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Health and fitness that matters to you. Breaking down specific topics and discussing workout programs. Hear interviews with doctors, dietitians, athletes, trainers, coaches and more. Finding real workouts and information without the gimmicks. Find the show online and on social media: Email: Twitter: @undertenfitness Facebook: undertenfitness Instagram: undertenfitness And as always remember – Stay Motivated! Drew Smith
20 Minute Fitness
20 Minute Fitness dives into the science and technology of today's fitness world for you. Packing need-to-know info about the latest in fitness nutrition, tech, science, and methodology every Tuesday. Stay up to date with the current fitness news and trends without taking up all your time. Find out more at
Achieve the fastest results with the most effective and up to date health and fitness strategies from our interviews with leading experts. Ali is a Primal Health and Fitness Coach in Asia. Ali Fitness brings you interviews aimed at bring health back into fitness.
Enhance your energy, lose weight, boost your performance, and look better than ever in your bathing suit with the Get-Fit Guy! If you want to begin an exercise routine and don't know where to start, or if you've been working out for a while and aren't getting the results you want, host Brock Armstrong will give you the tips you need to reach all of your fitness goals. Get expert information and advice on everything from toning your arms, butt, and abs, to blasting fat fast, to running a 5K a ...
The Stop and Give Me 20 Podcast features 20 minute interviews with some of the World's Top Fitness Professionals. Each show will start with their story of what led them into a fitness lifestyle; the spark that fueled their passion to help change lives through their fitness. It moves into the "Superhero Section", where the conversation moves into 1) Who their biggest influences were growing up and who their real life Superhero was. 2) Who their Superhero is now- who in the world they look up ...
Author, Coach, Speaker & Certified Fitness Junkie Jeremy Scott owns Jeremy Scott Fitness in beautiful Scottsdale, AZ. Jeremy is a certified personal training who leads by example sharing hacks, tips, education and advice on all things health, fitness, & lifestyle related. Jeremy has worked with some of the biggest brands in fitness such as Men’s Health, Reebok and Vitamin Shoppe. Want a topic covered? Just send us a message and we will make it happen. Become a supporter of this podcast:https ...
A critical, independent voice on the politics and practice of health with Layna Berman and Jeffry Fawcett, PhD.
Frugal Fitness Man
Fitness information for those who don't want to spend a fortune!
Business, fitness, mindset and self-development. This podcast will leave you feeling thoughtful, motivated, inspired and ready to take action.
OPEX Podcast - Fitness Explained
Future of Fitness
We are putting a shoulder into it and pushing the fitness industry forward into the modern digital age. Eric Malzone, co-founder of Fitness Professional Online, interviews the brightest movers and shakers in the fitness industry. Topics will vary covering best business practices, marketing secrets, technological advances and much more. If you're a fitness professional, this is how you keep your edge sharp.
We're inviting industry experts, management veterans and all time fitness-legends to sit down and answer your questions. Whether you are a fitness instructor, or senior manager, you are bound to gain useful insight. Host Richard Parsons has over 20 years experience in the industry, and has seen it evolve. Suggest the questions you want asked by connecting with us on twitter @fitbusinessnet or heading over to the site below. All of the show notes and links for the episode can be found at www. ...
The Fitness Break Room is a fitness community that tells the stories and strategies of some of the industry’s most successful players. Understand the fitness marketing strategies, networking and connection methodologies, and notable life moments that've helped these powerhouses in the fitness industry get to where they are today.
Do you feel overwhelmed–over-amped–over informed?Are you always on the go, but never seem to get anywhere?Do you sometimes feel as though you are sitting at a stop sign waiting for the light to change?You are not alone!The latest research suggests that technological advances have surpassed our brain’s ability to process the input. We are overloaded and over-stimulated with a barrage of information and constant electronic contact.Think about it.
Joey and Jacquie talk health, nutrition, fitness, finance, entrepreneurship, jiu jitsu, kids, and life. Special guests include Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belts, record holding powerlifters, holistic nurses, fitness gurus, and people from all walks of life.
Welcome to the Keto and fitness talk podcast, where amazing things happen.
Whitney & Pam – AKA WHAM! – Talk about everything fitness and healthy living with a heavy dose of common sense. For show notes and other awesomeness visit
Virtual Fitness Wii FAB (For Absolute Beginners) describes step by step how you can use your Wii for fun AND fitness. Virtual Fitness Wii FAB professionals are needed. Are you willing to lead?
