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Talking Machines
Talking Machines is your window into the world of machine learning. Your hosts, Katherine Gorman and Neil Lawrence, bring you clear conversations with experts in the field, insightful discussions of industry news, and useful answers to your questions. Machine learning is changing the questions we can ask of the world around us, here we explore how to ask the best questions and what to do with the answers.
A weekly podcast about the electronics industry. Occasional guests. Lots of laughs.
The Engineering Career Coach Podcast provides engineering career advice. Engineering Management Institute Anthony Fasano coaches recent engineering graduates to engineers from top engineering companies on different engineering career goals and challenges.
Practical insights for the engineering crowd
Build your career as a sound engineer. The podcast for live audio professionals. Interviews with the leading innovators in concert, theatre, and corporate production. Submit your questions: Lively is a Career Coach for Audio Professionals, Podcast Consultant for Small Businesses, and Author.
The Civil Engineering Podcast provides engineering career advice and success stories specifically for civil engineers. Civil engineers Anthony Fasano, PE and Christian Knutson, PE host the show and showcase civil engineering projects and professional
Helping engineers go from good to great. Engineering || Management || Leadership || Productivity
Pragmatic is a discussion show contemplating the practical application of technology. Exploring the real world trade offs we look at how great ideas are transformed into products and services that can change our lives. Nothing is as simple as it seems.
The story of technological progress is one of drama and intrigue, sudden insight and plain hard work. Let’s explore technology’s spectacular failures and many magnificent success stories.
The weekly podcast where Phil Zito discusses topics related to building automation and provides useful tips and action packed examples to help you better understand building automation.
Discussing recent publications and news in materials science, physics, and engineering fields.
Materials Today is a community dedicated to the creation and sharing of materials science knowledge and experience. Supported by Elsevier, we publish high impact peer-reviewed journals, organize academic conferences, broadcast educational webinars and so much more.
The Infrastructure Show consists of monthly podcasts in which some of the nation’s top infrastructure experts discuss with host Professor Joseph Schofer of Northwestern University the condition of our infrastructure today, and what can be done about it. While many subjects are addressed, including repairs, upgrades and new construction, there is an emphasis on the topics of preventive and predictive maintenance, as well as “structural health monitoring” – a special focus of the Northwestern ...
How Do You Engineer?
A podcast about how engineering is done. Each week we explore and explain a part of the engineering multiverse.
MakingChips is a weekly podcast that will equip leaders in the metalworking manufacturing industry with valuable content to utilize in their career and business.
Gain the experience of your peers to accelerate improvement of your program and career. Improve your product development process, reliability or warranty performance; or your plant uptime or asset performance. Learn about reliability and maintenance engineering practical approaches, skills, and techniques. Join the conversation today.
An informal show on favorite, fascinating, or funny words and phrases used in various engineering disciplines. Hosted by interdisciplinary engineer Pius Wong, also host of The K12 Engineering Education Podcast. Produced by Pios Labs. Support the podcast by donating to Pius's studio on Patreon:
This podcast describes the contents of each issue of the Journal of the Audio Engineering Society.
Interviews with leading figures in the quality and reliability fields. Learn about those shaping our world. Tim interviews authors, business leaders, scholars, vendors, and consultants to understand their motivations, key insights, and explore their contributions to the quality and reliability engineering professions.
Our SIRIUS Podcast informs you regularly on the developements of the Industrial Controls. This way you are always up to date! You will find our podcast in the iTunes Store.
Reliability Engineering Basics, Statistics, Accelerated Testing, Program Assessment and Improvement. Listen in on in depth discussions held during the live monthly Accendo Reliability webinar series. We explore topics ranging from reliability engineering basics, statistics, accelerated life testing, program assessment and improvement. Catch up or review past events below.
The Electronic Engineering Research Podcast
A no holds barred podcast about women engineers
Control Amplified
A podcast for process automation professionals
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In episode ten of season five we talk about reproducibility, take a listener question on re understanding the history of the field given where we are now and how other fields are reviewing their own history and listen to a conversation with Graham Taylor of the Vector Institute.
Episode: 2914 Charles Loring Brace and the Orphan Trains Movement. Today, for the love of children.By Dr. Andy Boyd.
Episode: 1690 The Arts and Crafts Movement reflected in a book for young people. Today, we make things.By Dr. John Lienhard.
Those who work in computing today bring a wide array of backgrounds and experiences to the profession. In this podcast, the first in a series, Dr. Eliezer Kanal—a former premed student, computational neuroscientist, health-care technical manager, financial quantitative analyst, freelance web developer, and IT consultant—discusses his background ...…
Episode: 2910 Something big: The world's largest manmade enclosure. Today, something really big.By Dr. Andy Boyd.
