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Calling all motorheads and car enthusiasts, we have collated podcasts for all things automotive from Porsche, Jaguar, Ferrari, Tesla, Ford, and more. Listen to these podcasts if you are looking for a new car, listen to repair advice, find out what's trending, interviews with industry professionals, car reviews, or simply just insightful discussions about all things automotive. Info
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Car Talk
America's funniest auto mechanics take calls from weary car owners all over the country, and crack wise while they diagnose Dodges and dismiss Diahatsus. You don't have to know anything about cars to love this one hour weekly laugh fest.
Filled with interesting stories, almost breaking news, a pinch of wit and a dash of banter. Some YouTube outtakes, and a few guests who actually know what is going on in the world of EVs, renewable energy and sustainability.
Tesla Motors enthusiasts looking for a show about the latest news and analysis on the all-electric high-performance vehicle company need look no further. Ride the Lightning: Tesla Motors Unofficial Podcast is a weekly show made for Tesla fans and owners by Tesla community veteran Ryan McCaffrey. Each week we'll cover everything happening with the Model 3, Model S, Model X, Gigafactory, and more!
The War on Cars
The War on Cars is a podcast about car culture, mobility and the future of cities. We bring you news, commentary and stories about the worldwide battle to undo a century's worth of damage wrought by the automobile. The War on Cars is waged by three leading voices of the livable streets movement, Doug Gordon, Sarah Goodyear and Aaron Naparstek. Liberate your city. Enlist today in The War on Cars.
Autoblog Podcasts
Autoblog Podcasts
Talking Cars (MP3)
Join our experts at the Consumer Reports Test Track as they discuss cars, answer buying questions, and share insights on everything automotive.
Every month Mel Herbert, Tom Wolfson and Robert Rosenbloom get together to talk about the cars, the batteries, the superchargers, the rumours, the stock price, anything and everything Tesla.Plus 'Elon Daily' - Mel's daily review of all things Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, Boring Company, Hyperloop and more. Short, fun and current.
Tesla Daily is a podcast covering all things Tesla, Inc., published every day. From the Tesla Motors Model 3, Model S, and Model X, to Tesla Energy, Tesla Solar, Tesla Network, and occasionally venturing into Elon Musk’s SpaceX, Hyperloop, the Boring Company, Neuralink, and OpenAI. Dedicated to keeping investors and customers updated on the latest news, Tesla Daily host Rob Maurer provides analysis and opinions on Tesla as a company, TSLA stock, and the future of the many industries Tesla co ...
A podcast about Tesla as viewed through the lens of two technologists.
TSLAQ Podcast
Podcast to document $TSLAQ Twitter and follow the timeline of the ongoing Tesla business saga
A sound mixture of science and passionate vision will introduce the audience to market dynamics, infrastructure challenges, raw material scarcities, and many more electric car related topics.With the rising popularity of electric mobility comes along a vast number of uncertainties. Statements of profit-driven manufacturers contradict those of change refusing conservatives, leaving basic questions open. Let’s talk about Electric Vehicles provides unbiased and factual information about electri ...
The show for those who are more than just car enthusiasts, but are also enthusiasts for the automotive industry. Join us as we talk shop with the top designers, chief engineers and product planners about the latest vehicles they’re bringing to the market.
We thought a podcast would be the perfect vehicle for taking viewers behind-the-scenes of MotorWeek. We produce 52 episodes of MotorWeek a year, but we don't always have time to tell you everything. The podcast is a unique opportunity for viewers to hear our personal impressions of the vehicles we road test, discover the stories behind the stories MotorWeek is covering and learn more about where the auto industry is headed as it focuses squarely on fuel economy.
Car News Daily
Join the team to catch up on automotive news each and every weekday.
Autoline Daily
Your 8-minute update on the latest developments in the global automotive industry. New cars, new technology, and the breaking business developments.
