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1 on 1 interview show featuring the creative minds behind Comics TV Film Novels & Animation. Hosted by Chicago Pop Culture expert, John Siuntres
Two guys with PhDs talking about comics! The Comics Alternative is a multi-programmed podcast focusing on the world of alternative, independent, and primarily non-superhero comics. (There's nothing wrong with superhero comics. We just want to do something different.) New review episodes become available every Wednesday and include discussions of graphic novels and current ongoing series, overviews of upcoming comics, examinations of collected editions, insightful analyses of a variety of cri ...
A podcast about the craft of comics -
This is the DC Comics podcast where we discuss DC Comics focused on Rebirth and the Justice League Team!
Join Kev, Steve, Anna and Pab every Saturday morning for their unique take on Geek Culture, and some strong opinions on the Great British Bake Off.
Pittsburgh Comics
Pittsburgh's Premier Comic Book Shop
Comics With Kenobi is a weekly podcast dedicated solely to contemporary Star Wars comics published by Marvel and IDW Publishing. It features views, reviews and news about Star Wars comics, along with the Saga's wider reach, too. We also feature writers, artists, colorists, letterers and editors involved with the titles to give you, the listener, more detail and context about these books that are part of Star Wars canon and lore.
Comics Syllabus
A comics analysis podcast, where literacy researcher, English teacher, and comics reader Paul (@twoplai) discusses a comic book for socio-cultural, literary, and artistic significance. The podcast pairs various academic approaches to studying comics with superhero comics, alternative comics, and other offerings in the medium. Let's dig deep!
Exploring the interaction between the medium of comics and the discourse of healthcare. Episodes include conversations with comic authors, academics and healthcarers, plus select presentations from our international Comics & Medicine Conferences. Our podcast is hosted by MK Czerwiec, and new episodes are generally released weekly in .m4a format with embedded images to go along with the audio. Visit to view our podcasts in either .m4a or .mp3 (audio-only).
1 on 1 interview show featuring the creative minds behind Comics TV Film Novels & Animation. Hosted by Chicago Pop Culture expert, John Siuntres
Marvel Comics Podcast
Interviews with comic book editors, writers & artists.
God and Comics
Join Father Jonathan, Father Matt, and Father Kyle as they talk about their passion for comic books. Just about anything and everything you can think of comes up in conversation. The serious, the silly, and everything in between.
God and Comics
Join Father Jonathan, Father Matt, and Father Kyle as they talk about their passion for comic books. Just about anything and everything you can think of comes up in conversation. The serious, the silly, and everything in between.
From Challengers Comics + Conversation in Chicago, this is CONTEST OF CHALLENGERS, a podcast about the business of running a comic book store. Hosted by Patrick Brower and W. Dal Bush. Challengers • 1845 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60647 • 773.278.0155 •
SkyFyre Comics
Home to Floor Thirt13n, Task Force Alpha, Mighty Moosejaw Marines, and the cult classic: Harrowing Horror from Beyond. We release a new issue every two weeks. Since the Singularity nothing has been the same. No where has this become more apparent than New VanCity, a West Coast Canadian city in the not too distant future. Now capes and cowls are a fairly regular thing and most want to make the city better.
Making Comics
A podcast about making and publishing comics (and yes, reading comics). Your podcast hosts Keith (215 Ink, Kodoja) and Mike (215 Ink) talk with guests and cover a wide range of topics under the comic and graphic novel spectrum.
Geekville Radio is yout one stop shop for discussion on science fiction TV, movies, and comics. Regular topics include Star Wars, Marvel and DC comics and movies, Arrowverse TV shows (Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends Of Tomorrow) and much more!
Paperkeg is the way comics were meant to be read – by hearing about them.
SOME OF MY FRIENDS READ COMICS is a book-club format podcast about reading the great comic book stories for the first time. On each episode, your hosts will review a classic comic book story or run, examine how well it holds up, and figure out how it fits within the grand context of comics.
