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Move to Amend brings you voices from the movement to amend the Constitution through our weekly podcast. Every Thursday, Move to Amend Reports on current events and features guests who specialize in movement building, grassroots organizing, amending the Constitution, and issues related to corporate rule and participatory democracy.
Ken White explores the background of important First Amendment cases and the personalities and history that led to them. Join Ken, First Amendment litigator and law blogger at, as he interviews some of the people behind America’s most important free speech cases.
The Constitution has a total of 27 amendments. The first ten, collectively known as the Bill of Rights, were ratified simultaneously. The following seventeen were ratified separately.
The Constitution has a total of 27 amendments. The first ten, collectively known as the Bill of Rights, were ratified simultaneously. The following seventeen were ratified separately.(Summary from
On the Media
The Peabody Award-winning On the Media podcast is your guide to examining how the media sausage is made. Hosts Brooke Gladstone and Bob Garfield examine threats to free speech and government transparency, cast a skeptical eye on media coverage of the week’s big stories and unravel hidden political narratives in everything we read, watch and hear. WNYC Studios is a listener-supported producer of other leading podcasts including Radiolab, Snap Judgment, Death, Sex & Money, Nancy and Here’s the ...
The Second Amendment Patriots Show is dedicated to seeing that the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution remains a vital part of our everyday lives. For law abiding citizens, we share the knowledge and support needed for you to comfortably exercise and practices their gun ownership rights, in your home or on the road. Discover the world of guns, training techniques, everyday/open/concealed carry rights, reciprocity rules, and more. In addition, we share techniques and tools needed to bec ...
I talk and interview people about the second amendment.
The Amendments to the Constitution of the USA are a continuously modified document that attempts to secure all basic and other rights for American citizens. The most recent amendment was made in the early 1970's during the Vietnam war; this amendment lowered the voting age to 18.The first ten amendments (A.K.A. the Bill of Rights) was made by the founding fathers shortly after the actual constitution was made. The Bill of Rights covers all those things that the settlers found wrong with the ...
Gun Talk
Tom Gresham's insight opens and educates the minds of people on all aspects of gun related issues.
Covering the news and events that surround our basic liberties.
Talking Lead
Official Home of Talking Lead
Gun Funny
Gun podcast
Matter of Facts
In this podcast, we will attempt to provide some information and thoughtful discussion about a range of topics including: firearms and the 2nd Amendment, prepping, self defense/home defense, politics in the United States, and current events.
The Power of FOX News on Radio!
environmental issues, global warming articles, global warming effects, causes of climate change, what climate change is, what climate change is not, green clean energy, accelerators
Propaganda Earth
Exposing and then clarifying biased misleading information; used to promote or publicize political causes and economic self interests. Revealing the phony distorted and hyped ideas and assertions that are spread in order to help one's agenda often at the expense of you and me.
The Primer is a Second Amendment podcast, we discuss law, regulation, restriction, liberty and the efforts of Gun Owners' Action League to protect and restore Second Amendment rights for the citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
Political Theory
This podcast is and isn't a lot of things. It isn't the funniest podcast out there, or the best edited one, or one with a podcaster with the voice of an angel. But it is the result of a lot of work and research and I hope you enjoy it. Each week we take a different concept in political theory (free speech, campaign spending, right to bear arms, etc.) and look at its history and evolution in society and then we break apart the various issues and debates surrounding it. Lastly, we'll look at w ...
Officially launched on 30 April, 2016, ModState is a centrist economic & sociopolitical magazine committed to editorial and multimedia coverage of current events ruled by the following ethos: all non-violent views are welcome at the proverbial table. This decidedly alien concept is the intellectual lighthouse guiding your host (the magazine's Associate Editor) Nate Wellein and his counterpart (Managing Editor) Jonny DeViney amidst the neurotic onslaught of filth in and around what somehow ma ...
