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Best Star Wars podcasts we could find (Updated October 2019)
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Inside Star Wars
From the creators of Inside Psycho, Inside the Exorcist, and Inside Jaws, comes a new immersive audio biopic about the making of the original 1977 Star Wars. It was a movie made on a shoestring and dumped into a handful of movie theaters. And then it changed the world. This is the story of George Lucas and his dream. We take you inside the stories of the people who struggled to make the original classic and the people who did their very best to stop it dead. Now playing in all galaxies.
Long-running, award-winning STAR WARS program hosted by podcasting veterans Jason Swank and Jimmy Mac, Rebel Force Radio provides STAR WARS information and entertainment. From the Classic Trilogy to the Prequels... From THE FORCE AWAKENS to ROGUE ONE to SOLO...Rebel Force Radio puts you on the front lines of fandom. Plus, plenty of CLONE WARS and REBELS too! Featuring celebrity guests, news, opinions, comedy, reviews, contests, and more.
Our weekly report from the Star Wars Universe. Hosts Kristian Harloff, Ken Napzok and guests bring the fans their unique takes on all the latest news on Star Wars episodes, standalone stories, and major events in the Star Wars canon. The show's hosts are steeped in their knowledge of the far, far away mythology so you're sure to learn something new about Star Wars after every episode.
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From the fandom of comedian/writer Joseph Scrimshaw, comedian/ writer Ken Napzok, and actor/ host Jennifer Landa comes ForceCenter -- celebrating Star Wars from the center of the galaxy. Support this podcast:
Coffee With Kenobi is your source for Star Wars discussion, analysis, and rhetoric. Our weekly podcast explores the mythology of Star Wars from a place of intelligence and humor.
Garrett Weinzierl, Jennie Josephson, and Tom Merritt talk Star Wars theories, predictions, and more!
Are you looking for a hilarious Star Wars podcast that talks about obscure and fascinating subjects related to that galaxy far, far away? Do you want one that includes impressions of George Lucas & Kylo Ren? Searching for a show that keeps you up to date on all things KLAUD and does a year long tribute to The Phantom Menace? Then you should be listening to Blast Points Podcast! Join Jason and Gabe as they dive into some of the strange mysterious corners and slightly goofier moments in Star W ...
New Rockstars ('Westeros Weekly,' 'Inside Marvel') bring you breakdowns, theories and commentary on what's happening right now and what's coming next in the Star Wars universe.
The latest news, events, and commentary from the Star Wars community.
A Star Wars blog and podcast network
A Star Wars podcast created by, for, and about the women of the fandom
Now, This Is Podcasting! is weekly podcast featuring Jason Ward and Randy Lo Gudice. Winner of the People's Choice award in the 2017 Star Wars Podcast Awards.
Two Star Wars-obsessed Chicagoans discuss everyone’s favorite galaxy far, far away in this bi-weekly happy hour podcast. From the films to the novels and everything in between, hosts Alyce and Laura get you up to date on the latest Star Wars news, complete with some minor wine-induced garbling. Grab your favorite beverage and get toasted with Alyce and Laura. Email us at
Dedicated to promoting positivity in the Star Wars fandom.
The mega feed containing episodes from all the Tosche Station Network podcasts! Tune in for Star Wars, geek culture, gaming, and tabletop discussion and fun.
Beyond the Outer Rim
Jon, Ross and Logan sit down each Tuesday and discuss some of the latest news, content and rumors from around the Star Wars universe! This weekly podcast will breakdown some of the biggest moments over the previous week.
The ForceCast's Jedi Journals is a monthly literature podcast covering the past, present, and future of Star Wars literature.
A podcast that discusses all things Star Wars. Stop in for discussions about the latest news, movies, shows, novels, and comics.
Join the Rebellion in this fun, unique, and insight podcast, all about the Star Wars: Destiny card and dice game. JediGeekGirl leads you into battle with a different co-host each episode, bringing along with them their own insights and knowledge.