Marriage Issues is a weekly comic book podcast hosted by married couple Tracy and Aaron Boehm. They discuss the comics from their weekly pull list, nerdy date night ideas, and other comic book related news.
Coffee at Jitters
Your podcast besties talking about all fun things Marvel, DC, and beyond at their favorite fictional coffee shop.
Wednesday Comics
The Wednesday Comics Podcast is a weekly comic book show hosted by 3 friends brought together by comic books. Each week we review the newest comic books, talk comic book culture including TV & Movies, and have fun with comic books! Wednesday Comics is your best choice for a comic book podcast!
Doc and Neil sit down after hours in Dublin City Comics to discuss current and upcoming releases along with random topics
Comic Lab
Welcome to ComicLab: The podcast about making comics, and making a living from comics! If you loved Webcomics Weekly, you're gonna love this show: It's half shop-talk, half how-to, and half friendship. WE SQUEEZED IN THREE HALVES. It's tips and tricks and all the joys of cartooning as a pro. So pull up your drawing chair, put on some headphones, and join us while you draw! And if you like what you hear, kick in a dollar to help make more 'n better shows —
Big Red Barrel has a Podcast about the vast world of Comics? EXCELSIOR!
Comics R Kewel
A Podcast! Get Your Geek On!
The MotherF**cker In A Cape podcast series is an informal chat moderated by R. Alan Brooks (writer & co-creator of The Burning Metronome comic book) and Jordan Froelich (the comics guru at Mutiny Information Cafe). We talk with comic book creators, nerd activists and key figures from areas of geek culture that aren't often explored. Geek culture is everywhere! MFIAC looks at where we can all fit into it.
Top 5 Comics Podcast is a round table comic book discussion group. Talking about comic books, pop culture, movies, games and superheros stuff. A "Comics Book Happy Hour" and we have a good time doing it.
A discussion of classic comic books from the Golden Age through the Modern Age.
Comics Obscura Podcast is less a news and review cast and more a locus of ideas. We want to talk about comics in a critical way to spark interesting and enlightening conversations about the medium. We use our platform to celebrate comics of all types--from the mainstream superheroes to the indie darling--and hope to create engaging podcasts that inspire readers to approach comics with a critical eye.
The JediCole Universe Family of Podcasts
Comics for All
Join the Big Poppa Matt and friends on Malice-Corp’s newest podcast. All are welcome, whether you are a seasoned collector or new to the scene, this is the place to talk all things comic books and graphic novels.
Masters in Comics
Masters in Comics is a monthly podcast where I will be chatting with comics creators about their careers. The first series I will be talking to legendary creators from the British comic scene. In the second series, I will be chatting with new and upcoming talent in the field of comics! Music: Breaking In by BoxCat Games is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.
A lovable pair of newlyweds faces the challenges of married life as they paraphrase panels, explain exposition, and comment on all their favorite comics.
Acclaimed interviewer Matt Kennedy engages the industry's best writers, artists, performers, producers, taste-makers, thinkers and consultants in the type of one-on-one interviews and roundtable discussions that only an insider can get. The program is taped at Meltdown headquarters in Los Angeles and released weekly on iTunes. Matt Kennedy is the author of Pop Sequentialism and a world-renown fine art curator. He brings 25 years of experience to the only podcast that asks tough questions abo ...
All Comics Considered is a podcast that looks at comics from a place of love and joy. New fans and old alike will find something to enjoy!
A repository of Greater Than Games audio - streaming events, convention panels, and more!
We're awesome Sauce
Loose Cannon Comics
LOOSE CANNON COMICS Come along for the ride on the podcast where you don't know what is going to happen next. Comedy, reviews, prank calls, characters, contests, voicemails, live call-in shows, funny videos, Weird News, rants, and interviews with stars from past and present. We do a show for the real people. It's like the convo you have at the bar with your friends after 11 drinks. Created from the brain of comedian/Voice Over Artist Erik Cassin. Venture into his world, along with his Soy ea ...
The only podcast about comic books on the internet, with Joe McCulloch, Chris Mautner, Matt Seneca and Tucker Stone.
