Best Animated Fiction podcasts we could find (Updated December 2018)
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Disney, DreamWorks, Pixar, Don Bluth & everything in between! Each episode, the Rotoscopers—Morgan Stradling, Chelsea Robson & Mason Smith—have a hilarious in-depth discussion about and review an animated film. For more news, reviews and interviews and to join the discussion, check out!
Disney, DreamWorks, Pixar, Don Bluth & everything in between! Each episode, the Rotoscopers—Morgan Stradling, Chelsea Robson & Mason Smith—have a hilarious in-depth discussion about and review an animated film. For more news, reviews and interviews and to join the discussion, check out!
Following a string of mysterious deaths in Burns, Alaska, Special Agents Sally Pierce and Tad Marshall arrive to investigate. They soon find there’s more going on than meets the eye. The first scripted podcast from Marvel, starring Celia Keenan-Bolger and Ato Essandoh as Agents Pierce and Marshall, with Richard Armitage as Wolverine. Also featuring Scott Adsit, Bob Balaban, Zoe Chao, Andrew Keenan-Bolger, and Brian Stokes Mitchell. Learn more at
Decaf Recap
AFTER THE HYPE... I review a films, animations, and comics. Discussing their importance, their meaning, and give my opinion. Find me on Instagram at luke_the_g_vlastos Become a supporter of this podcast:
In this podcast I look deep into TV shows' structure, progression, and characters to reverse-engineer them so we can create better stories. We go through shows ranging from Breaking Bad to My Little Pony, because we can learn from everything!
Discussing, debating Doctor Who, science fiction and fantasy podcast. We discuss and reviewing new Doctor Who, Big Finish productions, as well as focus on the pure audio of classic Doctor Who stories, ignoring the special effects.
The guys at Wisecrack are HUGE fans of South Park, and in our dedicated South Park podcast we'll dive into the deeper meaning and philosophical underpinnings of each new episode. Join us, m'kay?
Based on a True Fiction is a podcast dedicated to examining accuracy, or more commonly the inaccuracy, of movies based on historical events. It is hosted by Abigail Brosh and Stacy shirk, both of whom became aware of the failings of their favorite animated musicals at young and tender ages.
Fat Man Beyond
Kevin Smith and Marc Bernardin discuss all things in the geek entertainment spectrum.
Home of the "Kingkiller Chronicle" Book Club based on Patrick Rothfuss' best selling fantasy novels. We also recap "Game of Thrones" and occasionally read fanfiction, talk TV/Films, and attend and cosplay at nerdy events.
This is the weekly show where we discuss the DC Extended Universe and all of the other upcoming DC Movies! We also talk about the DC TV and Animated Universes and some DC Comics and Video Game news as well! DCEU, DCCU, DCTV, DCAU, DCU, Video Games, and Comics! We are a proud member of the Batman Podcast Network!
Comic Cons
Welcome to Comic Cons--a geek podcast for the rest of us--hosted by Nick Stephens.
If you've read and loved Alice in Wonderland, you wouldn't want to miss reading about her further adventures, the strange and fantastical creatures she meets and the delightful style and word-play that made the first book so appealing. Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll is thematically much more structured and cleverly constructed as compared to the earlier Alice book but still retains its childhood elements of wonder, curiosity and imagination. Lewis Carroll was the pseudonym of Rev ...
Universe 7: A Dragon Ball Podcast is a show covering the English dub and Japanese sub of Dragon Ball Super. Join us every Monday for over an hour of Dragon Ball discussion, news and more!
Cartoon Chronicles
Have you ever wanted to listen to two random people talk about adult cartoons? Then this is the podcast for you. Join us as we talk about episodes from shows like The Simpsons, Rick and Morty, South Park, Futurama, Bob's Burgers and more.
Strange Keith & Quirky Jerk talk anime, its growth in pop culture, and the Black experience. Look forward to special discussions, reviews, guests, and more as we dive into the world of anime through the scope of people of color.
