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Each week, Allen, Josef, and Jonathan discuss a comic book character (or team). Jonathan, a lifelong Marvel devotee, presents the character, their powers, and their history. Josef, who's only ever read one comic book and is significantly more grounded in reality, calls bull. And Allen, level headed voice of reason, mediates the mess.
This Week in Marvel
TWiM delivers all the Marvel info on comics, video games, toys, TV, film, and beyond! Hosted by Ryan "Agent M" Penagos, Tucker Markus, Christine Dinh, and Eric Goldman. Tweet your questions w/ the hashtag #ThisWeekinMarvel or e-mail
Marvel Noise
Home of the Marvel Noise Podcast
Your one stop hub for all discussion, news, and insight into what is happening with Marvel Studios. We love this stuff and want you to, too!
Marvel Studios News is dedicated to discussing all things Marvel Cinematic Universe! We cover the latest Marvel movie and television news and dive deep into the history of Marvel Comics characters on the big screen. This is the place to talk Marvel with your friends!
DC or Marvel? Twin brothers "Johnny DC" and "Marvelous Joe" review superhero films and debate the superiority between the comic companies by comparing their characters in stat-based duel simulations. Updates on Tuesdays.
Marvel Movie News
Pop culture by the bucket!
Dis After Dark is a Disney podcast for grown ups. The show is an irreverent look at the Disney parks by 5 English blokes & a girl who really know Their stuff about the Disney parks & movies. If you like Disney you’ll love Dis After Dark. Disney Disney Disney Disney. Please check out our Patreon Page We are proud to be Sponsored by the following people HHN If you are looking to book your next trip to WDW, Disney Land or a Disney Cruise, please visit our new Sponsor Wendy from M ...
Your source for all Marvel-related entertainment including comics, video games, movies, and television.
We all know about the Marvel Cinematic Universe that was kicked off in 2008 with Iron Man. But what about the Marvel films and TV movies that came before the MCU and that aren't technically a part of it? In this podcast, we take a look, sometimes with excitement, sometimes with dread, at the films and TV movies that are part of what we have dubbed the "MCO" or "Marvel Cinematic Origins".
A Podcast for ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV Series
Marvel Talk
Broadcasting from aboard the Helicarrier, atop the Triskelion, or whatever secret SHIELD base they're operating in these days, comes MARVEL Talk, a podcast discussing all things MARVEL, particularly the MCU, but occasionally things outside that studio, and even more!
Home to the unofficial podcast about ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Hosted by Jack, Rob & Alil. Episode recaps, news, analysis and predications are all discussed on this weekly show. The 'Nuff Said Podcast is a Marvel-centric show that covers Marvel comics, TV shows, and movies. That's right true believers, the Nuff Said Podcast is your new home to geek out on everything Marvel.Please rate us and subscribe to help more fans find our show. Learn more, contact us, and check out our other podcast ...
Check out the Mighty Marvel Podcast archives for classic interviews with the biggest stars in the comics industry!
Marvel Comics Podcast
Go behind-the-scenes of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. with the official podcast series for the hit show on ABC!
DIS POP is a discussion that covers all aspects of pop culture, but specifically covers Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars movies, music and more! DIS POP is an unbiased look at pop culture news, movie reviews, music reviews and so much more. DIS POP is hosted by Ryno Clavin featuring special guests.
Mighty Marvel Geeks, the show about all things MARVEL, is a weekly talk show broadcast live on Sorcerer Radio. This podcast delivers highlights of the radio show with hosts, Mike Ehmcke, Eric Allen and Kylan Toles. Topics include: Comics, games, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (TV/Film), celebrity interviews, pop-culture convention coverage, Disney Parks Marvel Attractions, Marvel Animation, Marvel
A podcast dedicated to toys and collectibles based on Marvel Comics, from the Hasbro Marvel Universe line to all the tie-in lines for the various Marvel films, plus high end statues, prop replicas, video games, and more!
Access the archives on the This Week in Marvel NOW! podcast for vintage interviews with Marvel's top comics creators!
Welcome to Marvelous: A Marvel Cinematic Universe Podcast, where your hosts, Henry and Trey, talk about every movie and tv show in the MCU, in order of release! Each episode will be spoiler free in regards to future entries in the universe.
