Best Health and Well Being podcasts we could find (Updated July 2018)
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WCBS Newsradio 880: Daily Tips for Healthy Living from Pat Farnack
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Not so easy in the modern world of processed foods
Finding Water in the Foods you eat.
A conversation on Hydration
A healthier way of life by taking the tough route
The Health Benefits of the Sauna
A Conversation with Author Katja Pantzar
Talks About the new NIH Research Study
How studying a million people can pinpoint solutions
New "No Waiting" Health Care Model for Employees
Testing a New Model for Employee Health Care
A Conversation with Dr. Philip Stieg from Weill Cornell Medicine
A Conversation with Author Dr. Edward Hallowell
A conversation with Ryan Droege and his Doctor Joshua Raff
Allstate's Ellen Lisak talks about the program Purple Purse. Learn more at
How financial abuse is part of domestic abuse
A Conversation about a program called Purple Purse
Our Cooking Conversation with Author Paul Kita
Alcohol can interrupt sleep, not to mention cause one to get up several times a night.
Sometimes sleep apnea can be brough on by weight gain.
Pat Farnack talks with Paul Kita of Men's Health Magazine about why you are exhausted even though you've been sleeping 8 hours.
Dr. Louis Tsarohas says the over-the-counter fish oil is impure. He'd rather you take nothing than gamble with the drugstore brands.​
When buying over-the-counter fish oil, Dr. Tsarouhas says it's like consuming the gunk in the bottom of your frying pan after eating eeggs and bacon on a Sunday morning.
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