Marvel,Marvel Comics,Marvel Comic Books,Captain Marvel,Comics,Comic books,Avengers,Iron Man,Captain America,Thor,Black Panther,Daredevil,Deadpool,Pop Culture,Geek,Nerd,Netflix,Marvel Comic
We feature any local & international comic book-related news, reviews, interviews and more!
Gil Reads Comics
Our heroes, Gil and Adam, have been assigned one simple mission... recap, review, and discuss comic books (and talk comic-related news). Only problem is... Adam doesn't read comics... so Gil needs to make sure his recaps are easy to follow and to the point! If you love comic books or just love heroes like Spider-man or Batman, you'll love this podcast. All are welcome on Gil Reads Comics!
The podcasts and commentaries of Death's Door Prods. They're kinda stupid.
The Comics 'N' Coffee Podcast is a light hearted podcast covering everything Marvel and DC. We cover the movies, TV shows, comics, video games, figures, and more.
Writing Comics
Curtis' attempt to learn more about story process, writing comics, self publishing, working with publishers, freelance writing; and to hopefully teach and help you understand along the way. From tips, how to's, and news updates from his own comics at
BAMF Podcast - focused on comics and RPGs. Also: donuts
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Co-hosts Phil Bova and Myron Rumsey are back with episode 131 of The Podcast of Oa. This episode we focus on the 2nd issue of Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp’s The Green Lantern series as the plot thickens and the plot of various evil elements continues to unfold. In addition to talking about the new issue and the recent passing of comic book leg ...…
DIE is a pitch-black fantasy published by Image Comics where a group of forty-something adults have to deal with the returning unearthly horror they barely survived as teenage role-players. If Kieron’s in a rush, he describes it as “Goth Jumanji.” That only captures a sliver of what you’ll find in oversized debut issue—where fantasy gets all to ...…
Time Codes: 00:01:26 – Introduction 00:03:27 – Late again 00:05:13 – Sailor Moon Eternal Editions, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 00:46:09 – Mob Psycho 100, Vol. 1 01:14:53 – Wrap up 01:16:01 – Contact us Manga Style? On this episode of The Comics Alternative/s manga series — the November show, albeit a little late — Shea and Derek take a look at two series ...…
Stupendous SANFORD GREENE joins Jason and David to talk Bitter Root, 1000, David Walker, Chuck Brown, and more! Plus, the guys chat about Martian Manhunter, Ironheart, The Green Lantern, Shazam!, Hex Wives, and more! You get all of that and the usual good times!
Join Ryan as he revisits one of his favorite Image releases from 2018. This non-spoiler review may or may not have you running to grab the first trade asap? Thanks for listening! Music: Zulu Dobson | Patreon | Youtube | Google Play | iTunes
The crew of Zone 4 returns for another session of Crisis Management as they discuss Heroes in Crisis issue #3 SPOILERS! Be sure to join us on every Monday for Zone 4 Aftermath! Get a FREE sample of this week’s Aftermath episode here: Find the full episode by becomin ...…
This would be the Dublin City Comics After Hours Podcast. This is where you’ll find the cabbages who work in the store generally waffling and talking nonsense. They’ll also attempt to give you a heads up of the Comics and Toys that come into the store week to week, as well as talking about what’s coming in soon, and then they’ll probably talk m ...…
John and Kay have a spoiler filled discussion about the second season of Iron Fist. Links: Iron Fist @ Comics Podcast Network: League of Comic Book Podcasts: Email us at Join the discussion on our forum at ...…
In this week's episode, Matt & Alex catch up the DC animated flicks Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay, Batman Ninja, and Death of Superman. Matt learns he likes his animated films to be centered around male dancers, Alex isn't emotionally equipped to handle Superman's death, and they have vastly different opinions on the current turn at Lex Luthor. WA ...…
Superman 179, August 1965! Download Episode 385 Part III! SUPERMAN 179, August 1965, was published on June 17, 1965. It contained 32 pages for the cover price of 12¢. Mort Weisinger was the editor, and the cover was pencilled by Curt Swan and inked by George Klein. It featured the issue’s first of its three stories. – (7:28) R. I. P. Stan Lee 1 ...…