What Do I Do When MTBF is Imposed? Abstract Join Chris and Fred discuss what happens when you can’t avoid having the MTBF imposed upon you – even if it is your own organization and not the customer. Perhaps you are told that ‘our competitors quote the MTBF … so we have to as well!’ But you can (sneakily) tailor test data to get whatever MTBF yo ...…
As BAS professionals we utilize relays, switches, and circuits every day. But often we are not taught how they work and why we use them. In this episode, we discuss why we use relays, switches, and circuits, when to use them, and how to use them.
Episode: 1689 Numismatics -- coins as a historical record. Today, let's read what's written on coins.By Dr. John Lienhard.
Welcome JP Norair of Haystack Technologies! Chris knows JP from the Consulting Forum. Want to join us? Apply here 0h 0m 40s LoRa 0h 1m 49s Chirp Spread Spectrum 0h 1m 53s LoRaWAN 0h 3m 16s The standard initially came from IBM 0h 3m 23s Formed the LoRa alliance 0h 3m 34s Comcast strategy shifting 0h 4m 9s Sigfox was a competitor 0h 4m 55s Senet ...…
Fundamentals of Tolerance Analysis podcast episode There are three approaches to set tolerance limits for design elements. Each has ramifications for the eventual manufacturability and reliability performance. Design for manufacturability and reliability hinge of getting design tolerances set correctly. If you are interested in creating a relia ...…
Complete Show Notes: this episode of Sound Design Live I talk with touring system technician and Master Sound Engineer at the Guthrie Theatre, Alex Ritter. We discuss his work as the system technician on the recent tour with Lady Antebellum and Darius Rucker as well ...…
Specification Requires Testing… Really? Abstract Chris and Fred discuss scenarios where it is (for whatever reason) impossible to demonstrate reliability through testing. Some organizations think that if you can’t demonstrate through testing … then it can’t be a requirement that appears in a specification. So … does this mean that the customer ...…
Episode: 1686 In which steam engines struggle to teach us thermodynamics. Today, a story about theory and practice.By Dr. John Lienhard.
Excellent customer experience is vital to the success of your manufacturing business, and marketing automation solutions can help you not only sell your business but maintain your customer base as well. In this episode of MakingChips, Jim and Jason discuss the importance of utilizing marketing automation correctly with B2B consultant and adviso ...…
With a growing number of device categories and devices within them, it can be hard to pick what devices from what category will meet your needs. Jason Snell joins John to try to determine what the optimal interface is for what use case you might need and where technology is heading. With Jason Snell and John Chidgey. Related Article Links: Opti ...…
Episode: 2908 Kurt Vonnegut, engineers, and scientists. Today, so it goes.By Dr. Andy Boyd.
Episode: 1685 Lord Mad Jack Byron, James Watt, & George Gordon, 6th Lord Byron. Today, a strange connection between Lord Byron and steam power.By Dr. John Lienhard.
Look at the things that are important to you and determine what the 80/20 drivers are in your career and life. Do you have deadlines around them? If it is important to you, you should have a clear and defined deadline. The post TECC 202: How to Use Deadlines as Productivity Tools in Your Engineering Career and Life appeared first on Engineering ...…
Episode: 2907 Quantum Computing. Today, it’s magic.By Dr. Andy Boyd.
Reliability in a Fast Environment Part 2 Abstract Carl and Fred continuing to discuss the subject of integrating reliability within a very fast product development timeline. Key Points Join Carl and Fred as they continue to discuss how to make reliability work well in a fast environment. Topics include: What is too fast? Reliability principles ...…
This week we look at the results of our student assessment. We've had over 4200 students and about 40% of them have been through our student assessment. We look at the macrotrends from those results and how they apply to techs looking to grow in their career and managers looking to increase the profitability of their business.…
Episode: 1684 In which we study an old machinist's handbook. Today, a revolutionary's handbook.By Dr. John Lienhard.
Welcome, Travis Goodspeed! Chris and Travis first met at after ESC Chicago in 2010. TI Developer conference 2008 got into msp430 Chronos watch, had an “open source” design, much of the info was missing. The GoodWatch project has an RPN calculator, assembler , disassembler, radio onboard The chipcon430 was targeted at electric power meters POCSA ...…
Reliability in a Fast Environment Part 1 Abstract Carl and Fred discussing how the approach to achieving high reliability needs to change when operating in a fast-to-market product development process. Key Points Join Carl and Fred as they discuss the broad subject of identifying and implementing reliability methods in a fast environment. Topic ...…
Episode: 1682 Count von Zeppelin learns about flying in St. Paul, Minnesota. Today, see if you can guess our mystery inventor.By Dr. John Lienhard.