A little bee is born in a large and busy hive. At that time, the hive is going through a period of unrest and there are fears that it will become subdivided into separate colonies. The little new-born, Maya, is under the care of a strict but loving teacher. One day, driven by curiosity and rebellion, Maya escapes from the safe environs of the hive and flies into the forest. Here, she encounters all sorts of interesting, exciting, frightening and funny things. The Adventures of Maya the Bee i ...
AOT! Podcast
[ For more content, go to our main site >> ]From newbies to old-schoolers, Gunbuster to Lucky Star, we give all fronts and perspectives into niches within niches of the anime world. Screw the rules, we host a podcast that's on top of things, and we don't mean your least I hope not!
Time to celebrate the world of the Caped Crusader with an all NEW PODCAST! Listen to the Brotherhood of Batman Podcast and join three unique brothers on a journey to explore Batman comics and the expanded Bat-verse. Themed drinks and general shenanigans accompany each book and episode. Listen now.
Reel Crime
a podcast on all things entertainment / visit
Made 4 Disney
Made 4 Disney: The Happiest Podcast to ever sail the Seven Seas Lagoon. Is a family podcast, that will talk about Disney World and the various aspects of visiting the World and family experiences that we have had over the past twenty plus years. We discuss everything "Disney"; Parks, Movies, Collectibles, Cartoons, and Much More.
An ongoing group research project into Batman '66! Two brothers, Tim and Paul, who grew up having their lives changed forever by Batman reruns in the '70s, discuss the series story-by-story, with other episodes set aside for research into how the show was made (including examining draft scripts) and other Bat-material somehow related to the show. There's not a moment to lose! To the Batpoles!
Your source for all things related to the Dark Knight
Anna and Swati here and we're JAM BUDS! Join us every other Saturday as we watch Steven Universe from the very beginning and talk to all of you about this amazing show!Music: "Happy Ukulele" by Scott
AWWOT Podcast
Welcome to the "A Wonderful Waste of Time" podcast, a show where we talk about entertainment and culture with each episode's topic chosen at the spin of a wheel. Join your hosts Kross Drayllih and Dauda S.G. Ladejobi as they discuss, debate and occasionally disagree about the things they like, love and hate.
Join Jim Hill and co-hosts Len Testa, Dustin Fuhs, Drew Taylor and Dan Zehr as they talk about the multi-faceted Walt Disney Company - including Pixar, Lucasfilm and Disney Studios - as well as Universal Studios.
Moon Makeup
Moon Makeup is a brand new Sailor Moon podcast with a twist: one of the two hosts has seen the show many times, while the other is watching it for the very first time! Join longtime fan of Sailor Moon and all things anime John @toshanshuinla and total Sailor Moon newcomer Nicole @beyondrecovery as they watch the entire original anime series from beginning to end! Each week will cover 3 episodes of the classic show, as John & Nicole give their thoughts and recap each episode immediately after ...
This is podcast, hosted by Mako-chan of Anime Jam Session. She brings together DJ Ranma S of Anime Jam Session with cosplayers Seiya and Yaten Kou of Kinmoku Revolution, and Alkrea of Alkrea Cosplay... Longtime fans of Sailor Moon to talk about the new anime series, Sailor Moon Crystal. They will discuss the episode, comparisons, changes, what to expect, and much much more!
The Simpsons Show
A podcast looking back at The Simpsons, episode by episode, discussing and analyzing its importance, history, and greatness.
GemTalk is a Steven Universe fan-based podcast dedicated to reviewing, analyzing, and appreciating the animated series created by Rebecca Sugar.
Otaku Spirit Animecast is a series of podcast episodes that focus on the Anime culture. Reviews, News, and tons of discussion. Stuff for all anime fans, from anime fans.
Sailor Moon Silver
A podcast to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the original Sailor Moon anime! Join your hosts Chris Bellemare and Geoffrey Winn as they re-watch the original series and comment on the characters, their friends, their enemies, special attacks, and more.
Toonami Squad Sessions official podcast for Toonami Squad! A Toonami news site by dedicated Toonami Fans. We promote and report news on all things Toonami U.S. and International. You will get to meet and know the crew behind Toonami Squad as we discuss different topics pertaining to Toonami such as news or upcoming events as well as discussing Anime and Gaming and of course we still be bringing you interviews. The podcast will be weekly. Please rate and subscribe.
