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Jeff Woods, “Canada’s voice of classic rock,” is back behind the microphone with a brand-new weekly podcast. Long having created content and context around music through his radio programs and series such as World Album Premiere and The Legends of Classic Rock, Jeff drew an audience of more than a million listeners a week. He’s had behind-the-scenes access to hundreds of rock stars and has spoken with them on and off the air for decades. He has the stories you want to hear. And now you can, ...
A rock & metal music discussion show that takes an in-depth view on such earth-shattering topics as the level of sphincter pain generated by Nickelback's discography and debating what lives under Bret Michaels wig. We also occasionally interview some music-y folks you may have heard of. Yes, we really did just end that sentence with a preposition. That's how rock and roll we are.
Growin' Up Rock
Growin' Up Rock podcast is a weekly memory trip into the hard rock and heavy metal music you loved in your youth as well as the rock 'n' roll that is creating the soundtrack to your life today. Your host, Steven Michael, along with co-host Sonny "Hollywood" Pooni talks with newer and established artist and comes up with some interesting topics and themes centered around the memories and stories growing up rock, that keeps your devil horns hoisted far above your head. Sit back, turn it up, an ...
I Heart Guitar
Discussion with musicians, guitar makers, industry folk and just plain interesting people. By music journalist Peter Hodgson
The AC/DC Podcast
We've been looking back into the Absolute Radio archives to find great stuff from arguably the world's greatest rock legends. We found it thanks to this chat with Ben Jones which was recorded in late 2008
AC/DC FANS.NET was introduced to the general public in 2009. The website is built and maintained by hard core AC/DC fans, and as such is an AC/DC tribute site promoting the rock music of AC/DC.Go even further and listen to the FANS.NET podcast!For Those About To Rock, We Salute You!
Vinyl Rhetoric
Kingcow and "The Blob" review an album side and let you hear what we heard growing up.
Deni Knight
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This is a great album released by our Australian mates. Both Blob and Kingcow agree on this.By Vinyl Rhetoric.
The Blob thought he might bring some 80's pf his own. He liked these guys and hopes Kingcow does too. He is pretty sure he does. Let's find out.By Vinyl Rhetoric.
We had a chance to interview Stryper main man Michael Sweet back on Episode 49. We love Stryper. We thought it would be a great idea to use our time during our live recording appearance at ROCKNPOD 3 which Michael Sweet was a guest at to rank the Stryper albums from least favorite to favorite. For More Info Go To:…
Special guest Patrick Hill joins us for Radio Sucks V37! There are a ton of great tunes for you this week! In this episode you'll get killer tunes from Richie Kotzen, Widowmaker, W.E.T., Wayland, George Lynch, Kan Roberts, Lynch/Pilson, Supershine, and Blue Murder! Additionally, we touch on some recent drama we've had with Sebastian Bach. Lots ...…
Play along with the Blob and guess the artist.By Vinyl Rhetoric.
To stream or not to stream, that seems to be the question among music lovers everywhere. Streaming services have made it easy and affordable to put an unlimited number of songs and albums at your fingertips. In this episode of the Growin' Up Rock Podcast, Sonny and I look into the streaming numbers for some of our favorite bands. We discuss our ...…
Dave Loopstra & The Glacial Erratic in studio with Jeff
One of the UK's great vocalists we offer you Sir Rod Stewart. Yes he has been knighted by Queen of England.By Vinyl Rhetoric.
We're back this week covering all the current happenings in the rock world with New Noize V6! There's a lot going on lately and we're giving our take on it all. Topics covered in this episode include David Lee Roth's upcoming Las Vegas residency, Gene Simmons' recent health scare, a great new track from the upcoming Michael Sweet solo album, an ...…
And here we go with some Phil Collins and Genesis.By Vinyl Rhetoric.
It's time to Crank It Up once again in this episode of Have You Heard? This week we are turning you on to 4 newer bands in the hopes to give them more exposure and give you the listeners a new band to binge and love. As part of this episode we jump on an international Skype call with Hell's Addiction guitarist Liam Sargent, Bassist, Jason Green ...…
We're turning the tables this week as we have the listeners Ask Us Anything! After doing the podcast for over 8 years, we figured some of you would have some questions and you proved us right! In this episode we'll tackle all sorts of topics that you, the listener, brought to our attention. Some of the things we cover include how we got into po ...…
Michael Costantini in studio with Jeff
Today provides us the tenth studio album from a solid group of talented musicians. Released in 1981 on EMI records this album climbed the charts as did a number of its singles. Kingcow really resonated with this. So here we go.By Vinyl Rhetoric.
