Gavin Greenaway: 'We Danced For Seven'


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Hello listeners and welcome to episode 18!

This episode features a true icon of the music industry, Gavin Greenaway.

Gavin is a British Emmy ® award-winning pianist, composer and conductor with an extensive catalogue of achievements: conducting over 100 feature film and television soundtracks, composing for major entertainment and cultural events, and producing and songwriting with chart-topping artists.

Gavin has fostered long-standing relationships with many of the world’s eminent music creators, conducting scores for the likes of Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard, John Powell, Daft Punk, Andrea Bocelli, George Michael and Sir Paul McCartney.

However, when I first heard Gavin's second solo piano album ‘woven,’ I was mesmerised by its beauty and sense of narrative. As Gavin will explain, he went about using layered recordings of an upright piano ‘prepared’ with various fabrics and materials and the result is stunning.

I'm thrilled to introduce the amazing Gavin Greenaway.
Artwork by Katie Stevenson:

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