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Welcome to Jason W East progressive house, techno and banging ACID sound! Join in this journey of positive vibes, deep connection and endless energy. Don't only listen, but feel the music. Let the vibes, from the deeper sounds of house music to the rhythmic, groovy and ACID techno beats brighten your day!
- Labels: Amber Muse / Ovum / Runemark / W&O Street Tracks - FM Radio: Radio NABA (LV), Megapolis FM (RU), Raadio 2 (EE). - Booking: info at ambermuse dot com. GIG SCHEDULE: - Oct 22 - Tallinn, EE - Queer On Acid @ D3 - Oct 29 - Riga, LV - Queer on Acid @ Rainbow Rave (One One) - Nov 19 - Riga, LV - Disco Darko @ Laska Bar
Hosted by comedians Ava Smart and Arielle Isaac Norman, Gender Fluids is a podcast based out of Austin, Texas that takes an explicit and unapologetic look into the rarely explored depths of sex and gender. No subject is too far out or third rail for these two queers to discuss. Subscribe to listen in on all the deliciously depraved conversations you'd be fired for having. Not for the faint of heart, weak of mind, or lame of soul!


Unresolved Productions

Every day, stories unfold that have no resolution. Unresolved is an investigative and immersive look at those stories, as host Micheal Whelan tries to determine why these stories - unsolved crimes and other unexplained phenomena - have no ending.
Tripute is a holistic outlet for professional, humenitarian, scientific & artistic communities. 'Allone' is a style & vibe free, electronic and meditation, musical podcast both for the dance floor and the still listener. * Tripute's other podcasts: Synopsis | Connectionism | Dialogue
Girl Interrupter (with a hard 'ER') is a comedy podcast... on acid. The show has been infrequently featured on Apple's Top 250 Charts, (mostly in urban countries that no one cares about). If you enjoy frequent interruptions, inchoateness, soundbite vomit, stand up comics, offensive hilarity, and unrequested mansplaining--look no further! It's not for everyone though.
Host Rainbow Valentine discovers her artist mom and 'businessman' dad were deeply involved in the illegal drug trade and unknowingly spent her childhood among a massive pot distribution operation. As she talks with her father in intimate interviews, Rainbow Valentine uncovers a history of her childhood that causes her to reassess everything — and gives us a unique personal window into the infamous counter-culture of Marin County in the 70s and 80s -- from Ken Kesey's acid tests and the birth ...
«Too Deep» – the cheerful hit by The Mighty Bop with Bob Sinclar taking his first musical steps. We don’t know what kind of an idea French put in this song, but we think that one more Deep-channel never killed nobody. Deeper and calmer. From the very calm notes of House and Techno to the meditative styles such as Downtempo.
Mantis Radio presents a wide range of dark leaning music and sound, fuelled by a techno / electro backbone. Presented by Mike Darkfloor bringing a passionate voice to upfront tracks, forgotten gems, rediscovered cuts, and personal favourites. With over 320 shows to date, broadcasts feature exclusive mixes from scene leaders and emerging talent. Published every other Monday since 2007, with early access, exclusive content and label discount available w/ Patreon (, each ...
Colin has been playing house music since Acid House started in 1988. Most of the money he earnt in the late 80’s and 90’s was spent on the latest vinyl he could get his hands on in the record shops in London. His obsession for dance music has always been unstoppable and was the main passion he carried to Sydney when he relocated in 1999. His series of monthly podcasts which he launched in early 2010 have taken his listeners on an aural adventure giving them something to think about at home, ...
Home Cooking

Home Cooking

Samin Nosrat & Hrishikesh Hirway

From Samin Nosrat (chef and author of the cookbook Salt Fat Acid Heat) and Hrishikesh Hirway (creator and host of the podcast Song Exploder), Home Cooking is a mini-series to help you figure out what to cook—and keep you company—during the quarantine. If you need help or just want some creative inspiration for your kitchen, we’ve got you covered. Do you have a quarantine cooking question, story, or anxiety you want to share with us? Send a voice memo to us at, or ...
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In the third in this series Mike Watson talks to Max Ryynänen asking if the Frankfurt School are too Bourgeois. Max is a tenured Professor at Aalto University in Helsinki and theorist of Aesthetics, where he focuses on excluded and outsider practices. He published On the Philosophy of Central European Art (2020), in which he proposes Nobrow art pro…
DJ Existential Crisis - Raised By Wolves Agent Sumo - Why (Sumo Bass Mix) Thomas Carruthers - On & On Armando feat. Sharvette - Don’t Take It Live On Acid - Fragile Minds Jerome Hill - We All Fall Down Hard Ton - Useless Man (True Pleasures Remix) Renyard & Blaze DJ - Waiting For You Paranoid London - Feelin Butts Joshua James - Amber Rush Paranoid…
In this episode, Craig, Will, Matt, and Adam are joined by University of Vermont Professor Todd McGowan to discuss Hegel's concept of contradiction as he lays it out in his book, Emancipation After Hegel: Achieving a Contradictory Revolution. Throughout the latter part of the 20th century, Hegel's philosophy came to bear the stigma of a totalizing …
Hello and welcome to episode number 31 of The DJ B-12 Deep Acid House Experience. This show is for September of 2021. The show is very breaks and heavy with oldskool 90's sounds and styles, most the the tracks are new, but there are a few classic thrown in. There are 40 tracks mixed into 90 minutes one this one. We hope you enjoy.Tracklist01. Kiz P…
The 80s was the era of day time raving for thousands of British South Asian Kids from cities across the UK from Bradford to Birmingham, Manchester to London. People called them Daytimers. They were kids skipping school to go clubbing in the daytime to avoid the rules imposed on them about going out at night. Forty years later, Daytimers UK is back …
In our final discussion to mark our 75th anniversary we look at the issue of equal pay. This was identified as the area women most want to see change in their daily lives and 70% of those asked said they had experienced inequality in this area. Emma Barnett talks to Baroness Kishwer Falkner who’s head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission whi…
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