Supreme Podcast
What's New at the United States Supreme Court? Each week we bring you up to date coverage of the most recent cases and decisions before SCOTUS, discussing the Supreme Court's most recent grants and denials of certiorari, orders, opinions, oral arguments and constitutional jurisprudence. We also present in-depth special reports on the justices, important constitutional rights and the most controversial legal issues of our time (e.g. Abortion, Affirmative Action, Gay Rights, Women's Rights, Pr ...
Patriot Defense Radio
Guns freedom liberty 2nd amendment
The Atheist Experience is a weekly cable access television show in Austin Texas geared at a non-atheist audience. It is produced by the Atheist Community of Austin. The Atheist Community of Austin is organized as a nonprofit educational corporation to develop and support the atheist community, to provide opportunities for socializing and friendship, to promote secular viewpoints, to encourage positive atheist culture, to defend the first amendment principle of state-church separation, to opp ...
Pushing aside the steady stream of MisInformation concerning guns,their use, and the 2nd Amendment.
Is it reasonable to say that either the Democrats or Republicans are 100% right on every issue? Today's Media has become nothing more than a biased and deceptive competition between Liberals and Conservatives to promote their agenda. In today's society if you want to hear the Liberal view, you tune into MSNBC. if your interest is Conservative, then your TV is tuned into FOX. And finally, if you want a more diverse view, your choice is most likely CNN. Even though they are also left leaning.T ...
Fascism Now!
Fascism Now! Episode 1: The Talmud Against The First Amendment
CIVILIAN CARRY RADIO is a podcast that focuses the importance of the 2nd amendment, firearms safety, education, training and mindset.
“Journalism/Works” is an ongoing program of the Newseum Institute that focuses on journalism that matters — news reports in print, broadcast and online that produce change, provide insight and that fulfill the “watchdog on government” mission envisioned for a free press in the First Amendment.
The Second Amendment Podcast that has a Little Bit of Everything
News Aggregate, Editorials, Podcasts and More Focused on Tilting the Balance of Power Toward Individuals and Free Associations
Demand Justice in Quartzsite AZ is a twice weekly radio show discussing local politics and the news of the day in Quartzsite AZ and La Paz county
Gun Freedom Radio
Gun Freedom Radio is an interview-based Talk Radio Show / Podcast, here to bring you all the news in the word of guns, firearms and the Second Amendment.Co-hosts, Dan & Cheryl Todd and their weekly guests Engage, Educate and Inform on the topics of guns, hunting, sport shooting, politics and issues around the Second Amendment. #GunFreedomRadioFind more information on
The first of many! Let's do this.Social Media: @Kicking.Brass
Liberty Storm with Shane Krauser deals with the relevant political and social issues of the day and talks about serious solutions. Can we return America back to the safe harbor of freedom that it once was?
Minnesota gun politics, and 2nd amendment updates
Commentary on law enforcement and knowing your rights, current affairs involving racial issues, the 2nd Amendment and more... all with a focus on empowering individuals rather than "the state," this is David Clarke: The People's Sheriff!
Common Sense
Join us as we discuss issues facing NJ and the nation and their limited government, free market solutions.
The Indefensible Middle Ground
Podcast by Tenth Amendment Center
Join AWR Hawkins, a leading voice in defense of the Second Amendment, as he and his guests combine a weekly discussion on guns and self-defense with an examination of the left's assault on the right to keep and bear arms.
A podcast focusing on concealed carry issues, focusing on, but not limited to Wisconsin.
A podcast on whiskey and the Second Amendment, with Charles C. W. Cooke
A weekly discussion concerning the fifth article of the U.S. Constitution, the amending provision, with a general view on the phrase "convention for proposing amendments", and specific focus on the Convention of States Project. Hosted by Paul Hodson, Texas Co-Director of the Convention of States Project
A show about the importance of government transparency and issues in freedom of information and public access.
Monday thru Thursday at 10PM EDT Americans and foreigners with decent internet access are invited to get the Evil Conservative take on the news and views from Washington and around the world. As a caricature, Evil Conservative offers a defacto no-spin zone, as two dimensions simply don't allow for spinning. Make sure you check our page at and simul-streaming on Liberty Works Radio Network. Please note that, due to the simulcasting, there is are 30 seconds of si ...