White Wasabi
SenseiMatch, EJ-5000, and the Gregaman are your guides to today’s (and yesterday’s) top anime series, starting with Sword Art Online
A weekly show covering all things related to Batman and James Bond movies including news, trailers, scores, reviews, matchups and more. #batman #jamesbond
From Snow White to Star Wars, it's all here. In-depth reviews of the Disney films where we break down every film and ask three questions. What is the iconic shot? Does it achieve a moral or emotional aim? Does the film hold up? Plus theme park news and live dining reviews. Its the Disney Magic Hour!
The Story Geeks
The Story Geeks dig deeper into Star Wars, DC, Marvel, and more comic book, sci-fi, and fantasy movies.
Now Conspiring
The show where we rant about movies, everything, and everything. Starring Jon Negroni, Maria Garcia, Adonis Gonzalez, Mike Overkill, and Kayla Savage.
A Disney Podcast -- a decidedly DIFFERENT Disney fan podcast! News and rumors on the Disney theme parks including Walt Disney World and Disneyland, as well as news about Disney movies, Disney TV, Disney video games... Disney everything! Join your hosts, comic book creators Thom and Kam Pratt as they dish about The Mouse House!
America's number one vaguely gay, fully communist, 9/11 truther anime podcast. Comedians Alex Ptak, Katie Rose Leon and Jeremy Hammond begrudgingly watch Dragon Ball Super with their friends. New episodes on Tuesdays, Patreon bonus episodes on Thursdays!
Discussion of Batman -- on film, on television, in comics, in animation, in games, in literature, and in pop culture -- by the founder of BOF, Bill "Jett" Ramey, co-host Rick Shew, and the "BOF Roundtablers" Justin Kowalkski and Ryan Hoss.
Dragon Balls Deep
We get balls deep into the Dragon Ball series, one episode at a time.
Visit for all your geeky needs! Thanks for listening!
TDR Now is an English-language podcast dedicated to discussing everything about the Disney Parks in Asia. Including Tokyo Disney Resort, Hong Kong Disneyland, and Shanghai Disneyland. We help you plan your trip to Asia.
TransMissions is all about Transformers toys! Our show covers everything from Hasbro and Takara to the what’s new from unofficial third party companies to weird and wacky knockoffs! We have news and reviews and our Trips To The Store segment where we show off what we got in the past week!
After The Dark Knight broke box office records in 2008 audiences have hotly awaited the next, and final, installment in Christopher Nolan's Batman saga. Now to prepare for that film, Arnie, Stuart, and Jakob are looking back at all the Batman films, from 1966 through a weekend-of-release review of The Dark Knight Rises. Join us each week at to hear our reviews of a new Batfilm!
We will review and breakdown each episode of South Park, because comedy is always funnier when you explain it.
A weekly and mostly vulgar discussion of the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super.
Your source for all things related to the Dark Knight
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On this episode, we check out Arcee’s rack, War for Cybertron: Siege toys have hidden messages, and the CEO of Hasbro is now an inductee to the Toy Industry Hall of Fame. All this and much, much more on this episode of TransMissions! Check out our “Trips to the Store” video segment on YouTube! This episode was edited by Michael Ordway (@minervi ...…
Jay: The GEORGE LUCAS era of Star Wars is SUPERIOR! Daryl: NO! The DISNEY era of Star Wars is FAR BETTER! Daryl and Jay. Each contender presents 3 arguments for or against each era of Star Wars. But who won? Which era is better? Make sure you VOTE in our Facebook Group!!! On this week's Aftercast: GEORGE LUCAS vs. DISNEY continues! Justin share ...…
Episode 85 with Mike Norm, and Episode 86 discussion with Chris and Caleb of the Holy Nerdy Podcast! We're discussing these episodes and some news including Gogeta is as strong as Vegito and the italian voice actor of Vegeta maybe leaking news about the Dragon Ball Super anime returning! Please be sure to subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher a ...…
Wowwee wow wow wowwww this show is good now! I can't wait for it to stay good forever! Zane Golia joins us to talk about Gohan fighting his fuckin' dad! Also, game shows, calendars, trains, etc.Support us on Patreon: a Ballin' Out Super us an email:ballinoutsuper@gmail ...…
Episode 89...yes 89, 88 is in the can and will be out soon. In this podcast, Brett looks at the Peter Davison Blu-ray, and discusses the reasons it is worth the purchase. Episode 88: Doctor Who & Big Finish news, with November Big Finish reviews, as well as the reviews for some of October Big Finish releases. Episode ??: Liam's Trip to Whooverv ...…
This week on Moon Makeup we kick off season 2 of Sailor Moon! Yes, Sailor Moon R is here, but not really, because before we can get to the real season we have the 13-episode filler arc that is the Makai Tree to get through first. If you're not a huge anime fan you might not know what we mean by "filler arc", so basically this is original materi ...…
Jake quizzes Ben and Aaron on their podcast knowledge thus far. The brothers also review the one-shot issue, The Killing Peck, which introduces the Penguin to the podcast. Hope you enjoy.
