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When Orla Met...
When Orla a conversation with people from the world of sport, about sport, but it's not just a sports podcast. It's a podcast for anyone interested in stories, in the fortifier and frailties of those who push themselves to the limit of human ability. It's a conversation about outrunning demons and finding inspiration in the pursuit of excellence.It's a chance to get to know some of the biggest names and brains in sport along with Orla, to listen to the stories behind the headlines, ...
The kingdom of Khauran is admittedly a small one, nestled between the vast desert and the plains, but it is blessed with an abundance of rich soil, hard working devoted inhabitants and much gold but most of all by a sweet young queen who is as wise and beneficent as she is beautiful. But then from out of nowhere, disaster strikes. A horrible witch (her evil twin sister) secretly replaces her and introduces devil worship, human sacrifice and other things too repulsive to mention. Conan, who w ...
Bola Sol
Podcast by Bola Sol
Life of the Mind with Akshay Birla is for the intellectually curious who are looking beyond their own professional field to engage with and learn from others who are thinking deeply, reflecting sincerely, and engaging deliberately. Guests span careers in the military, public service, business, finance, academia, and politics.
Born A Gamblin Man
Hustler, Gambler, Drug addict turned into one of the hardest-working motherfuckers you'll ever meet.
Karen Borga
Inspirational Teacher, Angel Practitioner, Healer
Velika Borba
Velika Borba
Mauro Borjas
Welcome to the Mauro Borjas podcast, where amazing things happen.
What would your automobile sound like with a custom performance exhaust? Listen to sound clips clip from many manufacturers of exhaust system on any car, truck, van or suv. Get advice from our muffler techs or get info from other visitors from our message board. Goto for more SoundClips and Information on Automotive Exhaust
Scott Steinberger
Scott Steinberger/SCORE Offroad Racing program/PCI TT #7
Borja Rojano
This is my podcast feed
Calvin Borja
Welcome to the Calvin Borja Podcast. I’m random, blunt, but always real.
Que Bola?
A Miami Guy talking to various movers and shakers who operate in South Florida. Exploring how they're currently shaping Miami and the world beyond. All Love and Positivity Darwin Figueroa © Fresh or Phresh 2018 in association with Cafeteria Film Studios Miami, Fl
Borba za opstanak
Bitnost akide i njenog učenja, jer ne studiranje akide je plod neprijateljskog djelovanja.
En podcast om de goda nyheterna från en spännande region, Falun-Borlänge | Med Emma Bergsten & Daniel Lindkvist |
To graduate from High School can be one of the happiest days of your life! But what happens after when you are pushed out to the big world? In this podcast we are talking about all the subjects life brings us as two students studying in Barcelona. Come along on the ride! End Song: "Two kids" - Shawn Chambliss
Musica Reggaeton desde la vieja hasta la nueva escuela
Joe & Borna
Joe & Borna on 102-9 The Hog.
Igreja Evangelica Bola de Neve Brasilia
In our weekly podcast, we discuss the hottest sports issues from a Filipino fan’s perspective.
Borba između istine i laži je počela onog trenutka kada je Allah Uzvišeni stvorio čovjeka te mu šejtan postao otvorenim neprijateljem.
Life of the Mind with Akshay Birla is for the intellectually curious who are looking beyond their own professional field to engage with and learn from others who are thinking deeply, reflecting sincerely, and engaging deliberately. Guests span careers in the military, public service, business, finance, academia, and politics.
We are two self-proclaimed Blerds expressing what our black nerdiness is while giving our opinions and observations about society and culture through film, tv, media and whatever else we are Blerding Out about.
Listen to the latest house, Edm & trap music.follow me @borjamartingfacebook, instagram, soundcloud...
Everyone knows the importance of networking to build a business, increase sales, or to get a new job. Most however never learned how! Allow me to share tips, strategies, and tools to help YOU Become a Better Networker.
Mada hii inazungumzia misingi bora ya malezi ya mtoto katika uislam,tangu hajazaliwa mtoto,pia imezungumzia matatizo ya malezi na ufumbuzi wake.
Bakom Flötet
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Orla Barry brings you behind the scenes of the world of entertainment and popular culture with lively, no-nonsense debate on the arts, movies, intervi
Made in Spain
Radio Show Nominado a los premios Vicious Music Awards 2011 y 2012 como mejor Radio Show Hope you enjoy it.. and as always, Your support and feedback is Highly Appreciated Thank you for listening
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David Ireland's play Ulster American has divided the critics. A dialogue about rape has gained laughs from theatre audiences but upset some critics. Ireland joins Orla
Think making a career as an actress or an artist is a challenge? Try being a mother as well. Mothers Artists Makers tell Aoibhinn Finnegan about the challenges they face
Four women are friends since childhood. Six years ago, one of them was held at gunpoint, stripped and assaulted. Now the four have come together in the new play Dressed.