The show where Ryon Day & Jeff Mueller give you the best in geeky fitness tips, tricks and advice!
Switching it up again, I'm now going to cover some fitness related material. More consentrated on strength and body recompisition. Please follow along if you're interested. God Bless. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Talking about everyday health and fitness!
This podcast is primarily about the fitness industry, focusing mainly on powerlifting, but also exploring bodybuilding, crossfit, and strong man.
Join me as I share my perspective on life, fitness, motivation, health, positivity and relationships 💕💪🏼
We are at a time where there is a wealth of knowledge in the health and wellness sphere yet we are more confused than ever. This podcast's aim is to give you some clarity in a world of waist trainers, diet teas and fat burners.Hosted by Kate Neudecker with a little help from well established guests in the fitness industry, The Fitness Mindset Podcast is aimed to bring you the correct information to save you from the common pitfalls that can occur when you embark upon your fitness journey.For ...
Fit to Succeed
Regular fitness, nutrition, lifestyle and business tips for fitness professionals to improve their knowledge and skills with actionable, evidence-based advice. This podcast is hosted and delivered by Nordic Fitness Education, a leading online fitness education provider at the forefront of helping personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts become truly successful.
Talk Fitness Today
Beyond Fitness
Exploring fitness, health, longevity, passion, and wellness. Our mission is to help you flourish.
An off the cuff podcast for those interested in health, fitness, nutrition, business, and entrepreneurship. Matt Weik has been in the health, fitness, and supplement industry for over a decade and has a wealth of knowledge that he is looking to share. He is also the owner of Weik Fitness, LLC that not only focuses on personal training and nutrition consulting, but they are also the industry leader when it comes to producing health and fitness content and copywriting. You can check them out a ...
Platinum Fitness
Gym owner and entrepreneur, Aaron Nash, brings his results-based fitness and nutrition knowledge to listeners with a no-nonsense approach. You’ll hear about his own journey, struggles, and successes, along with those of his guests. Whether you need the bare facts of how to eat well or the motivation to put that knowledge into action, Aaron gives it to you straight. You will laugh, learn, and occasionally be shocked. His passion is defeating obesity, his method is showing you the ugly truth a ...
Fitness is getting more and more complicated. And as you know - that really doesn't help matters. It doesn't help you, because the last thing you need is more complication in your life. Simplification is the key to your success... This podcast is where I open the door to a whole new way to approach your fitness, your wellness and your overall quality of life, not just for now - but for years and years to come. I present this all in the way that I've embodied, not just personally, but also in ...
Delivering you straight forward, daily tips on how build muscle, gain strength, and lose fat. I want to make your fitness not so damn scary!
CXP Fitness
CXP Fitness aims to give the very best, up-to-date guidance and advice on exercise-based fitness. From Steady State Cardio to High Intensity Interval Training, Strength Training to Endurance, Functional through Bodyweight - CXP Fitness tries to cover all angles in a bid to promote performance and athleticism.
Mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend and budding wellness coach and nutritionist looking to change the world one healthy soul at a time.
A straight talk guide to the fitness lifestyle by a non-traditional fitness junkie. It's a weekly show telling about a health and fitness journey from the beginning, answering questions, giving tips and tricks to solve common health and fitness related issues. It will give a dose of motivation to start your journey and stay motivated.
SOTK Fitness
We at SOTK Fitness believe that physical health is not the sole most important type of health. Mental and spiritual are VERY important in growing as a whole! We will discuss MANY different topics along the way, sticking very close to fitness, personal development and growth, as well as business advice from those we look up to as mentors🙏🏽🙏🏽
Rock your workout every time with AGR workout mixes. It is the fuel to your physical training. High energy soundtracks released on the 1st and 15th of every month to kickstart your adrenaline. 60 minutes of non-stop mixes to get you in your zone, push harder in your workouts, and pump up that speed! Free exercise music for gym, cardio, workouts, walking, jogging, running, aerobics, calisthenics. Powered by
Curious Human
Jon Messner and his guests have conversation about exercise, science, and food. ---- Jon Messner was in a car accident when he was 17 and knee surgery seemed inevitable. Jon wanted to avoid surgery and started reading physical therapy, functional anatomy, and sports medicine books. Jon discovered knee pain may be the result of weak muscles, but was reluctant to accept that his knee pain wasn’t caused by the car accident. Despite his misgivings, Jon started lifting weights and strength traini ...
