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50 Shades of Green Divas
Green Diva Meg, host of 50 Shades of Green Divas (formerly The Green Divas Radio Show), takes a light-hearted approach to sustainable living. She hosts this informative and entertaining one-hour radio show along with Maxine Margo and a variety of Green Divas and Green Dudes. Listen to great interviews with high-profile celebrities and leaders in the green living movement. Enjoy informative and fun segments/podcasts like Greenpeace GDs, Green Divas Foodie-Philes; Green Divas Eco-Sexy; Green D ...
50 shades of Grey- Well Read Yet Ill Fed
50 Shades of Red & Blue
Three Utah based sports fans rant and ramble through the weeks headlines. We cover the Utah Utes, BYU Cougars, Utah Jazz and all other news local and national. Join us weekly. Do it!
Colin Williams presents the 50 Shades of House show, Monday nights 10pm-12 GMT on
Colin Williams presents the 50 Shades of House show, Monday nights 10pm-11 GMT on
Kinky and Curious - BS'ing with Barak & Sheba
Got a question about Kink? Just Curious about what the Kink Lifestyle has to offer you? Listen to the Kinky & Curious Podcast with Barak & Sheba, as we answer all kinds of questions about what it is that we do. You never know what topics will come up or what kind of kinky things will go down! Join us for some fun, some facts, and some frivolity!
EWTN -- 12/29/2014 -- At Home with Jim and Joy
Catholic author, Roger Thomas joins At Home to discuss his latest book, The Accidental Marriage. Roger’s book is the anti-dote to the popular secular book, 50 Shades of Grey.
Naturally Speaking
Straight talk from Author & Activist Toshia "Writing Addict" Shaw and Model/Publisher Nerissa Irving. Everything from Relationships, Sex, Books, Current Events, Careers, etc.
Join the hosts, Woody and the Beast, for a no holds bared journey into the world of kink. This is the real deal, not 50 Shades of Grey! The hosts have been in the lifestyle for over 20 years each and have experience from around the world.
Best Of BTR
The best of Blog Talk Radio
Rude, Hard & Dirty Podcast
Hey! We are The Rude, Hard & Dirty Podcast, exploring 50 Shades of Grey week by week! Ain't that fun.
Book Circle Online: Books
Book Circle Online is the world’s first podcast network with shows dedicated to the intimate discussion and dissection of various books. Each BCO podcast centers on one book title i.e. BCO Hunger Games Edition or BCO 50 Shades of Grey Edition. BCO Hosts, comprised of authors, writers, critics and media personalities, discuss all aspects of the book from the author’s inspiration and background to chapter by chapter breakdowns to the book’s conclusion. Hosts offer insight and opinions as well ...
Tales of Macaque Podcast
Ferociously facetious 10th Planet Monstersquad purple belt Marshall Stamper, co-creator of the 50 Shades of Grey franchise, tackles the issues...
Host Lori Ness introduces you to hot people, places and events around the world. What happens in Seattle happens everywhere. Bringing Seattle to the WORLD AND THE WORLD to Seattle! These are light and conversational human interest interviews. The guests are fully aware of the format going in. This is the biggest show you have never heard of! Playing emerging artists and showcasing nice people doing great things from the Northwest, the USA and across the globe. Former DJ on KHPY, Los Angeles. ...
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N.S.F.W Podcast
-Everyone's week-Sex Toys-Rape Culture-50 Shades of Grey-What is your meaning of rape?Needing consent even during foreplay?
Ramboprah Radio
Respects to Lauren #ellismaina8, UFC News, kill em with kindness, current events, karma gets is kiss, 50 shades of shite, customers of the week, I'm on holiday. music: Wonderboy by Tenacious D, Halftime by Ying Yang Twins, kill em with kindness by selena gomez, Twilight of the thunder god by amon amarth, Guardians of Asguard by Amon Amarth, cav ...…
Världens Undergång
Vi lever oss igenom världens sämsta filmtrailer, försöker ställa diagnos på Linn och bjuder på den sämsta imitationen av Annie Lööf du någonsin hört.
The Merrickville Catch Up - Triple M - Merrick Watts
1) Justin Hamilton 2) why can't you trust horses? 3) Hammo lost his job 4) Melbourne Cup Winner - or Marital Aid? 5) Firey VS Uni VS Merrick 6) 50 Shades Of Marriage
Merrickville: Best Bits
The trailer for the new 50 Shades Movie 50 Shades Freed has been released, and in this movie, Christian and Anna are married. Merrick put together his own trailer for what married life is really like
Malicious Melissa interviews Slave Troy. They discuss what he's looking for in a dom, the relationship between a dom and a slave, servitude, misconceptions, and 50 Shades of Grey.
How It Obviously Ends
In this episode we watch the sexy film 50 Shades of Grey and try to predict it’s sexy ending.
