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Short form audio discussing life as a trader. My focus will be on how to think, how to learn from mistakes, and how trading relates to so much more than the markets. I will also do some self reflection on my own journey. I’ll bring up market setups, lessons from trading, and trends I’m seeing. I will speak on cryptos, stocks, futures, and certain evolving situations. My goal is to have the content be timeless so listeners can get value regardless of when they tune in.
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I discuss a little bit about what I’m trading now and then we get into the stories we tell ourselves and how they can build a character that we try to protect, which may not be helping us grow. I have learned this in my transition to try to trade a little bit of a longer time frame and how I was leaving behind a lot of what I was best at. I’m now l…
I cover a lot of different topics on this episode. I discuss the anguish of selling too soon. I talk about dealing with conflict in voices in your head. I also talk about the current extreme political and social landscape and how it relates to the market. And we talk about exercise. --- Send in a voice message:…
I talk about maintaining the right perspective as you navigate through different environments and see different things happening around you. It’s very important to understand these cycles so you do not get caught up in them. --- Send in a voice message:
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