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We share effective tips and practices for working with Adult ADD / Adult ADHD in a natural, holistic way, without the use of medications. Hosted by Bahman Sarram and Michael Joseph Ferguson. For more info, visit: LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The information shared on this podcast is intended solely for the purpose of personal growth, and not as a replacement for professional psychological support. The views and opinions of the hosts and guests of our podcast a ...
On "ADD Comedy with Dave Razowsky,” guests from the worlds of comedy, theatre, film, television, and literature discuss their journeys and life philosophies with podcast host David Razowsky. David’s an alum of The Second City Chicago where he performed with Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, Amy Sedaris and numerous others. He’s the former artistic director of The Second City Hollywood, is a member of The Reduced Shakespeare Company, served as a consultant for Dreamworks, and taught for Steppenw ...
Having ADD or ADHD is a gift, not a curse. Hear from people all around the globe, from every walk of life, in every profession, from Rock Stars to CEOs, from Teachers to Politicians, who have learned how to unlock the gifts of their ADD and ADHD diagnosis, and use it to their personal and professional advantage, to build businesses, become millionaires, or simply better their lives.
The ADD Podcast
Adam David & Friends talk about stuff!
Get your ADD questions answered with Justine Ruotolo, a.k.a Miss ADD. Unlike most ADD coaches, she approaches ADD from the inside out to create lasting results.
ADD Sports
On topic and off topic are one in the same when getting sports from the mind of Jamie Mack. ADD Sports to your life.
The goal of the Add1Challenge podcast is to inspire and educate that anyone can add 1 language in their life. We will bring polyglots who can speak more than 5-30 languages to share their lessons learned, tips and tricks compiled over the years. We will also feature language learners who just started to learn their first language in the Add1Challenge to demonstrate that anyone can add a language with the right materials, support and motivation.
Add to Faith
Messages, experiences and thoughts that strengthen faith #LDS #Mormon
Add Passion and Stir: Big Chefs, Big Ideas is the weekly Share Our Strength podcast about people who are changing the world. Each week, Billy Shore, the founder and chairman of Share Our Strength, has a conversation with a guest from the culinary world and an industry thought leader creating a thought-provoking discussion. As much as food has become a source of pleasure and celebration, it’s amazing how food is central to our health, environment, educational achievement, sustainability, and ...
Add Water and Stir will focus on promoting adoption within communities of color, especially within the African American community. We want to give voice and visibility to families like ours who often seem left out of mainstream adoption conversations. We hope to educate others as we talk about our struggles and triumphs of parenting adopted children. Of course, there will be time for Mimi and ABM will kick it about all kinds of not necessarily adoption related topics as well.
Just Add Hustle is a podcast for wealth-minded writers who are looking for actionable advice, proven strategies, and real world examples on how to make money writing. Your host, Paul Buzan, brings you interviews with brilliant copywriters, authors, entrepreneurs, publishers and other experts who profit from the written word. These guests reveal their secrets for freelance writing success, Kindle publishing, little-known writing opportunities, email marketing and more. If you’re ready to enjo ...
Are You ADD?
ADHD podcast
Hey everyone, this podcast is about OSR RPG's, Music, Craft Beer, and having some fun! Shane discovered the OSR back in 2013, since then he has written furiously on the subject. Included are ramblings, random tables, monster ideas, reviews and interviews with other OSR authors!
A single X-Gen ADD ADHD Diabetic OCD Depressed DAD with 2 Autistic kids in a family that is 420 friendly. A Motocrosser, Mechanic, Fisherman, Boater, Cook and high tech guru that is obsessed with information everything. Many topics will be discussed from the past to future. Emotional stories to educational topics. No Rules, No Boundaries, just raw honest podcasting and attempts to structure the chaotic information.
ADD Popcast
Podcast by ADD Popcast
Live from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting's Hasbrouck Heights campus, the A.D.D. Crew will Diagnose all the weeks Top Sports stories every Wednesday from 4:30-6 pm. Tune in and call to GET DIAGNOSED! 714-464-4853
Addi Twigg is a musician and funny-ish person based in Pittsburgh, PA. Guests of the show are usually fellow funnies or just people she generally digs and thinks you should, too.Shows usually contain adult content.
Adventures In The Attention Deficit Disorder Way Of Life
The A.D.D. Podcast was founded in 2009! Hosted by Jason Barr. Live drops by DJ Drippy & of course we have "jasper," in the corner! An intimate look into the daily lives of creatives and entrepreneurs. Always a fresh original experience that could only come from the mind of Jason Barr & his guests.
Just Add Water
'Just Add Water' is an informative podcast produced by the non-profit organization, Utah Rivers Council, dissecting various issues surrounding water conservation in Utah.
