Best 3dprinting podcasts we could find (Updated August 2019)
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3D Printing Today
Dr, Andy Cohen, with 28 years in the high tech industry, and Master Craftsman Whitney Potter both use 3D Printing, 3D capture and 3D Design professionally. These guys dig through all the hype to reveal the real value in what is happening today in the exciting world of 3D Printing. They discuss topics such as how to tune, upgrade and maintain your desktop factory, capturing physical objects into virtual 3D space, how to develop your own designs for 3D Printing, developing businesses related t ...
Innovation Freak
Bring more light to the great new innovations that will impact the world.
Hi this is Scott Tarcy and welcome to the Engineering Entrepreneur Podcast I’m a mechanical engineer and the president of My company does CAD work and prototyping. I love designing and inventing products and creating businesses around that activity. There are many podcasts out there about entrepreneurship and a few about inventing, but I have yet to find a podcast specifically about the engineering and technical side of entrepreneurship Since I couldn’t find the exact podc ...
Make sure your business is prepared to adapt in a changing market. The AEM Thinking Forward Podcast is where leaders in the equipment manufacturing industry hear about the latest developments and disruptions in construction and agriculture. Listen regularly for insightful interviews with technology pioneers, industry heavyweights and established experts. The AEM Thinking Forward Podcast is brought to you by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), which represents more than 1,000 No ...
3D Pod
Hosted by Joris Peels (, Editor in Chief) and Maxwell Bogue (3Doodler, Co-Founder & Inventor), 3D Pod brings 3D printing news and insight, with straight talk from two bona fide 3D printing pros.
This show seeks out makers of things and celebrates their uniqueness, skill set, and drive. Their stories, the themes that drive them, and the real answers to your questions are found here. Passionate people in the fields of CNC machining, welding, fabricating, 3D printing and woodworking, to name a few. Whether in a makerspace or garage or barn, making is the heart of us.
This show is about being a maker and everything it means to be one. MakerCast seeks out makers of things and celebrates their uniqueness, skill set, and drive. Their stories, the themes that drive them, and the real answers to your questions are found here. Whether in a makerspace or garage or barn, making is the heart of us.
Podcast for Electrifying Ideas, LLC offerings, happenings on store or design ideas.
The SeeMeCNC Printed 3D Podcast is a podcast for makers. Do you print? Have you ever considered purchasing your very own 3D printer but didn't know where to start? This podcast will show you the possibilities.
A gaming podcast fueled by anger and alcohol
A fire-side chat where innovation, creativity, technology and science meet.
The first podcast on entrepreneurship exploring fashion technology space.Meet the change makers who create a future of fashion and learn #liftoff strategies to creating and marketing tech products. My guests come from various fields: #wearabletech, #smartclothing, #AR, #VR, #3Dprinting, #digitalmedia, #platforms and #AI. Turn your explore mode ON!
The Omars Show
Podcast by The Omars Show
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BLTouch on the DuetClone, Steps per mm, E3D nozzle dotsBy Andy Cohen & Whitney Potter.
Cooling fans, Mesh Compensation debateBy Andy Cohen & Whitney Potter.
CloneR1 Gets a Duetwifi 5 Add-ons, Nozzle cleaning, Thermal blanktetsBy Andy Cohen & Whitney Potter.
CloneR1 Gets a Duetwifi ; SW, Printing the collapsing sword, Make your own multicolored filamentBy Andy Cohen & Whitney Potter.
Just about every major player in Silicon Valley and the auto industry has efforts underway to develop autonomous car technology. Not only will self-driving cars change the way the construction industry builds roads, but some of that same tech will power the autonomous heavy equipment of the future. In this episode, an update on who’s leading th ...…
CloneR1 Gets a Duetwifi; FW, 8 bit Vs 32, RPLIDARBy Andy Cohen & Whitney Potter.
In this 3DPod Episode we talk to Xometry’s Greg Paulsen on 3D printing processes and applications. In a far-ranging conversation on everything from the differences between FDM, SLS, SLA as well as applications such as conformal cooling we chew the 3D printing fat. The idea behind this episode was to give you guys more a look into when you would ...…
How to Patent an Invention – Alex Hobson – Ep70 Alex Hobson is founder and president of Invention To Patent Services. He is also an inventor being listed on more than 20 U.S. patents. He has more than 20 years of experience. I’ve had other patent agents on the show before, but Alex is a little different. Alex was first a mechanical engineer and ...…
Larger Nozzle, CloneR1 Gets a Duetwifi 2 HW, Supports in SLMBy Andy Cohen & Whitney Potter.