5 - Minute Fitness
Welcome to 5 Minute Fitness!! Here I’ll be giving you some of the fitness industry’s greatest tips on how to achieve you health and fitness goals in 5 minutes or less!! So next time you’re brushing your teeth, driving your car, waking up in the morning, or bored at work; tune in to learn some of the many ways to improve your health and physical fitness!!
This podcast series provides all you need to know to live “That Fit Life”! Each episode will provide great content and information to help you reach your health and fitness goals.
Our goal is to empower our listeners to live healthy, secure and confident lives. We do this through fitness and martial arts training and education.
Being a fitness style podcast, I want there to be an emphasis on a wide range of topics through training, nutrition, mindset amongst others. All my life rugby has been the number one sport for me and of huge interest to watch and always learn more about. For that reason I hope to provide plenty of rugby related content as well in these podcasts through different guests and rugby related topics of conversation. My aim is to provide as much value, insight and of course entertainment as possibl ...
Guiding Fitness Professionals to develop and grow their fitness brand so that they can build a business without limits ! Bringing you lessons learned, stories, and tips from the top fitness and wellness professionals in the world. We are going to cover a wide variety topics in the fitness industry. Listen in to learn from the best of the best on how you can live without limits and improve your impact with those you serve!
Talum Knox and friends talk science, spirituality, and speculation. Fact based discussions on fringe topics, bringing to light the importance of self, social, and environmental awareness. Exploring our divine interconnectedness in unconventional ways. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Fitness is becoming trendy. Trends become devalued due to saturation. In my podcasts, I do my best to help people understand how to break the saturation, and how to develop your own brand and culture inside of the industry. Welcome to Breaking the Fitness META!
this is a podcast for people who who want to be healthier, fitter and leaner without it completely taking over their lives. Dan and Vanessa have teamed up to give you straight forwards and easy to follow practically advice for you to reach your fitness goals.
Deebo Fitness
Building a sustainable business, taking your first steps into personal training, transitioning into online coaching.
“My mission is to empower YOU to live a high-performance lifestyle, and achieve your body's potential" - Gareth Sapstead MSc cscs, The Fitness Maverick.
Fitness motivation, coaching, and information. Nutrition information.
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Quick rant on why your goals matter regardless of the day and practice the right things in private to get the praise in public. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Today's episode is a very special one on the 20 Minute Fitness podcast. And the reason behind this is that we have the pleasure to finally introduce you to our very own season 2. We have been working really hard on this new season in the past couple of weeks and so hope to get you as excited as we are. Let's dive into it, shall we? The team beh ...…
How much can you really earn in the fitness industry? In this episode, Lauren & James discuss the realities of what you can earn as a personal trainer, bootcamp trainer, fitness coach, and more...You are going to love this ep.RESOURCES MENTIONED:Impact Your Niche - 50% Off: ...…
Debunking the myth you don’t have time to workout with simple real life math. Become a supporter of this podcast:
My 40 Under 40 Award Because of YOU In this episode, I want to thank you for allowing The post My 40 Under 40 Award Because of YOU appeared first on Weik Fitness, LLC.