If You Can Keep It
'If You Can Keep It' explores the structure and workings of the U.S. government. What does it mean to be an American? Armed with primary sources, humor, and anecdotes, Amanda and Sam attempt to answer this question by making civics education fascinating and fun.
Rant is a talk show where you the listener can voice your opinion on any subject.
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Dozens of Congressional Democrats: We Demand a $32,000,000,000,000 Government Healthcare System, The Baltimore Sun's Hard Truth on Democrat's Single Payer Proposal. Then as Dr John Edeen is listening he decides to step in and warn of the dangers of single payer. And for a 2nd Amendment friendly Dr go to…
The Weaponized Woman with Tatiana Whitlock and her guest, from the Citizens Safety Academy, is Tiffany Johnson.
The Weekly Recap from with Dan Zimmerman.
Now that the Extreme Risk Protection (ERPO) - "Red Flag" law has been signed into law by Governor Charlie Baker, we look back at the process, the many mistakes by legislative leadership, how it will fail to protect us, how it will fail to help those in need, and how they completely screwed up on electronic self defense devices. We also discuss ...…
In a matter of months, we've moved from bipartisan immigration talks to calls to abolish ICE. On this week’s On the Media, a look at how leftists are employing a right-wing communications strategy in order to change the national debate. Plus, thirty years into the conversation on global warming, what have we really learned? And in the days foll ...… Support the show: Patreon: Show Notes: ...…
MGM Suing More Than 1,000 Victims Of Las Vegas Shooting, Why Gun Beats Pepper Spray Every Time, Why The Parkland-Inspired ‘Never Again’ Tour Will Never Accomplish Anything, Firearms Training- the tidal wave versus the dripping faucet, Another View: How entertainment shows have become vehicles for gun control propaganda, Newsom’s Prop.63 Standar ...…
Tonight, Dr Robert Young from the Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership joins me to discuss the idea that"gun violence" is a public health problem.
The Trump/Putin Summit Is the Worst Thing Ever...Until the Next Worst Thing Ever, Russian Bots vs. Media/Academia/Hollywood -- Which Had A Bigger Impact On The Election?, Calls to Disband the Gun Recovery Unit in DC, Obama gets too, too cute when he warns of dictators and liars, Distinguishing Civil War from Social Anarchy.… TLP 254 – Lanxang Tactical 1 Million Elephants Welcome back to the Talking Lead Podcast! This episode the Ryan and Travis from Lanxang Tactical join Lefty from the Big 3 East Media event in Daytona Beach. The guys talk about the history of Lanxang, their precision line of rifles ...…
Still waiting for the outrage on Mexico's (and everyone else's) election meddling, Revealing the ongoing social media "drama" that has been going on here, What is roiling the water in DC? Abject fear!, Feds Double Down on Gun Control Failures, Former FBI Lawyer Lisa Page Said Anti-Trump Texts With Peter Strzok 'Mean Exactly What They Say'.…
Tonight we kick the 2nd hour with Lincoln Osiris from Pipe hitters Union and his guest Dave.
Tonight I am joined by Stephen D'Andrilli from Arbalest Quarrel. Our thoughts and prayers are with Roger Katz and his family.