Autodesk, AutoCAD, and Fusion 360 Engineer – Bryce Heventhal – Ep69 Bryce Heventhal is the Sr. Technical Marketing Manager for Fusion 360. He has 9+ years of CAD, FEA, and generative design experience, with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. When he is not designing, he is out rock climbing. Bryce started his career as an Applications engineer f ...…
CloneR1 Gets a Duetwifi 1, The printer Vs Printing., MRRF StarsBy Andy Cohen & Whitney Potter.
3D Printing Advice from a Formlabs Engineer - Andrew Edman – Ep68 Andrew Edman is an Industry Manager for product design, engineering, and manufacturing at Formlabs. He previously owned his own design company where he met the founders of Formlabs early on. Andrew looks for use cases for 3D printing. One such example is at Ashley Home Furniture. ...…
Space exploration and the new commercial space race is a very exciting area for 3D printing. In this episode of the 3DPod Max and myself discuss the opportunities for 3D printing in space. We look at 3D printing spacecraft, 3D printing satellites, 3D printing engines, 3D printing on board space craft and 3D printing moon bases. We really enjoye ...…
Production Woes, Go Pro Accessories, SnoLabs PC+ with Carbon FiberBy Andy Cohen & Whitney Potter.
Using farm data to improve operating margins is perhaps more important than ever, in a year where weak commodity prices, international trade uncertainty and abysmal planting conditions are putting farmers under serious pressure. But how can equipment manufacturers help growers reap the benefits of digital technology? In this episode, two expert ...…
Small quantity production with ABS, CYARK Update, Are there jobs in 3D Printing?
CloudCompare, Another home fix, Solving the overhang support problem
On this episode, we interview Scott Summit. Scott is a great guy and also a pioneer in using 3D printing in medicine. Scott is an industrial designer who tells us about his journey from Apple and design agencies into the world of 3D printing. He developed the first 3D printed prosthetics in the world. He also pioneered the idea that you can mak ...…
Yosemite Map, Thoughts on the 3D Printer Market, Prusa i3 Vs Ender 3By Andy Cohen & Whitney Potter.
3D Printing Basic class outline, Filament types and how they are best used, AdafruitBy Andy Cohen & Whitney Potter.
Today Max and I spoke with Janne Kyttanen. Janne is a great guy and a true 3D printing pioneer. Janne was one of the first designers active in 3D printing. He pioneered end-use products, lamps, 3D printed fabrics, 3D printing design in and of itself and much more. 3D printed goods would all look very different today if Janne didn’t show us a wa ...…
Ultimaker Cura, Listener Buys an eBay kit, Shower Handle FixBy Andy Cohen & Whitney Potter.
Electromobility and automation are two of the hottest topics in leading edge technology right now. And at a test site in Sweden, Volvo CE has proved that these technologies can be combined to run a quarry that's virtually emission-free. In this episode, Volvo CE's Dr. Fares Beainy parses the benefits and challenges of an all-electric fleet of c ...…
The Wheelchair Mountain Bike – Bowhead Corp (Chris Bagg and Will Gill) – Ep67 23 years ago, Chris Bagg broke his back snow boarding. Chris was very into outdoor sports and wanted to continue his activities as a parapalegic. Chris built his own custom wheelchair first. He needed this because all the stock chairs were too small for his 6 foot 8 i ...…
Fixing the Ender-3 Bed (add the update!), Printing Ski Trail Maps, Update Ender 3 bed fixBy Andy Cohen & Whitney Potter.
Dehydrators, Printing Ski Runs, Differences in 3D Printing MarketsBy Andy Cohen & Whitney Potter.
