#23 Power to the people - with Dr Irra Waddy


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Cancel all video calls, put on headphones and get back to basics with this special Kak Kak on democracy. Who made it? Is it dying? Why care, if all politicians lie? How to tell a good revolution from a bad one? Educate yourself before it’s too late.
Father Molotov interviews Dr Irra Waddy (historian of revolutions and equal rights), while spinning tracks from his demo crazy collection. The DJ brings all the arguments he knows on why we should move on from democracy, since it doesn’t work anymore, while the doctor blocks them and pours free knowledge on all presents.
This is the last episode of the season so, if you need your fix, it’s as good as it gets. Listen and re-listen to it over your lockdown workouts, share it with your nephew who doesn’t follow the news or pass it to your housemate into conspiracy theories.
This show was first broadcasted in Nov 2020 and then edited to rewrite history according to the winners. Sorry if the sound quality is less awesome than usual. Adios

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