Marc fills the Kevin-less Fatman Beyond void with an online Instagram Q&A.By (SModcast Network).
Len Testa & Jim Hill continue their walking tour of WDW’s Magic Kingdom by strolling through Fantasyland. They talk about Guests’ increasing use of mobile devices forced the creation of in-park charging stations like the ones found around the Rapunzel Tower. Len & Jim also discuss why Disney World’s Safety team ordered that changes be made to t ...…
Tonight, Matt and Robbie are discussing Episode BABF14, the eighteenth episode of Season Eleven. They talk about helicopters, alcoholism, and Barney. Listener Question of the Week: What is your favorite Barney quote?
You can help to support this show and the rest of the Suicide Squadcast Network through Patreon at this link! Thank you for your support! In this episode Tim and Scott talk about: Jason Momoa says that he wants to see The Snyder Cut! Momoa talks about how Aquaman connects with Justice League Aquaman has a huge opening weekend in China! We get o ...…
Streaming partnerships are popping up left and right following the fallout of the Crunchyroll and Funimation deal. With this news and more on the doc, the hosts are here to break it down and give their perspective on the happenings.Topics this episode: Troyca Fate Anime, Kill La Kill Game, Evangelion on Netflix, Cowboy Bebop Live Action, 7SEEDS ...…
The online time travel adventure serial, now in audiobook format - TIMESLINGERS: SEASON 1! Read by TIMESLINGERS author, Jay Sherer. Episode 5 Teaser: In a last-ditch effort to alter known history, Marcus Kline heads to his target in person. Hector and Jack attempt to get away from the bounty hunter who's after them. Be sure to check out Jay She ...…
The Man without Fear is now a Man without a Network, as Netflix cancels Daredevil. Also, Jim and Aaron spend the second half of the show remembering Stan Lee and the mark his works left on us and the world. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
This week: Chris, Scott, and Amberrose discuss movies that feature angels. Whether dark or good, we cover many films with an angelic premise.
Join Jared, Jacob, Michael, and Amanda as they break down South Park Season 22 Episode 9, 'Unfulfilled'. Subscribe to WisecrackPLUS: Catch up on all our podcasts on WISECASTS: Email us at Leave us a voicemail: +1 (213) 534-8807 Follow us on Twitter! @wisecrack (Jared) @mlsur ...…
During the most recent official Steven Universe podcast, show creator Rebecca Sugar made a comparison between two of relationships shared by her characters: Greg and Rose to that of Sadie and Lars. In Episode 109 of GemTalk, Shane and Ken dive a bit deeper into that comparison, attempting to see how alike or different these romantic webs really ...…
Considered the pinnacle of Roger Stern’s Avengers, Kurtis and Tommy talk about Under Siege, one of the most brutal stories of its era! Plus, the Council of Kangs! Alpha Flight vs. Atlantians! The Beyonder! West Coast Avengers vs. East Coast Avengers… in a baseball match! There is a lot to talk about in this episode, so buckle in and prepare for ...…
Look, sometimes when you record a podcast it's Sunday and you're a bit spent from your Sunday activities. This is such a podcast.On GT, Goku, Pan, and Trunks go on a wildly unnecessary space adventure that makes you question how their entire universe works. Will they fight Baby some more soon? Hopefully!Subscribe today for access to Ballin' Out ...…
In this latest episode, Dane and Tim continue their series of topics regarding with a discussion about their top five favorite video game soundtracks! They also talk about the recent official title announcement for the Birds of Prey film, Tim’s updated progress of Red Dead Redemption II, Dane’s new favorite comic book movie scene, and review Ba ...…
With Julie Newmar off (reportedly) filming Mackenna's Gold, Eartha Kitt was recruited to play Catwoman in season three. In this episode, we dig into her first appearance, Catwoman's Dressed to Kill, an episode that seems to exhibit a lot of misogyny — but is that primarily on the part of writer Stanley Ralph Ross, or on the part of Batman himse ...…
We don't talk about Dragon Ball at all cuz Carlton is too pissed at Russle the Muscle about Magic the Gathering. See you for the watch party!