Join Kyle and Tim for in depth Star Wars discussions
The flagship show of, hosts Riley Blanton and Mark Hurliman talk about all the latest Star Wars news. From Star Wars Rebels to the upcoming theatrical films, and all other new Star Wars projects, they cover it all. The show also features conversation and coverage of Star Wars Celebrations, Dragon Con, and other fan gatherings. Packed with in-depth interviews, reviews, and can’t-miss coverage and commentary, the Star Wars Report is YOUR Star Wars podcast home.
Podcast 2187
A Part of the Making Star Wars Podcast Network
Children of the Force is a podcast about Star Wars by one adult and his two kids. We discuss news, do reviews, tell jokes and have discussions about all things Star Wars.
The latest news, events, and commentary from the Star Wars community.
The SWBHCP is a show dedicated to Star Wars collecting both vintage and modern. Including everything from Action Figures, Posters, Comics, Video Games and the movies themselves. If it's collectable we want to talk about it!
Tarkin's Top Shelf
A Star Wars literary podcast that strives to deliver an educational and yet, entertaining analysis and outlook, pertaining to the new canonical novels/YA books from the galaxy far, far away. In other words, Becca and Mark are your guardians to the Whills and your librarians to the long-lost Jedi Archives.
Resistance Reactions
Welcome to Resistance Reactions, where Coffee With Kenobi examines each episode of Star Wars Resistance through a fun and analytical lens! Hosted by Aaron Harris and David Modders. This is the Resistance podcast you're looking for!
All the shows from the us folks at Radio Free Tatooine in one, easy feed. Never miss an episode of RFT, Galactic War Report, or The News From Anchorhead!
Hearkening back to those long conversations we all used to have, your hosts Karl and Jason talk all things Star Wars in The Wampa's Lair!
Comedy | Parody | Satire
Cantina Cast
The Cantina Cast is all about thought provoking Star Wars discussion. From the character dissection series, to scene and quote analysis; we cover the Sequels, Prequels, and the Originals. Not to mention, Star Wars novels, comics, and video games.
Flight Risk is a Star Wars Actual Play Crime Dramedy, using the FFG Star Wars ruleset, set during the Old Republic Era. Join Flight Risk, an eccentric group of mercenaries, as they are thrust into the dark and violent world of organized crime. As agents of an enigmatic Count, they traverse the Outer Rim in an attempt to not only survive but to realize their destiny without losing their souls. Flight Risk is hosted by DeWayne Feenstra with players Joe, Velvet, Nemoy, and Kyle joined by additi ...
A Star Wars Podcast that aims to entertain while discussing the latest news, rumors, and reviews on Rogue One, The Force Awakens, Rebels, and of course all other related Star Wars movies and tv shows. And we don’t forget to show our love for comics, toys, and collectables as well.
Eric Pfeifer and Savanna Kiefer discuss the weekly Star Wars news, interview celebrity guests and provide weekly trivia!
A deep dive into the secrets and source material of Star Wars with hosts Rohan Williams and Baz McAlister. Discover the influences and inspirations behind the Star Wars saga, from films and folklore to history, politics and geography. These are the stories behind the prequels, the sequels, and everything in between!
Full of Sith is a show dedicated to bringing the most interesting Star Wars conversations in the galaxy. Aside from breaking news in the world of Star Wars and interviews with some of the biggest names in the galaxy, we talk the philosophy and influence of Star Wars just as readily as the deep mythology it represents. Hosted by Tha Mike Pilot (Mediocre Show, Obviously Oblivious, The Awful Show), Bryan Young (Author, Filmmaker, Contributing Writer for and Holly Frey (Stuff You M ...
Order 66 Podcast
The Order 66 Podcast is dedicated to the Star Wars role playing game by Fantasy Flight Games. We talk mainly Star Wars Role Playing, but also about relevant details from d20 and other role playing systems, as well as miniatures gaming on occasion. Game Master tips and tricks, player tactics, encounter design, role playing guidance and LOTS of meat on the mechanics of the system is the foundation of the show, but we try to have fun with it too. We invite you in and want you to Execute Order 6 ...
Redemption Podcast
Redemption is an actual-play podcast telling an ongoing story set in the STAR WARS universe by using the most excellent Star Wars RPG system by Fantasy Flight Games. Redemption tells a story exploring the Star Wars universe just before the Clone Wars and does so through the eyes of the four main characters, who are voiced and acted by a quartet of long-time gamer nerds out of Michigan – and edited into a virtual radio-drama format for your entertainment. Come for the STAR WARS, but stay for ...