Here we go with another southern rock release. Blob may be on the warpath with his southern bent. We here think he's just nuts. Give this a listen and then you decideBy Vinyl Rhetoric.
We all have bands we love to hate. The issue is that we don't all feel the same about those bands. Tommy & Zeus from the Shout It Out Loudcast join us in a debate about bands that at least one of us hates. The discussion is as funny as it is ridiculous providing an entertaining conversation. For the complete story and show notes Go To: https:// ...…
The music world just lost another pioneer in the industry. Sad day.By Vinyl Rhetoric.
Episode Description: The year is 1981 and it’s time for another episode of "This Ain’t No Disco". We are covering hard rock and metal albums released in 1981 and we brought along a special guest. Ed Spangenberg from Klick Tee Shop joins us to talk about his new Kiss inspired T-Shirts and tell us what he was listening to in 1981. What’s The Stor ...…
Long Range Hustle in studio with Jeff
We recently attended a SciFi convention and we're taking you with us for Radio Sucks V36! The good people at ICCC (Imperial Commissary Collectors Convention) invited us to be part of the festivities this year. Featuring tons of actors from scifi movies including Star Wars, Cosplayers, toy/collectable vendors and more, we thought we'd see if the ...…
The Blob had forgotten about these guys. Glad his eminence had not. Great album.By Vinyl Rhetoric.
Here is side 1 of Life for the Taking in memory of a wonderful singer songwriter.By Vinyl Rhetoric.
The Blob pulled it off, Drove Kingcow crazy.By Vinyl Rhetoric.
No one likes falling short of number one. “If you ain’t first, you’re last” is a Ricky Bobby quote that will live forever. We aren’t sure that this quote is accurate for the music business. The Billboard 100 has a 99 other places you can be and you’re just fine. On this episode, we celebrate the 80s and look at some of the guitar driven rock hi ...…
Here is another request we received. These are fun. We have for you a special album that turned out to be quite a gem for his Eminence. Robert Q felt good about it and enjoyed the unique sounds on display. So thank you Heather for this fine request.By Vinyl Rhetoric.
Timeless R&B from a classic group that is still performing to this day. Please enjoy the smooth and funky sounds that his eminence bestowed upon us. Enjoy.By Vinyl Rhetoric.
We return this week with one of the most "inside" KISS-related shows we've ever done as we have a Conversation with a KISS Meme. To explain, in 2010 teenager Rich Cser was basking in the discovery of rock and metal music. For fun, he filmed himself singing and doing air guitar to some of his favorite songs and uploaded the videos to Youtube. Of ...…
Robert Q has been a fan of the Motor City madman since 1976 when this sophomore album came out. He says the high energy and the day on the green show solidified his position and subsequent releases did not let him down.By Vinyl Rhetoric.
In this edition of "Have You Heard", we try and turn up the volume on some killer rock that you may or may not have heard of yet. I also catch up with Canadian rockers Striker. I met up with Striker vocalist Dan Cleary as the band rolled into town on their current US tour. Dan and I talk about everything from the benefits of being a Canadian ba ...…
We return this week with special guest Brian Davis for Bonus Tracks Vol2! For whatever reason, certain great songs are left off of albums. Fortunately, through the process of remasters, deluxe editions, and box sets, these hidden gems are released to the fans. In this episode, we highlight a ton of great tunes from many of our favorite artists. ...…
Here is the group that played at Kingcows grad night at Disneyland. Now that takes us back a bit. EnjoyBy Vinyl Rhetoric.
Back to a southern sound, the Blob has enjoyed these guys since the mid '80's . He hopes you do as well. Formed in 1969 in Los Angeles they have managed a career spanning 50 years which is a feat in and of itself. (pun intended). Please enjoy the musical prowess of Little Feat.By Vinyl Rhetoric.
