a 22 pound piece of gear…but hear us out…it’s 100% backpackable and incredibly fun!…
It's our last installment of Hatewatch Hallmark before moving on to the endless bounty of off-brand Christmas movies, so we are coming in hot this week. We start with the sequel to our Outlander Store Dot Com special: A Novice's Guide to Destiny Dice and honestly we feel this should have been its own segment because it had way more to offer tha ...…
So TMan overestimated his ability to edit a full episode after returning from his vacation, but never fear! He's not going to let a Tuesday go by without an update! So here's your first bonus content from the Make Me A Gamer crew: the much talked about, long-awaited Episode Zero! That's right, you get to hear TMan and HarveyZ's humble beginning ...…
Joshua & Ryan discuss upgrading your phone, clothes, technology, housing, appliances, and anything else you might consider upgrading, and they answer the following questions: Under what circumstances can I justify an upgrade? (15:12) How do I resist the urge to upgrade to the 'latest and greatest'? (27:37) Detailed show notes: ...…
Mike Spinelli has had some of the best jobs in automotive journalism: a founder of Jalopnik, former editor of 0-60 Magazine, talking head on /DRIVE on NBCSports, and host of several shows on YouTube's /DRIVE Network. He knows -and has seen- a lot. This show is also a video: Follow us! T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman ...…
David Nagler, President of Televue Optics is our guest on this episode. Join us as we explore the optical innovations heralded by Televue and Al Nagler, founder of the company. David outlines how Televue got started and we explore the details of some of the best eyepieces and telescopes in the world of amateur astronomy.…
On this episode of GoCast, PvP is in the game (well, almost) and a Christmas event is on the horizon as we prepare for a game-changing December! We're also joined by special guest Charles McFall from The Pokemon GO Podcast! You can find out more about his show at For full show notes and resources ...…
THIS WEEK: The gang lets the Mk III out of the bag, Morgan's new series is off to a clean start and there's an unexpected knock at the podcast room door! WATCH THIS EPISODE: Leave us a RATING & REVIEW on iTunes: SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Ch ...…
Paging Chief Counsel Hugh Louis Dewey! Rachel got into a fender bender because she was distracted by laughing at Car Talk. Are Tom and Ray liable? Elsewhere, Tom got a Caprice Wagon in exchange for a set of teeth he made, but the car's knocking sound is making him wonder if he should have only provided molars. Also, Abbie got some dodgy, and pe ...…
記念硬貨持っていますか。 わたしは何枚か持っていました。 つくば万博(正式名称、国際科学技術博覧会)の500円記念硬貨を残して全て通常の硬貨に両替をしました。 自動販売機で使えないし、お店に持っていっても使えないこともあると聞くのです。 記念硬貨を集める人も そうでない人もおつきあいください。 夕張溶けて降る雪・ナイトキャップを試す前に…・快速旅團のお知らせ、そんなこんなの8分06秒です。 このブラウザでは再生できません。 再生できない場合、ダウンロードは🎵こちら ゆい●ろく第524回 ◆関連リンク◆ 【先行受注】薪ストーブ Jigger/ジガー (快速旅団)、薪ストーブ Jiggerオプション 【入荷】ガレージ・パーティ (快速旅団)、夢殿ダークオリーブ (快速旅団)、煙筒ポート( ...…
The gardening program for gardeners and non-gardeners
The new Hyundai Veloster has a record-setting performance in one of our tests. We discuss how the hatchback has improved and where it slots among competitors. GM is dropping six sedans from its lineup; we talk about how it will affect consumers. Plus, we answer your questions on used car buying and if it’s safe to drive your car until the tank ...…
Peter Gibbs hosts the show from RHS Garden Hyde Hall in Essex. Joining Peter to answer the questions are Christine Walkden, Matthew Wilson and James Wong.Produced by Dan CockerAssistant producer: Laurence BassettA Somethin' Else Production for BBC Radio 4
Trever from MCS sat down with us at PRI in the MCS booth to talk about his love for all things cars, crewing for all kinds of interesting people (Even Patrick Dempsey), and of course, building track rat Hondas and MiatasBy Austin Cabot & Adam Jabaay & Abrin Schmucker.