The Greg Carrasco Show is a public service platform used to inform the average citizen on vehicle purchasing trends. Honest, direct and no nonsense advice mix with cleverness and witty humour provides the listener with the best radio program alternative on Saturday mornings at 9am.
THE DRIVE brings you all the latest automotive news, product reviews, celebrity guests and more. Hosted by award-winning automotive expert, Alan Taylor. For many years, Alan's expertise and quick wit has entertained millions on ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, FOX, and the Speed Channel.
Straight Talk & Honest Answers
DJ w/ EcoGreen and Marty w/ Total Auto Solutions here to discuss the journey of life, the art of detailing & enjoying a good pint of beer. In each full episode, we are going to have on a guest that chooses their favorite beer to sip on while we discuss Auto Detailing Tips and Trends in our industry.
Motor Torque
Motor Torque
Motoring enthusiasts Alan and Andrew discuss their takes on the week's motoring news in this 45 to 60 minute audio podcast.
The Dealer Playbook is a podcast for you, today's automotive professional. If you're looking for inspiration and actionable insights into growing your dealership or career in the car business, Michael Cirillo delivers the goods every single week. Each episode brings you a successful individual from in or out of the auto industry who share, from experience the roadmap to their success.
WCCO's Car Care
WCCO's Car Care
Hosted by automotive expert Rick Titus, Drivers Talk Radio is a broad-reaching program that discusses the automotive industry in an informative and entertaining fashion.
The Consumer Connection to the Automotive Lifestyle on Commercial Radio, Live Videocast, Podcasts, Television, American Forces Radio Network, Print and the Internet!
Your weekly dose of auto industry news and conversation with top executives, specifically tailored for the used-car side of the business.
“You guys have been unbelievable – the best podcast I’ve ever been on in my whole life. You guys are masters of the Podcast Universe” – Grant Cardone, Author of The 10X Rule, show 108 “Thanks to Brandon Turner & Joshua Dorkin at BiggerPockets for what turned out to be the most FUN interview I’ve ever done!” – Hal Elrod, Author of the Miracle Morning The BiggerPockets Podcast The World’s Top Real Estate Investing Podcast. With Josh Dorkin and Brandon Turner [visitor] Join to ...
Think you can handle the "automotive truth"? Expert technician and veteran auto repair shop owner Louis Altazan shares his four plus decades of automotive wisdom with everyone through this lively call-in program sure to help everyone from do-it-yourselfers to folks that will never hold a wrench.
Unmasking the car industry. Our goal to is inform our listeners on what is going on when you start the car buying process from the dealers point of view.
RPM News Weekly
A Roundup of Current Automotive News
The official podcast of Ratchet+Wrench, providing strategies and inspiration for auto care success.
The Auto Detailing Podcast is a show dedicated to all things auto detailing. Whether you are a weekend warrior, drive way detailer, just starting your detail business, or you have been detailing for many years there is something we can all learn. This show gives you valuable tips, tricks and interviews with todays top detailers across the world. We focus heavily on efficiency and award winning results - We keep it real and make sure every episode gives you multiple take aways to make you a b ...
M U.S.
Listen to hear John Neff and the U.S. team talk about everything automotive: cars, sportscars, supercars, sedans, SUVs, motorcycles, auto shows and more.
Talking Cars (HQ)
Join our experts at the Consumer Reports Test Track as they discuss cars, answer buying questions, and share insights on everything automotive.
Beyond The Grid, supported by Bose, delivers great stories, fresh insight and amazing anecdotes from the world of F1. Each week Tom Clarkson brings you in-depth, personal conversations with the biggest names in the sport, from current superstar drivers and leading team bosses to legendary figures from history.
Autoline This Week
In depth discussions of the most important trends and developments shaping the automotive industry with industry executives and the top auto journalists. Your half-hour update on what they’re talking about in the C-suites.