MC Hawking's Podcore Nerdcast
MC Hawking's Podcore Nerdcast Episode 3.07: Schaffer the Darklord In this episode of MC Hawking's Podcore Nerdcast, Ken, Len, and special guest Schäffer the Darklord talk about sphynx cats, politics on Facebook, Twin Peaks, 1-star reviews on Amazon, the 50 Shades of Grey movie, pro-wrestling, going from punk to nerdcore, smoking weed in Arkham ...…
The Morning Feed with Rob LaFrentz and Jennifer O'Neill talk Star Wars, 50 Shades and school lunch ...
With Bat-Like Tread ; 50 Shades of Bruce; This Little Pyg Had None; Like an Ogre; Mr. Napier, If You’re Nasty; Moose Wants Pants Too; Party Like It’s 1999; Some Assembly Required; Superior Hawkeye; No Time for Losers; Purple and Terrifying; Inhumans Comics Are Good; Spidey’s Man in Chair; Unholy Rollers; Platonic Symbiosis; Little Deathstrokes; ...…
Somebody quadrupled the business of one software company they worked with. Then 12x’d the growth of another software company they worked with. And did it with the help of leveraging over 200 partner webinars. So naturally, we had to get this incredibly intelligent marketer on the show to reveal his strategies. In this episode, the legendary Sid ...…
The time has finally come for Matt and Bob, along with former guests of the show Rob Zeman and Sean Hillary, to watch, breakdown and analyze Ethan Embry's 1995 triumphant commentary on the dangers of artificial intelligence: EVOLVER! The director of Hillary Duff's A CINDERELLA STORY and a cast that includes the legendary Paul Dooley, Q from STA ...…
Garbage Town The Podcast
Tom McGee joins Ryan and Tyler to discuss a sequel to a not-terrible original film: “Kingsman: The Golden Circle“. This episode is back to our old length as this move is HORRIBLE. Tyler compares his love for it to Ryan's love for "50 Shades Darker", we all get uncomfortable when we have to discuss a sex act in detail, and none of us can explain ...…
Show #70 begins with the #1 victory in Matty A's alma mater's history, Troy dumps LSU at Death Valley! Two teams from the Magnolia State left Alabama more than humbled. Matty A's alarm clock reminded him of his "Donkeys of the Week". UT is awful whether you like those PE coach uniforms or not; Matty C wraps up the show with a joke that you must ...…
Mark and Tim talk about how to maximise our chances of raising successful kids, while Mark talks about his youngest heading off to university. Show notes & links Science Says the Most Successful Kids Have Parents Who Do These 9 Things When discussing delay ...…
Not That Kind of Doctor
On this episode, we interviewed Dr. Katy Tschann-Grimm, Leena's close personal friend. Katy got her bachelor’s degree in physics at UCLA, and then got her PhD in Particle Physics at the State University of New York, Stony Brook. She is currently starting a faculty position in the Department of Physics at California State University East Bay, in ...…
The Lakers are back! (Kind of). Hosts Harrison Faigen and Anthony Irwin were joined by Trevor Lane of the Lakers Nation Podcast to finish their two-part crossover show, and the three discussed their thoughts on Lonzo Ball and the effect he's already having on the team, if their opinion on Brook Lopez has changed and brought back everyone's favo ...…
ThembiTakeOver is joined by 50 shades of Duku Ofentse Tsipa-15th September by Massiv Metro Online
On this Episode: - Dylan O'Brien (American Assassin, Teen Wolf) - JJ Abrams Directs Star Wars 9 - "It" Movie Review - RIP Don Williams and Troy Gentry (Country Legends) - 50 Shades Freed Teaser Debuts - History of the Bowery Boys For more great Mondo Nostalgia news and entertainment, check out: Click Here ...…
Snakes Have Legs Podcast
Chris and Cameron discuss clowns & IT, NFL football, domestic violence, answer fan questions, the 50 Shades of Grey series, new release music, sleeper picks and more!Notable Music This Week:Single: Zayne - Dusk Till Dawn ft. SiaSingle: Tove Lo - Disco TitsSingle: Sam Smith - Too Good at GoodbyesAlbum: Jack Johnson - And All the Light Above It T ...…
Fullklipp Ent
Woman's Worth® Radio Podcast
This week, we're heading to the movies. Don't miss out as we take you through financial classics including 50 Shades of Gray Area and It's a Wonderful Life Expectancy.
Get N Tha Game Ep 24: 50 Shades of Black For as long as there has been Black people in the United States there has been an ongoing discussion about how people are treated and perceived due to their skin color. From experiments to movies there has been countless comparisons that have left people changing their looks to be accepted by society and ...…
A return to some old standbys: A book and an Alice Cooper album. Guess who recs which one.. Kelly’s Rec: Album: Paranormal by Alice Cooper The brand new album from Alice Cooper! Kelly gives a preview of his thoughts on the album before he and Mike talk about it on Squat Cobbler. Some Links: a playlist on YouTube, Spotify, Amazon Prime I’m only ...…
Financial Straight Talk with David Dickens
This week, we're headed to the movies. Don't miss out as we take you through financial classics including 50 Shades of Gray Area, It's a Wonderful Life Expectancy, and Little Missed Details.
