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Hobbies Up To Here
So Many Hobbies, So Little Time!
This is the podcast where amazing discussions, shows are made regarding various aspects of the Health, various Hobbies and also in view of the Aesthetics. There is an aim to blend in both enjoyment and knowledge thus a more suitably amazing Podcast by INSANELY Records. Hosted by Bishal Baishya.
Life is boring. Hobbies are fun. Two fun guys talk about the fun stuff they do to have fun. Having fun yet? Start listening and you will.
A Hobbies (Gaming, Movies, and Books) Podcast led by MixedUpzombies and KarnivalKarnage
Podcast by Pandemonium Games & Hobbies
Hacks & Hobbies
In this podcast I talk about my hobbies, passions and life hacks. And learn from friends and family how they arrived at their hobbies and what makes them click.
A personal podcast about my everyday life and my varied interests such as cleft lip and palate, classic comedy (from Charlie Chaplin to the Smothers Brothers), being a liberal Christian and learning about other religions, Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who, music (classical, rock, jazz, ragtime, soundtracks, etc), pc gamer, history buff, being married and raising my daughter, playing some indie music, and whatever else I feel is interesting to talk about.
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We’re back…. AGAIN! Yes it’s been a few months since we’ve recorded a podcast and we’ve missed chatting together about everything crafty. But life happens! And one thing we can do when life happens is to learn from it. This episode we update you on what’s been happening the last two months and then sharing … Continue reading When Life Happens E ...…
In this episode, I'll go over some of the way Varoa mites can be eliminated and treated for.
This is a special episode recorded on location in LA. I talk about the traffic problem, the creation of the freeway systems as well the why behind it.Among other off-topic items.
In this episode I talk about the Hive Inspection post summer, getting ready for fall and winter.
In this Episode I go back to talking about bees and some of the diseases they face, from Varoa Mites, to CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder). I go in detail about the Varoa mites and how they take hold in a bee hive.
I talk about the weekend recap. Talking about the importance of communication and community.
Recap to last weeks happenings plus den activities.
A terrible tragedy has the fallen oak and this is my take on the matter and connection
I got the chance to speak in front of a captive audience, who listened to me give them tips about making good video on their smartphones for business and leisure.
I talk about some of the issues Anchor iPad app is having, which is messing up my recording/editing process. Had to switch to Ferrite app on the iPad to record the segments, edit/clean them and then import to the Anchor App to publish. I hope they update the app so this issue goes away :)
In this episode I talk about depression, condolences to delete Senator John McCain. And importance of death
In this episode, I talk about some of the great updates Anchor has enabled in the latest version of their App. Power of Stories and Gratitude.
In this episode I talk about motion simulators the journey getting success and power of repetition
I talk about the first day of school, getting into yet another hobby/project/hack. The importance of Pilots and the amazing Tim Ferriss interviews the CEO of Dropbox Drew Houston.
In this episode I give a breakdown of what all I have plan for the week along with some milestones I hit last year but missed this time around. And goal to train for the upcoming Seagull century.
In this episode I continue to talk about how you can leverage your smartphone for video production.
In this episode I talk about the importance of tools, having an actionable game plan for creating your content no matter the platform.
It’s been barely 24 hours since my experience at the National Achievement Conference and this my recap of what I’ve been able to retain.
Wow, just wow. Attending Tony Robbins live in person can easily be equated to being at a concert. But having attended the event I'm absolutely ecstatic.
In this episode I talk about the updates on Alexandria hive and introduce you to my other hobbies.
In this episode I talk about the lesser known topic of this podcast.
Latest episode of Hacks & Hobbies
I talk about a few hacks, a visit to my very last 100 mile ride at Seagull Century. I also go into a bit of a detail about my journey in building my SmartHome using HomeKit.
I talk about the state of the apiary with the two hives and how well they're doing.
We’re home from our travels and we want to share some of our adventures with you! Check out this newest episode! Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a review for us on iTunes! We are now affiliates with Amazon so if you see a * next to a link, that will take you to Amazon. … Continue reading Traveling Episode #94…
I got back on my road bike after a long time, 8-months. I rode with my team with a total of 18 teammates!This is a one of a kind episode, recorded on the road. I talk about the etiquettes of riding in a group.
We’re back with episode 93! Today we sat down and did a mid-year check in with the words we each chose for ourselves the year. My mom picked challenge and is working on challenging herself to find balance between all her crafty activities and to push herself beyond her comfort zone. I picked progress to … Continue reading Mid-Year Check Up Epis ...…
Taking photographs and/or uploading them on social media may actually impair a person's memory of the events. This episode, a very short one emphasises on this very aspect yet less cared or may be unknown to many. A solo recording by Bishal Baishya
Time to catch up with us here at Hobbies Up To Here! The annual Katie-Needs-A-Month-Off event has come and gone. We’re now buckling up for a crafty summer together and a regular recording schedule (we hope)! The Beatles quilt, Blackbird, has officially been accepted into the OC Fair 2018! We hope you get the chance … Continue reading Catching U ...…
In this episode about my experience, the process, the progress, and thought of you keeping bees
In this episode we talk about the many stages that a bee goes through, to develop from a tiny egg to a bee.
First hive inspection after the installation of the hive, to see how they're going.
The details of a bee colony and how it is an organism can be learned about this is episode.
Why Are People Mean? A light conversation with Vee from Chile.
In this episode we go deep dive into the anatomy of the bees.
Three Billboards Oscars Mark being an extra Napoleon Dynamite CGI crowds Purpose and goals The Greatest Showman The miserables Paddington Queer Eye Clothes maketh the man (or woman) Bowfinger Lady Bird The Shape of Water I, Tonya Being annoyed by someone
In this episode we talk about the different sub species of the bees.
In this episode I talk about the effects of Thunderstorms on Bees.
I talk about Bees and their Growth process.
The very first episode of Hobbies, Aesthetics And Health!Feeling down from time to time is a normal part of life, but when emotions such as hopelessness and despair take hold and just won't go away, you may have depression. Depression makes it tough to function and enjoy life like you once did. Just trying to get through the day can be overwhel ...…
You all might be thinking about the reason behind the podcast. This episode addresses the same.
Hello all our craft friends. Welcome to Hobbies Up To Here! My mom and I got the chance to sit down and chat about some crafts we’ve got our EYES on. Yup! Things we’d like to do in the future, things we wished we were trying out as we speak but we’re holding back due … Continue reading Multi-Craftual Episode #91…
Our 3rd anniversary is a reason to celebrate so why not share our favorites!
Why we’re still waiting for the Bees
In this episode I give a short update on the Bee front. And introduce a new feature that Anchor has enabled. Called Cohosts. Anyone using the Anchor app can now invite a cohost and talk about a topic of their choosing.I had a random conversation with another Anchor user in this episode.
Waiting for the bees to arrive :)
Bee hives are here, getting the equipment ready and get them ready for when the bees arrive.
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