Wheel Bearings
Dan, Rebecca and Sam discuss the cars they are driving each week and then dive into some of the big topics of the auto industry including the technology, trends and personalities.
Filled with interesting stories, almost breaking news, a pinch of wit and a dash of banter. Some YouTube outtakes, and a few guests who actually know what is going on in the world of EVs, renewable energy and sustainability.
Parkway Auto Trade
Catch the Experts Hour with hosts Carmine Mallozzi and Vince Ieluzzi from to find out how you can customize your pre-owned vehicle purchase and never step foot in a dealership and shop for a vehicle from the comfort of your own home or office. Find the car of your dreams, while saving thousands of dollars. Find out one of the best kept secrets in the industry!
Engine Noise is a car related podcast for do-it-yourselfers who don't mind getting their hands dirty. We cover any and all automotive topics and have a great time doing it. The show is hosted by long-time friends Jeremy and Matt. One’s a complete car expert. The other’s a long time DIYer just learning about cars. Check back the 1st and 15th of every month for new episodes! Engine Noise is made possible by 1A Auto - Quality Auto Parts.
The Auto Show
The Auto Show
Auto Retail Live
Podcast by Auto Retail Network
The Collecting Cars Podcast is a weekly broadcast hosted by founder and motoring enthusiast Edward Lovett and Motoring’s Chris Harris, in conversation with a stellar cast of car loving guests. An often funny, always frank show, full of insightful discussion about all things automotive.
Certified Master Auto Technician John Zangari & Society of Automotive Engineers member Paul Zangari talk cars and take calls each week!
Stack of Dimes
The podcast that headbutts the interwebs.
Alphabet Scoop
Alphabet Scoop is a weekly podcast from the 9to5Google team, bringing you the latest in Google news and our commentary every week.
Get an inside look at the global auto business with Autoline Daily. From the morning’s top news to in-depth industry analysis, Autoline Daily covers the auto beat like no other media. Available every weekday, it’s your outlet for the latest industry buzz. Autoline Daily, firing on all cylinders so you never miss a beat -- subscribe now!
Auto repair radio show in Phoenix, Arizona
The Ten Tenths Podcast is hosted by Michael Beck, Adam Nielsen and Robbie Vierhout. This podcast is intended to be a public forum where these three petrolheads with vastly differing automotive preference discuss their racing experiences, shame each other for poor automotive choices and generally have fun while talking about cars.
A weekly podcast where we share articles & tips relating to insurance!
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One of the things we are are learning is that as technology grows we must also. Are you a detailer or are u a brand? Do u think u can create a brand that your customers will know or are u the guy that just cleans their car? We want to take a moment and discuss how to build a business in your first years of business. DJ & Marshall drink one of o ...…
Detailing Horror Story - WTF is that smell? SPONSORED BY: - CHECK THEM OUT AND MAKE SURE YOU TELL THEM THE AUTO DETAILING PODCAST SENT YOU! Hello Jimbo. First of all thank you for your inspiring and informative podcasts! A bit off track but here's a little background for your listeners before the horor story. For year ...…
Vehicle AlignmentsBy 760 KFMB AM - San Diego.
CarNow co-founder and senior vice president of sales Tim Cox joins the show to talk about the digital retailing strategies that are working for top dealers. First strategy? "You have to create a champion in your store."By Cherokee Media Group.
When new car sales are under pressure those loyal customers who come back time and again are more important than ever. But how is that loyalty created and is there a simple and effective approach to making it happen in your business?Our experts will show you a series of real-world, practical and useful actions that you can take away and impleme ...…
Parkway Auto Trade - Saturday, October 5th, 2019 with Vince Ieluzzi and Ryan Bonnar.By AM640.
We discuss options for getting out of negative equity in your auto loan. Is the job of your mechanic to advise you on body work and cosmetic condition of your vehicle?By Revolutionary Auto Sales.