Star Wars flavored NPR crossed with COAST TO COAST AM - Objective analysis, passionate debate & unpretentious speculation of all Star Wars media - Join Zack, Zenger and "Force Ghost" Jim as they discuss the many facets of Star Wars!
Star Wars: Legion competitive play and improving your game.
Idiot’s Array is a Star Wars podcast hosted by Alan Zaugg, Mark Sutter, and Ryder Waldron. We bridge the Star Wars galaxy, from the movies to the comics, the novels to Star Wars Rebels and The Clone Wars. On Idiot’s Array we discuss Star Wars in a fun and intelligent way. We’d be honored if you’d join us at the Sabacc table! Contact us: Twitter: @idiotsarraypod Email: Facebook: Idiot’s Array Alan: @jedizaugg Mark: @MarkESutter Ryder: @RyderWaldronDDS
The official podcast of We talk any and all Star Wars!
Nedi & her 9 year old brother rant about all things Star Wars.
Skytalkers, hosted by Caitlin Plesher and Charlotte Errity, is a Star Wars podcast that covers the Star Wars films, television shows, stories, canon, themes and characters in a comprehensive, three-part format. Join them every other Saturday for a brand new episode. Additionally, check out our Star Wars: Rebels discussion show on this feed, Fulcrum Files, and our Star Wars Resistance episodes. @skytalkerspod
A weekly Star Wars podcast from Brittani Brown and Emily Lind
Star Wars News Net
Podcast by Star Wars News Net
A weekly podcast bringing you the latest Star Wars, Marvel, and DC news and reviews!
24/7 Star Wars news, interviews, reviews, guest contributors, podcast database and our YouTube channel, Fantha Tracks TV.
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show series
Din drops by to chat about his love of Star Wars and how it’s influenced his music, and the hero’s journey he’s been on since releasing F105’s debut album 12 months ago.By Fantha Tracks Radio: A Star Wars Podcast.
Original Trilogy fan favorite Wedge Antilles actor Denis Lawson will be returning to Star Wars in THE RISE OF SKYWALKER. We talk about the news and our role in breaking it on Twitter. Will J.J. Abrams attempt to undo THE LAST JEDI? We react to recent interview comments from the Episode IX director. Our analysis of Bob Iger's book and the Disney ...…
FSW Radio returns to review the final film of the original Star Wars trilogy. Storm Duper, IG-69, and Teeb Ront’r are once again forced back in time to 1983 to watch Return of the Jedi with no memories of later Star Wars releases. Welcome back to The Twi’lek Zone. ‘The Twi’lek Zone’ host voice by Ritch Zuluaga. JOIN OUR DISCORD SERVER: http://b ...…
The lost episode has been found! Dorrick, Anar'Ki and skip head to the gladiatorial pits in search of the missing pilot, KandariBy Flight Risk.