In episode nine of season five we talk about some interesting work from AISTATS, dive into unbiased implicit variational inference, and chat with Jon McAuliffe CIO of Voleon
Episode: 2906 The Octopus Mind. Today, alien intelligence.By Dr. Andy Boyd.
As a Civil Engineering, you are going to get in front of an audience at some point in your career. Staying calm, cool, and collected in these situations, will often time keep the audience calm as well. The post TCEP 117: The Importance of Staying Calm, Cool, and Collected as a Civil Engineering Professional appeared first on Engineering Managem ...…
Episode: 1681 The Literary Digest tells us about science in 1904. Today, a bright new century.By Dr. John Lienhard.
Jason and Jim both felt the need to fight against the perspective of nepotism within their family manufacturing businesses by proving their merit within their respective companies. Growing up in the family business had its perks, but it also came with the need to overcome the stigma that they were successful simply because of their bloodline. T ...…
Episode: 2904 Chatterbots and the Turing Test. Today, we chat.By Dr. Andy Boyd.
Sense of Community for Reliability Engineers Abstract Adam and Fred discussing the challenges and strategies for improving the reliability engineering community. Key Points Join Adam and Fred as they discuss the challenges and strategies for improving the reliability engineering community. Topics include: Is the increasing presence of on-line c ...…
How would you like to learn a step-by-step process for installing BACnet MS/TP and IP controls? Well, my friends, you're in luck. This episode will teach you exactly how to install BACnet MS/TP and IP controls.
Episode: 1679 The last days of Pompeii, rather like our own lives. Today, we visit Pompeii.By Dr. John Lienhard.
KiCon is over! The only thing that really went wrong is Chris lost his wallet briefly. Former guest Chris Anderson (@Chr1sa on twitter) is no longer going to TED conferences Matt Foley motivational speaker Simone Giertz is our only past guest who has given a full TED talk (?) Derek Kozel Dave “threw a grenade” PCB wars Dave made two predictions ...…
Anool Mahidharia – Lumetronics AJ Keller – Neurosity Uriel Guy – Light Art Ste Kulov – HD Retrovision Craig Bishop – Craig was also a guest on the Hackaday Podcast this weekBy The Amp Hour (Chris Gammell and David L Jones).
Michael Risse, VP and CMO at Seeq, talks with Control’s Jim Montague about data analytics in process automation and control, how they're evolving, the new forms they can take on, and how users can benefit.By ControlGlobal.
This time the podcast contains: Elegant pushbuttons and indicator lights for extreme conditions
Mythical RAM Analysis Formula Abstract Adam and Fred discussing The “Silver Bullet” approach to Reliability Engineering Key Points Join Adam and Fred as they discuss the “Silver Bullet” approach to Reliability Engineering Topics include: What can be done when a leader asks for a quick reliability and maintainability assessment? Are there “go to ...…
Episode: 1678 Weave a circle and change history. Today, we close a circle.By Dr. John Lienhard.
Episode: 2903: Delicately Engineered Hummingbirds. Today, life as a blur.By Dr. Andy Boyd.
It's the real MVP of simplifying user interfaces in some programming languages these days. This is Episode 77 of Engineering Word Of The Day, an informal show on favorite, fascinating, or funny words and phrases used in various engineering disciplines.By Pios Labs.
An introvert is not simply a shy person or somebody that is not outgoing. It is someone who needs time to recharge their batteries alone after they spent a lot of time with people. The post TECC 201: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Tackling the Job Search for Rising Introverts appeared first on Engineering Management Institute.…
Episode: 1677 In which I encounter the 16th Century in a Fort Worth Museum. Today, we trick the eye.By Dr. John Lienhard.
We sit down with Greg Davill and Michael Ossmann for two brief chats at KiCon 2019By The Amp Hour (Chris Gammell and David L Jones).
Episode: 2902 ELIZA: Artificial Psychotherapist. Today, mindless conversation.By Dr. Andy Boyd.
Jim and Jason both know the importance of fostering a great company culture within their businesses. Knowing where to begin and how to accomplish a thriving culture, however, can be daunting. In this insightful episode of MakingChips, Jim shares his personal experience building a company culture that won Carr Machine & Tool the Spark Award for ...…
How to Use Reliability Specifications Well Abstract Kirk and Fred discussing Reliability Specifications and how companies set reliability requirements in new products Key Points Join Kirk and Fred as they discuss the many aspects of developing operational requirements and metrics for reliability development of a new system Topics include: Setti ...…
LON, one of the most confusing building automation protocols in existence. In this episode, we are going to discuss what LON is, how it works, and how you can work with this protocol on your day-to-day jobs.
Episode: 1676 Some 2500 year old Chinese bells harbor a secret. Today, some very-old bells with a surprising secret.By Dr. John Lienhard.
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