ROCKNPOD 3 is now in the books and we are here to recap and give our nickels worth of commentary, because we all know podcasters got opinions. We also want to share our quick conversation with Jason Bieler from Saigon Kick, and Brian Forsyth from Kix with everyone.The Expo took a huge leap forward and Chris Czynszak along with his team have don ...…
We return this week for a peach of a discussion about The Heavier Side of the Black Crowes! We've never really delved deeply into this Georgia-born group led by the brothers Robinson. For this episode we turn to an expert as David Hudson from the State of Amorica podcast joins in to school us on Crowes history. Additionally, your hosts and gues ...…
Here is the flip side of another unique album from Kingcows vast Queen discography. Although the Blob has been reluctant to embrace their sound it is becoming self evident that his perceptions were shallow at best. Enjoy the second half as we did.By Vinyl Rhetoric.
We now present An east Oakland hip hop crew Souls of Mischief. The beats are solid and the instrumentation is classic. Soft sound but certainly powerful. Part of the Hieroglyphics Collective, these four A-Plus, Opio, Phesto and Tajai put down some smooth sounds. Hope this pleases your musical pallet.…
We are two this year and to help us celebrate our 2nd Anniversary we are cranking music from Europe, Kiss, Scorpions, Dokken, Dio, Vicious Rumors, Autograph, and the Crank It Up Spotlight is Page 38. We discuss some of our top 10 bands important to us in high school and explore the 2nd album release of that band's career. Contact Us We work har ...…
The guys are back to break down all the details of an incredible weekend with the ROCKNPOD 2019 Recap! There's a lot to go over from the third annual celebration of rock music and podcasting and the guys take you through the entire weekend. In this episode, Chris and Aaron share details of what went on including the Friday and Saturday concerts ...…
Going to another Queen album. This is their 3rd studio album released in 1974. The Blob is gaining a new found appreciation for the variety of music that Queen produced. He thinks you will as well. Let's give it an ear and enjoy.By Vinyl Rhetoric.
The Blob is really excited to present this album. As relevant today as it was upon its release in 1967.By Vinyl Rhetoric.
Episode Description: Hollywood's Wild Hair has become a staple of the podcast. It gives Sonny the opportunity to play a bunch of music, and tell a few stories while flying solo or entertaining a special guest. It basically lets Hollywood be a radio DJ and feel free to play and do whatever he wants. In this volume 3 installment of Hollywood's Wi ...…
For us older kids and the more contemporary. See if you can recall the cartoons associated with the theme.By Vinyl Rhetoric.
BONDS OF MARA in studio with Jeff
Robert Q brought this in and he hopes you enjoy the R&B sounds that emanate from you speakers. As an early pioneer of the R&B sound Wilson "Wicked" Pickett would craft some of the smoothest sounds coming into vogue at the time.By Vinyl Rhetoric.
Episode Description: Ron Young and Little Caesar were in a "can't miss" situation in the late 80s. With a major record deal on Geffen, a mammoth manager, and A&R guy,along with the biggest producer in rock, all in the bands corner. No way this will miss..... right? The following interview with lead singer Ron Young from Little Caesar is nothing ...…
With the ROCKNPOD Expo around the corner, we're back this week to kick back and talk about some current rock and metal happenings with New Noize 5! There's some strange doings in the world of Rock and Metal and we're tackling a few of them this week. In this relaxed discussion we share our thoughts on a guy butt-smuggling a cell phone in jail, ...…
Here is something that is providing a basis that his eminence is a blues lover. This soundtrack from Gary Hoey is a wonderful side that gives a blues man the opportunity to work outside his industry. The Blob never expected this. Please enjoy.By Vinyl Rhetoric.
This 1971 release is not in Robert Q's wheelhouse. However it has deep memories for him. Reminding him of travel, fun, motel living, sickness, happiness, Midwest culture, beautiful country and a nasty experience with grits.By Vinyl Rhetoric.
We return this week with an in-depth discussion on the written word of the Hottest Band in the Land as we discuss KISS Lyrics. While they will never be viewed by the elite on a par with wordsmiths such as Dylan or Springsteen, there's plenty to talk about when it comes to the lyrical catalog of KISS. KISS Lyrics With so many lyrics to possibly ...…
Roddy Colmer and Pat Robitaille in studio with Jeff
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