At the recent Motor Press Guild Drive Day event, they held a benefit for a journalist that was hit by a drunk driver. This reminds us how important it is to spread awareness about drinking and driving, and now texting and driving as well! Do NOT drink or text and drive, it isn't just your life on the line. First up, JoshCAR Hollywood Car Consul ...…
- Tesla "Killer" Getting Killed- No More Frankfurt Auto Show?- Ford Using Robots to Sand Car Bodies- GM Puts Alexa in Its Vehicles- September Sales Forecast to be Down- UAW Strike Affected by Corruption ScandalBy John McElroy.
The Greg Carrasco Show - Saturday, October 19th 2019. With Greg Carrasco & John Scholes. On today’s show Greg talked about everything from mid-sized SUV’s to the affects that cars have on the climate. There was a general focus on leasing and financing with some questions about which cars he would recommend. Money Mike came on to discuss how to ...…
The El Camino has been in the news lately, so we're taking on the possibility of a comeback! We also cover the uncertainty of the industry, McClaren building a super truck and more! Show #1011By Rick Titus.
This week on The Best of Car Talk, should Bill risk humiliation and passenger nausea by trying to learn how to drive a sitck shift in time for the high school dance? Given that his options are the family minivan or station wagon, he may need to go for it, and have a handy supply of barf bags on hand. Elsewhere, Jane's neighbor's dog is biting h ...…
Andrew had a Honda Civic Type-R on loan for a week, Alan thinks it’s because he was having a mid-life crisis. Listen in as the chaps discuss the ven diagram of typical owners, Andrew’s obsession with dashboard materials and the required weather conditions for a drive into North Wales.By Motoring Podcast - Alan Bradley and Andrew Clews.
We've completed testing of the 2019 Mercedes A-Class, and discuss how it performed at our track - does the small sedan live up to the luxury nameplate? We also discuss Ford's issues with its Explorer and Aviator models, and why problems with a brand new car aren't as uncommon as you might think. And why are windshield replacements becoming more ...…
We've completed testing of the 2019 Mercedes A-Class, and discuss how it performed at our track; does the small sedan live up to the luxury nameplate? We also discuss Ford's issues with its Explorer and Aviator models, and why problems with a brand new car aren't as uncommon as you might think. And why are windshield replacements becoming more ...…
- UAW Members to Vote on GM Deal- GM Faces Market Share Loss After Strike- Tesla Model 3 Gets Small Range Boost- Renault Cuts Profit Outlook- Ford Shows Off SEMA Models - Subaru Japan Plant Idled Due to Typhoon- CATL Begins Battery Factory in GermanyBy John McElroy.
- UAW Members to Vote on GM Deal - GM Faces Market Share Loss After Strike - Tesla Model 3 Gets Small Range Boost - Renault Cuts Profit Outlook - Ford Shows Off SEMA Models - Subaru Japan Plant Idled Due to Typhoon - CATL Begins Battery Factory in GermanyBy Autoline.
GUEST: Bob Lutz, Former Vice Chairman, General Motors TOPICS: - Thoughts on the Corvette C8 - Bob Talks Tesla - Lincoln - UAW - Lutz's Favorite Daily Driver PANEL: - Frank Markus, MotorTrend - Gary Vasilash, Automotive Design and Production - John McElroy, Autoline.tvBy Autoline.