On this episode, we look at the new online exclusive Hasbro Generations Select Series Swoop and Ricochet, Transformers Generations, Movie Masterpiece, and Studio Series Release rumors abound, and we’ve got more MP-44 Masterpiece Optimus Prime news than we know what to do with! All this and much, much more on this episode of TransMissions! Check ...…
Drew Taylor & Jim Hill start off this week’s episode by talking about why the late Stan Lee’s cameo in “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” is a real standout in that Sony Pictures Animation film. These two then talk about the possible impact that John Lasseter’s slow-motion exit from Disney & Pixar may have had on “The Incredibles 2” & “Ralph B ...…
Hey Explorers! As we continue our holiday theme from last week about Christmas at Tokyo Disneyland, we discuss what to do in Tokyo during the fall and holiday season! Where our favourite places are to experience the beautiful fall foliage in Tokyo and what we think the best Christmas light displays are. Fall Foliage Meiji Jingu Gaien (most popu ...…
Ben Wasserman joins us for the horniest episode of Dragon Ball Super so far, and the Sundayest episode of Ballin Out Super so far. We talk Judaism, pickles, card games, and sexual assault.Support us on Patreon: a Ballin' Out Super us an email:ballinoutsuper@gmail.comJo ...…
Len Testa & Jim Hill start off this week’s episode by reflecting on what millenniums now expect to find in their hotel rooms heavily influenced the design of “Reflections: A Disney Lakeside Lodge,” “The Cove,” and Universal’s Adventura Hotel. They also look ahead to the construction challenges that WDW’s Entertainment team will be facing as the ...…
This week on Moon Makeup we wrap up season 1 of the original Sailor Moon with a final two-parter, plus some special awards picks for our favorite and least favorites of the season! First off it's episode #45, Death of the Sailor Guardians: The Tragic Final Battle. It's one of those extremely literal episode titles and honestly even more messed ...…
The Joker returns! Part 1 of our review of Dead to Rights and The Killing Peck focuses on the Crown Prince of Crime and his ongoing relationship with The Bat. We hope you enjoy!
Welcome to class! Strange and Quirky go over the anime basics and lay a foundation for anyone new to anime! Twitter: @SQ_AnimePod Instagram: @SQ_AnimePod Time markers: 00:02:20 Anime is not hentai 00:03:53 You’ve been exposed to anime 00:05:20 Sub vs Dub 00:12:40 Genres 00:57:19 Anime vocabulary 01:18:07 Beginner anime recommendations…
Len Testa & Jim Hill continue their walk-thru of WDW’s Magic Kingdom by exploring the colonial corner of this theme park. As they head towards the Hall of Presidents, Len & Jim talk about the stylized open sewer that the Imagineers inserted in this land. They also talk about why the Haunted Mansion’s interactive queue has had trouble connected ...…
Nick and John Barnes visit the Titty Twister in 1996 for bloody fun and laughs and George Clooney. Enjoy! Rate and review the show on iTunes. Don't have iTunes? Find us on and Feedback? Why not email? Check us out on and our home at www.comicconspodcas ...…
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