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Sometimes in life it may feel like we're being buried, while in actual fact we are being planted. Lately, I find myself contemplating a lot of things, and with the start of the new season, I couldn't help but think about endings and new beginnings. I love new beginnings and I'm a believer in beginner's luck.

The thing about new beginnings is that they are usually preceded by some form of dissolution, some kind of ending and letting go. The process of dissolution at times can be punctuated by pain and confusion, thus it can feel a tad overwhelming.

Currently, for most people (dare I say) on a global scale, it may look like our collective 'blue skies' are gone, or that the sun isn't going to shine anymore. indeed the current health climate has caused a general air of malaise and we are all looking for some semblance of hope that things will change and improve even if we must accepted that they can never go back to 'normal'. As for me, I know that I'm certainly ready for a new normal. A new beginning.

In today's instalment of I and Am, we delve a little deeper into the nature of endings and new beginnings, keeping in mind that every problem is emblematic of something new wanting to emerge. Here's to more brighter days to come!

Peace and blessings

Camagwini, Thokozani, Namaste.

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