ADD Masterminds
A podcast about everything... and nothing.
Collected Words and Ideas by Bill Stevens
Personal thoughts about everything from music and books to defeats and inspirations, and then some.
Just Add Chat
Welcome to the Just Add Chat podcast where we talk about the struggles of balancing the online business life with parenting. The struggles are real.
ADD Sports
Sports Fanatics with a very twisted sense of humor....Covering Sports comedy and pretty much anything that pops up in their heads.
Anything to Add, Monty? The Sporting Cinema podcast is an hour where Dave and John talk about their favorite good and bad sports movies.
Just Add Water
A place to rant, vent and keep it 100!
Sarah and Jimmy are making the next hit anime based off of songs you tell us to listen to. Just add music!
Add Your Two Cents
We’re talking about government, politics, and the independent movement inside Arizona, mostly, and nationally. Full disclosure: I'm on the 2018 General Election ballot for the State Senate seat in District 23 as an independent. Visit Artwork by Sarah Hinman: Become a supporter of this podcast:
For my ADD
And Might I Add
A weekly talk show about everything you really need to know. LIVE every Sunday starting at 5pm(cst) at www.andmightiadd.comCall the studio at 605.610.3070 to get in on the conversation.
Just Add Friends
Two suave social savants seek to serve up a hot mess of helpful hints, life advice, and JUICY goss. Come listen, laugh and (maybe) learn with us. New episodes every Thursday.
A.D.D. Wrestling
A.D.D. Wrestling is a comedic wrestling podcast from a group of friends who grew up watching it.We look at the week's top wrestling stories or we make them up to better fit the world of Pro-Wrestling.For the casual fans to the hardcore smart-marks. This is A.D.D. Wrestling!contact -addwrestling@gmail.comsocial media -@addwrestling
ADD ramble
one of us isn’t prescribed the other just doesn’t take her medications; what can we say chief.
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this has nothing to do with the pod but like... doesn’t it sound like a Rex Orange County song?
Our heroes return in another fun-filled episode of Just Add Friends! The states play a big part in this one as a poor failed fisherman is shunned by all of Alaska, and we say good bye to our precious neighbor to the North. God bless (some of) America.
It's our very spooky list: the sequel. We break down the best horror movies and series on TV. And offer our special horror list of the best and worst sequels we've seen. Plus, in honor of Halloween the holiday and the movie, we breakdown the storylines of Halloween and share soundbites from Mark's Halloween marathon movie party.…
introduction to Hailey’s corner. Hot goss spilled
Is food the key to solving our healthcare crisis? In this episode marking the two-year anniversary of Add Passion and Stir, Congressman Jim McGovern of Massachusetts and Washington DC Chef Todd Gray (Equinox, Manna) discuss nutrition as the root cause of our spiraling healthcare costs and the role of Congress with Debbie and Billy Shore. “Food ...…
Kevin Roberts has spent a good deal of his adult life coming to terms with his own ADHD and cyber addiction. He has a Master’s Degree in ADHD and Addiction Studies from Antioch University. He has trained therapists, students, physicians, nurses, teachers, parents, and school administrators on the perils of overuse of the Internet and video game ...…
On this episode of The Run-In Sarah, Zach and Nick discuss the first image of Batwoman, Hollywood making a movie based on Barbie, James Gunn jumping ship, the Chronicles of Narnia coming to Netflix and a possible Halloween sequel. There are 4 more trailers on the table, The Amityville Murders, the new Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse trailer, ...…
You're on the wrong side! Sarah and Jimmy cross a river that purifies their very souls. Take my hand! Make sure to send us your suggestions for songs that you want to be the next big anime hit HERE! Flower (Acoustic Ver.) - XIA: Follow us on Twitter:…
Murdock was hurt today, so we got way add !
This is supposed to say Poupee but like PO he delete never mind OK it’s supposed to say POOPYBUTT, art craft
John & Theosaurus Rex talk about reappropriating acronyms, The Disaster Artist, writing movie scripts, a great answer for “what is your favorite song”, bad worship music at church, hyping up crowds, clapping at church, Keith Green, Rich Mullins, getting out of the way of our art, Charity water: faith, integrity & generosity, God’s grace for us, ...…
Just a quick announcement about our upcoming halloween costume competition.
