Episode 66: Massage therapy/Simon Ward


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Massage therapy does a body and mind good but is there any science to support the gestalt that we all may share that it really improves recovery or performance? Despite the fact that it has been around pretty much forever and the fact that there are many technological aids that leverage massage to purportedly enhance recovery, the truth is, evidence to support these claims is pretty scarce. I look at the science of a good rubdown. Plus, my conversation with Simon Ward a longtime British triathlon coach with numerous accolades and awards to his name. Simon is the toast of an entertaining podcast that espouses his philosophy of triathlon training-that we should all aspire to be 'high performance humans' as opposed to just high performing triathletes. We discuss what that means and how you can become one.


[06:30]- Massage and recovery

[15:50]- Simon Ward


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