Action Comics 327, August 1965! Download Episode 385 Part IV! ACTION COMICS 327, August 1965, was published on June 24, 1965. It contained 32 pages for the cover price of 12¢. Mort Weisinger was the editor, and the cover was pencilled by Curt Swan, inked by George Klein and lettered by Ira Schnapp. – (8:07) THE THREE GENERATIONS OF SUPERMAN (12 ...…
Here’s another in a run of interviews with dedicated folks who put together independent comics shows in North America. Los Angeles’ CALA is about to hold their fifth annual event, and guest ‘stud Kit Brash talked to two of the team behind it, Jen Wang and Jake Mumm, a couple of weeks after last year’s show. This year’s CALA will run on December ...…
Time Codes: 00:01:15 – Introduction 00:03:15 – Setup of interview 00:05:06 – Interview with Conor Stechschulte 01:15:57 – Wrap up 01:17:44 – Contact us A Good Kind of Disturbing On this episode of The Comics Alternative‘s interview series, the Two Guys have the pleasure of talking with Conor Stechschulte. The third volume of his ongoing series, ...…
Brian Collins joins us to explore his grandfather's comic strip legacy. Kreigh Collins was a great illustrator that landed a syndication deal for his Girl Adventure strip Mitzi McCoy. He spent the run of the strip experimenting with story tones from humor to straight up noir , finally resulting in leaving Mitzi's stories and focusing on Mitzi's ...…
Brian Collins joins us to explore his grandfather's comic strip legacy. Kreigh Collins was a great illustrator that landed a syndication deal for his Girl Adventure strip Mitzi McCoy. He spent the... WORDBALLOON features one on one interviews with the writers and artists behind today's pop culture favorites. The creative minds behind today's ho ...…
This week, after dealing with technical issues and audio quality issues, we have our episode on Stan Lee's Legacy. So join us as we talk about one of the founders of shared modern mythology. Stan, Steve, and Jack Stan as creator or Stan as Funky Flashman
The wind blows, the house creaks, your favorite podcast appears once again. Three words for you… wrestling, anxiety, and clones. Listen in to discover: (Be)Loved Glorious Wrestling Alliance Upgrade Soul Sweaty Palms Our Wretched Town Hall Parallel Lives Wizard Beach Self-Made Notes: Email: Twitter/In ...…
Cartoonists Dave Kellett and Brad Guigar are talking shop! Redbubble has killed off its support for print-on-demand calendars. Should you be doing the same? ALSO, how to prepare for a portfolio review. THEN, building a digital press kit and approaching comics-media outlets. FINALLY, when a cartoonist has 1.1 million Instagram followers and only ...…
Join us on Patreon to support the podcast and, most importantly, get new content! **If you want to be a part of our mail section, feel free to e-mail us at or send us a DM on twitter @dcsquadcast!!** In this episode, Jordan and Chris talk about: The Flash #59 (00:13:09) Aquaman # ...…
We’re back! After a little break, we’re picking up right where we left off with a Halloween episode in December. We read Volume 1 of Afterlife With Archie, which of course led us to some discussion about Netflix's "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" and the CW's "Riverdale" TV series. We also continue reading Secret Wars with issue 2 and Vince fil ...…
Celebrate 300! It’s the first of a new month, and that must mean that the Two Guys with PhDs Talking about Comics will be looking at the latest Previews catalog. This is a rather long episode — going for almost three hours — so you get your money’s worth! But what makes this show extra special is that it’s the 300th episode of The Comics Altern ...…
This week while the guys give you the latest cookie cutter Marvel and DC news. Including stories like Netflix cancels Daredevil, Warner Brothers is making a Blue Beetle movie and Nick Nolte joins the cast of the Mandalorian. But while recording the guys are interrupted by the newest Captain Marvel trailer, so they give you their live reaction. ...…
Sir Jon! John! A good old fashioned two man Pint! Daredevil Season 3 review! Deadwood movie news! Mandy review! Exclamation points! Listen In! Your 67th Pint!