Hour #2 Guests:Mat Best - the Vice President of Black Rifle Coffee. Mat joined the Army at the age of 17 and deployed 5 times to Iraq and Afghanistan with 2nd Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. After leaving military service, Mat deployed to a variety of areas overseas as a contractor over the course of 5 years with the CIA. He is here to ...…
Hour #1 Guests: Maj Toure – Founder of Black Guns Matter, here to catch us up on all that he has been doing over the past few months and what is on the books for the rest of 2018. Stephen Halbrook - an attorney with extensive knowledge of the historical underpinnings of the Second Amendment and practical knowledge of litigating in this rapidly ...…
Welcome back to the ModState Podcast episode 141. On this episode John and Nate discuss Donald Trump's meeting with NATO members and his one on one meeting with Vladimir Putin. Will this matter in 6 months? What was the point of this meeting if there was little progress? Should hard-lines have been drawn in the sand? So many questions from this ...…
If the Trump/Putin Press Conference Shocked You, You're Not Paying Attention, The irrational hysteria over Trump and Putin, Tolerating the Painful Ignorance of a Free Press, Australian Tragedy Proves It Will Never Be Enough For Gun Grabbers, ‘Another Day, Another Scare Piece About Guns’, Uber / Lyft drivers worry about safety after attacks.…
Chapter 2 of the World According to Sheath Underwear with Robert Patton.
Tonight we kick off with Rob Morse as we attempt to get back in the groove.
Four years ago this week, on July 17, 2014, Eric Garner died in Staten Island at the hands of a New York City police officer. We probably wouldn't have known if it hadn't been for a cellphone video that captured his arrest, the excessive force that killed him, and his final words. The national media couldn’t look away, until they did look away. ...…
A family's worst nightmare is having their home invaded. On this week's episode of Bullets, firearms expert Baret Fawbush (Truexodus) delves into home security. Do you have a plan in case of a home invasion? Listen now to hear him discuss how to prepare for home defense.In addition, hear AWR explain why SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh portends g ...…
On this week's show, Rachel Malone is back! In the interview segment, she talks about her job with the Republican Party of Texas and how it came about, how it ended, and what is next! We also have our usual news and DGU stories as well as listener feedback!
Today my beloved MacBook Pro, self destructed, taking with it every morsel of show info. As we work to recover this data, I humbly ask that you indulge this rebroadcast.
Today my beloved MacBook Pro, self destructed, taking with it every morsel of show info. As we work to recover this data, I humbly ask that you indulge this rebroadcast.
Today my beloved MacBook Pro, self destructed, taking with it every morsel of show info. As we work to recover this data, I humbly ask that you indulge this rebroadcast.
Welcome to Gun Funny, Episode 48. Today we’re going to chat with Tony Simon from the 2nd is For Everyone, make a prank call about Han Solo blasters, and talk about cork belts. Today’s panel is Shawn Herrin and I’m Ava Flanell. Welcome to the show. Manticore Arms – Use code gunfunny15 for 15% off Deconstructing the Ind ...…
In This Episode: Erin and Weer’d discuss dog deterrence and nasal lavage; the Main Topic is the importance of youth gun safety training, with a few stories of kids who found guns in surprising locations; The Egghead talks about what equipment is best for outfitting your Ham Radio Shack; Weer'd brings us a patented Audio Fisk of Rock and Movie S ...…
Matt Dillahunty and John Iacoletti. Viewer Calls. After a brief discussion of the upcoming Bat Cruise, Matt and John take callers.By (Atheist Experience TV).
Second Amendment Foundation's Alan Gottlieb discusses the DOJ lawsuit and settlement regarding Defense Distributed's online 3-D blueprints website. Plus, making the switch to gun-friendly local banks. Tom Gresham's Gun Talk®, 7.15.18 Hour 1
Tom talks with Jodi Gritus about her career as a gunsmith at Robar Guns, and steps to take to make gunsmithing a career. Plus, being outed in public while carrying a gun, and hot barrels affecting accuracy. Tom Gresham's Gun Talk®, 7.15.18 Hour 2
Tom talks pointers for beginners to clay target shooting, and assessing a justified shooting. Tom Gresham's Gun Talk®, 7.15.18 Hour 3
Tom, Jim, and Michelle discuss a caller's problem with certain magazines in an AR-15, Jim's trip to Idaho, and what happens when pro-gun people are in a relationship with anti-gun people. Tom Gresham's Gun Talk®, 7.15.18 Hour 4 TLP 253 – THE AK KORNER Part 1: AK-47 HISTORY Welcome back to the Talking Lead Podcast Lead Heads! The Talking Lead AK Korner kicks off this episode with our 1st part of this 12 part series about all things AK-47 presented by Pioneer Arms Corp. Ancel Robinson, Shwell11 on Youtube and soci ...…
Welcome back to the ModState Podcast. This episode Nate sits down with his Dad Steve and discusses life growing up in Detroit. What advantages did life then provide? What were the challenges? What is different today? History often gives us perspective. Thanks for tuning in!