Husband, Father, and small business owner. Grew up in Oregon, played some football but didn't make the NFL. Got married to the wrong girl, had 2 kids and started 2 different businesses. Grew gym business from 1 location to 3 locations. Divorced the wrong girl and married the right girl in the same year. Closed 2 gyms, had 2 more kids, started a ...…
The turn of the millennium brought the world of functional training to the fitness industry, then in 2007-08 the elite PT's shifted focus to the role that fascia plays in movement control and function. Ian O'Dwyer was one of the leaders at the forefront of both of these changes within the fitness industry as he worked in conjunction with PT on ...…
A quote from “I Believe in You” touching in regret and how to truly find what you are passionate about in life. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Dr. Ray McClanahan, DPM is the founder of Northwest Foot & Ankle (Portland, Oregon) and the inventor of the Correct Toes. Ray and Jon talk about natural foot care and how to determine the right shoe size for your foot. Dr. McClanahan can be reached at: --- Dr. McClanahan completed his under ...…
Whether it is a full marathon or a 10k, training for a race can have less than desirable consequences if you are not prepared. Today's guests, Angie and Trevor Spencer of Marathon Training Academy, discuss ways that you can avoid the pitfalls and arrive at your finish line healthy and happy. Read the transcript at https://www.quickanddirtytips. ...…
Though the field of research around the gut microbiome is brand new, the latest understandings are changing our definition of the optimal human diet. We are also learning how factors like activity, stress and sleep impact the microbiome. So, what foods promote the growth of beneficial strains of bacteria? And how can we make better lifestyle ch ...…
Talking about life as a shared experience and focusing on what truly matters most to you and those in close to you in life. Become a supporter of this podcast:
21 Questions with Tommy Baker If Resist Average Academy ~ Tommy is a writer, coach, speaker who helps people get the most out of their life. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Show Notes:Websites and Social Media Links: Website – Facebook – Backfitpro Inc Twitter - @drstuartmcgillInstagram – backfitproYouTube – Backfitpro Books Mentioned: Back Mechanic The Gift of Injury Stu’s Book Recommendations Clinical Neurodynamics: A New System of Neuromusculoskeletal Treatment Books Mentioned by Robbie Sapiens L ...…
In this episode, I'm bringing you Part 1 of my interview with Amy Begley, Olympian, and coach, on her own health and fitness journey. She tells about her road to the 2008 Bejing Olympics, confidence, goal setting, motivation and more. Amy gives practical tips for any skill or experience level on a health and fitness journey. For those coaching ...…
Want to know where to start when it comes to taking your online fitness coaching business online...? Well, you're in the right place!Impact Your Niche - 50% Off: Online Fitness Business School - ...…
On this episode of 20 Minute Fitness we dig into the world of metabolism. More specifically, how can you adjust your training regime to make your body a metabolism burning machine. However, we are not just going to give you quick tips on how to spike your metabolism once in a while. This is about making your metabolism and body more efficient o ...…
Not Happy? My quick advice on how to break out of a funk. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Jonathan Goodman is the creator of the largest collaborative blog for personal trainers, the Personal Trainer Development Center (thePTDC) and the founder of the world's first certification for online trainers, the Online Trainer Academy. He’s the author of 7 books including Ignite the Fire, Viralnomics, and the seminal textbook on online perso ...…
Thanksgiving Fitness and Nutrition Tips In this episode, I want to help you not look like a turkey The post Thanksgiving Fitness and Nutrition Tips appeared first on Weik Fitness, LLC.
Drew and Jon drink Tequila and talk about exercise related injuries and making rules for yourself.
We are talking about eating through the holidays. How to enjoy your favorite foods but also stay active and not let your hard work go to waste. Become a supporter of this podcast:
In this episode I am joined by FRCms coach Amir Zandinejad (@beardthebestyoucanbe) Amir has a wealth of experience coaching people to be better at being human. He is making us as coaches question what is “good form” and helping people understand that being passive when it comes to mobility isn’t enough. We cover: How important is it for the ave ...…
[1]Prakash Kashwan, PhD, from the University of Connecticut, author of Democracy in the Woods: Environmental Conservation and Social Justice in India, Tanzania, and Mexico discusses why indigenous people are the best as protectors of natural communities. Visit Your Own Health And Fitness [2][1][2] http://w ...…
Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common causes of foot pain (specifically in the heel). After I started showing symptoms of it (and consequently started complaining about it) I was surprised to find out that this rather fancy sounding condition affects many more people than I ever suspected. Read the transcript at https://www.quickanddirtyt ...…
We are talking money and the hustle for it and how it affects your hustle for happiness. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Have you ever experienced any kind of negative reaction following food intake? Do certain foods cause itchy mouth, sneezing, bloating, discomfort, gas, or bowel upset? Do you ever feel irritable, moodiness, fatigued, sudden drops in energy, or mental fogginess? All of these symptoms and more could be signs of a food sensitivity, especially to w ...…
Ru Anderson has been running his business online for years now as an early adopter. Today he shares some of his best tips on how to make a success of yours.