We Don't Watch Garbage and Neither Should You
Se7en (1995), thriller/mystery, directed by David Fincher. Two detectives, a rookie (Brad Pitt) and a veteran (Morgan Freeman), hunt a serial killer who uses the seven deadly sins as his motives.Usama and Justin discuss the film (spoilers start at 36:00), how absolutely TERRIFYING this movie is (despite there being very little gore, it's SAW fo ...…
How to Overcome 5 Blogger Obstacles As I record this, I’m just home from our first ProBlogger event of the year in Brisbane and am preparing for our next one in the coming days in Melbourne. The Brisbane event was really worthwhile. We heard from Pat Flynn, Jadah Sellner, James Schramko, Kelly Exeter, Shayne Tilley and Laney Galligan and had a ...…
Twicast: A Twilight Podcast
This week on The Twicast Kelly & Jared jump right in hell that is 50 Shades of Grey...and they kind of like it. Show Notes 1) Be sure to subscribe to the show on iTunes. 2) Listen to us on Stitcher 3) Please leave a rating or review on iTunes. It really helps us out! 4) If you have any thoughts, we would love to hear them! Find us on twitter @J ...…
The Grass Is Always Greener In Advertising • Make Drones Great Again • 50 Shades of Green • Advertising's Funeral • Ciao!
Financial Game Plan
This week, we're headed to the movies. Don't miss out as we take you through financial classics including 50 Shades of Gray Area and It's a Wonderful Life Expectancy.
TheEoNProject Podcast
Where do Mothman, 50 Shades of Gray, flying grizzly bears, madlibs, serial killers and bluetooth mishaps come togther like a fine Picasso painting? Well on episode 9 of TheEoNProject of course. There is no shortage of information, mystery and obeservational humor on this episode. Join us now and always for a stimulating ride through the nether ...…
This week, we're headed to the movies. Don't miss out as we take you through financial classics including 50 Shades of Gray Area and It's a Wonderful Life Expectancy.
Can I Steal You For a Second? A Bachelor Podcast with Two Dudes
Courtney Deary makes her long-awaited return to CISYFAS:ABPWTD to recap the penultimate in chapter in Rachel's journey. After a brief chat about love and engagements, we talk about love and engagements, discussing the surprise visit to Rachel's hometown of Dallas and their final destination, Ethspana. Former Bachelor Nick Viall also stops by to ...…
It's time to banish the poor author back to the garret and explode the myths of the penniless creative. Choose the model of Picasso and Michelangelo, merging creativity and business to get your words out in the world, change lives and grow your bank account. We live in the best time in history to be […]…
Award-winning actor and activist James Cromwell is taking a stand for the environment and all of us by heading off to jail after protesting a new power plant in Wawayanda, New York. He and fellow protester Pramilla Malick speak to the Green Divas just prior to a July 14th rally to help amplify the issue and see them off to their stint in the co ...…
Welcome to FetCast this week KingHulk is joined with tBambi as they talk about the dangers of the lifestyle. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, are in danger, or are feeling suicidal, call 911 immediately. Suicide Hotline: 800-784-2433. Immediate Medical Assistance: 911. Crisis Call Center: 800-273-8255 or text ANSWER to 839863. Link ...…
Kids in College
In episode 21, hosts Jacob Douglas and Sam Mosher get weird and record an episode in the wee hours of the morning. The boys answer great listener questions about conspiracy theories (27:00), scary technology (41:38), bad gifts (51:20), the meaning of life (56:00), semicolons (1:04:05), zodiac signs (1:07:00), and underrated movies (1:15:00). Ot ...…
The Tom Barnard Show
Dr. Owen's going Into the Gray Zone, which thank God does not refer to the same gray zone as in 50 Shades. This time it's the gray matter, AKA your brain. This episode will be especially interesting for people currently in a coma.
Ps Darin Browne @ Ignite Christian Church
Last week we looked at your mind as a computer, and we talked about the programs running in the background as being like your subconscious. We discovered that when your subconscious controls your conscious, it can either be good forming a good habit, or destructive causing addiction. The way you overcome addictions and bad habits is by controll ...… Melody Owens is captivated by the mystery and the beauty that make a person iconic and revered. “I am inspired to paint women in classic beauty, illuminate heroines with a Hollywood glow and revive vintage elegance in a contemporary age. I aim to capture the radiance of soft light and diffuse certain features cont ...…
Some of the girls at my work had a period when they where totally into the 50 shades movie and books. Thats what I thought of here.1, Shadows bow in rhythmThunder got his backHer body appear very lissomAnd in heaven there's a crackChorus:He walks into her fantasyThe darkest of her dreamsCreate some pleasure n memoriesThan she fall into sleepy s ...…
Matt & Mattingly's Ice Cream Social
Paul takes his luck of clothing in 50 Shades to the next level. Scoop Mail. The jock vs Nerd will be televised. Jacob figures out how to show Scoopardy on the twitch channel.
Best of 2017 (so far) Six months in the books and that means it’s time for Dave and I to take a quick look back at the good (Logan), the bad (50 Shades Darker) and the Ugly (The Circle). Take a listen to see what makes our five faves of 2017. Find Movies On UP! on iTunes. Don’t be afraid to leave us a review. Movies On UP! is on Stitcher! Thank ...…
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