Continue dando voltas , Pr Felipe Parente, 12/08/2018 by Bola de Neve Brasília
In this episode of Que Bola we open the mic to Miami Mixologist King Mojitos. It was a challenging talk being the first ever spanish interview Que Bola has conducted. King Mojito's journey is an interesting one. We got into Barcelona, Bofongo Casal of Catalonia, Cuba Ocho, Osamu and much more. Shekitouuuu!! En este episodio de Que Bola abrimos ...…
Dr Jon Peeples takes us behind the scenes into the world of psychiatry for a fascinating conversation around mental health, being a smarter consumer of psychiatric care, and public health. We talk about encounters in the ER and serving some of the poorest and most vulnerable populations. As he observes, Prozac is not going to … Continue reading ...…
Dr Jon Peeples takes us behind the scenes into the world of psychiatry for a fascinating conversation around mental health, being a smarter consumer of psychiatric care, and public health. We talk about encounters in the ER and serving some of the poorest and most vulnerable populations. As he observes, Prozac is not going to … Continue reading ...…
When Julie Lesnik started to research why humans began to eat insects and why they stopped, she realised she would have to test what eating bugs is really like.
Rough Magic brings its adaptation of A Midsummer Night's Dream to the Kilkenny Arts Festival this week. Director Lynne Parker explains how the show came about.
Michael Arceneaux says being Catholic was by far the toughest challenge for a young black, gay man in Texas. He talks to Orla about his new memoir I Can't Date Jesus
When The Washington Post's book critic Ron Charles was asked to write about Bigfoot Erotica, he didn't expect it would become one of his most widely read stories.
Miami-Dade's most overlook community is the the Down South Community, consisting of Cutler Ridge, Perrine, Goulds, Naranja, Homestead and Florida City. Our guest emerges for this community as a poetic hero. We got into how Spanglish is the new hot ish, growing up in Puerto Rico; him winning The Flex competition and much much more. Shekitouuuu. ...…
1:30 Intro of Ant-Man and the Wasp 2:00 Blerding Out Whitney - Harlots 7:30 Legion 8:43 Blerding Out Bola - Jesus and Jollof 13:12 Blerding Out Bola - Luke Cage season 2 16:00 Topics in Blackness - John Schnatter racist comments 24:40 Topics in Blackness - Cardi B and Offset new baby 26:33 Charm ...…
Over the weekend, Borna's kickball team ran all the way to the championship game in a charity tournament before collapsing because half the team was too drunk. Callers shared amusing stories of 'Alcohol May Have Been A Factor.'
When Orla Met Jonnie Peacock is an insight into one of those rare people in life who genuinely don’t seem to see hardships as obstacles, who simply deals with life as it comes to them, rather than over-thinking, over-worrying, or asking ‘why me?’ As a five-year-old Jonnie lost his leg to meningitis, but rather than allow it to hold him back, he ...…
Warrant guitarist, Erik Turner, spoke with us before the band plays the Waukesha County Fair this Saturday, July 21st. Find out if Erik accepts Mitch's invitation to party after the show.
A big gust of wind damaged the canopy on the Debbie Sue(the pontoon) last weekend. Callers shared stories of Mother Nature's bitchiness.
In this talk we sat down with Alexander Gold, a musician who has been on his creative journey for some time, but has refocused his intentions in South Florida. We got into his new EP Gamble To Love, performing in Miami's Speak Fridays at the Lightbox, 360 deals, country clubs and much more. It was a fun talk. Shekitouuuu ...…
Fun conversation with Skillet drummer, Jen Ledger, about her solo EP debut. Yes, she joined us at a picnic in the park.
A Babilônia vai cair , Pr Felipe Parente, 15/07/2018 by Bola de Neve Brasília
The Tread Softly Festival opens in Sligo later this week with theatre, music, poetry and performances all inspired by the Yeats brothers. Director John Carty explains
Turning 40, being single and child-free, can you really be happy? Glynnis MacNicol reflects in her new memoir. She joins Orla
In this awesome, funny talk we focus of Miami creatives. Miami creative's are coming out in full force. Representing the true culture of South Florida isn't an easy task. Somos tremenda mezcla... but the creator's of complex networks new show Grown, managed to crush it. Shekitouuuu and tell a friend. Free streaming on…
Great to catch up with frontman, Leigh Kakaty, of Pop Evil at Summerfest. Find out if Mitch buys Leigh a Summerfest gift, as he did with Dorothy.
