TSEP#96 Second Life as a leverage to refinance the transition?


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The switch to electrifying transport, logistics, mobility as such comes with a big price tag because it's just such a systemic switch. If you, for example, are a bus fleet operator in a city, those buses actually cost almost double than a diesel bus. Of course, there's a lot of subsidies, but it is a steep price tag for a fleet operator. Taking the battery after its first use case and using it for a second life use case scenario can actually refund some of that original cost. That is, if that battery in the bus has been used properly and is still usable for a second life use case. What can we do with a battery after having been in a bus for a couple of years? What needs to be done to really use batteries properly? And what role does monitoring play in this? Claudius Jehle, CEO of volytica diagnostics, reveals this and more.


  • 4.30: Why is it so important to bringing Second Life into place?

  • 8.51: About the relevance of monitoring and diagnostic of batteries

  • 19.59: About diagnosis using Algorithms, i.e. based on artificial intelligence. How does that work?

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