Marvel News Desk
Formerly MCUExchange Podcast, Marvel News Desk is your best source for the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe News, Reviews, and Speculation. Each Monday, listen as Adam, Caleb, and Rhiannon breakdown everything you need to know about the latest and greatest in the MCU. Official Podcast of
A weekly review of Marvel's TV shows and off shoots. Like our Facebook page at
Marvel Noise
Home of the Marvel Noise Podcast
In this podcast Ash and Uz discuss all the latest DC and marvel news, and have some banter along the way. Ash is the marvel guy, Uz is the DC Guy. Hear them defend and promote their fave comic book brands! Today we talk about the latest news in the DC and marvel film and animated worlds ON itunes Any questions for the podcast? Email us here : DCVSMARVELPOD@GMAIL.COM Twitter : @DCVSMARVELPOD INSTAGRAM : DCVSMARVELPOD
1-844-843-2871 Each week four fans of Marvel Comics Agents Haley, Lauren, Consultant Michelle and Stargate Pioneer debrief you on the latest episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. or other related Marvel Universe content and news. You can find us on iTunes under ''Legends of SHIELD''. You can also follow us on Twitter @LegendsofSHIELD or even better, send us an e-mail: You can find all our contact information on our show page of - Our complete archive ...'s Podcast covers Disney, Marvel, Star Wars & Fox Merchandise news including Collectibles, Toys, Video Games, Movies, Books, Comics & More.
Agents of SHIELD Podcast is a weekly review-recap of the Marvel based, live action TV show on ABC. The team of Hank Davis and Alex Cruz from TPE Network recap/review the show and talk about Agents of SHIELD news, Marvel news, and Marvel Cinematic Universe news.
Welcome to the Ultimate Marvel Podcast, a biweekly show discussing the latest in the Marvel Comics universe. From comics, to TV, to movies, Jack and Ronnie tackle the latest and greatest coming out of Marvel Entertainment.
Marvel's Voices
With the Marvel universe as her springboard, host Angélique Roché holds in-depth conversations with storytellers creating unforgettable stories through their unique perspectives.
Welcome to Now Playing's Marvel Comics Movie Retrospective Series where in anticipation of the ultimate comic book crossover movie The Avengers in 2012 we will be watching and reviewing all the Marvel Comics films! Join us as we review everything from Howard the Duck to X-Men, Spider-Man to Fantastic Four!
Women of Marvel
The Women of Marvel assemble to show how people of all backgrounds are making a powerful and positive impact on our stories. Co-hosted by Sana Amanat and Judy Stephens, with Lorraine Cink.
Two fans' journey through the Marvel universe from Fantastic Four #1.
Podcast by Marvel Cinematic University
Welcome to Level 7 Access, a Marvel's Agents of SHIELD podcast. Each week, J.D. Jackson, Page Branson, Michal Schick, and Devon McGovern-Johnson bring you the funniest and most in-depth Agents of SHIELD and Marvel Cinematic Universe podcast ever!
Meet Kirsten! I'm the voice behind The Marvelous Mom's Podcast and today I'm talking about the what's why's and who's of the podcast! Prepare for a fun, adventurous and uplifting audio experience that will motivate you to be the mom you always imagined you would be!
The MCU Guru chats about every corner of the ever-lovin’ Marvel Cinematic Universe!
The Brothers Marvel
The Brothers Marvel is a podcast that takes an issue-by-issue look at the classic stories of the Marvel Universe from the very beginning in 1962 .
Recapping every episode of Marvel & Hulu's RUNAWAYS, Jason, Cass, and Scott will unofficially dive to the depths of teen angst, relationship drama, superpowers, and more! New episodes every Wednesday.
Some call them delusional. Some call them heroes. Others would be right to call them . . . Marvels. In the debut audio drama from No Line Radio's Andrew Gilbertson (Spinoff), follow the adventures of the Star-Hoppers, a band of heroes unlike any the galaxy has ever seen before. These "Marvels" (Don-Wan Kihotay, Hedji, Jimm the Starkiller Kid, FE-9Q, Amaiza Foxtrain, and Jaxxon), led by Han Solo and his co-pilot Chewbacca, journey to the farthest reaches of the galaxy, seeking fortune and glo ...
Childhood friends Cody & Paul used to sit in a small basement arguing about Star Wars. Throw in craft beer and some mics and now the debates are a little livelier, a little drunker, and everyone’s invited, because Star Wars is here until the end of time! Join Mopar Melton, Commander Cody, and the rowdiest crowd of nerds you’ll ever meet for the original 21+ Star Wars show, where you’ll feel like you’re in the room with your best friends each and every week.
Four podcasts dedicated to the Complete Marvel Reading Order, both of which talk about major events and individual issues from the history of Marvel Comics starting at the silver age (FF #1) and moving forward. CMRO Podcasts is from the proprietors of the site and covers all issues in the Main 616 order, as well as a lot of history and backstory of what was going on in the comic world when those issues came out. Disorderly Conduct skips to just the important issues and includes a couple of r ...