Dorothy Martin stopped by the Hog Pen to speak with us prior to her Summerfest set. Find out if she accepts Mitch's Summerfest date proposal.
In the second part of When Orla Met Jonathan Vaughters the cycling team manager and confessed doper debates the Darwinian urge to gain advantage, the justice of the penalties imposed on Lance Armstrong, and the need for both society and sports teams to believe that sport can be clean.
When Orla Met Jonathan Vaughters is a thoughtful discussion with the former professional cyclist, confessed doper, and current cycling manager about the idealism and practicalities of clean sport. Does it exist? Can it exist? And where do we draw the line from eating cheese, to injecting performance enhancing drugs?…
Purifica-me , Pr Felipe Parente, 08/07/2018 by Bola de Neve Brasília
Idlewild is the new play by writer/director Jimmy Murphy coming to the Smock Alley Theatre in Dublin this month. And as he tells Orla the actors are in for a surprise
Looking to escape the heat? Why not watch a movie set during a heatwave, in the comfort of your cool sitting room. Steven Benedict talks to Orla about his favourites.
Ed Solomon, writer of the Men in Black films, the Bill and Ted movies and HBO's Mosaic by Steven Soderburgh joins Orla and reflects on how #Metoo has changed Hollywood
In this awesome talk we sat down with Miami photographer Jason Tyler. We got into what it takes to be a photog in Miami in the age of Social Media. (errrrbody thinks they photographers and models now). We also chopped it up about Jamaican culture, Nikon2Sony, slow motion b-roll and much more. Shek it auuut!! One creative's vision of the future ...…
Noch & Allen update on the FIFA World Cup, dissect the first week of NBA Free Agency and giove their low down on the Gilas Brawl in their FIBA game versus Australia.
No-one Sees the Video by Martin Crimp is being brought to the stage of The Lir Academy this month. Director Samantha Cade and actor Eanna Hardwicke join Orla.
00:53 Why resistance? 2:00 Blerding Out Whitney- Top Shot TV series 4:11 Blerding Out Bola- Luke Cage season 2 5:45 Netflix- Game Over Man 9:52 The Defenders 10:15 Opening words about V for Vendetta the movie 13:10 Theme of fear 13:45 Star Wars 14:26 Jar Jar Binks so annoying 16:20 Star Trek 17:10 Censorship 18:55 Trump audible sigh 20:45 Graph ...…
Feeling a bit fed up of the World Cup but living in a household dominated by the game? Here are the movies that a World Cup fan and a soccerphobe can enjoy together
The Gruffalo's Child, an adaptation of the much-loved book is coming to the Pavilion Theatre in Dun Laoghaire, straight from the West End. Leading cast members join Orla
Drake's new album has been described as his most personal yet. Jake Boyer of High Snobiety has been analysing the 25 track album and the controversy around it.
Esconda-me na nuvem , Pr Felipe Parente, 27/06/2018 by Bola de Neve Brasília
Noch & Allen recap the NBA Draft, NBA End of Season awards and predict what may happen in NBA Free Agency.
In this episode we sat down entrepreneur Sarah Raw. Being a Miami transplant gives her a different perspective on el condado de Dade. We went into how Miami fashion is dictated by the temperature , what it takes to be a #MiamiEntrepreneur, the #MiamiBikeScene and much much more! I hope you enjoy. It was really fun! You can reach Sarah on IG @Ge ...…
It's graduation party season and Mitch wonders if throwing the party is worth it. Callers weighed in on whether graduation parties are a waste of time and money.
When Orla Met Mark Cavendish is a conversation with one of the most successful cyclists of all time, and his mum. Despite his fame and fortune Cavendish still feels most at home on the Isle of Man, where he grew up and where he still has a house opposite his mother. Orla meets both Mark and his mum and chats about his drive as a child, his ongo ...…
Vamos avançar , Pr Felipe Parente, 24/06/2018 by Bola de Neve Brasília
Christ Fellowship has various locations throughout Miami-Dade County. In this special episode Que Bola sits down with Pastor Carlos Cardenas of Christ Fellowship Palmetto Bay Campus and discusses the various roles that religion plays in South Florida society. We also went into how churches could be a breeding ground for positive thought through ...…
The mission of the City of Miami's Little Haiti Cultural Complex is to present and preserve Afro-Caribbean cultures‚ inspire the next generation of leaders and leverage arts and culture as tools for transformation and community building. In this talk we sat down with the current Manager of the facility Abraham Metellus. We went into how the com ...…
Nome de Jesus , Pr Felipe Parente, 20/06/2018 by Bola de Neve Brasília
4 Comandos antes de um Novo Tempo , Pr Felipe Parente, 04/02/2018, Culto da Igreja Bola de Neve de Brasília.
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