Alex Jacques catches up with a young driver who has the biggest name in all of motorsport. Mick Schumacher exclusively talks to F2: The Road to F1 about his career so far, his passions away from the track and the influence of his father. The German also talks about his future ambitions, as he aims to one day compete in Formula One, where Dad, M ...…
Today's download: 2020 Kia Seltos pricing and specs, 2021 Skoda Octavia sketched out, 2020 Toyota Ultra-Compact BEV unveiled, Renault Megane RS Trophy-R price announced, Record Edition up for auction, 2020 Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet spied, and Tesla scoping for talent at the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.…
– TSLA closes higher than the previous day’s close for the 9th day in a row – Tesla updates Model 3 specs, pricing, delivery estimates – Gigafactory Shanghai approved for production – Track Mode hardware package – UAW/GM tentative agreement details Links: Email > Twitter > @teslapodcast Patreon > ...…
Acura has been around for 30 years but it’s hard to define exactly what the brand stands for. Moreover, Acura only has four volume selling vehicles in its showrooms. This week’s show is all about how Acura is rebuilding itself to become a true performance brand and where it plans to expand its model lineup.…
- GM and UAW Reach Tentative Deal- NHTSA to Revamp 5-Star Rating System- FCA Fined for Missing Fuel Economy Target- New Toyota Yaris Will Not be Sold in U.S.- Toyota Reveals Tiny BEV- Continental and 3M Team to Help AVs- China EV Policy Backfires- Volvo Shows Electric XC40- Tesla Gets Approval to Make Cars in China- Ford Lays Out Charging Optio ...…
- GM and UAW Reach Tentative Deal - NHTSA to Revamp 5-Star Rating System - FCA Fined for Missing Fuel Economy Target - New Toyota Yaris Will Not be Sold in U.S. - Toyota Reveals Tiny BEV - Continental and 3M Team to Help AVs - China EV Policy Backfires - Volvo Shows Electric XC40 - Tesla Gets Approval to Make Cars in China - Ford Lays Out Charg ...…
With a background in PR and landing her clients interviews with the likes of Barbara Walters and Anderson Cooper, Kristen Hinman shares valuable insights about how car dealers can get the right exposure for their dealerships.By Michael Cirillo.
More model Y news, Plaid S, 42,000 starlinks! Use code Robert3177 this month if you get a Tesla. Support the showBy FOOLYBOO.
– Gigafactory Shanghai rumor – Model Y spotted outside of California – Update on Plaid powertrain Model S – IIHS headlight ratings – Green Cab converts to Tesla – Volvo unveils XC40 Recharge – UAW and GM reach tentative collective bargaining agreement Links: Email > Twitter > @teslapodcast Patreon > ...…
Today's download: 2020 Toyota Yaris unveiled: option of hybrid power for the first time in Australia, 2020 Mini Countryman pricing and specs, Audi suspends air taxi plans – report2020 Honda Jazz teased, 2020 Volvo XC40 Recharge: Brand's first electric vehicle unveiled, Hyundai Veloster Grappler concept unveiled, Mazda EV: Interior teased ahead ...…
- Strike Costing GM and Workers Lots of Money- Volvo’s Gimmick to Boost Plug-In Sales- Apple Drops Blue Vehicle Emoji for Jeep- New Toyota Yaris To Offer Hybrid and AWD- VW Creates Atlas Fast-Back- IIHS Finds Big Improvement in Car-To-SUV Crashes- C8 Corvette Driving ImpressionsBy John McElroy.
- Strike Costing GM and Workers Lots of Money - Volvo’s Gimmick to Boost Plug-In Sales - Apple Drops Blue Vehicle Emoji for Jeep - New Toyota Yaris To Offer Hybrid and AWD - VW Creates Atlas Fast-Back - IIHS Finds Big Improvement in Car-To-SUV Crashes - C8 Corvette Driving ImpressionsBy Autoline.
For a few years after Uber launched in 2009, it seemed like the on-demand ride-hailing service might be an advance in the war on cars — a way for more people to share fewer vehicles and to reduce overall automobile dependence. Fast forward a decade, and the rise of Uber (along with Lyft) has instead resulted in increased congestion, reductions ...…
Model Y next quarter!! 2170 in X and S? Get patreon feed into your podcast app. Use code Robert3177 this month if you order a Tesla. Support the showBy FOOLYBOO.