While the majority of Rick Parker‘s comics jobs have been lettering, he’s also known as an artist and writer, including on Marvel’s Beavis and Butt-Head comics in the 1990s and Papercutz’ Tales from the Crypt. In this episode, Koom asks Rick about the experience of working at Marvel in the ’70s (including that time he was in a physical altercat ...…
The fourteenth episode in one geek's episode by episode review of Cowboy Bebop. If you enjoy this, you can see more of my stuff at If you REALLY enjoy this you can support me on Patreon:
John and Sam discuss the sales estimates for the top selling comic books for October 2018. Links: Mayo Report articles on Comic Book Resources: Comics Podcast Network: League of Comic Book Podcasts: Email us at MayoReport@Com ...…
Wednesday, December 5th: This week, we talk comics for the week, including Immortal Hulk #10, Marvel Knights 20th #3, Doomsday Clock #8, Prodigy #1, Green Lantern #2, Star Trek Terra Incognita #5, and more! We also talk about the Captain Marvel Trailer, the Avengers 4 trailer and title reveal coming, Shang-Chi coming to the MCU, the return of E ...…
In this episode of Spinner Rack Bros. we just have a casual conversation about Warner Bros, DC Films, DC Universe Streaming Service, and the Comic Book Industry in general a great talk between two friends no holds barred. Enjoy!
We discuss the whole shebang, the original mini-series, The Final Battle, The regular series, The reboot, the toys and the books that continued the series.
Just one issue this week, but it's left a searing impression on Jeff and Matt. Darth Vader #24 is setting up the series' conclusion with an unusual vista that may change the reality and perception of Darth Vader and, by extension, Anakin Skywalker, too, with consequences that could potentially resonate down the Star Wars timeline.A little far o ...…
Another month is here, and that means it's another look at the latest Previews Catalog. The post This Geek in Comics Podcast for 12-3-2018 “Previews for February 2019” appeared first on Outright Geekery.
It’s a long one! If you still need more, check out our Patreon ( and for as little as $1 a month, you can help support the podcast and get a bunch of shows! This Week’s Patreon Spotlight: Heroes in Crisis #3 and Aquaman / Justice League: Drowned Earth #1 Intro (0:00), News (09:03), Detective Comics #993 (26:54), Act ...…
Time Codes: 00:01:22 – Introduction 00:04:08 – Oops, we’re late 00:06:08 – Grass of Parnassus 00:36:42 – Lavender Jack 01:04:20 – Take the A Train 01:27:54 – Wrap up 01:29:01 – Contact us Platform Variety! On the November webcomics episode — albeit a little late — Sean and Derek look at three very different webcomics…especially different when i ...…
Time Codes: 00:33 – Introduction 02:55 – The Brain: The Ultimate Thinking Machine 17:31 – Hey, Kiddo: How I Lost My Mother, Found My Father, and Dealt with Family Addiction 37:06 – Wrap up 38:00 – Contact us Blinded by Science On this episode of the Comics Alternative’s Young Readers series, Gwen and Krystal discuss two new releases: Tory Wooll ...…
Last year I joined the board of Directors for the Vancouver Comic Art Festival. It’s been really fun getting more involved in supporting local events and comics happening. The first event we did outside of the regular festival, was this talk with Anna Haifisch, Olivier Schrauwen and Marian Churchland. We did the event in the new theatre in the ...…
In this episode the guys discuss the fact that Bill Maher is an ass hat, the Once Upon a Deadpool trailer and the fact that Ducky is the new Lex Luthor. Plus Margot Robbie reveals full title of Birds of Prey movie. All this plus an interview with Matthew Erman creator of Long Lost, so sit back and enjoy! Douglas Atherton’s tribute to Stan Lee: ...…
Old Man Logan begins his swan song. While Wolverine tries to regain his memories. We spent a cold and rainy Saturday night inside discussing our favorite mutants. Thanks for listening! Intro (0:00), Return of Wolverine #3 (1:43), Dead Man Logan #1 (15:32), Uncanny X-Men #3 (31:53), Wrap Up (43:05) Music: Retcon X | Patreon | Visit us at Krazzy ...…