Episode 112 - “You Can’t Be Friends With Alligators”On this episode...Brittani went on vacation. Emily went to New York Comic Con.Galaxy’s Edge: At NightGambling with toys.NYCC Star Wars Book Panel ReviewNachosOkay Job, Criss Fresh - a new segmentEmily watched The Clone……Star Wars ResistanceEmail from Raabiah and ColtonIf you have any questions ...…
In this episode of Fly Casual Podcast, the boys talk the pop culture news of the day including Thrawn, Marvel Star Wars, Marvel Spider-Man, and Smallville. In discussion the boys talk their creepiest movie experiences. And now a podcast voted most creepy by our high school crushes. It's time once again to Fly Casual!…
We Star Wars are all about "calling it." Whether it's claiming ownership of theories or simply predicting things that will happen in upcoming Star Wars projects and stories. So we thought it would be fun to flip it and instead of saying what will happen, give our list of 12 things that won't happen in The Rise of Skywalker!Ironically enough, we ...…
Join Dan Z and Cory Clubb as they discuss their Triple Force Friday experiences and share what they found during their search. Plus, they review some of the products from The Rise of Skywalker, The Mandalorian, and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. This is the podcast you’re looking for! Music: Jazz Music: Eye to Eye by Steve Torok Book your trip t ...…
We continue our Journey to The Rise of Skywalker segment by diving into Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back! From the presence of Han changing up our story, to Luke’s Jedi training on Dagohbah, and grappling with questions of truth, we look at all the story implications from what came before and moving forward! The […]…
This week on Star Wars Ranked: Dream Special Edition Additions. Special Guest: Billy Patterson. From the minds of Ken Napzok (comedian, host of The Napzok Files), Joseph Scrimshaw (comedian, writer, host of the Obsessed podcast), and Jennifer Landa (actress, YouTuber, crafter, contributor on comes the ForceCenter Podcast Feed. Her ...…
In the most recent installment of our series, Heroes & Villains, the team takes a look at the traits that make fictional villains memorable, and even explores whether the definition of a ‘real world’ villain has changed over time. You can also see what the AFI says about the greatest villains in cinematic history. PLUS! Another round of Lead, F ...…
A full episode of newsy goodness this week! STAR WARSY STUFF [1:00]We start off with a comment from Jacob from Australia, talk a bit about the first episode of the second season of Resistance and we pick our favorite toys from Triple Force Friday. NEWS [15:30]Ton of news. Empire magazine! The Rise of Skywalker! The Mandalorian! Triple Force Fri ...…
Episode 132 of the "Knights of Vader – A Star Wars Podcast!" Zack, Zenger, Rus and Chris discuss the battering Star Wars took this week in the media. Star Wars The Vintage Rebellion Podcast Thank you to An Insperiority Complex for providing our theme song; Check out their latest album, Semiperfect yet Sublime Contact us at ...…
The ForceCast is BACK!!!This week is a HUGE episode! First, Ryan, Charlotte, and Savanna recap their Force Friday and talk about the state of hype following the merch rollout.Then, Steve catches up with James Arnold Talor at NYCC to talk a little Clone Wars season 7. After that, the trio discuss Rey and Kylo Ren. They explore the duality and co ...…
Join hosts Tim, Troy, Sunjay, and returning guest Carlos to review DC’s Joker. iTunes | Podbean | Twitter Be sure to check out more from the Star Wars Commonwealth and follow Talk Star Wars, Tumbling Saber, Generation X-Wing, Rogue Squadron Podcast, San Diego Sabers Radio Podcast, Retro Inc. Podcast, and Sandcrawler Podcast!…
This week, we talk about Mike’s prime in Ohio and the overall affect of the holocron update to the meta. This episode is also available on YouTube: Watch the show LIVE on TWITCH every Tuesday night at 9:00pm Eastern: Please take a moment to give us a review on iTunes: ...…
Bruce is back to chat about TROS – Who is Rey AND The guys revisit what Star Wars Spin-offs they’d like to see. You can show your support of The Star Wars Report podcast by becoming a Patron at Get all kinds of exclusive bonus content for our patron supporters! Topics: The Rise Of Skywalker Writer Chris Terrio […]…
Casey and Krysta go over all the novel and comic announcements from New York ComiCon. "The Builder" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License Siths and Giggles.
It's a big month for literature news. We recap several new & exciting announcements fresh out of New York Comic Con, review Star Wars: Alphabet Squadron & the TIE Fighter comic series, and catch you up on some really cool titles out now and through next month on the October episode of Jedi Journals!
Do you remember when collecting stamps, coins, baseball cards, and Beanie Babies were all the rage? What about camping out for all of those brand new Prequel action figures before they went on sale? Well so does the Graphcast team. Join them this week as they take a look back at the rise and fall of various types of collecting, and what that co ...…
The Scoundrels talk Invader League, B1 Battle droids, building with sprues, and introduce a new hot takes segment. Support us on patreon: notoriousscoundrels.