In this week's show, the chaps discuss possible cultural differences in business practices with Nissan, Renault seem busy eating themselves, Dyson's EV project is dead, Toyota now has a multi-brand leasing arm in the UK, car finance is under the spotlight, Morris Commercial Vehicles is apparently back, pay-per-mile charging looks more likely in ...…
He was a driver for whom much was expected, arriving in F1 as the younger brother of a double world champion. And though today Ralf Schumacher doesn’t rate his achievements that highly, those who raced against him will tell you the six-time Grand Prix winner was one of the quickest and most under-estimated of his era. On this week’s show, Ralf ...…
Today's download: 2020 Land Rover Defender 110 priced from $69,990, 2021 Volkswagen Golf leaked completely undisguised, 2020 Toyota Yaris exterior leaked without disguise, 2020 Alpina B3 Touring confirmed for Australia, SUVs are guzzling the fuel savings being made by eco cars: report, 2020 Subaru BRZ, Toyota 86 update spied, 2020 Lexus LC Conv ...…
– CleanTechnica reports on Model Y production rumors – Yet another Model Y spotted in Fremont – Tesla heads back to the Nürburgring – Porsche announces the Taycan 4S – UAW and GM reportedly make some progress in strike negotiations – Rivian VP shares some information on their factory (Link) – Elon tweets about the machine that makes the machine ...…
Honda HR-V vs. Hyundai Kona vs. Jeep Renegade vs. Kia SoulBy Autoblog.
- New Sign UAW Strike in Final Stages- GM Wants Lower Health Care Costs- Investors OK with Strike- Toyota Reveals New Mini Sports Car- Buick's China EV Gets More Range- China Sales Continue to Fall- Sales in India Plummet- Porsche Releases Taycan with Smaller Battery- Faraday Future CEO Gives Up Stake in Company- Harley Halts LiveWire Productio ...…
- New Sign UAW Strike in Final Stages - GM Wants Lower Health Care Costs - Investors OK with Strike - Toyota Reveals New Mini Sports Car - Buick's China EV Gets More Range - China Sales Continue to Fall - Sales in India Plummet - Porsche Releases Taycan with Smaller Battery - Faraday Future CEO Gives Up Stake in Company - Harley Halts LiveWire ...…
GIG 3 production begins, Nobel prize for lithium, Salton Sea for lithium, BioDefense mode is cool. use code Robert3177 this month if you get a Tesla. Support the showBy FOOLYBOO.
Roden and Thunder kickoff the Halloween season with the 1982 cult classic Basket Case.By J.D. & Thunder.
– Updates on Gigafactory Shanghai, China Regulations – Elon discusses Tesla Truck, Autopark, and DeepRain on Twitter – Tesla reportedly adjusts compensation structure for store employees – Model Ys spotted in Fremont Links: Email > Twitter > @teslapodcast Patreon > Executive producer Rob ...…
Today we get a peek inside a company that handles lawn care for 800,000 properties across the U.S.And although few of us will ever build such a behemoth, trust us—you will learn a ton from this episode with TaskEasy CEO Ken Davis.In it, you'll hear how Ken started the company to solve his own biggest headache, why TaskEasy zeroed in on mowing l ...…
Today's download: 2020 Porsche Taycan 4S revealed, Renault Clio RS replacement could be hot Zoe – report, New recall of 80,000 Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda cars with DSG gearboxes – some for the second time in six years, 2020 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport unveiled, ANCAP: Hyundai Kona Electric maintains 5-star rating in audit tests, 2020 Mercedes- ...…
In our special Halloween episode, the guys interview an undertaker about hearses and hair-raising post mortem occurrences. Ever wonder what it’s like to own a hearse? Are there hearse laws? Can you just roll into a Jiffy Lube for an oil change? Is it bad luck to lay down in the back of one? Funeral Director Joe shares his answers and experience ...…
Mel, Tom and Robert get together to talk all things Tesla. Show Notes: “We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children." Smoke blankets L.A. as Saddleridge fire brings unhealthful air, pollution ...…