This Week in Marvel's Agent Carter takes you behind the scenes of the ABC series, featuring full episode commentary tracks with the series' creators!
A weekly Marvel TV podcast. A comic book industry vet, a TV critic, and a mega fan discuss Marvel's TV series in depth, including Defenders, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Daredevil, and Legion. Part of the Permanent RCRD podcast network.
Marvel Comics Podcast
Andrew Husband and Dan Seitz watch and discuss the Marvel Cinematic Universe one film, and one minute, at a time. Did you get that reference?
A production of the Melbourne History Workshop
When Your Favorite Shows End, We're Just Getting Started
Jessie goes through the Official handbook of the Marvel Universe with a guest and talks about the characters that we know and love and have forgotten as well.
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Andrew W.K. stops by to talk about his new album "You're Not Alone," then Jamie and Ryan dive into their picks of the week, the latest Marvel news, and more!
Trex sits down with the Jon McMains, Mac N., and Big Matt to give their thoughts on the best and worst of the last ten years of Marvel!
“We have a Hulk.” We continue our 19-episode Marvel Cinematic Universe streak with the sixth film in the franchise, Marvel’s the Avengers (Joss Whedon, 2012). Follow us on Twitter @cinemadamore. Subscribe on iTunes and Google Play Music. Please rate and review us. Every little bit helps, and more importantly, thank you for listening. Hosted by ...…
In the latest episode, we watch Ant-Man, make a lot of bad puns, use the phrase "daddy beef" in context, and sing the wrong theme song.
For Episode 16, my guest is the wonderfully nerdy Hector Navarro (Hyper RPG! 500 Greatest Films Podcast! @Hectorisfunny on Twitter!) While I'm the DC kid of the gang, Hector is very much the Marvel kid. But when we get together, it's nothing but the best, and the conversation is always satisfying. And our discussion of Homecoming is no differen ...…
Sega is in the news but leaves a lot to be desired in the information department. Shenmue I and II will see a rerelease for modern consoles. Sega Ages has been announced for the Nintendo Switch. A new Sega Genesis Mini has been announced. Kingdom Hearts will feature 20 plus mini games heavily inspired by an old Nintendo product. SNK announces a ...…
Quick question. Before we get started, does anyone want to get out? Ok good. Because just like the elevator in Captain America Winter Soldier, Marvel Phase 2 is a bit of a bumpy ride. This week the Nerds come to their second stop aboard the Hype Train: Destination Infinity War. From the dark lows to the snowy highs Phase 2 has a bit of everythi ...…
There is more to the universe than you can see, and there is more to this podcast than three dudes talking about things they like (okay, maybe not). Jerome, Anthony, and Jake welcome opinionated Canadian Evan Scrimshaw to the program to share his scalding takes on the film Doctor Strange. Benedict Cumberbatch's accent is skewered, the visual ef ...…
The Geekset crew is back after a long hiatus discussing what they've been up to, the future of Geekset, A Quiet Place, Gotham getting it's hype back, Marvel Universe, DC failures, What Makes Black Panther an elite Black Movie & More.DON'T FORGET NEW MERCH AND ITEMS NOW FOR SALE ATwww.GeeksetPodcast.comFollow us on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook@ ...…
“Go get him. I can swim.” We continue our 19-episode Marvel Cinematic Universe streak with the fifth film in the franchise, Captain America: The First Avenger (Joe Johnston, 2011). Follow us on Twitter @cinemadamore. Subscribe on iTunes and Google Play Music. Please rate and review us. Every little bit helps, and more importantly, thank you for ...…
“Go get him. I can swim.” We continue our 19-episode Marvel Cinematic Universe streak with the fifth film in the franchise, Captain America: The First Avenger (Joe Johnston, 2011). Follow us on Twitter @cinemadamore. Subscribe on iTunes and Google Play Music. Please rate and review us. Every little bit helps, and more importantly, thank you for ...…
In this week's international episode, we learn about the magic of how to break into comics all the way from South America. German Peralta talks about how he got hired by Marvel and how he developed his unique style. German also talks about dealing with criticism in a positive way.
Jeremy is taking another vacation... how dare he! So instead of leaving you high and dry, leading up to Infinity War, we are counting down our top 5 Marvel films. See ya next week for a full show!
The Jesus Saves Ministry 1007 W. Arlington Blvd Greenville, N. C. 27834 E-Mail: 252-689-6172 252.916.0104 cell: 252-214-0799 extra 252.329.0484 BISHOP, Apostle Lonnie Stocks Audio now24/7 1-605-781-9704 Acts 3:11-15 (KJV) 11 And as the lame man which was healed held Peter and John, all the people ran together unt ...…
In the latest episode, we watch Josh Whedon's last Marvel film, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and debate whether snarky robots are cool or if this is all just kind of frustrating.