Today Bryan and Rob discuss the launch of the Caucus’ monthly meet-up, the recent nomination of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, and the City of Eden Prairie’s continued assault on gun owners. From the Show: Meetup at Key’s Cafe – Downtown
Tonight with spend some time with Renee, or as the rest of the world knows her, Lioness Tactics. Lock N Load is Presented by; AR500 Armor Hour 2; Boyds Gunstocks And by; GunWinner NightHawk Custom Operation Parts Pip ...…
One of the Ninjas proves my faith in Ninjas is very well placed-I am talking to you Alaskaruss, Liberals Are Super Sad About the Supreme Court. Good, Liberals Turn the Outrage Up to 12 Over Supreme Court, More Fallout from the Janus Decision. Lock N Load is Presented by; AR500 Armor Hour 2; Boyds Gunstocks www.boydsgunstocks. ...…
Kicking off with John Boch for the weekly recap from the Truth About Guns. Lock N Load is Presented by; AR500 Armor Hour 2; Boyds Gunstocks And by; GunWinner NightHawk Custom Operation Parts Pipe Hitters Union https: ...…
FOX News Radio's National Correspondent Jared Halpern along with a team of FOX News reporters & contributors look at the week that was inside the beltway. THIS WEEK: On Monday, President Trump announced his Supreme Court nomination, Judge Brett Kavanaugh. FOX's Washington Correspondent, Rachel Sutherland, spoke with FOX's Supreme Court producer ...…
Reporting on the Russia investigation is not for the faint of heart. This week, a look at how a journalist became entangled in the investigation when she turned her source over to the FBI. Plus, how another reporter avoided common journalistic mistakes during the Iraq War and a conversation with the director of the new documentary The Other Sid ...…
This podcast focuses on the importance of the 2nd amendment, firearms safety, education, training and mindset. Our mission statement: Gun ownership is YOUR RIGHT, Safety and Education are YOUR RESPONSIBILITY I’m your host Baraka Ulrich James, along with my co-host Allen Sams You the viewers make this program possible. You can contribute to the ...…
So what do you do when your AC breaks and the HVAC man cannot make it to you by showtime?? And the studio is 96 degrees?? Its Stella Artois Time! Lock N Load is Presented by; AR500 Armor Hour 2; Boyds Gunstocks And by; GunWinner NightHawk Custom ...…
So what do you do when your AC breaks and the HVAC man cannot make it to you by showtime?? And the studio is 96 degrees?? Its Stella Artois Time! Lock N Load is Presented by; AR500 Armor Hour 2; Boyds Gunstocks And by; GunWinner NightHawk Custom ...…
So what do you do when your AC breaks and the HVAC man cannot make it to you by showtime?? And the studio is 96 degrees?? Its Stella Artois Time! Lock N Load is Presented by; AR500 Armor Hour 2; Boyds Gunstocks And by; GunWinner NightHawk Custom ...…
Hour #2 Guests:Julie Golob – Julie Golob is one of the most accomplished professional shooters in the world with more than 140 championship titles in international, national and regional marksmanship competitions in 7 different shooting disciplines. She is an author and a member of the NRA Board of Directors.Frank DeSomma - Frank DeSomma is the ...…
Hour #1 Guests:Antonia Okafor - founder of EmPOWERed: a self-defense movement of women on college campuses across the country, who is also seeking the nomination to run for election to the NRA Board of Directors.Alan Gottlieb – the Founder of the Second Amendment Foundation. He is also the author or co-author of numerous books, including “Assau ...…
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