MIchael Raphael is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable 3D scanning people worldwide. For years he and his company Direct Dimensions have been asked to 3D scan important buildings, monuments, submarines, aircraft and much more. In our first interview Max Brogue and myself talk to Michael about his diverse projects. We mention the Kinec ...…
MRRF Retrospect, BLTouch, Cura also has overlapped infills
Max and I discuss bioprinting this week. We go into detail about the different things that excite us from in situ, to scaffolds, to skin to cartilage. We talk about the science fiction like frontier that will open for us and the real things that are happening today. We’re both excited about near term ways through which bioprinting coupled with ...…
Now that we have finally beaten the "final" boss in Gloomhaven, we feel like we can speak more intelligently about it. Man are we wrong. We can't do anything intelligently.By The BeerThralls.
“Old School” Vs new in 3DPrinting, Marlin Thermo-protection, Replicator X axis idler
Additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, shows growing potential as a technique for fabricating parts out of plastic or metal. But what about building structures out of concrete? AEM member Oshkosh Corp. and Oak Ridge National Laboratory have teamed up to develop new 3D printed concrete technology, and the early results show the potential to res ...…
Hello everyone we really hope that you enjoy a new episode of the 3DPod. Maxwell Bogue and I had a lot of fun making this episode. In this 3DPod we talk about 3D printing in medicine. What impact is it making? What is happening in hospitals? What is happening in the developing world? We talk about implants, braces, personalized medicine, polyme ...…
Unify your controls, UNIZ 1 more time, Making Models From Point Clouds
Today Maxwell Bogue and I take a look at a rather contentious subject 3D printing guns. Is there a real threat? Are we making the problem worse by discussing it? What actually happened? Who should be responsible? Glass guns and printcrime. What can we learn from the 3D printed gun debate? And what should we do for the next time? We’d love to he ...…
New 3D Printer Setup, UNIZ One more time, Reusing desiccant
Episode 2 at the Midwest RepRap Fest
The Wonder Wallet Invention – Alan Beckley– Ep66 Alan Beckley is an entrepreneur, inventor, and podcaster. His degree is in aerospace engineering but worked a lot of his career in project management. In 2012, he hit it big with an invention of his, the Wonder Wallet. Today he continues to invent but also but also focuses on helping other invent ...…
Episode 1 of the MidWest RepRap Fest
Don’t hack SLA, Resolution rule of thumb, Color Trail Maps
Space may be the final frontier, but the technologies being developed to land the first humans on Mars can also be leveraged by tech-savvy OEMs in the heavy equipment industry. In this episode, NASA technologist Steven Gonzalez explains the space agency's technology transfer program, which makes cutting-edge tech available to U.S. enterprises. ...…
On this episode of the 3DPod we are discussing 3D printing in education. Presented by many as a great idea your two presenters are not so sure. Max certainly is against 3D printers in elementary scools. How about high school and college? What do we think of how 3D printers can help students today? Listen to the podcast below. Our previous podca ...…
3DPod is a unique, entertaining and hopefully thought-provoking podcast about 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing. We look at the 3D printing market in the broadest sense and hope to give you new 3D printing insight. In this episode we discuss the Fourth Industrial Revolution. What does this term mean? How realistic is it? And what is happen ...…
Making Multi-color models in Blender, UNIZ overall review
Serial Inventor, Entrepreneur and Daymond John Business Partner – Mike Watts– Ep65 Mike Watts is a serial entrepreneur who has started 6 product-based companies totaling over $50million in total sales. Mike is currently serving as Founder and CEO of LoveHandle, who manufactures patented custom-printed smartphone accessories and is a partner of ...…
Knuckle Coupler, Blender OSM, UNIZ Software, Splitting the object in Fusion360By Andy Cohen & Whitney Potter.
Tradeoff of 16 mixed colors , Slash OL Unboxing, Printer Morgue
Do you know what hurts more than a thousand paper cuts covered in lemon juice with fire ants? Tharn. Stupid tharn and their tharnny BS... Hey everyone! We are talking some 3d Printing followed up by some talk from Jake about how awesome Tharn are! Make sure you listen all the way to the end... =)By The BeerThralls.
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) – John Laslavic– Ep64 If you are an engineer at a mid to large company, you are well aware what PLM is. But if not, hopefully this episode will teach you a few things. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is how companies organize the process of creating and modifying products. Traditionally this applied to just ...…
A 16 color print, Copper Silk Review, Rebuilding a bad 3D Printer
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