Bryan and Holly got together to talk about the opening kickoff of the Star Wars season. Triple Force Friday kicked off everything and they talked about their experiences there, then all the news coming out of New York Comic Con. Talk then turned to the season premiere of Star Wars Resistance and ended with Holly's continued adventures on Batuu. ...…
We pledge allegiance to the Toast! We are 20 episodes old! That’s crazy. We honestly thought all of us would be dead by now. But since we’re all still here, hosts Alyce and Laura get one last word* in before they go all Hollywood on your asses. There’s a fashion show. Alyce’s birthday shows that Star Wars Twitter™ is Good Sometimes. Disney fina ...…
MECO WAS JUST THE BEGINNING AND THE JIZZ ROCK SAGA CONTINUES! Join us as we return to the Battle Beyond Jizz Rock as we listen to over 20 Star Wars inspired songs and determine if they jizz wail or jizz fail! WITH : our feelings on Weird Al, Star Wars fancy dinner music, what music does Ben Solo like & is disco music about drugs and much much m ...…
Reilly and Fernandez are back together for an all new Rule of Two and this week, we’re going right to the audience for a super-chat/live call Q and A! We’ll answer all your questions on everyone’s favorite galaxy that exists far, far away. What do you want to know about Star Wars, the movies, the possibilities - with all the speculation you can ...…
In this week’s Talk Star Wars, have you ever wondered who the boys would choose for a five-a-side football team with a SW bent? Well wonder no more! Plus: What is the best coffee table book with a Star Wars theme? All this and much more on a bumper-listener-packed TSW! Talk Star Wars is a production of Emotionally14 and a proud member of the St ...…
Season two of Resistance is here!!! Join us as we discuss the first episode of Season 2; Into the Unknown.By The Balance: A Star Wars Podcast.
This week, we explore how Akira Kurosawa's Yojimbo and Sergio Leone's A Fistful of Dollars could influence The Mandalorian! Leo Tolstoy once said there are really only two plots — "a man goes on a journey or a stranger comes to town". Most of the Star Wars stories we've seen have been variations on the "man goes on a journey" story, but in The ...…
Join Kyle, Tim and Paul as we discuss the latest updates on all the great Star Wars content that’s right around the corner! From Triple Force Friday and Resistance Season 2 to The Mandalorian and The Rise of Skywalker, there’s a lot to be excited about for the rest of 2019. We also look ahead to the future where Marvel’s Kevin Feige will be hea ...…
Join JediGeekGirl & Sarah as they talk all about The Empire Strikes Back in this second episode of the Patreon exclusive subseries, Beyond the Game. Where you can find I Rebel, JediGeekGirl, & Sarah: I Rebel’s Facebook Page – I Rebel’s Twitter – I Rebel’s Discord Channel – disc ...…
Triple Force Friday is upon us! While everyone eagerly awaits the release of new Star Wars toys, we got together to share our latest pickups and react to the new movie and tv trailers.
On this episode, Jason and Randy are joined by Corey and Noah! We discuss all the Star Wars news from the week and discuss the huge scoop at as well as Jedi Paxis' recent leak. We also dive into the Mando set news a little as well. The guys also went to Galaxy's Edge! The big story! YouTu ...…
Caves are a repeating theme in Star Wars and Alan, Mark, and Ryder discuss some of their favorites on Episode 91. What makes caves so mysterious and work so well in Star Wars? How is each cave experience similar? How did the characters emerge changed and what did they learn? Did any characters get the answers they sought? Get your headlamps and ...…
On this episode of Star Wars Bookworms: We welcome special guest co-host, Megan Crouse, from! Triple Force Friday is this week, and we discuss what merchandise we might be looking to purchase. We talk about some of the big things coming, including Jedi: Fallen Order and The Mandalorian. We do a full review of […]…
Star Wars Timeline Breakdown! What new Star Wars film is Kevin Feige developing, and which iconic Star Wars character will star in it? How do Rise of Skywalker, The Mandalorian, the Obi Wan Kenobi series, and the upcoming Knights of the Old Republic films fit in the broader Star Wars chronology? Erik Voss breaks down the full canonical timeline ...…
Hey Yo! This week we have the audio from our first ever Facebook Livestream hosted September 14th, 2019. We chat about The Snoke comic, Will Vader or Maul appear in Kenobi, and YOUR questions live! Follow Us: Email: Twitter: OuterRimPodcast Instagram: Beyondtheouterrimpodcast Website: Than ...…
From Wondery and The Athletic, The Lead is the first daily sports podcast that will bring you one big story each day from The Athletic's all-star team of local and national sports reporters. Subscribe now to hear new episodes each weekday morning:
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