Week of November 28, 2018 This week we've got some HOT STUFF left over from Halloween & Thanksgiving. Reviews Jim Henson: Labyrinth-Under the Spell #1 1:53 Marvel: Iron Heart #1 4:44 Marvel: Black Panther #6 11:15 Marvel: Shuri #2 13:46 Vertigo: Hex Wives #2 14:26 Image: The Terrible Elisabeth Dumn Against The Devils In Suits 18:11 Vertigo: Boo ...…
Alright guys, the end of the year is almost upon us and its time to discuss who deserves Game of the year 2018! Steven, Tino, and Jay don't exactly see eye to eye on everything but that being said please join us for this special episode and as always don't forget to like, subscribe, share and comment! Head of to our website, don't miss out on o ...…
Great to catch up with Marc on his latest projects. First we discuss his fantastic John Constantine Animated Film City Of Demons, that even got it's own prime time special on the CW to promote... WORDBALLOON features one on one interviews with the writers and artists behind today's pop culture favorites. The creative minds behind today's hottes ...…
Great to catch up with Marc on his latest projects. First we discuss his fantastic John Constantine Animated Film City Of Demons, that even got it's own prime time special on the CW to promote John's involvement on Legends Of Tomorrow . We talk about Matt Ryan's undying loyalty to the fun of playing John on 2 tv series and several animated film ...…
Book of the Month: The Goon Volume 1: Nothin' but Misery by Eric Powell plus, we have a whole lot of time left over to discuss ROM, Walking Dead, Legends of the DC Universe, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Champions, Lionforge-O-Rama: Watersnakes, Upgrade Soul, and Fraternity, Savage Dragon, Dick Tracy, Caligula, plus a whole mess more!…
In this week's episode, Matt & Alex discuss the number one's for the month of November. Matt crushes the dreams of one writer, Alex learns the best Green Lantern is a virus, and they both struggle picking their favorite book of the month. WARNING: SPOILERS and some NSFW language Follow on: Twitter: Instagram: ...…
Ralph Breaks The Internet! The sequel to "Wreck it Ralph" is finally out in theaters and it wasn't exactly what we expected. In terms of comparing it to the first film, this is an entirely different movie! Join Tino and Steven as they discuss the in and outs of this film, likes, dislikes etc. Warning spoilers! As always please remember to Like, ...…
Daredevil was Born Again in Season 3 of the Netflix series. From brown-washing the FBI to NY pizza history, questionable journalism to plot significant Abstract Art and, Catholic Symbolism as far as your radar can sense. Who better to talk about it all than Pulitzer Award winner Spencer Ackerman, Senior National Security Correspondent for The D ...…
Cartoonists Dave Kellett and Brad Guigar are talking shop! Brad flew out to Los Angeles to attend PatreCon with his podcastin' pal Dave. Today, they talk about what they thought of the conference in general, what they learned, and most importantly how their approach to Patreon is going to change in the immediate future. BUT FIRST... Brad took d ...…
This episode we focus on the great Mike Allred and specifically two of his classic tales Red Rocket 7 and Madman/Superman: Hullabaloo.
The 20th time we pick an episode of The Pint Radio Hour to share as a podcast too! Ezra Croft, Co-Author of an amazing book about Bill Murray himself joins us to talk all about the enigmatic actor's career. From weird golf shows on Comedy Central to punching Chevy Chase in the face, we cover as much Bill that could fit into the hour, and still ...…
Issue 35 of GMTC is finally here! WE ARE BACK!! Drew and Kiel are discussing the comics for the week of 11/27/18. This week we will be discussing: Dead Man Logan #1, Old Man Hawkeye #11 and many more! This episode has SPOILERS, so be aware!!! Listen to our review of some very interesting titles this week! Thanks again to Shawn at Comics Elite a ...…
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