Once you've chosen your fabric, found your favorite brand of thread and pieced your top, batting is the next great frontier. There are so many choices to make, from color to material, we know it can be an overwhelming process. But! We've got just the answer to all your questions. Join Kris as she walks me through all the variables for batting. ...…
It's question time again! After last week's massive success, we couldn't resist the urge to have you, loyal listener, once more do all the work for us. Before we turn the microphones around, we also talk about Brass: Birmingham, Exodus: Paris Nouveau, and Werewords. 01:52 - Brass: Birmingham 05:48 - Exodus: Paris Nouveau 09:55 - Werewords 15:30 ...…
'Twas a few weeks before Christmas when all through No Meat Athlete, Matt and Doug were up giggling, 'til the vegan cooking was complete. Ok, enough of that... Each year this ends up being one of my favorite episodes to record -- our big vegan holiday extravaganza, where we share the official unofficial NMA gift list, our goals and focuses for ...…
Gale Banks is the founder and CEO of Banks Power, the leading company in performance modifications for diesel engines. He has an amazing history, from building a twin-charged semi truck for Pikes Peak, to jet boat engines for New Zealand, to government contracts. When it comes to engine tuning, gas or diesel, he is one of our most knowledgeable ...…
Hey hey, namaste :D We wanted to take a brief moment to thank everyone that supported the Marvel Mythos through season one. We've been overwhelmed with the influx of kind words and reviews from Instagram, Facebook, iTunes, etc, and we're excited to keep delivering the goods in Season 2 - coming January 2nd :)…
Blake Estes is one of the world's premier planetary imagers. He also works as a telescope operator at the Mount Wilson and Griffith Observatories in California.In this episode Dustin Gibson and Tony Darnell discuss the intricacies of planetary imaging and get the inside scoop on what it's like to work at two of the most important observatories ...…
Greg Phillips was in the studio this week to talk about his start in FPV, life in Australia, X class setups and a lot more. He's a great pilot and all around nice guy so enjoy this weeks episode of the podcast! WEBSITE: yawspin.comFACEBOOK: https://w ...…
The Manboy's Chris Rasman set up a quiet Westin Hotel boardroom using his Whistler beer connection. We talk about his life in snowboarding, because that's what you do in a snowboard podcast episode. Sponsored by Wire Snowboards, Dakine Outerwear, The Boardroom Snowboard Shop, Grouse Mountain, and Tribute Boardshop in Nelson BC.…
Wednesday, December 5th: This week, we talk comics for the week, including Immortal Hulk #10, Marvel Knights 20th #3, Doomsday Clock #8, Prodigy #1, Green Lantern #2, Star Trek Terra Incognita #5, and more! We also talk about the Captain Marvel Trailer, the Avengers 4 trailer and title reveal coming, Shang-Chi coming to the MCU, the return of E ...…
Today on the First 40 Miles, who says you can’t have type one fun and type two fun on a backpacking trip? Today’s episode explores games on the trail and how to make memories without bringing Monopoly. You’ll learn 5 super fast, super fun games that you can play on your next wilderness backpacking adventure or use to break the ice at your next ...…
On this week's episode of Make Me a Gamer, TMan and HarveyZ forego topical news to discuss some games they've been playing. HarveyZ has another XCOM 2 update, and TMan's been playing Hitman 2 and a mobile game called Piffle. We also talk a little bit about Lady Gaga playing Bayonetta before diving into a very spoiler-filled discussion of The St ...…
It's #HatewatchHallmark Vermont week! We watch Road to Christmas, where Kirstie learns how to identify a Chad Michael Murray in the wild, then it's like Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again! all over again as we revisit our favorite town with an inexplicable Christmas theme in Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa. Ok, it's not quite as good as Mamma ...…
Joshua & Ryan discuss our culture's addiction to stuff, shopping, drugs, alcohol, outrage, drama, success, and achievement, and they answer the following questions: When should I stop trying to save those individuals that refuse to save themselves? (13:27) How do I break my addiction to the status quo? (30:14) How do I break my addiction to suc ...…
Sam Smith is a writer for Road & Track magazine and an accomplished vintage racer. He's driven some unique cars, including IndyCars from almost every decade, and retired F1 cars. He drove down in his Integra Type-R to talk about it all. Read Sam's work: This show is a video! ...…
THIS WEEK: Dane lucks out, Levi befriends fishermen & Anthony battles Godzilla! WATCH THIS EPISODE: Leave us a RATING & REVIEW on iTunes: SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channels: ...…
Intro Brownie Went home for Thanksgiving Got some samples and inks from you and Sandra, and Zenmarket Ralph pens showed up Bought VP #19 Finals time Brownie loves Smokey Quartz woof Yoss I met up with Sandra Received the exclusives from Brownie and sent of his. Got a Voyager, bought and sold an OMAS in the same day. Holidays Main Topic - Starte ...…
Bruce is back! And this episode he is talking all about the Legion Of Superheroes!
On this episode of GoCast, we’re looking forward to PvP, Sinnoh Stone is no longer a guaranteed reward, and we cover this past community day weekend! For full show notes and resources, visit our website -! Support us - email us - follow us on twitter - @gocastpodcast Sup ...…
This week we talk holsters with Jason Christensen from Concealment Solutions.
Legend took some time off so we brought a plethora of hosts for your listening pleasure. We talk news from the past month in the Amusement Park Industry. IAAPA, Christmas, and More! The post Butt Stuff with Kenny appeared first on In the Loop.
It's a real bottle episode this week folks! Just Melissa going over her 2018 goals that she achieved or failed for 2018. Hint: she mostly failed.
犬がちくわ状のクッションにくるまっている動画を見たのです。 とてもリラックスして暖かそうです。 「ちくわ状のクッション」の正体を検索しました。 ファションセンターしまむら、さんのロールクッションという商品でした。 もとは人用の防寒用品だったのですが 入りこむペットちゃん多しということで犬柄のものもありました。 インスタ映えをねらう人も そうでない人もおつきあいください。 夕張雪景色・消化したい・快速旅團のお知らせ、そんなこんなの9分13秒です。 このブラウザでは再生できません。 再生できない場合、ダウンロードは🎵こちら ゆい●ろく第522回 ◆関連リンク◆ 【SNS】yuiroku_podcast (Instagram)、kanjicho_yuimaru (Instagram)犬用、 ...…
The gardening program for gardeners and non-gardeners
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