This week, Heathers take 2, Paramount decides to bring back the previously cancelled series. Mark J. Parker sees the one and only Steven Spielberg on the streets of New York in a Canadian pantsuit! We share our thoughts on the continuing shows for premiere week. Plus, A Star is Born makes our list... duh! We share our thoughts on hulu’s new ant ...…
With so many social justice problems to solve, where do we start? Bread for the World President David Beckmann and Chef and TV personality Andrew Zimmern talk to Debbie and Billy Shore about social justice causes and why a focus on hunger can impact other problems as well. “Hunger is an organizing center. If you’re going to reduce hunger, it’s ...…
Every once in a while we get to interview people who share some goals with Faster Than Normal. These people have a similar calling- to help, inspire and teach people more about ADHD. Today is one of those days! Sarah is the brains behind, a blog for ADHD women. Along with the blog, she hosts a spin-off podcast and onlin ...…
In this episode of 'Just Add Water', Zach and Nick explain the reasoning behind and potential conflicts involved in a recently filed complaint against Utah Legislator - Mike Noel. Support the show
In this episode of Just Add Water, Zach and Nick summarize and analyze all of the relevant water legislation debated in the 2018 General Legislative Session. Support the show
In this episode of 'Just Add Water', Zach and Nick dive into the narratives of several individuals who will be affected by the Lake Powell Pipeline at a public meeting in St. George, Utah. Support the show
On this episode of the Run-In Nick is joined again with Sarah and Zach to discuss the happenings of the past week. From an airline debacle to an offensive breast pump ad to a therapist's unusual methods and fine art made from poop. The Run-In also features new trailer discussions of Holmes and Watson, The Haunting of Hill House, The Long Dumb R ...…
In this part one of a four part mini-series on Ephesians Lars shares some insights on reading the Bible, doing theology, interpretation, and wisdom. Lars looks at three key aspects of interpretation: 1) asking good questions, 2) using good tools, 3) and making wise application.
You're so passé! Jimmy and Sarah don't care that they just caused the apocalypse. Aw, dust dog! Make sure to send us your suggestions for songs that you want to be the next big anime hit HERE! JBJ - Fantasy: Follow us on Twitter:
this is a reference to the movie we just watched. Sisters brothers
This may have some spoilers, but I really don’t think it does. Also I read that tom hardy based venom off of woody Allen’s mental illness which I think is hilarious. Also we both are tired and a little cranky so that’s why we’re arguing
Thinking about tom hardy. All is good.
Latest episode of Gilligan's Isle Of A.D.D.
We talk about emo things.
another to school episode! big news dropped!
The Just Add Friends Reddit users grow, some more dating advice is dealt, the evermore park is discussed, and finally our heroes present their first ever very special guest host, Kirsten Mellot!
It's Felicity's 20th anniversary! We share our thoughts. Plus get into our weekly lists. We've got some special one's for you. Music and film collide. Plus, it's premiere week and you know we've got opinions on the new fall shows.
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Halloween episode! We celebrate the podcast! A on our way to school!
Why do so many restaurant workers struggle with mental health issues and what can be done to help? Food and culture writer Kat Kinsman of Time’s Extra Crispy and NYC restaurateur Will Guidara (Eleven Madison Park, NoMad, Made Nice) talk to host Billy Shore about hospitality and mental health challenges in the food world. Kinsman launched the we ...…
Corey is a media and technology expert who has emerged as the 'always-on' innovation and cannabis publicist. His experience as a journalist for outlets like Global News and The Globe & Mail and his prolific hustle on behalf of his clients makes him the ideal partner for brands looking to connect with journalists and consumers. A frequent speake ...…
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You’ve come far, pilgrim. Our look into Cicada 3301 concludes with the evidence and the theory that Cicada is a cult, and we try to make sense of the myriad references Cicada used in their puzzles, as well as some potential first-hand sources inside Cicada. Topics include William Blake, existential philosophy, ego death, and more. Don’t skip Pa ...…
Major League Butt Kicking is Back in Town with October is finally here and through the entire month, just like last year, we'll run in and out with different Halloween themed songs from tv shows and movies (you might recognize all of them if you really love horror movies). On this episode of the Run-In Nick is joined by Sarah and Zach as they d ...…
You're so good with kids! Sarah and Jimmy enter a competition to become the next heir to the throne. Corgis! Make sure to send us your suggestions for songs that you want to be the next big anime hit HERE! All You Want - IZ: Follow us on Twitter:…
nothing. But listen to it.
did anyone watch this? Lol I didn’t. And this pod has nothing to do with it!
Jimmy Blitz is joined by Bryan ChOpS, co-founder of Alter Audio alongside Jimmy for a conversation about Fish delicacy, Astroworld memories and the Drink of the moment. The Boys have a conversation about skinny dipping and one thrust pregancy by Sexxxy Jessy.Follow us on our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram: @ADDWrestling.Email at addwrestling@ ...…
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