If something seems to good to be true, it probably is. But we may have discovered the one exception to that rule, red-light therapy. Not only do light treatments eliminate skin issues like eczema, the therapy has been proven to reduce joint pain and inflammation, stimulate muscle recovery, improve thyroid function and boost testosterone levels, ...…
Episode #15 of the GFM Podcast is here! This episode, Ryon Day (@Ryon_D) and Jeff Mueller (@TheMightyJerd) really earn their explicit rating while chatting about injuries and adjusting training regimens to adapt to them, efficient home workouts, their mutual hatred of golf, and whether or not it is important to know how to fight. Have a questio ...…
Bio: Mike graduated with a degree from California State University at Chico, where he earned his Bachelors of Science in Construction Management. After over 5 years of success as an engineer and Project Manager for Rudolph and Sletten, Inc, a few Life Coaching calls with James, founder of OPEX (Formerly OPT), highlighted his true values. Then h ...…
Helpful holiday tips. Plus more free food.
5 Tips to Beat Cold & Flu Season -and a chance to win a FREE 20 Travel pack of athletic greens -listen close! Become a supporter of this podcast:
On this episode of 20 Minute Fitness we sit down with Cory Reese, an ultrarunner and author of the book 'Into The Furness'. Cory, who lives in Southern Utah with his wife and three kids, started off his running career with simple half-marathons and ended up racing in one of the hottest places in the world, Death Valley. Listen to this week's ep ...…
Whether you are a NEW online coach or not, you need to be doing these 3 things. If you don't you will slow the growth of your business.RESOURCES MENTIONED:Impact Your Niche - 50% Off: Online Fitness Business School - impact-through-influenc ...…
60-year-old grandfather of 9 who after failing as a bodybuilder found unconventional training and became intrigued by kettlebells, heavy clubs, sandbags, and then fell in love with the Mace.
In this episode I talk about ALL the basics when it comes down to energy expenditure. I break down: “Starvation mode” TDEE, BMR, NEAT, TEF and wtf they all stand for “Metabolic slow down” with age Diet breaks What you can do to increase your metabolism Hobnobs I try to explain it as simply as I can in 10 minutes - I really hope you find it help ...…
How to Turn $3 into $100,000+ In this episode, I want to discuss how you can take a The post How to Turn $3 into $100,000+ appeared first on Weik Fitness, LLC.By Matt Weik.
Wave after wave of studies, papers, articles and hypothesis exploring the links between mental and physical fitness are emerging from labs and universities all over the world. And all this research will hopefully give all of us even more motivation to get out there and get fit.Read the transcript at ...…
BIO: All my life I have been around Sport and Art. I was a competitive swimmer then Waterpolo player for many years in my childhood into my teens. I have competed provincially, nationally and internationally in Waterpolo and in some cases as team captain. I studied design in University and nearing the end of my degree is when I found CrossFit a ...…
[1]Layna Berman explores self care not as self-indulgence but as the hard work and radical action of the examined life. Visit Your Own Health And Fitness [2][1][2]
If I were to start my training over today from day 1 here is what I would focus on. Become a supporter of this podcast:
We endurance athletes are all about the execution. We do discipline quite well, following a training schedule that allows us to compete at the highest level. But how many of us are truly enjoying the process? What if we could challenge ourselves AND see the incredible beauty in every moment? How might that improve our overall health? Ash Ghande ...…
Joe Rakoski and Justin Quinn are the Co-founders of Natural Force, a whole-food based nutritional supplement company that is on a mission to help people live happier, healthier lives through quality nutrition while minimizing their impact on the planet. As avid fitness and health enthusiasts, Joe and Justin were frustrated with the lack of trul ...…
The best exercise to build a better backside - glutes - hamstrings - back -calves and ways to start seeing results quicker. Become a supporter of this podcast:
I swapped my £30,000 car for a £80 per month Smart Car...RESOURCES MENTIONED:Impact Your Niche - 50% Off: Online Fitness Business School - MASS: FOLLOW US:Lauren: ...…
In this episode, I'm bringing you an interview with Susan, a run leader, and a mother, on her own health and fitness journey. She gives practical tips for maintaining a health and fitness journey while raising kids. In between episodes, check out the blog for companion articles release during the week after the episode ...…
Listen as OCB Figure Pro Crystalee Munoz discusses her personal journey in fitness.
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