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In today's episode, our guest star is Jillian Lama comes on to talk about her podcast The Body You Crave and she also runs a program with the same name. Jillian is a master life and weight loss coach, and founder of the Body You Crave Method. She helps smart, ambitious women (like you!) end emotional eating, lose excess weight, and feel amazing in their bodies - no cheating required.

Sarah talks about how she changed her mindset away from the whole idea of good and bad. This mentality extends to more than just with food.

Weight Loss and personal development go hand in hand. If you’re struggling with emotional eating, cravings, self-sabotage, or self-doubt, your solution lies in your mindset (i.e. the way you think).

Jillian teaches you tools based in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy that will help you identify and overcome unhelpful ways of thinking so that you can hit your goals faster.

Jillian talks about how when you overeat you need to stop thinking that you are a failure and to change your mindset and ask yourself why did you overeat and understand what triggered the behavior.

Jenny talks about how she has had to cut dairy and grain out of her diet and how that has affected her view on food and how much she enjoys it.

Jillian talks about how we need to debunk what we normally think about food and that it's important to give ourselves grace and one bad night is not a failure.

Bodies are different and it is not just the number on the scale.

Jillian shares her own weight story and how she started her business and podcast.

Jenny talks about how she had to change her mindset on throwing away food and because it is leftover does not mean that you have to eat it that minute.

Everyone talks about what their ideal body is and what that means for them.

Find out more about Jillian Lama on her website

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