Join hosts Cain Winstead and Matthew Deragisch as they dive though the untouched corners and forgotten stories of the Spider-Man library on a hunt for lost gems and what it truly means to be a Spider-Man story. In this episode of Untold Talks of Spider-Man, Cain and Matt take a look at the 2004 Marvel Knights Spider-Man #1-12 written by ...…
Marvelous Monday with Dr. Shirley McKellar and Bishop L.J. Guillory is always the way to start the week! In the post President Obama future we will have to make some important decisions about how we can best and most effectively work together to influence and guide the direction of our country in a way that makes the lives of American people an ...…
***This is a Spoiler Filled Review***It’s a full spoiler filled review for Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World, & Captain America: The Winter Soldier, as well as a spoiler warning for the previous films in the MCU.Iron Man 3Specs - 2:28Story Recap - 7:19Where It Fits in the MCU - 10:02Best Scenes - 15:55Worst Scenes - 18:43Oscar Lens - 23:28Thor: ...…
Trex sits down with Jon and Matt to give you listeners ALL 18 movies that haves happened to get us to The Avengers: Infinity War. (In the time it takes to watch a single movie) This is just a story recap episode with almost no personal commentary about the movies, we read the synopsis of every movie hitting the main points so you don't have to ...…
Prequels usually a topic of controversy amongst the mega fans yet we still want to see them The Healthy Distractions duo takes a look at some of the positives and negatives of prequels and talks about how Captain Marvel can avoid some of the same shortcomings Listen and let us know how you feel at facebookcomhealthydistractions or healthydistra ...…
This week Mick and Ben turn evil and grow villainous moustaches.... Okay maybe not but they do talk about some fairly bad eggs from the Marvel films. Using a sophisticated and definitely legitimate scientific ranking system they hope to find who's the worst egg of the lot .Also: When did Chewie adopt Han?Is Frozone still looking for his suit?Do ...…
Episode 271: Incredibles 2 Sneak Peak At The Parks, Infinity War Tops Marvel Preorders, and Mark Hamill Hates Star Wars! (April 16, 2018) Welcome back Cast Members, to another episode here at CLOUD CITY CAST! Here are the main topics we’ll be discussing today: 3:00 – Adventures in Fandom 13:00 - Incredible 2 trailer, sneak peek in the parks 21: ...…
You’re in good hands (figuratively) with Dr. Steven Strange. Join the UnpauseIt crew as we review this origin story of a new magician for the Avengers (because we can never really be sure about Loki). Break out your slingring and check the time so we can get started! In this episode, you’ll learn: Release information about the film, Dr. Strange ...…
Matt and Zac tell you everything you'd ever want to know about Hulu. What is on Hulu? Is Hulu worth the price, with all the other streaming options out there? What does the word Hulu even mean? We also talk about some of Hulu’s original programming, including Marvel’s Runaways, The Handmaid’s Tale, and the James Franco series 11.22.63. And we d ...…
In the latest episode, we get to the big day: finally watching Guardians of the Galaxy with Matt DiChiara, aka the movie we all expect him to love! But where will he land? Listen to find out!
Whats your favorite attraction at WDW. This week, we give out top five. Pirates of the Magic Kingdom podcast covers Disney World in Orlando Florida.We are a father and son team with our family friend talking about all things WDW, Marvel and Star Wars.Our show is recorded live once a week. We talk about things to do, news and report on events. W ...…
The boys are back in town! After a brief absence, Sean and I are back to talk about fiiiiiiilms. We start by giving some brief background on ourselves, for those who don't know us. Then What The F**k is Up devolves into me describing how I imagine someone is based on their voice (We're talking about the girl who does the intro for the A24 Podca ...…
Keeping with last weeks theme and the run up to Infinity War we're taking a close look at Thanos and the first few of his comic book quests as a cosmic supervillain. From the 70's, including his possession of the cosmic cube, versus Captain Marvel and the Avengers leading to his first death, into the 90's and his reappearance with the Silver Su ...…
Valerie is back alongside Tatiana to talk all things Marvel, this time with an in-depth squee session over Captain America: Civil War. We discuss everything from our burning hatred of the Steve/Sharon story to our deep love of the Steve/Bucky friendship and the curious balance required in Tony's point of view.…
How google maps can ruin lives, celebrities being jerks, and a gaming documentary pitch. Marvel makes another prominent appearance, before Outburst rears its ugly head yet again.
2 Peter 1:1–11 (NLT)This letter is from Simon Peter, a slave and apostle of Jesus Christ.I am writing to you who share the same precious faith we have. This faith was given to you because of the justice and fairness of Jesus Christ, our God and Savior.May God give you more and more grace and peace as you grow in your knowledge of God and Jesus ...…
Bible Readings: Song of Solomon 4:1 – 16, Romans 7:7 – 25 Sermon Outline: Daily Light on the Daily Path, April 10, Morning Reading I am black, but comely. Song 1:5 Behold, I was shapen in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceive me. Psa. 51:5 Thy renown went forth among the heathen for thy beauty: for it was perfect through my comeliness, wh ...…
Cast: Danny (@Negator7) Contact Us: Follow Us: FB Tw IG: @UnversedPodcast Triple-Q: Marvel Talk: FB Tw IG: @MarvelTalkCast
The guys feel a little "Thor" after watching today's movie. I'll apologize for this joke as soon as Marvel apologizes for this film.
The MCU welcomes Spider-Man into fold in 2017's Spider-Man: Homecoming! At a time when no one was excited about the prospect of another Spidey film, does the Sony/Marvel deal work? What sets this iteration apart from the previous Raimi and Webb series? And why is Iron Man here? Find out as we crawl through the web of Spider-Man: Homecoming!…
Kurtis and Tommy jump into Roger Stern’s legendary Avengers run with the final Stern volume! This volume features incredible battles that pit the Avengers against Zeus and the rest of Olympia, Magneto and the X-Men, the West Coast Avengers, a dozen dead heroes and villains, and even Doctor Doom! Issues discussed: Avengers #278-285, X-Men vs. Av ...…
This week @The_Dark_Mike and others have a crack at a free-reign Marvel movie. It gets odd, but we do get an excellent new sign off that will definitely always be used. Don’t forget that all Geek Pride Podcasts, including this one and the Geek Pride Cast can be found on Itunes, Google Play, youtube, spotify and our website for download. If you ...…
This week on the Major Spoilers Podcast: The New Mutants get scary, and we want to know who you are reading besides DC and Marvel. Plus, New Super Man and the Justice League of China #22, and Gideon Falls #2! Show your thanks to Major Spoilers for this episode by becoming a Major Spoilers Patron at It will help ...…
Hosts: Nard and Ray Nard and Ray went to the Apple store for an iPhone battery change. We talked about Bill O’Reilly saying LGBTs want to sweep white people out of power, a transgender student’s photo on a yearbook, MIT headset that can read words you say in your head, a luxury space hotel for $792,000 a night, a woman whose DNA test revealed h ...…
In this episode, Caroline and Adrienne discuss the scandalous life and death of architect Stanford White and his marvelous mustache. Caroline unveils a new word and Adrienne determines that it must be like pluff mud. Join the fun on this week's Scandal Sheets!===============================================================Visit Scandal Sheets on ...…
Join Zoheb as he goes through this week's news with special guest, Matt Vella. They talk about Westworld, Solo, Marvel and discuss what goes into making your own short film! Thanks again to Matt for joining us for this special episode! Remember to rate and review us iTunes and to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!…
Today's message brings us back to the cross of Calvary - the place where God's love and God's justice met. It was there that God declared His supreme desire for mankind - their forgiveness. Listen to the words of Jesus when He said, "Father, forgive them." What gracious words in the face of abject hatred and cruelty! This message takes us back ...…
This week the guys discuss the differences between the comics and the MCU villains. Twitter/Instagram Show – @WickedHotTalk Kevin – @ImperiaDigital Jon – @KimJon_Gil
Shot for Shot is a brand new interview-style podcast where we interview our friends and use alcohol to get the real truth out of them. Each round the shots get progressively stronger and the responses get funnier. On today's episode we have Shyanne. She is a student studying Criminal Justice with a weird kink for anything Marvel, or any comics ...…
This week on the podcast, Dan Grote talks to writer Christopher Sebela about his upcoming Image books "Shanghai Red" and "Crowded," his recent Johnny Blaze one-shot at Marvel, coffee shop dogs, whether "Lost" holds up and much more.
Many moons ago High Voltage had a radio show on the Independent FM that we adored. We've decided to bring that radio show into the podcast world and this is our first episode! Each week the High Voltage staff will discuss what we're watching, listening to, playing and doing. Sometimes we'll even be joined by a special guest.Today's episode feat ...…
And here is Episode 3. This is the audio from our Marvel Cinematic Universe Panel at Gila Valley Comic Con. Hope you like it!If you want to watch the video, check it out here:
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